Oscars and Emmys are nice, but definitely not necessary to bank the highest paychecks in Hollywood. Last year’s top earner made his mark playing a supersized elf.By Forbes






Acclaim doesn’t always follow the money in showbiz.Certainly, the world’s highest-paid actors and actresses aren’t exactly wowing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. None of them was even nominated for an acting Oscar this year. In fact, only four of them have ever won an Oscar.

But earn they do. In the course of a single year, these 20 stars pulled down some $460 million combined, according to Forbes’ annual listing of the


World’s Most Powerful Celebrities.Among this highly compensated group, Johnny Depp, who made $37 million, has come closest to winning the coveted 13.5-inch statuette in recent years. Last year, he was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in “Finding Neverland.” Close, but no statuette — the Oscar went to Jamie Foxx.
Depp had another chance this year, although not for Best Actor. Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride,” for which Depp provided the voice of Victor Van Dort, was up for Best Animated Feature Film. But as in years past, Depp didn’t have much Oscar luck. In fact, despite a lengthy list of critically acclaimed performances, the 42-year-old star has yet to win an Oscar for his acting.

Another Hollywood Hunk, Tom Cruise, has nothing to show for his millions either — at least in terms of gold-plated statuettes. Despite earning $31 million in a single year, Cruise has just three nominations and no statuettes under his belt. At 43, the “War of the Worlds” star will try again with “Mission Impossible III,” which hits theaters later this year.

Better luck in television.



 The best-paid actors and actresses
Actor Age 2005 income Actor Age 2005 income
Jennifer Aniston 37 $18 million Nicole Kidman 38 $14.5 million
Drew Barrymore 31 $22 million Jennifer Lopez 36 $17 million
Sandra Bullock 41 $10.5 million Tobey Maguire 30 $32 million
Tom Cruise 43 $31 million Brad Pitt 42 $25 million
Matt Damon 35 $17 million Julia Roberts 38 $8 million
Johnny Depp 42 $37 million Ray Romano 48 $36.5 million
Cameron Diaz 33 $13 million Adam Sandler 39 $28 million
Will Ferrell 38 $40 million Will Smith 37 $35 million
Jennifer Garner 33 $14 million Denzel Washington 51 $30 million
Patricia Heaton 47 $9 million Naomi Watts 37 $11.5 million

Slideshow: The best-paid actors and actresses

— By Lacey Rose, Forbes


CANOGA PARK, Calif. – URentDVDs will be featured on Sirius Radio’s “Howard 101,” home of Bubba the Love Sponge, to promote its “You’re The Director” sweepstakes. The show will air Thursday, March 23, from 5-6 p.m. EST.

The promotion is a joint venture with Defiance Films.

“This promotion is getting a ton of interest,” says Jason Edwards, director of marketing for CECash, the parent company of URentDVDs. “Thousands of people have entered to direct a film for Defiance Films. Bubba is going to make his directorial debut by calling the shots on air with our girls, porn stars Ariel X and Penthouse Pet Nicole. These girls will do whatever he wants, so the possibilities are endless.”

Defiance Films director Norman Bentley will accompany Edwards on location at Bubba’s studio in Tampa.

“Norman has been awesome throughout this whole process,” Edwards says. “URentDVDs is looking forward to working with him and getting the films shot.”


Got a call from Tory Lane, she’s in Sacramento for a feature dance gig!!!

Tory Lane: Hey what’s up!!!

Lukeford: Looking at pics of your day on the JM Productions shoot, Violation of Tory Lane!

Tory Lane: Ya, that was intense, I shot that yesterday, what a mindfuck! It was awesome! 

Lukeford: A memorable day?

Tory Lane: One of many

Lukeford: Name me another!

Tory Lane: The day I worked for Aurora Snow (Dirty Dykes from Defiance Films), I shot a lesbo scene with Vanessa Lane. The scene just started to build momemtum before the cameras started. We shot it in a bathroom and we just lost control and tore the bathroom and each other up. That was hot, and totally perverse!

Lukeford: That’s great, I was actually referring to your Craigs List posting as being available for Escorting, any memorable moments there?

Tory Lane: I have never been an escort and I don’t plan on it! I know a lot of the girls do, and I have no problem with that, but it’s not for me. I make enough money shooting scenes and now dancing, so I’m good.

Lukeford: Wow, what a disappointment!! Did you know about this Craigs List post claiming to be you?

