My experience at Pierce College yesterday was fucking annoying. I give that school a D- for their effort in organization. They kept telling me to go here first then there and then go here. For a stoner I don’t have patience at all but I did. I was pretty motivated to enroll into school.

First off I’m not able to take English this semester because it takes 2 weeks to transfer your old credits.  That sucked but I still didn’t give up! I told them I just want to go back school all right. Just enroll me in something. So they said you can take a photography night class because everything else is filled up. I said “FUCK IT LETS DO THIS”.

So im enrolled at Pierce College for photography. Night class (3:15-6:15)! HOLLA! Im so excited to go back to school its been 4 years. God that makes me feel old! Whatever! I give my 110% at everything that I do! Im very used to going to  set but now I will get used to going back to school! On that note TMFR is enrolled into college! Holla!
God when is the pot dealer going to get here? j/k



The Poison Pen Writes in:

Metro goombah, excuse me, um, poobah, Kenny G. is at it again. At this point in his porn career apparently extortion and filing false claims are old hat for good ‘ol boy Guarino. Let me explain… Kenny G. first tried extorting product out of his former employee Joey Wilson, now head of 3rd Degree. He wanted product for his profitable brick-and-mortar stores. You see, Metro has fallen off the porn landscape and Kenny G. now makes most of his bank from his stores scattered throughout the country. So Kenny G. wanted these pieces “on the house” or he would file a frivolous lawsuit against Joey and 3rd Degree and attempt to bury him under the pressure of mounting legal fees until he gave in. Faced with the expense of starting up a studio, Wilson settled with Guarino for undisclosed terms.

His latest strong-arm, extortion plot is against the good people of Defiance Films, who employ my lovely Editor-In-Chief, Taylor Rain. Kenny G(oombah) is trying to pull the same shit again. He is alleging his former contract girl; Kelly Erickson has breached her Metro contract by working for Defiance Films. I guess Kenny constitutes being curled up and napping on the Defiance Films couch, work. The second claim states that Anthony Simone and Keith O’Connor "induced" Matrix and Norman Bentley to breech their distribution contract, wow… considering Metro breaches contracts daily by failing to pay on time or failing to pay AT ALL, it’s simply more BS from Guarino and the BOZO CFO they employ Les Rich. In any event Kenny G. has barked up the wrong tree here. The lawsuit absolutely has no merit, and in fact, the day it was filed Kenny G. emailed Defiance asking if they would like to take the path of settling. Hmm, where have a heard that before? Ask Cytherea how well Metro pays, ask anyone who shot for Michael Adams lately, ask photographer Tod Todd, ask anyone!!! Metro has established a PATTERN of screwing directors and performers out of money. Metro/Guarino have also established another interesting pattern. Guarno loves to blame his former employees for the fuckups at Metro, but close inspection would instead point the finger at Guarino himself. Sure he owns the company and can run it into thr ground if he so chooses or use it as a filtering place. But facts are facts.

Greg Alves
– Former Metro Boss – Present owner of Zero Tolerance, one of the leaders in the adult business, outselling Metro 4 to 1.

Rick Williams
 –  Former Metro Boss – Present owner of Black Widow Productions, a very stable company that distributes their own product and other companies product, outselling Metro 3 to 1.

Joseph Wilson
–  Former Metro Boss – Present owner of 3rd Degree Films, one of the fast rising companies in adult today, outselling Metro 3 to 1.

Keith O’Connor
– Former Metro Boss – Present head of production for Defiance Films, shipping product for 3 months and already seen as an industry powerhouse, outselling Metro 3 to 1.

So, in Guarino’s world, 4 incompetent managers who didn’t know what they were doing. In the REAL world, 4 people who once rid of the Guarino burden went off and successfully started and continue to run 4 completely separate successful entities. Look in the mirror Guarino, YOU are the problem. Be a man and take responsibility, by blaming everyone else under the sun who goes off and becomes successful you make yourself look like a jackass. And the intimidation tactics against O’Connor and Simone won’t work, "I’ll send some east coast guys over to their house and show them how we handle things", that won’t work with these two, instead it would get shoved right up Guarino’s ass!

Don’t expect Defiance to stand for Kenny G.’s bullish and illegal tactics. Metro is on the verge of collapse. They have no more contract girls, there are kickbacks all over the place, their product doesn’t sell and sexual harassment accusations are flying all over the place. Plus, rumor has it that a certain company is about to hit Metro and Guarino with a 20 Million Dollar suit that will shut down their websites and their production company. More on that later, faithful readers…


Check out for the breaking story about Defiance Films being sued by Metro and Kenny Guarino.

