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Thank you everybody for joining me on this Saturday morning at my website!!!

My video webchat last night was really cool, I hope you guys who were there loved it, I did. We’ll do it again soon!!

I got up this morning and smokes a bowl, then took SMokie out to go the bathroom!

After that, i had some coffee, played with Smokie & The Bandit, called Fayner!! Fayner’s mom is in town for a visit so Keith and I are going to Wal-Mart to pick up a new vacuum cleaner, some household stuff and then over to the other house to clean!

Going to stop to see Hector too so i can get some dogfood and treats for Smokie!!

Before I leave, gonna add TONS of photo and video updates to the site.
I’m gonna add a set of me with Honey and one of me with Jenna Haze.

The in the bonus area I’m addin Roxy Jezel, Julie Knight, Cassie Courtland, Bailey, Crissy Cums, Kat and about 20 other girls photosets!!

Then I’ll hit up the videosets, including some hardcore ones of me! 

The later today I’ll take a nap, smoke some bowls.. Tonight, DINNER OUT!!!!!

Taylor Rain


Secrets to Getting Rid of Stinky Sex

– No matter how sizzling your sex life, stinky sex sucks. A women’s health specialist at Mayo Clinic says, "One of the most common causes of vaginal odor is bacterial vaginosis (BV), a type of vaginitis. As certain organisms multiply, they produce chemicals that cause a fish-like odor characteristic of BV. The odor may be more obvious after sexual intercourse. Repetitive douching disrupts the normal organisms that live in the vagina and can actually increase the risk of vaginal infection."

According to Healthcare Company officials at Memphis, TN, one of the secrets of getting rid of vaginal odor is to "Attack the bacterial vaginosis from the inside out. Enzara doesn’t mask the symptoms of BV, it eliminates the odor and the painful itching and swelling that goes along with it."

With over 13,000 testimonials from women, many report that their symptoms were completely gone after just 5 days. One such testimonial, from Donna in AZ, "With my fingers crossed and nothing more than high hopes, I ordered. No more than 24 hours later, Poof – it was gone."

Bacterial vaginosis is now widely considered to be the most common type of vaginal infection – even more common than yeast infections. In various studies, bacterial vaginosis has been found in anywhere from 10% to 64% of women visiting health clinics. Prescription medications are not only harsh, but also can cause many unpleasant side effects. The all natural alternative, Enzara, can be found at Selmedica Healthcare.

For more secrets of getting rid of stinky sex (bacterial vaginosis) visit



Craven does a hella job making it look like he’s doing anything other than taking a piss all over the gas pump. Btw his credit card number iz 9664-65-888321-9834

Taking a break from his high-profile lawsuit against god for making him too much of a pimp, Tyler Durden and August enjoy a night out on the town.

This is a perfect example of a woman falling in love with her captor.

Actually it’s Leah and Craven. Guess which one Fayner thinks is super hot?

Pretty maids all in a row. Jesse Jane, August and TMFR (if you didn’t already know)

Undeniable proof that the only thing that excites Winston/Nathan is sitting in front of the television with a Coors Light watching two grown men wrestling around half-naked on ufc or (gay) pride. 

Still healing from his lawnmower accident doesn’t stop Rick Patrick from hitting the town with wife Jesse and some guy named Tyler

No hot chicks were injured in the making of this picture

That is ALL, Fayner OUT



Chloe Sevigny Can’t Escape Brown Bunny

Chloe Sevigny and Bill Paxton star in a new HBO series called Big Love about a polygamist husband and his three wives. Paxton and Sevigny paid a visit to obnoxious snorefest, The View, yesterday to promote the show. Everything was running pretty smoothly until loudmouth, Joy Behar, brought up Chloe Sevigny’s extremely graphic scene in Brown Bunny in which she performs oral sex on co-star, Vincent Gallo.

Though the actors masked their fury from viewers, Paxton is said to have exploded off-camera. According to one source, he even vowed never to appear on the show again. Sevigny has frequently discussed the scene from the controversial 2003 film, but Paxton apparently didn’t want her to have to relive it on a daytime talk show. One insider notes, "The View" is "a show that is broadcast to housewives all over Middle America. [Oral sex] isn’t the kind of thing you talk about."

