Fayner Posts: George Bush ain’t bright. Dumb as fuck, if you think about it.

Mary Carey Ain’t bright. Dumb as fuck, if you think about it.

And what is a typical conversation between two people who are quite retarded? Let’s just see, okay?

BUSH  Was that true you’re hiding terrorists in your big head?

CAREY I don’t know. I am pretty dumb.

BUSH Me too.

CAREY  Wanna go play in my sandbox?

BUSH  Oh Yeah! I love playing in sandboxes. Let’s go!

CAREY  But don’t you have a planet to destroy?

BUSH  That can wait. Do you have any silly putty?

CAREY  Of course I do. I have Mr Potato Head too. You can skull-fuck him if you want to!

BUSH   Yeee Haw!!!

CAREY  I’m stupid.


Accused loses fight in child pornography case
Images found on laptop left for repairs

WHITBY — Copying images from a computer hard drive to CDs and other media constitutes making child pornography even if the material is never distributed, a Superior Court judge has ruled.

Justice Myrna Lack said last Friday that when Robert Horvat copied downloaded child porn to CDs, DVDs and other computers, he was doing more than copying the images: He was creating new porn, she ruled.

“Before the process, the data did not exist in that medium,” the judge said in delivering her ruling. “All of this leads me to believe the copying of child pornography … constitutes making child pornography.

“Mr. Horvat copied data from one storage format to another and in doing so he made child pornography.”

Friday’s ruling was another defeat for Mr. Horvat, who has fought to have evidence gathered against him ruled inadmissible. After hearing arguments prior to the start of the trial Justice Lack ruled that Durham Regional Police investigators did not breach his charter rights when they interviewed him in February of 2005.

In those conversations with police Mr. Horvat, 28, of Brantford, admitted he was the sole owner and user of a computer that had been left at a Whitby shop for repairs. A technician found hundreds of images of child porn on the laptop and called police.

Mr. Horvat also told Durham Detective Andy Bussanich he was aware that what he was looking at online was child porn, Justice Lack heard during the voire dire hearing.

In a ruling released just before the case was to go before a jury trial, Justice Lack said Mr. Horvat’s admissions could be used as evidence against him. He immediately chose not to go to trial with a jury.

Mr. Horvat did not call evidence to contest a charge of possession of child pornography, but did fight the charge of making porn. His argument was that since the images on the discs seized by police were for his own use and would not be distributed, he was not guilty of manufacturing porn.

Crown counsel JulieAnn Barrett argued that when the images were transferred from one medium to another, new porn had been created. The judge agreed.

“I reject the defence argument that personal use only is a defence to making (pornography),” Justice Lack said.

“What is done in my view is an act of creation.”

Mr. Horvat is to be sentenced in July.


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DaBurglar Writes

— Before I talk about Memory and its solitary nature as the TRUE means to enjoying things we consider ‘sinful’, I first wanted to pose this question before I forget, but dont want to start another condensed thread that keeps growing the more you add water (or people piss on it…) Why dont more women who are in porn, or who were in porn, chime in with outcries against the supposed victimization/abuse that takes place? Seems to me, if all the chicks who choose to do porn were truly getting a terrible deal and meeting terrible fates BECAUSE of porn itself, we’d hear more about that in no uncertain terms…so how bad is it really? Moving right along…When you engage in things like a swingers orgy, or if a chick does a porn scene with 6 guys, or a guy fucks around on his wife of 8 years, when the short, fleeting pleasure is gone, all you have left is a memory of the event. And as we all know, the memory is NOT enough to keep you satisfied beyond a day or so, if that. This is important, because it brings us face to face with what we are all about, particularly as Porn fans and Porn Performers. That of immediate, right here/right now gratification. Nothing else matters….But, when we indulge in things that we perhaps know we should not be doing, that carry a slight amount of physical risk or perhaps even just a little emotional anxiety/guilt, we better fucking remember the experience because the fleeting nature of it dictates all we will be able to do afterwards is remember.

