Fayner Posts: I looked after Bandit while TR was on vacation, and was at her house when she returned Sunday.

It used to be that the first thing she did after coming home was smoke weed.

It then used to be that the first thing she did after coming home was play with Bandit. Then smoke weed.

It seems that in her ripe old age of 24, TR has matured. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would never believe it.

Hugs and kisses for Bandit was the first priority when arriving, then, without a break in stride TR walked out to the back yard and began working in her new garden.

Ten minutes later she came inside and got stoned. And to think there was a time she needed to bring a loaded pipe with her for a 2 minute drive to the store for smokes.

Little Taylor’s all grown up.


Jenna Blogs

I have learned first hand that it is VERY important to be selective of your friends. I have many acquaintances, but as of today I have no friends. I met this girl well over a year ago and she just seemed so loyal, she was the ONLY person (other then my sister and my fiance) that I considered a friend. I let her in on so much, I shared some very personal stories with her. I TRUSTED her and I THOUGHT she trusted me too. Our friendship is over because of a pair of sunglasses! I know! CRAZY RIGHT?? This girl slept over at my house and says she left her sunglasses here, well I HONESTLY cant find them. So she accused me of stealing them. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I make way more money then this girl, not only that, I have MORALS and stealing is NOT one of them.

The reason I am so hurt by this is because I put myself in her shoes. If I slept over at her house and I said hey I think I left my glasses there and she said sorry they arent here, the first thing I would have said would have been.. SHIT! Where did I put them? I would NEVER accuse a BEST friend of stealing my glasses.

I guess this proves that when one is dazed and confused from substance abuse they OBVIOUSLY dont know their head from their ass. Unnatural substances can trick your brain into believing EXACTLY what you want it to believe.

I am NOT one to go talk shit about people (notice I have NOT mentioned any names NOR have I called this girl any names) I simply state the facts. With this said.. I get a text from her saying that if I start talking shit, she will kill me! Wow! REAL SMART to send that via text… My uncles a cop… How stupid can one be? And you know what… ANYONE that would threaten to kill you was NEVER a friend to begin with. So I am GLAD to have her out of my life.

xoxo Jenna Presley


Pleasure on DVDPleasure
Reviewed by Marcus Strong
Published in AVN July 2005
Category: Wall to Wall
Rating: AAAA
Company: Defiance Films
Length: 132 Min.
Director: Vincent Voss
Available Formats: DVD
Buy Now: Click Here
Cast: Monica Sweetheart, Rita Faltoyano, Samantha Ryan, Jasmine Byrne, Monica Mayhem, Paola Rey, Lee Stone, Sasha, Kurt Lockwood, Brett Rockman

Review: This debut title from start-up Defiance Films is a solid HD production featuring couples indulging in anal and an all-girl foursome indulging their hardware.

Rita Faltoyano literally dick-slaps Lee Stone into full attention. A scene with Samantha Ryan, suspended upside down by well-inked Kurt Lockwood, makes for a good inverted oral experience as blood rushes to her head – and his other head. Jasmine Byrne and Brett Rockman likewise keep the anal strong and deep. But the strongest scene has to be the closing all-girl fourway with the two Monicas – Mayhem and Sweetheart – Paola Rey and Rita Faltoyano.


BREAKING NEWS HERE ON LUKEFORD.COM – Legendary Porn Vixxxen KENDRA JADE is getting married! Word is she’s happy and finally ready to settle down with a man she truly loves!!

Kendra has the ability to be one of the raunchiest and nastiest girls on camera, off camera she also had a wild side. But for those who know KJ well, Kendra has the biggest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet!!! We here at with Kendra all the best!!!!!!!!

(photo courtesy of



(but at least he took down the pornography business, right? oh, wait, he didn’t even do that! dare I ask what the fuck Bush has been doing for the last four years besides making his rich friends richer?)

Fayner Posts: I seldom cry. When I do, it’s usually from watching a heroic dog on Animal Planet. But today I did cry as I watched National Geographic’s Inside 911 4 hour two-part special. Heavy, heavy shit, from the birth and nurturing of the 911 attack through its deployment and aftermath. I cried like a fucking baby through the whole thing.

