Scott Fayner is a huge scumbag!!!! He is not your clean cut typical LA WANABEE!

He actually claims to be a “ROCKSTAR”! So I guess you can consider him LA! ROCKSTARS WILL DO ANYTHING FOR CASH OR DRUGS OR FOR THE FUCK OF IT!

The fuckin point is I actually thought of a genius idea for Scott Fayner! He doesnt do jack shit during the day expect sleep, play with the dogs, make grilled cheese sandwiches, get HIGH and proably jacks off at some point of the day!

I thought why the fuck not, lets go put Scott Fayner on the streets as a BUM!!! He already acts like one and he complains that he’s bored. Lukeford is putting him to work!!!!


I plan to first put him at the Coffe Bean and Jerrys deli on Topanga and Ventura!!! Thats the cool porn hang out for lunch!

Next spot will be at Fallbrook and Ventura where all the beeners hang out all day begging for work!!! We will just give the beeners free porn and they will be happy!!!!

Then we will roll out to topanga and Lassen to Country Deli so he can get hand outs from porn directors and owners of porn companys.

The first date will be on Feb.24 on Friday! He will be at Jerrys deli 12-1pm, Country Deli 2-4pm, and 7-eleven 4:20 till 5!!!!

Mondays schedule will be posted soon!!!!

P.S:Scott Fayner will be wearing a green robe with slippers!!!! Hes not very hard to miss!!! I will be there too!!! Just to laugh at him and to take some pics!!!! HOLLER 420!

Peace out!





Interview with Missy:

TR: First question!!!!

MM: Geting nervous!!!

TR: Don’t be!How big are those real tits???

MM: 34DD

TR: Do you get a lot of attention because of your tits?

MM: DUH!!!!!!

TR: Do they hurt when they flop during sex?

MM: Not really. Only when they get slapped!!! I just did Slap Happy for Extreme and they are still sore and bruised.

TR: Oh I did Slap Happy back in the day! That shit sucked!

MM: Whatever it pays my bills!!!

TR: Who did you sign for at AVN this year?

MM: JM Productions. It was cool! Ashley Blue is a funny girl and fun to work with!

TR: Thats cool! You’re known for squirting, be fuckin real, isn’t that piss???

MM: First scene I did I squirted!!! I didnt really know what happened. I actually started crying cuz I didnt know what happened! After work I went home and called my mom and told her what happened. She said ” I squirt too! Its all good! Its totally natural!”

TR: Thats funny! You can just call your mom like that?

MM: Fuck ya!

TR: SWEET! What was your first movie in the biz?

MM: “Filthy First Timers 34”

TR: How long have you been in porn?

MM: Three years!

TR: What jobs did you have before porn?

MM: Subway, KFC, JC Pennys, Pizza places, etc……

TR: SWEET! You were in “Spunk in the Trunk“, How did you like working for me?

MM: It was easy, fun and I was really stoned on set! I squirted a lot too!!!! Remember I was your “ON TIME HOOKER”!

TR: OH YA! Thank you by the way!

MM: No problem!!

TR: Do you like ANAL sex better on or off camera?

MM: I JUST LIKE ANAL SEX!!! (said it with pride) Last week I just did a 6 guy gangbang with Jasmine Bryn! For Acid Rain!

TR: Do you like DP’s?

MM: I like them better than anal scenes!!

TR: Why because you get more cheese?


TR: Thats a good hooker! Next question! Who did you do your first DP with?

MM: It was with four guys! I was suppose to just do anal but I ended up doing two dicks at the same time. “No cum dodging allowed #3” for Mike Jon!

TR: Did you ever have sex with Scott Fayner for coke or press or just for the hell of it?

MM: NO WAY! Maybe if I was really fucked up!!!

TR: Do you like black dudes?

MM: Yes I do interacial! I have no problem with black dudes!!!

TR: Off camera have you fucked a black guy?