Yeah, because as soon as you get married and have kids, any talk of sex is off limits. I hear our hormones and vaginas cease to exist, as do any desires for sexual activity. That’s why you never hear stories about women’s "sexual peaks" in our thirties and how we turn into insatiable, multiorgasmic horndogs. Before you go giving Chloe a hard time for blowing gross, trollish Vincent Gallo, you should watch that scene in Brown Bunny. In my sluttier days, I probably would have done him just to see what it was like. The dude is hung like a horse and his ugliness is the reason God invented the Reverse Cowgirl.


Teri Hatcher Talks About Her Sex Life in New Book

From: Star Pulse

Teri HatcherTeri Hatcher knows exactly when she conceived daughter Emerson because she and former husband Jon Tenney only had sex once that year. The actress reveals some of her sexual history in new book "Burnt Toast" and admits that her disastrous nine-year marriage to actor Tenney was doomed in the bedroom.

The star reveals, "I know exactly when Emerson was conceived because we had sex once that year, on Valentine’s Day. From the beginning, our marriage was probably more defined by friendship."

But Hatcher, who has been romantically linked with her neighbor George Clooney of late, insists she wants her 40s for be defined by sex. She adds, "Now I want sex: trusting, deep, fabulous, open, wild, crazy, sex, with the same person, over and over." And she insists she doesn’t need to wed to achieve this, adding, "Without a marriage license."


Indonesias Obsession with Porn, bigtime Taylor Rain fans!!!!

By Franz Magnis-Suseno

The Jakarta Post

Many Indonesian parents are rightly worried about the amount of pornographic material easily accessible to their children. But the pornography bill, now under deliberation by the House of Representatives, has nothing to do with this worry. There are already sufficient legal instruments available to take all necessary action. What is needed is not a new law, but action.

The pornography draft is about something else. Should it become law, not only would the Balinese and Papuans have to change their way of life, but, for instance, traditional women’s clothes of the Javanese, and many other Indonesian cultures, would be declared pornographic. This draft is a blatant attempt by narrow-minded and culturally dumb ideologists to impose upon Indonesian society an alien way of life.

This way of life may fit some societies a few thousand kilometres to the west, but it would violate centuries-old Indonesian traditions. It would be the first step in doing what all sorts of colonialists and aggressors never had achieved up to now: To suppress the essentially pluralistic culture from Sabang to Merauke. It would forbid people from continuing to dress, bathe, walk around, play and enjoy themselves as they have since they were children. It is an attack upon the cultural identity of the Indonesian people.

A look at some of the details of the draft shows the gross incompetence of its composers. It criminalises the "exploitation of the attractiveness of," among other things, "certain sensual parts of the body," "nakedness," "erotic dancing" and "erotic gyrating" (yes, this is lex Inul). And what are "certain sensual parts of the body"? They are "genitals, thighs, midriff, bottom, navel and the female breast, visible partly or in the whole" (many traditional Indonesian clothes — informal dress, working attire, official attire, costumes for ceremonial dancing — reveal, of course, parts of the female breast).

The draft makes no difference between being at home, on a public road, hiking or on the beach (it does exempt artwork in specially designed places and sports at sporting facilities).

Technically the most fatal thing is that no distinction is made between porn, indecency and erotic attractiveness. But this difference is crucial.

If pornography is to be made a criminal offence, than it must be something that is pornographic under all circumstances if done in public. And it must be operationally defined. For instance: The showing of genitals, probably the bottom, the whole female breast (and only with the necessary exceptions). Having sex in public or for commercial purposes and its presentation is certainly pornographic.

Some might regard showing the midriff (in combination with Western dress — it pertains to the normal attire of Indian women) as indecent or vulgar, but to label it as porn is absolutely ridiculous.

Decency depends on the situation, porn does not. What is completely decent at the beach would be penalised on a street even in St. Tropez. Regulations regarding decency can be made, but they have to be location or situation specific, and thus to be made by the pertinent authorities.

Erotic attractiveness has nothing to do with porn. Whether something is erotic lies in the eyes of the beholder. For people frequenting swimming pools a women in a swimsuit may have no erotic attraction at all, while a women in an elegant evening gown showing the slightest suggestion of her lower leg can be highly erotic (and in Koran Tempo daily I read that even a women in a bourqa can radiate attractiveness).

Being capable of appreciating erotic attraction in no way exploits the attractive person. It is, on the contrary, an expression of the natural correlation between the sexes that creates an atmosphere of cultural sophistication that enhances the human quality of the tension-rich network of intersexual relations.