The only thing that snapped me back to normal was thinking how funny it is that Bush will soon be responsible for more American deaths than the 3,000 or so we lost that day four years ago by fighting some war we can never win and should never have started. If and when we ever rid Iraq of terrorists, we’ll just move on to the next country deemed a threat to the American Way, and while we bomb them to Kingdom Come Iraq’s terror cells will rebuild and so will begin a never-ending chain.

Listen, I’m as patriotic as the next guy, and I support the kids fighting for my right to drive my SUV to the porno shop and buy adult movies whenever I want, but I’d give up that freedom in a second to end this war.

It is insane to think that our 300 year old country has the balls to believe the rest of the world should bow down and conform to our beliefs despite thousands of years of history and conflict and struggle behind everyone else. What makes our way the right way?

Sorry to bum anyone out with this tirade, but it does have a lot to do with the sex business and the future of the sex business in that a power-hungry organism never stops feeding once the taste of blood touches the tongue, and before we know it this 2257 pain in the ass will seem like a day at the spa once the beast wakes from its sleep.

Think the Patriot Act is unconstitutional? It’s only just begun people. What do you think will happen when America’s majority begins denouncing the war? Certainly not an end to the war, but an all-out attack on our beloved porno community. It’s called a smoke-screen, and it is headed this way.



Fayner Posts: Yummy chest, this picture above that you keep looking at while trying to read what I’m writing right now. It’s okay. We forgive you.

Real boob are nice. Fake boobs are too, but real boobs are nicer. It’s just how it goes. That’s not to say fake boobs make us sad. They don’t. They make us happy, but not as happy as real boobs like these above. I know, ’cause I’ve touched these boobs many times.

send guesses to

Cooking Clash Of The Brash Titans



Cooking Clash Of The Brash Titans


August 26th @ King King

6555 Hollywood Blvd

Fayner Posts: Winner of this cook-off has bragging rights galore, and I refuse to be second-fiddle to anyone, even a stud pony such as Kurt. With trash talking going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth for months now since Kurt’s white chocolate cheesecake was applauded in the French Bon Appetit, I issued a challenge claiming my Peach Slobbler a la Fayner would blow his out of the fucking water. Kurt accepted.

So this Friday night, as my former band reunites for the second and last time as opener for Kurt’s 2005 Rock n’ Porn Birthday Blowout! show, we will present our pastries for judging. I’ve been honing my skills all week and expect to win.

Also, while on the subject, I must say that Kurt’s last show on June 11th also celebrated Kurt’s birthday, as does the show this weekend. Apparently Kurt has two birthdays.

Craven Moorehead’s sad tale about…

Craven Moorehead’s sad tale about Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum

Too cheap to grab a taxi, Matt Sorum stands on Sunset hoping someone will recognize him and give him a lift home

Fayner Posts: Matt Sorum, if you don’t remember, is the louse who once managed my old band, then following our demise admittedly stole the only song I’ve ever written, modified it a bit and used it to win a Grammy this year with his band Velvet Revolver. Obviously I harbor some ill-will towards him, and with that relish every chance to share tales which belittle his ego.

Craven tells me he was recently at the new Rock Bar or whatever they call it which is co-owned by Dave Navarro, Sorum and some others, that was also attended by Menopausal rocker Matt Sorum.

When the night ended, Matt was given a tab for the drinks consumed at his table full of people knocking back expensive booze for several hours. Craven says Matt was suddenly screaming and bitching to the waitress about his highly discounted bill which totaled around $500. Reaping millions as a hired gun for the Cult and Guns N Roses, and now with Velvet Revolver, Matt apparently felt he deserved to be treated better with a lower tab ’cause he is a rock star.

Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch went Mr. Sorum. Craven says it was embarrassing to watch.

Sorum eventually paid the bill, pocket change to him really, but left the waitress a whopping tip of zero dollars and zero cents.

That’s right. No tip. As if the waitress was at fault, right?