I was looking at both my dogs!!! Smokie and the bandit! and I decided I don’t want to clip her ears this morning.

First, cuz they both look very similiar and if I clip her ears the won’t look alike!!!

Then, I thought that’s mean to do that to a doggie!!! Eventhough, I know it looks hard!!! I don’t think I can do it!!!! Ears give a doggie personality!!!She’s a pain in my ass everyday so maybe I will change my mind and clip them!!! Today I feel like being nice and saying nn on clipping ears!!!



E-mail me: and say ya or na for clipped ears!!! There both pits, if someone didn’t know!!TMFR
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Bi Valley Girl posts on Adultfyi: A few weeks ago we, here at Pink Kitty Video, hired Todd Todd Productions to shoot a scene for us. We would like to report that this son of a bitch is one hell of a photographer/videographer. We viewed the video he shot for us today and it was damn near perfect. Great lighting, great angles and sure footed cam work. Initially, we saw him as a bit expensive for us but in the long run he was worth every dime. We just wanted to give Todd a public kudo for a job well done. Thanks so much Todd Todd Productions. Dennis, Pepper, Nautica and Joe







Nathan Hall/Winston Burbank a.k.a stoner on!!!

Came into my room last night and asked if I can take a picture for him for!!!

TR: Doing what?

WB: Smokin herb!!!

TR: You don’t have a pic of yourself smokin herb already????

WB: NO!!!!

TR: If your such a stoner you would already have pictures of you smokin herb!!!

WB: Seriously, do you have a bowl and a camera???

TR: You want me to pack you a bowl, take a picture, find my usb to download the picture, and find the battery charger????

WB: Is it that complicated!

TR: YUP!!! I’M A STONER!!! With a puppy that acts like a ferret!!! She jacks everything and brings it to her kennel!!!

WB: Did you check the kennel???


P.S. Someone the next day took pics of him on set gettin high!!! I found a disc of like 25 pics of just him smokin herb!!!! I have the real exclusive pics of nate dawg!!!! THAT’S A HOLLER!!!





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Was watching 50 first dates with Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Dan Ackroyd, and Sean Astin!!! I was thinking that Drew Barrymore’s brother(sean astin) sounds, looks, and acts like Jay Ashley!!!!

Scott and I looked it up to see if it was REALLY JAY ASHLEY or an actor that is playing his part and look??? We were wrong there was an actor that played Jay Ashley!!!! The look, the lisp, the steriods and the wet dreams!!!!!

I wonder if someone knew Jay Ashley and asked his permission to use his lisp and his look???

Or if they jacked his look and lisp from watching his Gay Porn????

If anyone know’s you can reach me on my cell or e-mail me @ 

P.S. Scott Fayner and Keith O’ Connor had nothing to do with this story!!! It was all ME!!!




Fayner Posts: I just got the new HUSTLER magazine in the mail, it’s the next best thing after Penny Saver if you ask me, being that I’m a Jew and all and am as cheap as Winston Burbank.

Skipped through the issue, found naked girls staring back at me and that made me super happy.

But when I got to the review section, I noticed something very very wrong.

I mean right.

I mean right on.

Out of the eight total reviews in the June 2006 issue, all but one receive "fully erect" reviews.

Hustler, Vivid, Elegant Angel, Wicked and Collossal Entertainment all get perfect nods for their movies this month.

I guess if it wasn’t for the selection by Metro the whole review section would have perfect attendance, probably the first time ever in the magazine’s 30 year history.

Shame on you Metro for not being as good as everyone else. You’re going to bed without any dessert.


Your Daughter Has A Dirty Little Secret …


Backdoor Desires from Torrid Entertainment

MARCH 23, 2006 – Porn Valley, California

Torrid Entertainment and Director Jade Marcela present Backdoor Desires… There was a time when a woman’s backdoor was sacred and pure, and an overprotective father didn’t have to sit home worrying that his little darling was getting her pooper plunged with seedy cock from all angles in the backseat of some scumbag’s Chevy. Unfortunately for him – BUT lucky for us – the day has finally come when young women everywhere are wielding their backdoors for sexual experimentation to the fullest extent of the law.

This is a good day.

Well, not for the overprotective father, but for the rest of us who enjoy backdoor shenanigans.

Director Jade Marcela and videographer/husband Vincent Voss brings us some of today’s mightiest ass-fuckers in the new Backdoor Desires outing: Lauren Phoenix, Roxy Jezel, Katja Kassin, Brooke Haven, Holly Wellin and Sintia Stone; all dirty to the max, all eager to spread their elastic poop-chutes and all out whores!