Tory Lane: Fuck ya, I even called it! Some chick from Russia answsered and I’m like ‘This is the REAL Tory lane and you’re using my photos saying you’re me’, and she’s like ‘I buy photos so I use legally, go away’.

Lukeford: So what are you gonna do about it?

Tory Lane: There’s nothing I can do. I called the woman and she basically told me ‘oh well, pound sand’. I guess if someone calls the ‘ho and thinks they’re going to see me, they’ll be in for a huge surprise.

(at this point Tory is getting heated, you can hear her anger through the phone)

Lukeford: Safe to say you’re pissed?

Tory Lane: Pissed? Fuck ya, this piece of shit is using MY PHOTOS to try and make a quick buck! I have no problem making movies and studios using me to promote themselves, that’s what I get paid to do. But for this nobody to use my pictures and PRETEND to be me, fuck that!!

Lukeford: Vent baby, vent!

Tory Lane: Plus I just found out someones doinbg the same thing with Myspace. Now that I have an official website ( and it’s doing really well, I want to reach more people, so I was going to create a Myspace account and I found out someone already has it, same thing, using my name, my pictures and pretending to be me. 

Lukeford: I know, look at Taylor Rain, she has like 4 Myspace accounts but only one of them is actually her.

Tory Lane: Ya, I know!! I’m going to create a Myspace of my own, and people will know it’s me because I’ll use MY real email address and my website That’s the only official way to reach me!

Lukeford: You seem to be all business now, you’re over that personal drama from a few months ago!

Tory Lane: Absolutely. All business. The past is there, in the past! I’m back with Derek at LA Direct, I’m working all the time now and Derek’s getting me great bookings! Plus I started feature dancing and now I have my official website. Next I plan on directing. I met with Keith and Anthony from Defiance Films and we’re working on a multi picture directing deal. I’ve shot with them a lot, and I’ve learned a lot watching Mike Adams (Vincent Voss) shoot, I hope to have him as my camera guy in the beginning so he can help me! I’m not going into this blind. I want to be a real hands on director and to do that I need to learn from the people who have been doing it for years and Mike is the one I know the best!

Lukeford: You’re really passionate about this!

Tory Lane:Ya, I can’t wait. I have so many ideas. They have a good lineup of directors, Mike, Taylor Rain, Aurora Snow, Missy Monroe and Tyler Durden is gonna shoot for them now too. So I’m happy to get the opportunity.

Lukeford: You happy to be back with Derek.

Tory Lane: Yes, Derek is great. I made some mistakes and when I was ready to go back, Derek took me back and it was all good. He’s very professional and it was like I never left. I’m grateful!

Lukeford: How’s your dancing

Tory Lane: I’m having fun, it’s great! I get to meet people, my fans! I sign a ton of autographs, sell my movies, take pictures, it’s really cool!

Lukeford: And you’re happy with your website?

Tory Lane:Totally, I’m having a great time. I update it a lot. I’m shooting a ton of content for it, photo and video. I have a laptop with me so I answer all my fan mail! I’m psyched.

to be continued……… 


Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!! Silver Star Models would like to share a few brand new photos of Addison Rose. Thanks to Rob from FTV Girls. Addison is currently in town and booking for the month of April. Addison’s acting is coming along great and she will be a valuable asset to your next project.

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Lennon friend attacks TV seance to reach ex-Beatle

Lennon friend attacks TV seance to reach ex-Beatle
John Lennon portrait

By Sue Zeidler

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Yoko Ono’s longtime friend and spokesman on Tuesday said an upcoming TV seance to contact her late husband, ex-Beatle John Lennon, was tacky, exploitative and far removed from the icon’s way of life.

"John Lennon was an amazing communicator of heart, mind and spirit. He still speaks to those who choose to listen to his recordings. That was the medium he chose to speak with us. A ‘pay per view’ seance was never his style," said Elliot Mintz, Ono’s spokesman.

Ono has declined to comment on the upcoming pay-per-view seance, to air on iN DEMAND on April 24.

But Mintz, a close friend of the former Beatle, said he felt a need to say something and issued a statement to Reuters outlining his own feelings about the program and other recent media events aimed at capitalizing on the 25th anniversary of Lennon’s death.

"In the end, such a show only benefits the producers. It’s another example of the misuse of John’s affirmation of life as opposed to the preoccupation of his death," Mintz wrote.