But indeed, it needs a certain degree of emotional culturedness to be able to grasp its specific flair. Eduard Spranger reminded us 80 years ago that erotic attraction is person specific, while sexual attraction is not.

Should erotic dancing be criminalised? But is there any dancing that is not erotic? Most cultures have developed forms of dancing where the essence is the raising of sexual relations into a sphere of human dignity and decency.

At the end, a remark. The state may, of course, criminalise the production and sale of pornography. But private morality is not the business of the state. When I privately look at pornographic pictures, this may be a sign of my moral depravity, but as long as I do it in private, it should be my business. What should, indeed, be heavily criminalised is involving children in any kind of pornographic or indecent situation.

I suspect that the present pornography bill says more about problems in the mind-set of its writers than about problems regarding morality, decency and human dignity.

The writer, a Jesuit priest, is a professor at the Driyarkara School of Philosophy in Jakarta


Internal Affairs Investigating Woman’s Claims

A woman believed to be a former mistress of a firefighter has made allegations she had sex in a Chicago firehouse with the man while he was on duty, officials confirmed Wednesday.

"We take this very seriously, it’s prohibited, the commissioner will not stand for it, it’s reprehensible, it’s against everything the fire department stands for," said Fire Media Affairs spokesman Larry Langford.

The liaisons allegedly occurred at Engine 15’s quarters at 81st Street and Kedzie Avenue.

"A woman came to internal affairs with allegations that there was prohibited activity taking place in the firehouse," Langford said Wednesday. "We immediately started an investigation which is still under way. So far we have not found any evidence that the alleged activity took place."

Firehouse personnel were being interviewed, according to Langford.

Another source familiar with the investigation said the woman who made the accusation is a former mistress of a firefighter who works at Engine 15. When the married firefighter tried to end the relationship, the woman "threatened to ruin him and ruin his job," the source said.

That is when she apparently took her allegations about having sex with the firefighter —- at the firehouse, while he was on duty —- to internal affairs.

The Engine 15 allegations are not the first involving alleged sexual activity in a Chicago firehouse. In March 2000, then-Fire Commissioner James Joyce threw the book at eight firefighters for having sex at a Northwest Side firehouse, or for refusing to report that a prostitute was working there.

In a handwritten statement that touched off the scandal, prostitute Jennifer Manzella claimed that she performed oral sex on as many as five firefighters a night over an 11-year period. In the statement, Manzella said she was paid $25 for every sex act, that the sex went on at several firehouses and that her roommate was engaging in similar acts.


$1B-plus club: Martha’s out, Donald pouts


Martha Stewart

The domestic diva’s fortune took a dive, but The Donald isn’t gloating – at least not in public. The latest bad news for Martha Stewart was that Forbes has dropped her from its billionaires’ list because her net worth has slumped to $500 million since her release from prison last year.

Stewart’s money never came up during Donald Trump’s appearance on “Larry King Live” last night, but the megadeveloper revealed some lingering bitterness over his feud with the celebrity homemaker.

Trump had called Stewart a “moron” after she appeared to be holding him responsible for the failure of her prime-time “Apprentice” show, a spinoff of Trump’s TV venture.

“I don’t like being blamed for her failure,” The Donald said firmly. “The show didn’t have the mood, the temperament or the energy it needed.”

Asked if he has called Stewart since the blowup, Trump said, “I feel a little dopey about it, but I haven’t talked to her.”

He added he also has no plans to – even though “she’s terrific and I love her and I wish her well.”

That means Stewart will have to learn elsewhere that Trump’s fortune remained unchanged at a cool $2.6 billion, according to the list’s authors, who published their latest findings last night.

But a bright spot for Martha was that her boyfriend, software king Charles Simonyi, made the list with $1 billion to his name.

Microsoft giant Bill Gates was named the richest man in the world for a record 12th consecutive year with an estimated $50billion fortune, widening his lead on second-place tycoon Warren Buffett, who has $42 billion.

Other movers and shakers include Denver cheese maker James Leprino, the world’s largest producer of mozzarella, who makes his debut with an estimated $1.3 billion fortune. Leprino Foods supplies Domino’s and Papa John’s and uses 5% of the total U.S. milk supply.

Mayor Bloomberg’s fortune remains in the $5 billion bracket, while Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin gained $5.7 billion each this past year, bringing their combined worth to $25.7 billion.