Age: 25
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 110 lb
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Sizes: 34B-Size 2-Shoe 5
One of the top 5 asses in the business today. Naudia defines class, beauty and NASTINESS all in one!!!!
To Book NAUDIA NYCE, call (818) 317-4054 or email

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Photos courtesy of Defiance Films


Sometimes people go well overboard when trying to hype a new release.

But I just got a copy of the upcoming release from Defiance Films… and after looking at the front and back of the box… no hype needed. AURORA SNOW directed it, wow… and look at the cast list, wow…. ands check out the girls on the front of the box, WOW…. and most of all, check out the nasty sex shots on the back of the box… HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!


Taylor Rain Surprises MALLcom

GLEN COVE, NY (Nov. 4th) At first glance, it appeared to be a typical Friday in the MALLcom offices. Everyone was at their desks plugging away, when a ball of energy in the form of Taylor Rain bounded through the door. Always ready for action, Taylor was paying the staff a surprise visit courtesy of Defiance Films and Torrid Entertainment. Already in town to host’s V.I.P. event, Fukin’ Fridays, Taylor wanted to visit her friends at MALLcom. She even brought special guests with her, in porn superstar Cindy Crawford and up-and-coming Bobbi Blair.“

Since Taylor was already in town for the party tonight, I thought it would be cool for her to visit MALLcom too. We did Win A Date With Taylor Rain with them, so what better way than to surprise them by sending Taylor to the office to spice things up a bit?” said Defiance Films Head of Production, Keith O’Connor. “Taylor loves New York, and I know the guys at MALLcom will show her and the girls a great time during their visit.”

Taylor knew she had a fan club at MALLcom, so being ever-gracious; Taylor brought glossy photos of herself to personalize for everybody. “Before I sit down to work on I always check my MALLcom store to see if the Defiance and Torrid boxcovers are up. I was in New York, so I planned a sneak attack on their offices!” Taylor said in-between laughs.

Since it was a workday, Taylor even volunteered to help out the MALLcom staff with their tasks. She got her hands dirty by editing the website, answering phones, sitting in on a MALLcom staff meeting and even stocking shelves with the latest Torrid releases.

 “I had a totally rad time visiting NYC,” Taylor said. “This entire trip was amazing and I hope to come back real soon to chill with all the new friends I made. Visiting MALLcom rocked too, so this trip was a big success.”

For more information about MALLcom, please contact:

Steve Javors, PR Manager
516-671-6781 x.17


Fayner and TMFR have some huge updates and exclusive stories about 1) 2 days in New York with Taylor Rain and 2) the wedding of the year between Jesse Jane and Rick something.

Plus updates on the wedding afterparty, the trashing of the suite, the liquor tab, Fayner walking around Vegas all night, and Pat Myne (aka Howdy Doody on Steroids, aka Jules Jordan wannabee) being a fucking scumbag offering pornstars cash to fuck, and in the process assuring himself of the beating of his life.

Stay tuned for stories and pictures!!!!!


By Associated Press

LUCKNOW, India – This was no one-night stand. Scientists in India say they have discovered two fossils fused together in sexual union for 65 million years.

The findings were published in the October edition of the Indian journal "Current Science," which said it was the first time that sexual copulation had been discovered in a fossil state, according to the Press Trust of India news agency.

But voyeurs will need a microscope to view the eternal lovers.

The fossils are tiny swarm cells, a stage in the development of the fungus myxomycetes, also known as slime molds.

The cells reproduce by "fusing," Ranjeet Kar of the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany in Lucknow reportedly told PTI. Once the cells fuse, long, threadlike appendages known as flagella, are lost, he said.

Finding the fossils in a fused position and with their flagella shed, is evidence that the two cells were having sex, Kar said.

"The sexual organs being delicate and the time of conjugation short lived, it is indeed rare to get this stage in the fossil state," the study said.

The cells were discovered in a 30-foot deep dry well in the state of Madhya Pradesh.


Anyone in the New York, Jersey area who’ll be travelling to Central Park, Times Square tonight or tomorrow may just run into some REALLY hot chicks!!!

Taylor Rain, Bobbi Blair and Cindy Crawford will be raising hell in NYC!!!!!!!! 

(Glen Cove, NY) – As if hosting Spirit New York’s “Pornoween Sexxxtravaganza” wasn’t enough, less than a week later is back to blow the roof off the joint for the Grand Opening of Fukin Fridays! The party goes down at 10pm Friday, November 4th at the exclusive 80,000 square-foot hotspot. For this mega-event, has teamed up with Defiance Films to bring some of the biggest names in the adult industry to host. Defiance Films contract superstar and director, Taylor Rain headlines the roster of porn superstars slated to share hosting duties. Also appearing are adult stars Cindy Crawford, Tory Lane and Bobbi Blair. World-famous Playboy model, DJ Miss Lisa will be spinning all the dancehall classics half-naked for euphoric clubgoers.

“I’m super-stoked to come to New York to host this party. I’ve been to other events so I know how hot this is going to be,” said a jubilant Taylor Rain. “I’m bringing some other gorgeous girls to party with me and it’s going to be absolutely fabulous.”

Known for throwing the best industry parties,’s Ben Protzmann isn’t one to rest on his laurels.”XXXXX”

Not to be outdone, the party continues into the wee hours of the morning when DJ Tony Draper takes over the wheels of steel while DJ Chris Asta spins in the chic Glass Room. 


Fayner Posts: Talking to Jesse Jane and Rick Patrick last night, the sexy young couple about to get hitched in Vegas in just about three days. Yikes!!!

Our conversation was cut short as the two had reached their "pastor’s" house to go over their vows. As you may recall, Barrett Blade is their minister for the ceremony. Yikes!!!

But have no fear, ladies and gentlemen, as I’ve been secretly told that a backup minister has been secured, a certain Scott Justice, in case Blade somehow fucks up his duties. Yikes!!!

Personally, I’d think about maybe finding a third minister just in case, perhaps one that doesn’t work in porn and didn’t get his license from a cereal box. But that’s just me…