If I hire an escort and spend several hours with her doing unspeakable acts of sexual depravity, when the several hours are over, all I have left is the memory. And pretty soon the desire starts up again. Same with doing drugs…you get high on coke tonight, and its a blast…but tomorrow it starts all over again, and all you have is the memory of the night before to tide you over unless you want to do more blow…the memory actually TAUNTS you because you indulged the desire already and you want it again…

Other examples of the diabolical nature of memory: Say a porn chick bangs 6 guys and scarfs their loads, either in a porn scene or she actually decides to satisfy her nympho craving and hits one of these swingers clubs that the oversexed porn community seems to enjoy doing these days. The chick is probably not going to distinguish what each of the 6 dicks feels like plunging inside of her twat (in other words, a porn chick is probably not going to have instant recall of what each dick felt exactly like upon penetration, a virtual ‘name that penis’ inside her head), and she may or may not remember what each of the 6 loads tastes like. But a week later, when she is sitting around a shoot set on a Tuesday afternoon, about to fuck 3 more guys, is she recalling what last week’s dicks felt like in order to compare? Furthermore, if she bangs a group of men once, will the memory cause her to want to do it again, and again, or is she done fucking multiple guys at once? She will remember, and want it again….

I had a friend who is now 36, and been divorced for 2 years. This guy had a lot of things I dont…perfect physically, great looking, a wife who was a former NFL cheerleader, and 2 kids. He married when he was 26 and for 7 years things seemed fine. Then one day, somehow, whether by lusting after her or not being satisfied, he banged his 22 year old receptionist. For a month her banged her…fucked her six ways to sunday, fucked her in his car, her car, her house, MY HOUSE, shared her with a couple buddies (not me though) and then he got caught by his wife. Divorced promptly, she got what amounted to a 70-30 split when all was said and done, and he lives in a condo now instead of his McMansion. He just HAD to stick his penis in that young tart (admittedly she was a hottie), he JUST HAD to know what it felt like to bust a nut inside her. He had the memory of busting a nut inside his beautiful wife to draw upon, but that wasn’t enough for him. No…so now, all he has is the memory of his wife’s twat after splooging in it to compare with the memory of what his receptionist’s twat felt like when he splooged in it. Hooray for creampies…. 

I dont have no shame, I feel no pain I cant…see the flame..but I do know…Mandinka



Wicked Media Darling Carmen Hart Hosting Exclusive Bash At Hollywood’s Day After Nightclub

LOS ANGELES, CA — (March 10, 2006 DMPR) — Wicked Pictures’ sultry Carmen Hart is not only one of Adult’s hottest rising stars, but she’s also become one of mainstream Hollywood’s favorite media darlings thanks to a slate of high-profile red carpet appearances at some of LA’s most exclusive soirees. Now, as befits this stylish member of the New Hollywood, the exclusive contract actress is celebrating her upcoming Birthday this weekend by teaming up with maverick promoter Brad Thomas of Intoxicate U Entertainment to bring you what’s certain to be the sexiest B-Day bash anywhere this Saturday, March 11th, at HollywoodÕs Day After nightclub.

With noted DJs spinning the hottest dance music, this is a not-to-be-missed chance for you to come out and play with some of the wildest celebrities in adult entertainment. Tickets will be available at the door on the night of the event at the Day After, located at 6757 Hollywood Boulevard. Tickets will be available on a limited basis, so dress to impress and arrive early, as this event is certain to reach capacity while the night is still young!

A popular guest on top-rated East Coast radio station WXQR FM, Carmen has quickly become a fixture at LA’s most prestigious entertainment events, strutting her stuff down the red carpet at the Night Of A Hundred Stars Oscar bash last Sunday before creating another media frenzy at SHOW Magazine’s invitation-only Hollywood launch party just three days later! And just a week earlier, Carmen had worked it on the runway at the 2006 Miss Nude Pageant, facing off against twelve of the finest ladies in adult entertainment before winning not only the title honor, but two additional awards in the Best Body and Best Dancer categories as well.

