-Lauren Phoenix


Fayner Posts: Shove a giant cock in a chick and she’ll yelp some of the silliest things ever to come out of a person’s mouth.

Phrases like "That cock feels so good!" and "Stuff my cunt!" are normal lines one may hear a porno chick bark during filming of a sex scene, these pre-programmed sound bites being second-nature for any gal holding numerous movies under her belt.

Some smut sluts supply less vocal frenzy, some more. It’s all just a matter of who’s getting drilled and the energy floating around the set.

Take Lauren Phoenix, for example. She’s as oral as they come, and when not occupied by a nearby dick or pussy, Lauren displays her gift of gab better than most.

Whether it be her bona fide arousal, a duty to supply me with hilarious content or the Southern Comfort swimming in her veins, Lauren is a one-whore chorus of potty-mouthed phrases today during her scene for Kiss My Ass with Cindy Crawford and a meat puppet I don’t know.

I’m sitting next to photographer Todd Todd, glaring blindly into space as Lauren’s rectum receives a thorough thumping.

"Oh, yeah," she moans between laps at Cindy’s gash, "oh, yeah, oh, yeah, fuck me harder, oh, yeah, oh, yeah."

Business as usual.


"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, you fill me like a filled-up doughnut with powdered dust! oh, yeah, oh, yeah!"

Todd Todd and I quickly look at each other, simultaneously mouth "what???"

Lauren claimed she had no idea what she was saying, and thankfully so, for if she actually knew what she was saying at that moment we’d of lifted her from the greased pole and brought her to seek professional help.


Arianna Huffington of writes:

For those easily offended by sexually explicit language, New York’s 92nd Street Y was ground zero on Tuesday night. I was part of a panel put on by the Creative Coalition to discuss The Aristocrats, the First Amendment, and the curious chasm between what Americans find offensive and what they don’t.

Also on the panel were Aristocrats director Paul Provenza, the film’s masterfully vulgar Bob Saget, South Park co-creator Matt Stone, Motion Picture Association of America head Dan Glickman (gallantly defending the movie rating system), and our moderator, Lawrence O’Donnell.

My contribution to the debate was a head-scratching bewilderment over the fact that more people are upset by blatantly sexual language than by the blatantly fraudulent language we’re constantly fed by our leaders. Make a joke about people getting it on and the public finger-waggers come pouring out of the woodwork. But let President Bush say that Brownie is doing "a heck of a job" or Dick Cheney say that the insurgency is in its "last throes" and the morality cops on the right don’t raise an eyebrow. Yet that’s the real obscenity.

Don’t forget, it took less than two weeks after the unveiling of Janet Jackson’s right boob at the Super Bowl before the president’s congressional cronies were holding hearings on the matter — but it took 14 months before Bush caved to public pressure and allowed the 9/11 Commission to be formed. Again, you pick the real obscenity.

The latest example of misplaced priorities can be found in the administration’s re-energized War on Porn, which includes the formation of an FBI squad exclusively devoted to cracking down on sexually explicit material involving consenting adults.

That’s right, with the war on terror in full swing, our Commander-in-Chief is going to have a group of G-men doing nothing but working the porn beat when they could be tracking down — oh, I don’t know — terrorist sleeper cells. Good to know he’s got his eye on the prize.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel safer knowing the feds are going to be keeping close tabs on Jenna Jameson and Peter North. Let’s just hope the next round of al-Qaeda terrorists looking to attack the U.S. all have huge penises, an ample supply of Viagra, and enjoy having sex with silicone-enhanced babes.

This blast from our blue-nosed past has been labeled "one of the top priorities" of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Along with the FBI’s anti-porn squad, the AG has also created an Obscenity Prosecution Task Force in the Justice Department that will take prosecutors currently working on organized crime and racketeering, money laundering and computer crime cases, and have them shift their focus to the War on Porn. Real nice use of manpower, Alberto!