MM: Like twice!!! I had a black boyfriend when I was 16! I brought him to my 16th party and moms boyfriend left because he was racist!!!! 

TR: My dad would too! My father hates black guys!!! Thats why I dont do interacial!

TR: How did you get in the industry?

MM: Dancing at Cheetahs in Vegas and then they changed the laws. You had to be 21 or older to dance! Looked in the paper and seen NUDE PHOTOS FOR CASH! And gave them a call!

TR: What agents have you been with so far?

MM: Model gig, Cherry Modeling and Direct Models. I really just got a lot of work by myself. I never really needed a agent. I just got sick of the phone calls and extra work!!!

TR: Any warrants out for your arrest?

MM: No warrants but I just got a ticket for turning on a red light!

TR: Who are your enemies? Who do you hate in this business?

MM: I dont have any enemies and I dont hate anyone!!!! Im just a POTHEAD!!!

TR: WOW!! I have tons of enemies in this biz But I am trying not to hate anyone. Its bad for your health!!! 

TR: Any company owners or directors try to fuck you?


TR: You and every other girl!!! Did you ever sleep with Tim Connelly???

MM: No we are just friends that hang out!!!



TR: Do you do any other drugs?

MM: Pills!!!!! Somas are my favorite!!!!

(more to come)




Fayner Posts: Looks like Cindy Crawford is the latest porno gal complaining about “webmaster” Kenny Knoll.

Word is she’s thinking about suing Knoll for $3,300 ‘cause he did a piss-poor job creating a web site (that’s a real loose term for what he did) for her, basically taking Aurora Snow’s site and just changing the top banner to say Cindy Crawford instead of Aurora Snow. Then she paid him an additional $300 to do some updates… NADA… and no return phone calls, nuthin!!

This is the same dumb fucker who filed a restraining order against 120 pound Scott Lyons!!

That’s pretty shady if you ask us.

And you did ask us.

So there.

We’ll keep you posted on the developments of this. We promise.

ANYONE else have any Knoll horror stories email them to webmaster@lukeford.com


Fayner Posts: How was I to know, huh?

Well now I do.

It appears that Eddie Charisma, the guy I wrote about yesterday who thinks his semen tastes awesome, is none other than Tony Sexton. He just changed his name.

I got three emails yesterday about Sexton/Charisma. I’m gonna share them with you.

“During the HIV work halt 2 years ago, Sexton, who was on the list, changed his fucking name and tried getting work. What a fucking douche!”

“I was working a blow bang that he was also doing a couple years ago. The chick ws made-up to be all young and shit, had a blow pop in her mouth while all the dudes popped in her face. When it was all over, Sexton went up to the girl and asked her for a rim job. She didn’t know what it was. ‘You stick that blow pop up my ass and lick at it!’ he said. She politely declined.”

“Who does that weirdo think he is boasting about the taste of his cum? Who does he think he is, Eddie and the Cruisers? (singing) On the dark side…”


Fayner Posts: Went to Orange County with Taylor yesterday to see her little brother in the hospital. Rabies. It’s a bummer. No, actually he got a sinus infection. It’s also a bummer, mostly ‘cause he’s too young to get unlimited morphine for the unbearable pain.

Stopped at Taylor’s mothers house to pick her and her other brother up.

Taylor and mom were in the backyard smoking a joint. Her brother, only 6 years old, was playing video games in the living room. I was searching the house for a photograph of Taylor taken years ago with big glasses that I desperately want. Not finding it, I made my way out back to join the gals and the joint.

“Hey mom,” I said to Taylor‘s mommy, “you know that why you’re out here getting stoned your 6 year old son is inside playing Grand Theft Auto, right?”

“That’s okay,” she replied.

“It is?”

“Sure. I don’t like to shelter my kids.”

“Have you ever seen the game?”

“No, but how bad can it be??”

“Well,” I began, “there’s one mission, for instance, where you have to go and burn down fields of marijuana.”