When she’s not dazzling the mainstream press from the red carpet, Carmen is busy promoting the upcoming release of her first major feature for Wicked, AVN award-winning director David Stanley’s “Rendezvous,” which hits retail shelves everywhere April 26th. Co-starring Wicked contract actor/director Randy Spears, this new title is a comedy for couples in the classic Wicked tradition, and promises to be the ideal vehicle for Carmen’s smoldering, one-of-a-kind screen persona.

This sensual Native American performer is also developing her first line of signature Wicked Toys from California Exotic Novelties, which will be appearing in stores by early Summer. And needless to say, Carmen’s got more Wicked movies on the way, as well some very sexy surprises waiting for her fans at

>From posh Hollywood soirees to syndicated talk shows, this red carpet superstar never fails to grab the spotlight thanks to her stunning beauty and captivating personality. Don’t miss your chance to get up in the cut with Carmen and her sexy friends this Saturday at what’s certain to be one of the most talked about adult media events of the year.

Thanks to Carmen, this will be one “Day After” you’ll be happily talking about for a long time to come!

Hollywoods Day After is located at 6757 Hollywood Blvd. (Entrance across from the Renaissance Hotel off of Highland.)

To see more of Carmen, please visit and

For Media information, please contact: Heth Mares, or call 818 349 3593

For Guest list consideration contact

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Hot Cash Causing A Sensation In Europe

from Ayinde O. Chase – All Headline News Staff Writer

London, England (AHN) – In what is turning out to be a hot commodity, fake porno European notes sold as a gimmick in Germany are being successfully passed off as real cash throughout the European Union.

The bills, in 300, 600 and 1,000-euro denominations have a ring of 12 hearts instead of the usual EU stars and feature scantily clad men and buxom nude women.

Further adding to the discrepancy on the counterfeit cash is of the word ‘Euro’ that is printed in the corner usually. The fake porn notes rather have the word ‘Eros’ – the Greek god of love embossed in the corner.

A spokesman for the Cologne police says, “You can tell straight away by looking at it that it’s fake.”

The spokesman continues, "There aren’t even any 600 euro notes anyway. But anyone trying to pass it off as real, even as a joke, faces prosecution."


Lee school aide gets 20 years in child porn case

By Grant Boxleitner

A federal judge sentenced a former high school interpreter for the deaf to 20 years in prison this morning for distributing child pornography over the Internet, the maximum recommended under sentencing guidelines.

William Allen Lane, 34, e-mailed 15 child porn pictures to a local tattoo artist and said he’d deliver more than 700 images on a pair of CDs in exchange for a tattoo. The tattoo artist reported Lane to federal investigators in August.

Lane, who resigned his school post at Fort Myers High School from jail, said he had between 4,000 and 5,000 such images, which depict children between 6 and 16 engaged in sex acts. A possession charge was dropped in the plea agreement. Lane pleaded guilty to distributing child porn in December.

In addition to 20 years in prison, U.S. District Judge John E. Steele sentenced Lane to supervised probation for the rest of his life. He also ordered Lane to have no contact with minors or computers with Internet access without written consent from probation officials.

Lane is now a sex offender who will be required to register in whatever state he resides after serving time in prison. Lane will have access to substance abuse counseling and mental health counseling, Steele said.

Lane said he was sexually abused as a child and asked for leniency.

“My life has been ruined by these 15 pictures,” Lane told the judge. “Please help me get the treatment I need.”

U.S. Assistant Public Defender Martin DerOvanesian argued Lane should be given a lesser sentence because he doesn’t have an extensive prior criminal history. In 2003 — before Congress stiffened sentencing guidelines — DerOvanesian said Lane’s recommended sentence would have been between six and seven years, he said.

“His conduct shouldn’t be at the high end of the scale,” DerOvanesian said.

