Last week I was on the set of a new production from a new production company… Sinsation Pictures.

I was there to drop off lunch to Taylor Rain, and in the process I watched a madhouse of a production set. The company was shooting 2 mocies simultaneously. One was a latin title and one was a lesbian title. There were 5 lighting guys, 3 camera guys, 4 PA’s, a full time cook in the kitchen, and a bunch of pimps showing up at the door with thei hookas!

I ran into Daisy who was being pumped hard by Jenaveve Jolie and Dee with a massive dildo! Deel also happened to the Production Manager for the shoot.  Daisy had her new black Escalade with 24′ wheels parked outside. Jeneveve looked incredible and Dee looks better than she did 7 years ago! The three pulled off an incredible 3 way lesbian scene, with most of the dialogue in Spanish.

Big boob Brooke was a late addition, she was called in to replace a no-show. She got there at 11AM and left at 9PM, without shooting anything!!

Jasmine Byrne was laying on a couch in panties and bra looking cute as hell, getting acquanted with Evan Stone.

Shy Love was giving details of her new production company and how they’re off to such a fast start. Shy is the new spokesperson for the 10 Network, which she’s very proud of. Shy is also taking her company and newly signed contract girls to Jamaica in few months to shoot some videos. 

The there was August, the main squeeze of Tyler Durden. August looks amazing! I MEAN AMAZING!! She’s been in the business for a few years now and keeps looking better and better! She chatted with TMFR for a few minutes and then off to do her scene, always with a smile!! On another note, Tyler is preparing for his directing debut.

Cindy Crawford showed up during the day, her and Kelly Erikson left for Burbank Airport for a store signing in Oregon!

The house got raided by undercover cops around 9:15PM… the permits were until 10PM so the cops took 40 minutes to let the crew know they needed to be out by 10PM, which basically cost thgem their last scene.  


TAYLOR RAIN posts in her journal on www.clubtaylorrain.com:

I had to leave the house early yesterday because this new company was at our house shooting a video. Before I left I ran into a lot of people I know and haven’t seen in a while.

I saw Dee, I saw Daisy, I saw big boob Brooke, I saw Jeneveve Jolie and a bunch of other hookers! Felt kind of weird.

Next week I think I’m going to start shooting content for my website, I’ll be shooting with Scott Del Amo and maybe doing some sets with Daisy, Naudia Nyce and some other fine chicks. I’m also doing a POV Hardcore video for my website tonight. We set up my Live Chat camera, and or now I’m going to do some private chats with members of my site via MS Messenger, so if you’re a member to my site and would like to have a one on one meeting with me online, email me at taylor@clubtaylorrain.com.

I did an interview with Missy Monroe on Wednesday, and today I have to type it up and put it on the site.

Yesterday when I left the house, me and Fayner went to the dogpark with Oldie (old dog we found and brought home from Glammis), Rhiannon and Bandit. Bandit is so fucking tired still, he ran and ran and ran.

Went to my other house after the dog park and Fayner and I munched on some pizza. We had to watch movies on DVD because Nate Daeg cancelled the cable, cheap ass!!!!! We watched SNATCH, great fuckin movie!

And Then!!!!!!! THE OC BABY!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT SHOW! Then I started playing with myself, don’t know why. I was just really horny and my nipples were pretty hard (not whack). I came twice and ya know what, now that i don’t do scenes anymore for movies i’m really cumming a lot more and a lot easier. I guess this break has been good for my sex life. Oh ya, when I made my first video for one of my fans, i came really hard to, so I guess I am cumming a lot more now, that’s HOT. Anyway my man walked in on my as i was still going at it with myself, he never sawe me mastribate before so he was a little shocked. What happened next? Take a wild fucking guess!

The life of a rockstar, you cant beat it.

Dick Bandit after a long day at the park


Oldie Oldenclaw from Glamis

Me and Rhiannon

Fayner, Rhi and Bandit

Me, Dick Bandit and Cherub


I told you all yesterday to check out Cytherea and Plus One yesterday with Harry Weiss on KSexradio.com.

Harry broke the story about Mr Sexy Kurt ‘Shove It In My Ass’ Lockwood!!

I remember hearing about Kurt taking a dildo in the ass by girlie friend Samantha Ryan. I heard he did the scene for $5000, and then I heard $3000.

I said “Hmmmm, that’s a lot of cheese… maybe he wanted a new guitar, maybe he wanted to buy Sam a nice gift for Valentines day.” This wasn’t a big stretch for Lockwood, I’ve seen him on set take 3 fingers up his ass from Lauren Phoenix.. YES, I SAID 3 FINGERS!!!! And when she didf it, he wasn’t grimacing in pain, he was grinning in ecstacy. So he obviously enjoys taking it up the ass, so why not go ahead and take the plunge, sure it will damage his career, but what the hell it’s a lot of money.

