Fayner Posts: Allan MacDonell was my boss, actually he was a lot of people’s boss, in my impressional years over yonder at Hustler. Along with HEVG Editor Mike Albo, Allan helped shape me into the glowing creative magician you read now. Because of this, I suggest you throw a tomato at him if you ever see him. Well, Allan got fired a couple of years ago and apparently ain’t too happy ’bout it. I suggest you read all about it when it finally comes out.

No word yet if there’s mention of my famous Hustler layout with Jewel De’Nyle in the book as one of Allan’s final creative victories inside the cold, dark LFP walls.

I for one wish Allan the best of luck, even though it was he who helped me get a start in porno.

What a fucking bastard, right????


Prisoner of X

20 Years in the Hole at Hustler Magazine

Allan MacDonell

Prisoner of X is a savagely funny odyssey through the bizarro world of Larry Flynt’s cracker-rich, X-rated empire.

During his tenure in the Hustler trenches, punk-rock dropout Allan MacDonell ascends from entry-level comma-catcher to editorial overlord of the unseemly offerings at Larry Flynt Publications. Here’s the inside story of running America’s most influential porn domain.

A professional career of evaluating countless skin photos, taking XXX field trips, mastering “fully erect” film criticism, and enduring creepy inter-office schemers suddenly launches MacDonell into national politics when Larry Flynt opens his wallet to impact the impeachment proceedings against President William Jefferson Clinton. MacDonell reveals the backside of his prominent role in tricking right-wing Speaker-elect Bob Livingston into resigning from Congress.

Prisoner of X is a wildly entertaining memoir about climbing the bent and fearsome masthead of an infamous magazine, and the bittersweet reward of publicly crossing its hillbilly Caesar. Cover artist Daniel Clowes is the celebrated cartoonist and screenwriter of Ghost World and Art School Confidential.



Holla 420!!!!

Saturday morning, TMFR rolls out of bed around 10AM, she notices it’s shitty outside. She first heads downstairs to make a pot of coffee and then she thinks to herself, “Damn it, did I leave the sunroof open in the Escalade, I wonder if if it got wet inside?” DUH!!!!!

She runs outside to inspect her Escalade, complete with $5,000 worth of new wiring for her new sound system, DVD player, IPOD integration, subwoofer and amp, etc. OH YA, left the sunroof wide open!!!!

Next step, towels, leather cleaner, hair drier! Guess what though, SHE LEFT THE SUNROOF OPEN!!! TMFR spent 3 hours cleaning, drying, wiping and after 3 hours she declared the truck ready to ride. As she sat in the seat and started the engine, she complained that her ass was getting wet!

As she pulled out of the driveway she was heard to declaure, “This is a clatastripie”.


Fayner Posts: Spent the afternoon with Travis Nestor and Charlie Laine. We smoked like seven joints.

On the drive back to my place from Charlie’s, Travis passed this glorious story on to me.

At a recent Zero Tolerance shoot, Travis was approached by the house owner and brought to the bathroom.

“It’s pretty bad,” the guy said, pointing towards the toilet. Travis said it was foaming from the sides.

“Let me take a look,” Travis said. Being a veteran of the business, Travis was confident he could fix the problem. Plus, it was only a chick, right? How bad could it have been?

Quite bad. So bad in fact Travis almost got sick. It was everywhere. It was worse than a weeklong Tijuana fish taco diet shit.

The fear of her unleashing a similar storm upon him keeps Travis from revealing the chick’s name.

Later, the plummer Travis was forced to call showed up. Travis said he looked thrilled to only be dealing with a clogged toilet.

“I can just imagine what he must have gone through after it was festering in the toilet for four hours. All I saw was him gagging. Can you believe that? A fucking plummer gagging?!!”

The plummer did his job, charged more than he had to and left.


Lots of new stuff coming this week….

Eve Laurence
Eva Angelina
Tory Lane
Naudia Nyce
Cindy Crawford
and more….

Behind The Scenes
More Pics from AVN 2006
Pornstar of the Week

Scott has some nice stories ready to go, and the LF staff is pounding the pavement for new stories



Ok, here they are!!! Lots of pics from AVN. And the boss (Taylor Rain) has said that we’re to upload these a little at a time!!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

1) The beautiful Kelly Erikson

2) Gia Jordan & Brian Surewood in a warm embrace

3) Gia Jordan as hot as ever

4) Euro beauty Rita Faltoyano

5) Red Light contract star Brianna Love

6) Sammi Rhodes is one of the best looking chicks in the business!!!

7) She also has a killer body and a personality to match, Sammi Rhodes

8) Beautiful and talented Brooke Haven

9) The smile melts hearts, Brooke Haven from LA Direct at the Acid Rain booth

10) Molly Beth & Shyla Marie having a hot tub party at the Shanes World booth!

11) Now doing Boy/Girl scenes, the beautiful Jenna Haze

12) Does Kat ever get any older? Her at the Diabolic booth, where’s Wanker?

13) Kat, Kat, Kat… we love you! Purrrrrrrrrr

14) Charlie Laine at the Penthouse booth

15) All I want for my birthday is Charlie Laine!

16) 18 year Jessi Summers at the Defiance Films booth with a fan

17) Squirt machine Cytherea

18) Latin sensation Daisy signing for a fan.

19) Cindy Crawford at the Defiance Films booth.

20) The beautiful Cindy Crawford.

21) Gia Paloma at the Extreme Associates booth / field.