U.S. assistant attorney Yolande Viacava disagreed, saying Lane has an “unhealthy interest in children.” He lied on his application to the school district by saying he used to be a professional singer, she said.

“This defendant did everything he could do to gain access to children,” Viacava said.

Lane was considered a "helping teacher" at Fort Myers High School.

During the 2003-04 school year, Lane was employed as an elementary music teacher at Gateway Charter School, then known as Lehigh Charter.

Lane got a disciplinary letter and was reassigned last year after he sent a text message via cell phone to a student, inviting him to a Halloween party and promising "I will get you drunk," school district records show.

Another message cited in reports mentioned an off-color sexual remark.


Bettie Page Opens Up About Past Abuse, Unloving Mother

from Celebrity News

Bettie PageIconic American beauty Bettie Page has spoken out about the abuse and neglect she suffered as a child in a new newspaper interview. The 82-year-old former pin-up and early porn star, dubbed the Queen of Curves, tells the Los Angeles Times she was molested by her father and despised by her bitter mother and hates recalling her youth in rural Tennessee. Page says, “(My father) molested all three of his daughters.” But life at home with her mother, Edna, wasn’t much fun after she divorced her husband when he impregnated a teenager. Page adds, “All I ever wanted was a mother who paid attention to me. She didn’t want girls. She thought we were trouble. She didn’t help with homework or teach me to sew or cook. She didn’t go to school plays I was in or go to my high school graduation.”

And things got even worse when Edna kicked the stunning brunette out of her house when her lover spurned her for her daughter. She was forced to live with her father. She recalls, “I couldn’t review my exam notes, which were at home (with her mother). Because of that I got beat out of graduating valedictorian by a quarter of a grade point and lost my dream of getting a scholarship to attend Vanderbilt University. It was the worst disappointment of my life.”

In the Times article, Page reveals she’s now a born-again Christian, who spent years in a mental institute after attacking a former landlady with a knife. As she awaits a rebirth thanks to new TV movie “The Notorious Bettie Page,” she reveals she’ll never agree to be photographed again because, “I want to be remembered as I was when I was young and in my golden times.”



In a quest to look younger, feel prettier and have better sex, women are turning to genital plastic surgery. And the look many want is that of a porn star.

By Melissa Healy, LA Times Staff Writer

SINCE the dawn of its days as a medical specialty, plastic surgery has been marching inexorably down women’s bodies, straightening, slimming, tucking as it goes, restoring the appearance of youth to features sagging with age and smoothing those marked by eccentricity.

Plastic surgery’s southward expansion has now entered territory long thought sacred. Today, the vagina and its neighbors — the labia majora, the labia minora, the clitoral hood — are the latest bit of feminine real estate considered to be blighted by age or otherwise in need of renovation, beautification and rejuvenation.

Across the country, post-pubescent and peri-menopausal women alike are having their vaginas tightened, their mons pubis liposuctioned, their labial folds nipped and their clitoral hoods tucked. Most are seeking to restore what plastic surgeons are calling “a more youthful look” to this long-secreted corner of the female anatomy and often to improve their sex lives in the process. (In some cases, women with few pretensions to virginity are surprising their partners by having their hymens surgically restored.)

Other women, bothered by the imperfect proportions of their genitalia, undergo surgery just to bolster their self-image — a boost that often pays sexual dividends as well.

“I was the type who always wanted to have the lights down low” when having sex, says Holly, a 50-year-old medical assistant who recently had surgery to trim her labia minora and who asked that her last name not be used to maintain her privacy. “Just being comfortable with my body, this was huge for me. I was able to be sexually confident.”

Even as the small but growing group of genital plastic surgeons devise new and better surgical techniques, they acknowledge the standards women hope to achieve are set mostly by adult film actresses, strippers and nude denizens of the Internet.