It’s everything their father was scared of, everything the rest of us have been dreaming of since we were old enough to dream.

And now when we close our eyes, it’s Torrid’s Backdoor Desires we see.

You gotta love today’s slut…Desire to be anally abused…Desire to be shit-pipe sodomized….Desire to be butt-blasted.

This is a good day indeed.

Backdoor Desires is filled with bonus features such as Behind The Scenes, Interviews, Photo Gallery, Trailers and Web Access.

Get this fasy paced, action packed release now! Backdoor Desires streets March 29th. To order, contact Anthony Simone at 818-577-4575, ext. 400, or via email at


For questions about Defiance or Torrid product, for interviews with performers or directors, for screeners please contact Scott Fayner at 323.397.2890 or

For more information about Torrid Entertainment and Defiance Films or information about being in a Defiance Films movie contact Keith O’Connor at 818-577-4575, ext. 402, or via email at

Be sure to visit our website at foror the latest information on upcoming releases and to check out the high definition trailers, along with an added bonus feature of clicking on any performers name to download their photo. 2257 compliance information for every title released by Defiance Films is also readily available for immediate download.

Defiance Films delivers the most Socially Unacceptable Behavior in every hardcore, explosive scene produced.

For images and video clips from Backdoor Desires, see the exclusive content at and


Connecticut Asks MySpace to Provide Blocking Software
Site Needs to be Safer for Kids, State Argues

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has sent a letter asking the company to provide parents with software to block the web site, ban kids under 16, institute new measures against pornography and take other steps to protect children from sexual predators and inappropriate material.

The letter follows discussions between Blumenthal’s office and top executives, including a February meeting with MySpace co-founder/CEO Chris DeWolfe and company lawyers.

"While our discussions have been encouraging, I ask MySpace to take specific practical steps to address immediately the most critical concerns identified by my office," Blumenthal said in his letter. "These measures are technologically feasible, as well as consistent with your stated terms of service and your own explicit goal of prohibiting nudity and other offensive or inappropriate material from your website.

"This site now exposes young people to a perilous cyber environment with people posting sexually explicit materials and looking for sexual relationships. In fact, children can still view pornographic images, links to X-rated web sites, ‘clubs’ involving adults seeking sexual encounters and webcam sex for sale offers. I ask you to adopt my proposed steps immediately even as you develop new technology offering better protection," Blumenthal wrote.

Blumenthal asked the company to:

• Provide parents with free software allowing them to block access to MySpace from their home computers.

• Raise the minimum age for a MySpace profile from 14 to 16. If the company wants to continue serving that age group, it should create a separate and distinct site for 14- and 15-year-olds.

• Require users to log in and verify their age before viewing profiles. Once logged in, only users 18 or older would be allowed to view adult material.

• Make technical changes preventing 14- and 15-year-olds from making their profiles "public" and requiring parental consent for anyone 16 or older to view them.

• Add staff and technology to filter out and remove pornography and prohibited content. Also, prohibit people seeking casual sexual encounters from communicating with minors, remove explicit references to "swingers," and fully disclose that parts of the site contain adult material.

• Banish permanently users who repeatedly post so-called "deep links" to pornography or other prohibited content.

• Hire an aggressive watchdog independent of the corporate hierarchy that reports directly to the board of directors about inappropriate material, sexual predators or other problems on the site.


Pink Gives Motocross Hubby A ‘Surprise Lapdance’

Matthew Borghese – All Headline News Staff Writer

London, England (BANG) – Pink is set to surprise her husband with an X-rated pole-dance when she performs in London.

The singer has reportedly asked that a 12ft pole is installed in her dressing room – because she wants to give hubby Carey Hart a sexy pre-show treat.

The star – who has allegedly been taking lessons for her erotic show – has also flown in four lapdancers from top Los Angeles club, The Body Shop.

An insider told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Pink wants a party all of her own before the show for her fans begins.”

“Pink plans to have a lot of fun with the lapdancers both on stage and off. By the end of the night Carey will think all his Christmases have come at once.”

Pink, real name Alecia Moore, recently claimed she would never divorce Hart – because they don’t spend enough time together to argue.

The star, who tied the knot with the with motocross racer in January, is confident the pair will remain together because, unlike other couples who get sick of each other, they are apart a lot which keeps their romance fresh.

She explained: “We’re never together long enough to fight.”