22) Latin babe Layla Rivera hiding her nipples.

23) Layla Rivera, yes, yes spread em baby! Where the hell was Dick Delaware!

24) Anthony Hardwood looking for Gene Ross!

25) Insert your own funny ass comment here!! Who needs women! Wanker found?

26) I apologize in advance!!! Fayner found!!!

27) Tranny Wendy Williams looking for Vanity and a short stack of pancakes!

28) 2006 AVN Award Winner for Best New Performer

29) The always classy Nina Hartley

30) Cassandra, oops, no I mean Cindy Crawford!

31) Cindy Crawford in the highest heels I’ve ever seen!

32) The glamorous Kelly Erikson

33) Can’t ever get enough Kelly Erikson!

34) Cindy Crawford & tranny Vanity steal the show!

35) More Cindy Crawford & Vanity, a match made in heaven!

36) Vanity meeting all the XPT forum talkers. Despite all the harsh words, we love you guys!

37) So, ya don’t think tranny’s are popular with the fans? Um, Vanity & Cindy Crawford disagree.

38) Vanity & Cindy Crawford mobbed by XPT talkers and fan stalkers.

39) We figured only 10% of these guys knew Vanity has a nutsack, guess which guy got his ass planted to the concrete for trying to grab some balls!

40) Vanity and a group of confused (or lying) onlookers.

41) Ah Vanity, notice the change of looks on this guys face, he got it!!!!!

42) Best ass in the business Naudia Nyce, and a loving fan.

43) Vanity and Friends, jesus h christ no wonder the place emptied out.

44) Vanity & Friends again, OK XPTers I guess I see your point with this one!!


Fayner Posts: I’ve been fearing writing this story up ’cause the last time I was told the details I was still quite fucked up and easily distracted.

But here it goes.

Friday night in Vegas.

Dez, Alaura Eden and a bunch of others were drinking at TAO or whatever that club is at the Venetian. A 225 pound black man walked past Alaura and grabbed her ass. She didn’t care for that. So she said something. He laughed.

Then her man Dez stepped up. The guy laughed at him, too.

Holding two beers, Dez dd what anyone would do and headbutted the big dude. He then dropped the beers.

Ther big black dude took a few swings and missed, Dez responded with a fierce combination to the guy’s melon.

Then along came one of the dude’s friends, who grabbed Dez from behind. Dez shot his head back and gave the guy a face full of skull.

That’s when all hell broke loose and even more guys came at Dez. Alaura responded by smashing a full beer ove one of their heads. SMASH!

That’s when the security guards came and took Dez away. Not knowing who it was, Dez continued to struggle as they whisked him off to some back room.

Eyewitnesses say that Dez had not a scratch or rip on him during the fight, but following the melee when he was released it was obvious someone had had their way with his face and clothing.

The security guards.

Damn them.



Angry fellows.

Dez was just standing up for his woman. Anyone but me would have done the same thing. Does that mean that afterwards the guards have the right to hit him a bit for fun??


Fayner Posts: I must admit that my memory ain’t what it once was. It’s part of growing old. That’s why you see Gene Ross and Luke Ford holding tape recorders when they’re working. Not that I’m calling them old, but they are older than me and know that remembering is easier said than done.

My mind is squashed.

And then it redeems itself!

Friday night in Vegas, a popular porno performer walks past me at the Circle Bar. We exchange pleasantries.

“You know what’s so fucking crazy?” they ask me.

“I can think of a few things,” I said.

“No, Fayner, seriously.”

“Okay, fine. What’s so fucking crazy?”

“Don’t you find it wrong that these people who shell out the $50 or so for a day pass to the convention today were met at 4 o’clock with a room vacant of pretty much every star due to the rehearsals for the AVN Awards being held at the same time?”

“Terribly wrong,” I said, still having no clue what they were trying to tell me.

Finally I figured it out.

Seems that the organizers of the award show scooped up all the presenters (and nominees?) from the convention for a dry run of the award show starting at 4 pm on Friday. This would have been fine if it weren’t for the hundreds of fans who paid money to be at the convention only to be met with D listed performers and strippers instead of the popular starlets they paid to come see who were at the time rehearsing for the award show.

The popular performer who was telling me all of this was not happy. They felt the fan was being fucked over. D listed performers and strippers are all good, but not when you’ve paid good money to see people like Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy.

“Why couldn’t the organizers have waited until the convention was done for the day to begin the rehearsals? That’s just plain fucked up!”

I agreed.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t remember things. Like now. Don’t you?Wasn’t this story just a complete waste of everyone’s time???


Vicious Media Inc. Moves To Canoga Park, CA.
Distributor Goes Bi-Coastal to Better Service Clients

(Canoga Park, CA) Change is in the air and Vicious Media Inc., an energized new adult film distributor, is proud to announce their new location.

The company, who is owned and operated by a team of seasoned professionals with more than 25 years combined experience, has secured new headquarters in Canoga Park, CA. to facilitate a growing staff and thriving business.

The spacious, art deco office and warehouse space contains National & Foreign Sales, Accounting, Advertising, PR/Marketing, Promotions, Editing, and Shipping/Receiving. To better service clients Vicious Media Inc. also has offices located in Philadelphia, PA.

Vicious Media Inc. is an aggressive marketing and sales company focused on maximizing revenue for their clients.

Vicious Media Inc. is located at:
6744 Eton Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91303
818-704-5350 office
323-927-1776 fax

Media inquiries can be directed to
Janie Liszewski
High Profile Media