“I know what women want,” says Dr. David L. Matlock of Los Angeles, an obstetrician turned plastic surgeon who has been a pioneer in devising and popularizing the procedures. He knows, he says, because so many of his patients tote their husband’s or boyfriend’s magazines into his office and point to photos almost as explicit as the before-and-after ones posted on many surgeons’ websites.

More traditional plastic surgeons and gynecologists may be reluctant to endorse such procedures, but the demand is undeniable. Vulvar and vaginal plastic surgery is one of the fastest-growing areas in plastic surgery, say some in the field.

Many of the techniques have been practiced for decades by obstetricians and gynecologists to repair childbirth-related injuries, and by urologists and reconstructive surgeons who repair birth defects or perform sex-reassignment surgery. But in the late 1990s, a few surgeons began offering the procedures as a means to enhance the aesthetic appearance of women’s genital organs and, in some cases, to improve sexual function.

Today, in a field that assiduously tracks the demand for tummy tucks, butt lifts and breast implants, there is no data to gauge the scale of demand for these procedures. But there are signs that genital plastic surgery has appeared on the radar screens of social trend-watchers and the medical profession itself.

Next year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons expects to begin collecting data on the number of vulvar and vaginal procedures its members are performing. Several practitioners of the new procedures, including a pair of Los Angeles plastic surgeons, have been profiled on cable TV shows pitched to viewers hungry for news of the beautiful and famous. And members of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have begun grumbling that it’s an issue on which they need to weigh in.

But Dr. V. Leroy Young, who chairs the Emerging Trends Task Force of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, says the true gauge of these procedures’ popularity may lie precisely in the fact that, far from either coast, conservative heartland women are paying doctors like him to perform them.

Young performs about two to three vulvar procedures a month on women who “would never dare ask the question at a church social,” but who can now learn about such procedures on the Internet and on TV. “It’s right here in middle America,” says Young, whose practice is based in Creve Coeur, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis.

Porn-star standards
Southern California — the seat of the adult entertainment industry — is undeniably the birthplace of this fledgling field of surgical alteration.
In 2000, many Americans learned about a new procedure called labiaplasty when a porn star known as Houston had her labia-reduction surgery filmed and distributed to subscribers, then later auctioned off the excised flesh over the Internet.

Sharon Mitchell, executive director of the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation in Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills, says few of today’s adult film actresses are having the surgery because so many are already very young. But Mitchell, an adult film actress for 25 years before she earned a doctorate in human sexuality, says the adult film industry’s emphasis on youth, as well as its growing audience among beauty-conscious women, is almost certainly driving the upsurge in the surgery.

And many women take the standards set by sex workers very much to heart, say doctors performing the surgeries.

“I hear it time and time again,” says Dr. Gary Alter, a urologist-turned-plastic-surgeon who operates out of offices in Beverly Hills and New York City. “The woman says, ‘I thought I was normal and I watch these movies with my boyfriends and now I feel like I must be a freak.’ They feel they’re the only ones in the world.”

As the procedures have grown in exposure and popularity, a few mainstream gynecologists have sounded the alarm.


Smut goes wireless; critics sound alarm

By Jessie Seyfer
Mercury News

Call it pornography for iPods. Smut for smart-phones. Call it what you will, mobile pornography is a growing business.

Adult content is already the top Google search for most mobile Web browsers, and thousands of soft-core porn videos have been downloaded since appearing on Apple Computer’s iTunes store. With the popularity of video-enabled phones and music players like the video iPod, mobile porn seems like a natural next big thing.

Analysts confirm that yes, it’s growing. And critics are already railing against it. Analysts caution, however, that it will probably never become as widespread on mobile devices as it has become on the Internet.

“Adult services are not a killer application in waiting,” said Nitesh Patel, of Strategy Analytics.

Many cell phone service providers are reluctant to associate themselves with porn purveyors and feel it’s more important to appear family-friendly. In the United States, cell phone companies act as a gatekeeper for most mobile phone content and are so far regulating themselves when it comes to adult entertainment.