"The proposed show strikes me as being tasteless, tacky and exploitative," Mintz said.

Last week, the producers of a profitable but failed 2003 attempt to contact the late Princess Diana, announced plans to shoot a new pay-per-view seance to contact Lennon, who was murdered over 25 years ago by Mark David Chapman outside Manhattan’s Dakota apartment building where he lived.

While critics skewered the "The Spirit of Diana," the show drew over half a million U.S. viewers willing to pay $14.95 to watch it. The Lennon show will air on April 24 on a pay-per-view channel and cost $9.95.

The producers said they chose Lennon because the former Beatle, like Diana, is an icon and was also a deeply spiritual person. "The Spirit of John Lennon" is being done without the knowledge or consent of John Lennon’s estate.

The program will show psychics traveling to sites of significance to the former Beatle, including the Dakota apartment building and a town in India where he went on a spiritual retreat.

The show will culminate as psychics, colleagues and confidantes sit at a seance table for 30 minutes surrounded by infra-red cameras that can capture any "presence" or spirit that enters the room.

Mintz also took issue with a recent NBC "Dateline" broadcast on Lennon’s death because it focused on Chapman, rather than Lennon, as well as a new feature film about Chapman, to star Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto as Chapman.

"The producers of the film will be granting an assassin’s dream. It will also send out a message to other disturbed people that there is a fast track to international fame," said Mintz, who has acted as a spokesman for Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Don Johnson, among others.


New York porn star hits it big as wine-maker

New York porn star hits it big as wine-maker
Natalie Oliveros poses in her apartment in New York

By Daniel Trotta

NEW YORK (Reuters) – It seemed like the perfect gimmick: a celebrity porn star would launch her own wine, with her alluring picture on the label.

Savanna Samson did just that, but when it received a score of 90 to 91 out of 100 by wine guru Robert Parker, the project became serious. It turns out Samson, the star of "The New Devil in Miss Jones," has produced an exceptional wine, becoming the toast of two industries: wine-making and pornography.

"I never wanted to just do gimmick. That would just happen with me being a porn star, me having a photographer shoot the label, how risque could I get on the label — all those things," Samson, the stage name for 31-year-old Natalie Oliveros, said in an interview.

The seriousness of the idea was lining up a respected wine maker. So she convinced Italy’s Robert Cipresso — also a vintner to the Vatican — to join the project.

Samson went to Tuscany and tasted dozens of Cipresso’s Italian-grown varieties, then she selected a mix of 70 percent Cesanese, 20 percent Sangiovese and 10 percent Montepulciano. She ordered over 400 cases.

"I knew I wanted Roberto to make my wine — I just love his passion for wine," said Samson.

The result is Sogno Uno, a 2004 vintage of an Italian red wine packaged under the Savanna name with a label of Samson in a see-through gown. It was launched last month.

Parker has been called the most influential wine critic in the world, and a score of 90 to 95 denotes "an outstanding wine of exceptional complexity and character."

"Trust me, I didn’t add any points for Ms. Samson’s personal presentation," Parker wrote in his review.


Samson is one of the biggest names in pornography, having won best actress in the Adult Video News Awards (AVN), the pornographic equivalent of the Oscars, and another AVN Award for a scene she shared with Jenna Jameson in last year’s "The Masseuse." She has made two dozen porn flicks.

The wine "really represents who I am," said Samson.

"There’s spiciness — the Cesanese has the naughty side of me. And yet it’s an elegant wine. I love the opera, and I’m a classically trained ballet dancer. And there is some chocolate undertone, which I just love. There’s a little bit of sweetness. Like, 10 percent of the time I’m sweet," she said.

She is working on a white wine — Sogno Due — that could be out later this year, and also has ideas of expanding into champagne, ice wine and grappa.

Samson, who was raised Catholic in upstate New York, said it was pure coincidence that Cipresso also sells wines to the Vatican. She met him through her husband, a wine merchant.

"My priest said in Mass once, ‘Violence or pleasures of the flesh. What is the greater of two evils?’ I think we all know the answer. I felt like he was saying that toward me," she said.

Still, she never had her parent’s blessing for her career choice as an adult movie star. "They were so devastated. They were terribly, terribly upset."

But while she will continue her film career, wine-making may offer some redemption. "I wanted to do something that my parents could be proud of," she said.