NOPE…. Harry Weiss spoke to a producer who said that Lockwood only got $1500 for the scene. His regular rate is $700 per scene. So for an extra $800 he basically outed himself as homo! Sweet!!!!!! DId anyone hear Evan Stone’c comments? Check out AdultFYI.com as I’m positive Gene Ross will post it! FUNNY AS SHIT.



Gee, get a little defensive? I posted a little blerb the other day saying how much better it is to read Lukeisback and AdultFYI instead of AVN.

It was my opinion that AVN has fallen way behind when it comes to news and gossip. The Peter Warren wrote on the AVN Blog.

Umm…You Pulled That Out of Where?

Yesterday, Lukeford.com posted a claim that a certain other two sites had more daily updates of better quality than AVN.com. And that we have a staff of 20. Well, uh, our staff is less than half that size, first off, and there are really only three of us whose full-time job it is to write for AVN.com. And just out of curiosity, I counted up the postings on all three sites yesterday and here’s what I found out: site B didn’t come anywhere close to our number, and while site A had about the same amount, the vast majority of them (I’d estimate 75% or so) were cut-and-pasted stories from other outlets and/or had nothing whatsoever to do with the sex industry. So I thought I’d point that out. You know, in our defense and whatnot.

To Which People have REPLIED on the AVN Blog


My how the mighty have fallen. AVN used to be the standard. Then the little guys came nipping at your heels. Now the little guys have passed you by and you’re relegated to nipping at their heels.

It’s unbecoming. Show some grace, like Chrysler and ABC. Be comfortable in your thirdness.

Posted by: Bornyo at February 9, 2006 01:14 PM

Bornyo: You seriously think that anything with the name Luke Ford in it is better than what AVN can offer? Incredible…

Posted by: Dirty Bob  at February 9, 2006 02:03 PM

Sure. I don’t doubt avn.com still picks up more traffic just by being avn.com-but it’s really just press-releases, some reactionary stuff from Mr. Warren(you poke, he writes), terrible legal advice from a non-lawyer, and Master Damien waxing poetic on why he hates religion. If you want any kind of dirt or interesting stuff, you go to adt or xpt, lukeisback, adultfyi, etc. Hey Peter Warren, how’s ghost-writing those columns for pornstars on avninsider?

Posted by: jamesn at February 9, 2006 02:20 PM

Although I will certainly commend AVN for being able to turn their jettisoned former-employees into the most venomous, bitter people ever. It’s like every time AVN announces someone’s departure(Ross, Ponante, Hunter) they bite your hand like it never fed them for a day.

Posted by: jamesn at February 9, 2006 03:12 PM

Poor Boryno – believing what he reads on lukeisback.
As for the error-prone jamesn, the writings of Warren and I that you cite are for this here blog – not avn.com; secondly, it’s LORD Master Damien, swine; get it right. But you are correct on one point: a few of our ex-employees do just ooze bitterness on their respective sites, don’t they? Actually, these days, it’s just one….

Posted by: Mike Ramone at February 9, 2006 06:23 PM

“Poor Boryno – believing what he reads on lukeisback.”

You are pathetic Ramone, in so many ways. I don’t necessarily believe everything Luke Ford writes, but I have total faith in the Word of God as expressed in the Holy Scripture. You, on the other hand, should feel free to continue to chart your moral course based on the book of the month you order from an insert that comes packed with your latest leather shop order.

“As for the error-prone jamesn, the writings of Warren and I that you cite are for this here blog”

Thank God, because the stuff you guys post here, apparently without editorial benefit, read like a short story written on an etch-a-sketch.

“it’s LORD Master Damien, swine; get it right.”

How could we forget: http://www.lukeisback.com/images/images/ramone.jpg

“But you are correct on one point: a few of our ex-employees do just ooze bitterness on their respective sites, don’t they? Actually, these days, it’s just one….”

Don’t know which ex-employee you are referring to here, but then again you weren’t really talking to me. The three jamesn mentioned seem plenty happy to be free of your domineering, probably sexually harassing ways.

Posted by: sybarite at February 9, 2006 08:02 PM

Hey Sybarite,

Since I’m not the “voice of the industry” and above such petty things I’ll respond to your post. Both the one where you mis-spelled “AVN” and the one where you corrected yourself.

You are a dumbass.

Have a nice day.

Posted by: sybarite at February 9, 2006 10:15 PM

It all depends on what type of information you’re looking for I suppose. One goes to AVN and it’s related websites for press releases, related industry sanctioned material, and generally positive stories along with some pieces abouts trends (be they legal actions or what not). One goes to the gossip websites for the dirt and entertainment factor; whether or not the dirt can be substantiated is irrelevant for the most part to the readers of the various websites. All of them have their place as long as you read with a critical eye…

Posted by: Houstondon at February 10, 2006 05:49 AM

Hey Ramone—can I still schedule a session with you? Are you still working at the Y-M-C-A?

