A Whore is a Whore, or am I Wrong?

To me a whore is a whore.  You can put whatever title you want on her but in the end a stripper is a stripper no matter if she is dancing for $20 table dances or for a $5,000 a night feature fee.  Just because you pay someone more or less money doesn’t somehow magically change what she does.  If she gets naked for money, she gets fucking naked for money, period.   Now just to be clear, I have nothing against chicks who get naked for money, in fact I would go as far to say I love them but that’s neither here nor there.  The point I’m trying to make is that just because you dress up a piece of shit, it’s still a piece of shit.  So what the fuck am I rambling on about?

I was reading a rather interesting story recently over at Adult FYI about a bunch of chicks who by profession are paid to dance naked or at least topless on stage.  Call them whatever you want, they are in fact strippers.  Does making them learn specific dance steps or wear fancy costumes prior to getting naked or partially naked somehow change the fact that they are being paid to remove their clothes for a living?  Of course not.  A stripper is a stripper and they are no different than the chick down the street at a local titty bar who also gets paid to take her top off while dancing to some atrocious song, shaking her ass on a stripper pole.

Dita Von Tease is the perfect example of this.  Dita Von Tease, I don’t care how you dress it up, you are a two bit whore who is paid to get naked for a living.  I don’t give a fuck if you call it ART, it doesn’t make you better than the fucking chicks at titty bars.  YOU ARE A PAID FOR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION.  DITA VON TEASE I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH YOU TRY AND BULLSHIT THE WORLD, WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CHICK PAID TO GET NAKED SO FOR FUCK SAKES STOP TRYING TO PRETEND WHAT YOU DO IS ART AND ALL HIGH CLASS BECAUSE IT IS NOT.  And as for the checks in London protesting because they have to get a license like the rest of the strippers, suck it up and deal with it.  I don’t really fucking care if you have to pretend you are something more so you can sleep at night, but the rest of the world knows you are a fucking stripper, nothing less, nothing more.

Now just to be clear.  I have nothing against strippers.  Some of those bitches make some fucking great cash.  Holy shit do some of them make some good fucking money and you know what? GOOD FOR THEM.  They are the ones on the stage shaking their ass, so they should make some good money for it.  And even better, they aren’t trying to pretend like rubbing their big fat titties up and down a stripper pole is “art” like some of these stupid whores, AKA DITA VON TEASE.

Did Digital Playground Fire Stoya?

I’m piecing together some things about this Stoya story. It turns out her tattoo is not a tattoo but instead a unique shaving of her pubic hair done by her fuck buddy Marilyn Mansion. Basically he took some blue eye liner, did some artist rendering of it and then shaved her pussy hair into the desired shape which turned out to be a Swastika.

This was all done some time last week, while she was with him on the European leg of his tour, however he assures reporters they are not in a serious relationship and he still considers himself single. Right after he did it, he bragged about it in an interview.

Back in the United States, Stoya is due to report back to work this week in LA for Digital Playground very soon. Depending on the source she is due to be in at least 1 photo shoot and possibly due 1 movie as well this week.  In addition to that soon all the Digital Playground girls are scheduled to make an appearance at the FAME awards, but will Stoya be there this year representing Digital Playground or simply on her own?  That is what is currently in question.  More than a few industry insiders says Stoya is no longer under contract with Digital Playground.

This is where the story takes a deep dive into rumorville.

Stoya Tweets this on June 5th “dont ask dp for information about me. it wont be accurate.”  and right after a fan said via Twitter to @Stoya, “u r with dp in porn business or (I hope) not anymore?” and Stoya responds with “i can’t discuss that right now.”

She was in Germany at the time with Marilyn Manson. A few hours after that message she says she still plans on going back to the US for the FAME awards.

That’s all I really know right now, well that’s not true.  What else I know is that there is a huge backlash to all this shit going on right now in the fan community. We are getting a lot of we hate Stoya, that’s so fucked up that she did that type of emails.

There are several strong rumors going around about Stoya as you can imagine due to this and the big one being that Digital Playground fired Stoya. Is this true? I don’t know. I will tell you that one of the people closely associated with a Digital Playground contract star says it is true, however he won’t go on record to say as much so that tends to mean he talked to a friend of a friend of a friend who says they know something.

Something else I found interesting is that in her movie Stoya : Atomic Tease does she not look exactly like Marilyn Manson’s ex wife Dita Von Tease? Maybe it was this movie that first attracted him to Stoya.