All the major carriers — Cingular, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile — have voluntarily chosen not to directly offer any adult content for download, said Roxanne Robbins, a spokeswoman for CTIA-The Wireless Association, a trade group.

But many mobile phones now have Web browsers, which can make videos, photos or text available for download with a credit card.

Sales of dirty videos, naughty chats and pornographic images over mobile phones reached about $500,000 globally in 2004, and were expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2009, Juniper Research reports. But physical limitations of the devices, financial and cultural barriers will keep it from attaining massive success, Patel said.

In Europe, where it’s slightly easier than in the United States to get adult content on cell phones, adult downloads don’t represent a huge part of cell phone companies’ business, he said.

“Adult services add maybe 2 or 3 percent on top of the bottom line,” he said. For companies in the United States, “it’s not going to kill them if they don’t have it.”

And another thing. Who wants to watch porn on such a teeny screen?

The screen size is “inferior for viewing that type of content,” Patel said. “It might be OK for a gimmicky show for your friends at the pub to have a bit of a laugh, but I don’t think you’ll see people seriously using that way.”

But author Violet Blue, a San Francisco-based author of numerous books on sexuality, begs to differ.

“I think it’s going to catch on in a big way,” she wrote in an e-mail interview. “It’s got all the things that made Web porn successful: privacy, in terms of accessing content, and anonymity, but also portability. Porn is no longer tied to a TV or computer, you can enjoy it anywhere, and with earbuds, quietly.”

Although mobile-phone carriers have so far backed off porn, adult content such as R-rated movies and mature-rated games could be on the way. With new video services such as Verizon’s V CAST and Cingular Video gaining popularity, representatives from those carriers say they are hashing out their own content guidelines, which will be much like the standard ratings for movies, TV and games.

It’s harder for carriers to monitor videos and pictures that are purchased indirectly through the browsers on cell phones. But carriers such as Verizon said they were working on developing tools parents can use to restrict their children’s access to such sites.

That’s hasn’t stopped certain groups from sounding alarm bells about mobile porn. Parents need to know that the little device in your child’s hands isn’t just a phone, says Jack Samad of the Ohio-based National Coalition for the protection of Children and Families. It’s a miniature computer that should be monitored just like a home computer.

“Parents are clueless in handing that phone to their kids,” Samad said. “The technology embedded on the latest phones — parents don’t know how their kids are applying that technology.”


The controversial pornography bill being deliberated by the House of Representatives has drawn a mixed response from the public. Some people see the bill as a tool of repression, particularly of women, while others hail it as a long overdue step to save the country from moral decay. The Jakarta Post asked people for their thoughts on the bill.

Luther Sembiring, 30, works for a publishing company in Slipi, West Jakarta. He lives with his brother in Cimanggis, Depok:

I think the draft of the pornography bill should be revised, because it is not fair to women. Women in Bali or Papua, for example, have their own considerations when it comes to proper or improper dress.

People in Indonesia have different points of view about pornography. Because of this, the definition of the term is debatable.

The government should focus on law enforcement, because as far as I know we already have regulations relating to public order, including banning indecent acts in public places.

Police officers should enforce the law instead of backing criminals. It’s no secret the police protect people who sell pornographic VCDs and magazines.

Memi Mundari Pernithasari, 23, is a junior auditor at an accounting firm in South Jakarta. She lives with her parents in Bekasi:

I think this pornography bill is the best idea the government has ever come up with. In my opinion it will ensure more security for women, including myself.

We need more assurances from the government that it will wipe out, or at least minimize, improper acts and scenes in public places.

I have noticed that some regions in the country already have bylaws (sharia law) on this matter, and I also heard there was a lot of opposition to the implementation of these bylaws.

Nevertheless, I think it will take quite a long time for the bill to finally be made into law and put into practice, especially in a country as diverse as ours. There are always bound to be pros and cons with an issue like this.

for more… read the Jakarta Post