“I am a genetically superior being who slave-trains wimps, sissies and sluts in my awesome fully-equipped private dungeon. Highly narcissistic, I possess a vast European designer fetish wardrobe and love dressing up for session head to toe in leather, rubber, latex, PVC, military/police uniforms and My huge collection of boots.

My required donation is $150 an hour. For outcall, my required donation is $200 an hour. I will consider a sliding scale fee, or exchange of services, for genuine hardship cases.

I see clients during the week from roughly 6pm-Midnight and on the weekends around-the-clock. ”

So kind for a man with “huge collection of rubber boots” to take on “genuine hardship cases”. Does working “around-the-clock” on weekends interfere with your writing at all. I like the eugenic/genetically-superior bit for a guy who cried wolf that ADT was racist. Duplicitous pond-scum.



It seems that on Superbowl Sunday, transexual beauty queen Vanity was enjoying the game and was being hit on at a well known Hollywood celeb hangout by tons of guys, not knowing she was a transexual. (Hello Nick Manning)

Seems there was an encounter with a well known celeb, and it involved some private, intimate moments.

Vanity spend much of yesterday dealing with assistants, assistants to assistants, pr people… all trying to do damage control for the celebrity Vanity had encountered. Payoff?

How far did it go? What did they do? And who the fuck is the guy? COuld this be another Eddie Murphy incident in the making? Or is it much more!


Be sure to tune into Harry Weiss and Cytherea tonight at 5PM on KSexRadio, Harry has some great scoop on a porn actor who did something extraordinary and extremely gay for a lot less than we all think. Only Harry has the scoop.

And Harry is also officially on Derek Hay’s (Ben English’s hate list).
Gee Ben, whatcha gonna do? Pull out your willy, give it an injection, get it hard and then beat Harry with it?


Yaaaaaaaa, as if!!!!!!

Great things, great new ideas and new ways of doing business.

For a director to shoot a movie now…. here are the steps.

1) Submit your idea 60 days in advance
2) Talent list 60 days in advance (hey that’s intelligent)
3) Submit your GROCERY LIST 60 days in advance!!

And the new ‘Head of Production’ is back in Rhode Island learning the ropes while Jiffy Lube Rick remains out here heading the ship and walking on water. You see folks, THAT is how you succeed at Metro. If you’re an industry verteran with great ideas and lots of experience (Alves, Wilson, O’Connor, Bloom) then you’re a dead duck. But if you come to Metro straight from Wal-Mart, Jiffy Lube or Panda Express – then my friend, you’re gonna go places!


The General Manager of Vertigo quit today because he was simply pissed off at having his checks bounce and bounce and bounce.

Mike Barbella quit today as GM for Vertigo out of frustration and a lack of trust.

Seems Barbella’s last three paychecks checks bounced.

Barbella was also frustrated at being pushed out of deals he brought into the company.

Anyone looking for an experienced Salesman or General Manager, contact kike at pornomike13@yahoo.com.

Somethinjg shady’s going on over at Caballero with Tomer!!! Vertigo bounces checks on over 4 titles and now they close it down and come back with Zero Degree, a complete insult to Greg Alves and Joseph Wilson. Alves and Wilson have formed 2 of the top companies in the business and now these zipperheads at Caballero who can’t pay their bills or come with anything creative or original of their own… so just try and rip off Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree and see if they can get some play from that.


Why are all the big name directors leaving Red Light District? They’re not, they’re being asked to leave.

Eric Everhard, Vince Voyeur, Sean Michaels, Mike John, Manuel Ferrara, all gone from the company.

Red Light is a branded name, the NAME sells itself. Why?

Red Light made its’ name because of one word, PARIS. Because of that one title and Red Light District’s association with the title, the studio is now right up there with Vivid as far as name brand, even ahead of Digital Playground.

When Dion first started the company, he and Vince Voyeur put a philosophy into place. Let the directors fund and own their movies and the company will handle all post production and distribution and then take a % of the revenues. This was extremely effective because it locked in solid directors to exclusive deals and it kept costs down for the company. It was the ‘Directors’ that carried the ‘Studio’.

Once One Night In Paris was released, the roles were reversed and the ‘Studio’ began to carry the ‘Directors’. Red Light moved approximately 800,000 units of One Night, and with that the Red Light name was branded! This translated into higher automatics on new releases. People who took 10 were not taking 50. People who took nothing were now taking 25.

All the Directors were making tons of cash, because 1) their product is outstanding, and 2) because of David Joseph having the balls to release the Paris video.

Now that Red Light is a branded name and that the name itself carries the weight, why do all that work for 30%? The answer was to simply release the directors from their contracts and start shooting titles that the Studio OWNED 100%. Now Red Light keeps 100% of the title and simply pays the normal budgets for shooting a gonzo.

Everyone made money off of Red Light, and everyone involved in the company has moved on to greener pastures because of their affiliation with Red Light. It’s a smart move on behalf of David Joseph, owning 100% instead of 30%.