“I guess I shouldn’t mention how you carjack and beat people with hammers and bats and fuck hookers.”

“No,” she said while puffing away on the joint, “you best keep that to yourself.”

Later, Taylor‘s mother was telling us about how she was at his school recently while the kids were doing picture association or some shit like that. The teacher would show a picture and the children would have to say what it is. I guess that ain’t exactly picture association but…

“So the teacher holds up a photo of a pipe, the kind an old man would smoke, and my son stands up and says “my mommy has one of those!” The teacher pretended not to hear him. I was so embarrassed!”

“You should be writing this down,” I jumped in, “cause from what I hear coming up with a good Mother of the Year speech is quite difficult.”

“Fuck you Scott. Just hand me the damn joint, will you?”


Taylor Rain posts on her journal at www.clubtaylorrain.com:

Yesterday i went to the hospital. Dont worry nothin happened to me!!!! If you care!! Couple days ago, got a call from my stoner mother Phone conversation:

TR: whats wrong mom? Mom: tyler (my brother) is in the hospital for a bad sinus infection!!!! Hes been in the there since saturday and there keeping him til saturday!!!

TR: oh my god!!!!!! What do you want me to do? Mom: come to oc. I need some weed anyways!!!

TR: sweet!!!! I need to go put a depoist on my new dog!!! Mom: oh what kind of dog???

TR: blue nose pit bull Mom: another pit bull????????????????? Pit bulls are dangerous!!! You never know if the are going to attack!!!

TR: mom you are just trippin and being a mother!!!! I need another dog for bandit. He gets bored now!!! Mom: i guess!!!!

TR: so i will see you tomorrow at the hospital!!! Mom: yes and bring me weed!!!

TR: chill baller i always have weed on deck!!!! Mom: bye!!! I love you!!!!!

TR: bye! Love you too!!! Next afternoon get to OC:

Scott Fayner and i and also 3 doggies rolled out to oc!!!  Traffic traffic traffic!!! No matter what time you leave you get stuck in traffic!!!! Good thing i rolled five joints the night before! Anyways went to lunch with my sister in irvine becuase she has a “normal job”! Whatever that means? Then went to my moms house and told her to meet us there and i will get her high!! We get fuckin baked! And roll out again! “taylor you drive im too high right now ” mom says!!!!

Perfect valet at the hospital!! Scott says “mom she always has to valet becuase she thinks shes a rockstar!!!” Go into tylers rooom and mom warns me that he has a roomate now so be very quiet!!!! K mom whatever! Tyler was so bored you can tell and he kept saying how bored he was!!! I asked “why” becuase they stopped giving me morphine today because they are releasing me in a couple days! That sucks! Well how do you feel? Better i can open up one eye today! Sweet! Can i get you anything in the cafateria??? I have the munchies!!! Tyler says ” i wish i had the munchies”! Mom says “taylor shhhhh”!

Scott and i go downstairs and get a bunch of munchies! Cafterias have defintely improved over the years!!! Holler 420! Tyler kept complaining that he was bored but they have really good lemonade here!!! He pushed the button for the nurse to come in and give him drugs because he was in pain. Scott and they nurse didnt really hit it off!!! Scott says to the nurse ” give the kid some morphine he is in pain and bored” nurse says ” im not giving a 16 year old morphine when he looks totally fine”! I laughed!

Anyways, 420 rolled around real quick so we all left on 420! My brother knew we were leaving him because it was 420! Hes so smart! After that went to see my new pit bull!!!! She is so fuckin cute! Her name is smokey! Like remember smokey and the bandit! Im so smart! Put a depiost down and i get her when she is 10 weeks old because i am clipping her ears!!!!!!! Shes 8 weeks now! Im so excited!!!

Then went to dinner on pch to bj’s pizza and rolled out of oc! Going 90MPH the whole way then get to woodman on the 101 huge accident!!! Figures! La sucks balls! And that was my day!!!! Peace out!