Gina Lynn interview

Here is a great interview with the smokin’ hot Gina Lynn from the guys over at Free Speech Revolution.

1) How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started? Have you had fun in the industry?

I have been in the industry for 10 years and they went quick. I got started when I was on a photo shoot with Travis in Vegas when we were approached about doing a video so we decided to give it a try and here I am today, that movie was called 18 in Vegas. There have been a lot of fun times but some bad ones too but I have had a good career for
the most part.

2) Are you concerned with the rights of the adult industry to make and produce movies/web clips?

Yes and I really don’t understand why they are up our
ass’ when there is so much more this country needs to
worry about. All the crime, war and homelessness is what they should be focused on.

3) A lot of the problem people have with the adult industry is the misconception that “pornographers”
are always trying to lure under age people in and make “kiddie porn”.

Could you talk about what it is actually like on a set, as far as having ID, signing model releases, having a AIM test, etc? Have you seen or heard of anyone in the legitimate adult industry knowingly using minors in films
or the web?

I have never heard or know of anyone that is affiliated with child pornography. Travis has two beautiful teenage kids and when their mom tried to take them away because of us being in the industry she used everything possible in court including that I was sleeping with under age boys. Note that she is religious and part of a big church so they are quick to judge even though the Bible says “Judge not lest ye be judged”. I know that because Travis dad is
a Baptist preacher. Needless to say she lost and we have 1/2 custody and she hates us but we are not bad people at all we just make adult entertainment for adult only viewing pleasures! Sorry I got side tracked, LOL. When we go on set we must provide 2 forms of government issued ID, sign a release form saying these are true ID’s and that we are not on drugs, alcohol and know what we are taking place in. We must have a valid AIM Panel test which needs to be retaken
every 30 days. I feel safer in the industry than I would hooking up at a bar.

4) Do you ever get offended by shows like South Park or Family Guy? What do you think about shows/writing that offends people?

I don’t watch much TV so I cant make a statement on these particular shows but we do have something called Freedom of Speech!

5) What do you think about some of the stuff that pushes the limit in the adult industry, stuff like Max Hardcore,, JM Productions?

I have done some pretty hardcore stuff in my career so I must say it sells because their are some crazy fucking people out there and the harder the better but we must be careful not to piss off those government officials that are waiting to jump on stuff like this.

6) Have you ever been asked to do a scene or something on film that you thought was crazy and wondered if it was offensive/legal? What was it? Did you do the scene or the act anyway?

Well I did do a scene for Facial and
will never do it again. I think that is drawing the line
and its probably only a matter of time until they are looked at.

7) Why do you think America has such a fascination with sex and with regulating sex?

Ha ha well it’s part of human nature to be attracted to sex and what makes us feel good. On the other hand we can get carried away so its probably not a bad thing that they regulate it to a certain extent. We should just be smart and courteous about how we display it.

8.) A lot of people in the industry have told me that most the people in the industry don’t care about protecting free speech, or really about anyone other then themselves and their money. Do you think this is true?

Do you think a lot of the people that are new to the industry care or have any concern about free speech and protecting the right to make movies? WOW this is a tough one because their are a lot of young people in the business that probably don’t care because this is a dream come true/spotlight and their only thinking about themselves. On the other hand their are those of us that have established a business from the industry whether that be a production company for DVD, web site, distribution or adult toy lines that need to be concerned about the freedom of speech.

9) Is the “character” you play in your DVD’s anything like you in real life?

Totally opposite, I am very quite and sometimes shy. I am very sexual active though whether I’m masturbating or having sex it seems like the older I get the hornier I am.

10) What is the craziest thing you have done/or scene you’ve been in on camera?

I think the craziest movie I have done was Gina Lynn’s Darkside the whole movie.

11) Have you been involved with trying to change people’s opinions about the industry?

Yes I was named in AVN as one of the Top 40 Most Influential People in the business

12) Why do you think the industry is so caught up on the portrayal of young- a lot of DVD’s always say “18 & 19 years old” etc?

It sells and people like to see young girls getting fucked hard with big dicks. Right?

13) What is your website? & was founded by Mike Dickinson. If you want to be involved, offer ideas, or exercise your right to free speech and tell him you hate his ideas please email him at

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