Of course, getting obscenity convictions in today’s climate — where Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love Like a Porn Star is a Times best-seller and GM, Rupert Murdoch, Time Warner, and all the big hotel chains are making a mint off sexually explicit movies — won’t be as easy as it was in Ed Meese’s day.

The indecency of spending precious resources on making it harder to watch the Paris Hilton sexcapade has not been lost on federal and local law enforcement officials, who have reacted to the anti-porn push with a mixture of scorn and anger. The WaPo quotes an experienced national security analyst who calls the culture war initiative "a running joke for us," while the Daily Business Review cites high-level Justice Department sources saying that prosecutors are being assigned porn cases over their objections.

On the other hand, the president’s born-again base is getting turned on by the initiative. For instance, the Family Research Council said it gave them "a growing sense of confidence in our new attorney general." Hmm, could this be the political equivalent of a Cialis Rx, giving Gonzales the boost he needs to become Bush’s next Supreme Court nominee?

For the moral relativists in the Bush administration, the definition of sin seems to depend on whether the sinner can further their political purposes.

So Justin exposing Janet’s boob is a sin, but White House staffers exposing Valerie Plame is a win. Profiting from porn is a sin, but Halliburton’s wartime profiteering is a win. Two men getting hitched is a sin, but Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff playing with each other’s clubs is a win. And telling students condoms can prevent STDs is a sin, but lying about WMDs is a win.

I’m ready to see The Aristocrats again.


From In November 2004, a panel of experts testified before a Senate subcommittee that a product which millions of Americans consume is dangerously addictive. They were talking about pornography.

The effects of porn on the brain were called "toxic" and compared to cocaine. One psychologist claimed "prolonged exposure to pornography stimulates a preference for depictions of group sex, sadomasochistic practices, and sexual contact with animals."

It used to be that if you wanted to see pornography, you had to go out and buy a magazine or rent a video. Store hours and available space under the mattress placed some limits on people’s porn habits.

Now there are an estimated 420 million adult web pages online. "For the person who has difficulty stopping, more is only one click away," says sex therapist Louanne Cole Weston, PhD.

There’s no doubt that some people’s porn consumption gets them in trouble — in the form of maxed-out credit cards, lost sleep, neglected responsibilities, or neglected loved ones. But Weston is one who takes issue with calling problem behavior involving porn an addiction. "’Compulsive’ is more appropriate," she tells WebMD.

Compulsion or Addiction

The difference between describing the behavior as a compulsion or an addiction is subtle, but important.

Erick Janssen, PhD, a researcher at the Kinsey Institute, criticizes the use of the term addiction when talking about porn because he says it merely describes certain people’s behavior as being addiction-like, but treating them as addicts may not help them.

Many people may diagnose themselves as porn addicts after reading popular books on the subject, he says. But mental health professionals have no standard criteria to diagnose porn addiction.

Mary Anne Layden, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, was one of the witnesses at the Senate hearing on pornography addiction. She says the same criteria used to diagnose problems like pathological gambling and substance abuse can be applied to problematic porn use.

"The therapists who treat pornography addicts say they behave just like any other addicts," she tells WebMD.

One of the key features of addiction, she says, is the development of a tolerance to the addictive substance. In the way that drug addicts need increasingly larger doses to get high, she thinks porn addicts need to see more and more extreme material to feel the same level of excitement they first experienced.

"Most of the addicts will say, well, here’s the stuff I would never look at, it’s so disgusting I would never look at it, whatever that is — sex with kids, sex with animals, sex involving feces," she says. "At some point they often cross over."

Janssen disputes that people who look at porn typically progress in such a way. "There is absolutely no evidence to support that," he tells WebMD.

Why We Watch

Why We Watch

Weston says she thinks there are three main reasons why people turn to pornography: to see their fantasies acted out, to avoid intimacy in a relationship, and simply to aid masturbation.

"Sometimes people are just going to it for things they wish they could do in real life," she says. "It fills in a gap in their own relationship. They have a partner who doesn’t like to do oral sex and they love it themselves, and they’re in this relationship and they want to stay, so they go and look at pictures of oral sex."