The funniest thing to me was that they got a quote from "general counsel" Lesley Rich, OH MY GOD, I met this guy and now I find out he’s a lawyer. I thought he was some putz that tested novelty products. Every time people mentioned his name it was because this Les Rich guy is famous for 1) smacking himself in the head all the time, 2) being cockeyed, 3) being an absolute idiot, 4) hiding under a desk one day because he was afraid Gauge was going to kick his ass, and 5) he’s well known for grabbing novelty samples to take home and shove up hisa ass. WOW, General Counsel, well considering Guarino often brags about only having a 5th grade education I guess it’s not to hard to conceive him hiring a moron to be General Counsel to his company.



A little birdie told me that the only thing "thick-set" on the secretary with the "joisey accent" are her set of hooters.  This girl is going to be a certain fatso Metro executive’s worst nightmare instead of his favorite fantasy like she used to be.  Oh, she may look like a dumb blonde, but she knows her stuff and he knows she knows her stuff.  Apparently she had her hand in almost every aspect of Metro’s business on both coasts but she refused to put her hand in the owner’s pants, and working in such an unhealthy environment at crumbling Metro made her so sick, she landed in the hospital more than once.  But don’t worry about her.  She’s a strong little girl who is back to herself and ready to ruffle some feathers, or perhaps belly fat, on a certain someone who kicked her when she was down even though she was the most dedicated employee Metro ever saw.  Hope his wife is understanding!



1. Scott Fayner


n. 1. An "avid" writter in todays adult industry. A drug enthusiast to say the least, crack head to say the most (Seymour Butts). For what he lacks in news, he makes up for in creativity.

adj. 1) to love cocaine.

2) to have a small and crooked penis.
3) to be nearly as famous as the butler from fresh prince.

Porno Bitch #1: I heard Scott Fayner makes good girls go bad.
Porno Bitch #2: He’s really hott. I want him.
Porno Bitch #1: He’s got the clap. And I think I he likes drugs.
Fayner Says: This rules. To be hated so much and be envied evn more makes me smile.


everyone has the right to defend themselves on this here web site

Taylor Spielberg,

While I remain bummed about your severe commentary (STICK TO YOUR DAY JOB) on the other day. I do want to apologize, on a professional level, for costing you and Defiance time and money. The choice to attempt a scene with my wife Tory was made in an effort to assist her and you guys in a boy/girl scene, which is something she chooses not to do with anyone but me. It was obviously a bad idea, and has created some tension, so let me address a few points.

I have a new found respect for male talent and have come to the conclusion that performing on camera is no easy task. I realize that this is especially true when you are trying to get wood for a scene you are doing with your wife. It became clear to me how intimidating, and pressure filled this line of work can prove to be.

With all of that said, you will be happy to know that not only have I changed my name to LIMP RICK GAMELESS, I have also learned a valuable lesson and have decided to keep my day job.

One more thing- Tory is my wife and her choice with regard to her career is her personal business, neither of us will apologize for that, so get over it and move on. You more than anyone should be supportive of any girl in our business that wants to have a life above and beyond porno. As a female director you are an affront to other girls in the business and sabotage any ones attempt at taking you seriously and that’s a shame because the “hater” attitude belittles you and the rest of the girls that do this for a living who try to have some kind of normal personal life.  For the record- Tory is her own person and makes up her own mind who she fucks and whether there is a camera on or not. I do believe that the finger pointing and career blaming is meant to antagonize and manipulate our present choice of monogamy, but it is predictable, obvious and is futile.  In closing, I hope there are no hard feelings and remember that next time perhaps the tone deaf, annoyance of your voice won’t hang like a dark “limp dick” cloud over my already challenged “keeping my muthafuckin day job” stroke session.


The Poison Pen writes: Young gun, and perpetually-rising gonzo shooter, Van Styles is out at Hustler. This comes as no surprise given the corporate climate that has besieged Hustler lately. Van joins Kat Slater, Jack the Zipper, Mason and Joe Gallant as resent émigrés of the Hustler regime.

Bring your life jackets boys, cause Hustler is up shit’s creek without a paddle. That leaves the enigmatic Tom Zupko as Hustler’s contract shooter and I can’t see that lasting long. As for Van, who directed my favorite interracial flick of the year, Take It Black 2, there’s no doubt he’ll land on his feet. Word has it that he is already signed to Pulse Pictures, run by former Hustler bigwigs Jim Kohls and Mark Hamilton. I also hear Steve Hirsch is financing the Pulse operation, which is being run out of the Red Light offices.