In this regard, porn can be part of a healthy relationship, she says, but in some circumstances it can hinder intimacy.

"Then there are the people who are too embarrassed to explain what it is that they really would like to participate in, so they go there secretively, never having revealed to their mate what they would like to try," Weston says.

If they were to reveal their fantasy, they might find their partner willing to go along with it, and they might end up with more fulfilling sexual relationships. For some, however, that would be unacceptable.

"Some people go there because the intimacy in the relationship is as high as the person can stand it. If they were to unveil the sexual interest which is sort of their closely held secret, the intimacy would be way too high for their own ability to tolerate it, so they save it for elsewhere," Weston says.

Independent of the role it plays in relationships, people also look at pornography just to arouse themselves before or while masturbating.

"I think of porn addiction as a label that’s used to put down behavior that’s disapproved of socially," Violet Blue, a sex educator and author of The Ultimate Guide to Adult Videos, tells WebMD. "A lot of it is shaming masturbation."

Men are thought to be more easily aroused by erotic imagery than women are, but many women masturbate to pornography, too, she says.

She moderates an online message board for female enthusiasts called the Smart Girls’ Porn Club. "I occasionally receive emails from members of the group about different kinds of sexual problems," she says, but none so far have expressed concerns about stopping.


Title: Squirt Factor
Company: Defiance Films
Director: Vincent Voss
Still Photography: Todd Todd
Starring: Cytherea, Missy Monroe, Flower Tucci, Sara Stone, Delilah Strong, Angela Stone, Chanel Chavez, Sasha, Lee Stone, Alex Sanders, Chris Charming, Brian Surewood

Angela StoneChanel ChavezAngela Stone & Chanel ChavezCythereaCythereaCythereaDelilah StrongDelilah StrongProduction Manager Finch & Dan FreyFinch & Hygiene ProductsFlower TucciFlower Tucci & Lee StoneFlower TucciFlower TucciFlower TucciFlower TucciFlower TucciGene RossCythereaFlower Tucci & Lee StoneHygiene ProductsFinch & Sara StoneFinch & Sara StoneLee StoneMissy Monroe & Sara StoneMissy MonroeMissy MonroeMissy MonroeMissy Monroe & Sara StoneSara StoneSara StoneSara StoneSashaPhotographer Todd ToddDirector Vincent VossChanel ChavezDelilah StrongMakeup Man Dan Frey Dan FreyCythereas Work ToolsCytherea & Todd ToddDelilah Strong’s Ass


Fayner Posts: Yeah! Yippee! Whoop De Doo! And away we go…

I’ve been to hundreds of porno sets, seen all the best of the twentieth century lay on their back and get pounded by dicks a plenty!

And that makes this otherwise sour man happy.

Today I go see one of my favorite performers engulf cock. Lauren Phoenix. She’s hot, she’s cool and she’s dirty. Her ass is addicted to penis, needs her fix like a junkie.

Today she is shooting KISS MY ASS VOLUME ONE  for Defiance / Torrid, both as the director and as star talent. A bunch of other whores are gonna get their butts fucked, too.

And I’m gonna be there! Also on the horizon for me includes making TR super nervous on the set of her upcoming IN THE PINK, also from Defiance / Torrid. I know she doesn’t like me there watching her have sex and that’s as good a reason as any for me to spend a whole Saturday on her set.



I don’t ususally get excited about porn anymore!!! But I’m actually pumped to see this title!!

Taylor Rain’s Assylum, Torrid Entertainments first ever Feature film!!!!! It’s the journey of Taylor Rain from the time she was 18 to today!! I got a sneak peak at this title and it was somewhat disturbing yet had me ROCK HARD!!!!

This movie has twists and turns unlike any other movie, you get to see Taylor as she goes through all the emotions a pornstar goes through. Sadness, Hurt, Betrayal, Built, Anger, Fear… watch Taylor drool, watch her go psycho, watch her do things she hasn’t done before. Watch Taylor REALLY BE Taylor!! I think this title will be up for plenty of awards!!! 

Hurry up and release already!!!!