Fayner Posts: For an internet porno writer guy, being friends with a guy like Trent Tesoro is like winning the Grand Rapids Senior Citizen Bingo Championship over that damn Bernice Willard and her seven-year streak and her peanut butter squares at the Church bake sale and her "everybody loves me" swagger.

Well, it would be equal to that if I hadn’t just made it up.

Seriously, Trent was one angry tornado of multiple drug insanity when he lived upstairs. And I was there for all of it.

But out of compassion I never spoke of his mayhem on this site, although many times when the sun was coming up and I was staring at a blank page I questioned whether I should tell the things I witnessed first-hand from Senor Tesoro and his out-of-control habits.

But I never went further than relaying the story Trent passed on to me about how he pulled out of his old girlfriend’s cunt and shot a load into the air and then right into his eager mouth. I considered my refusal to gossip about a man deep in the grasp of abuse a display of friendship, and I am quite proud of myself for the humanity I displayed despite the insanity.

Then this past June I read an interview Trent did with in which he merrily disclosed some of the heavy drama which transpired those months he lived upstairs from me. Trent spoke of the time he tried to kill himself by taking everything out of the fridge—a bottle of vodka and a half eaten sandwich (remember, he was a cokehead)—and crawling inside. Taylor and his then-girlfriend Kate Kaptive found him soon after, and the crying got me up there where I saw him packed inside and laughed at his pathetic attempt at suicide. That was followed by Trent locking himself in the closet to hang himself ’cause he was too emotional from too many drugs and too little common sense. When I finally ripped the door open Trent kicked a crate he was standing on. If it wasn’t for the feeble light fixture and the string he had around his neck it could have been ugly. After laughing at him I left him sitting on the dirty floor of his closet to sulk with the girls. I’m not sure he recapped this part of the melee, but I do know that Taylor brought it up months later while chatting with Luke on the set of Spunk in the Trunk and I remember thinking I blew a golden opportunity to construct some great items by choosing to refrain from making them public.

But now pretty much it’s all  public domain, and I now wish to share the events which took place later that night just ’cause Trent burned me by picking another web site to recount the spectacle that was his existence instead of mine.

Taylor told Kate to come down to my place while she talked to Trent alone. Being a long-time heroin addict and all-around narcotic fan, Kate was even more of a debacle than Trent, and I found it as good a time as any to converse with the tiny whore about her dismal life and the future she’ll have packed with despair and handfuls of mystery pills if she kept it up. Not being on heroin for a couple of weeks, Kate became snappish with my calling her a junkie over and over again, as I’m told by those rehabilitated from heroin that once you’re hooked on junk you’re hooked for life, whether you do it or not. No escape.

Kate tells me her dad also became addicted to smack, and during our heart-to-heart I also referred to him as a junkie. Kate thanked me for my bluntness and lack of compassion, a thing she said she needed to counterattack all the people who treated her with kid gloves and benign babble in hopes that love would wake her from the lurid coma like some drug-addled version of Sleeping Beauty. People hooked lined and sinkered in damaging drugs need what is called "tough love." Believe me, I know, and that’s what I gave Kate.

She left, and Taylor came back down. Moments later I heard screaming outside, followed by a huge bang on my door. I got up and opened the door, only to find Trent rapt in fury and screaming "You called my girlfriend a Junkie I’ll fucking kill you!" while wielding a broken beer bottle towards me.

"But she is a junkie," I calmly stated, certain he wouldn’t attack me ’cause I could see he was easily being restrained by a 90 pound chick on nine xanax.

"I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!"

I shut the door laughing. Later he came down to ask me for some cocaine.

Again, I shut the door laughing.

I am so glad Trent got out of LA for a while and cleaned up, but not nearly as glad from him double-crossing me and giving that killer gossip to one of my rivals which led to me getting to write all of this about him right now.

Love ya, Trent, but payback is a bitch.








(by Fayner)

Eve Lawrence has something which triggers my balls to seethe with delight. Could be her fierce rack. Could be her über-whore allure. Could be I’m just too lethargic to change the DVD.

Sure, Cindy Crawford got the cover of this flick, but we all know that the true star of Moist is really Cindy’s action-packed vagina, a scene-stealing live wire on the verge of ignition.

I don’t care how old Vicky Vette is, whether she’s 40 or 400, it don’t matter none ’cause the whore got a love for cock and the resources to make it surrender fat chunks of man chowder into her starving mouth on command. If there were more mature dick-hounds out there doing scenes as ferocious as Vicky does the streets would be paved in semen.

Muy calurosa, no? Una diosa ante carnal lujuria, Alexis Amore riendas suprema con desemparejada belleza y una enfangar actitud yo fruir! (I have no idea what I just said…)

Blonde jizz extractor Alexis Malone knows her way around a fat dick, but luckily for Cindy Crawford she also maneuvers quite well when presented with a sweet cunt to ravish. Two hot labia-lappers obsessed with providing oral ecstasy for one another is a good thing.

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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, only really really really fast and confusing a whole bunch of times to the same person while sweating profusely, so help you GOD?


Thanks to Bald Steve for sending this along. It’s funny. And all this time I was wondering how the Gideons manage to afford all the Bibles they whiz around the country with in a quest to equip every damn motel room bedside drawer with a book chalk full of masturbation, incest, child abuse, genocide and Copropholia, the joy of shit!


Lara’s dog Zoe imitating TR when a cock is in reach

Fayner’s Sister Writes In: Hi Scottie:

It was so good to see you and spend time with you and Taylor on Nantucket- A nice wholesome family vacation on paradise.  And adding Taylor to mix only enhanced the edifying holiday. 

I was reminded as I landed in Austin and got in the car of the person who picked me up that I have an out of ordinary family life.  You see- the chap who I was dating before I left for Nantucket decided that dating me was far too different than his morals could handle and so he broke it off with me.  Apparently some of the things I wrote him via email the past week wigged him out.  Que Sera Sera.  The scenario also inspired some very funny “dramas’ in my head. 

Remember the evening when we sat down to eat lobster and instead of saying “grace” we passed a joint?  I immediately thought about this night and how if K.D.S. and I actually had made it to the point of forever, how our families would blend just so nicely.  As he sat in the car reminding me that he was “southern-Baptist” and I well, was from a family of very liberal parents, a brother in porn and a Jew to boot!  Well, the wedding reception would surely have been a hoot! 

So, I have never had an experience that brought something negative into my life because of your career choices. This would be a first.  And after spending all that time with Taylor, I couldn’t say a bad word about the young woman.  Her career choice is entirely hers and although it is very foreign to me, I don’t think less of her, or you because of the industry you work in.   What matters to me is the honesty, integrity, humor, intelligence and much-welcomed embrace that you both exhumed last week. 

Please extend my well wishes to Taylor and wish her well in her new business ventures.  As for you, I am sending all my love.

Zoë and I miss you and can’t wait to see you again soon.

Your sister,



Below is the excerpt from

I never had a chance to get close to my fans. I had a website which was in control of a very knowledgeable webmaster at Metro. I used to get royalty checks and that would really help with my medical bills. One day the check stopped coming. My webmaster had left and a man named LES RICH decided to consolidate my site with other girls. All the girls he has consolidated sites included ex contract girls and girls who they had compiled a little content with. Maybe because the girls didn’t speak up he got away with this? Girls like Gauge and myself are part of that consolidation. He turns our life’s work into a fucking link! When i e-mailed him about the missing royalty checks he said they went another direction with my site. They never contacted me or gave me a buyout option. They said if I wanted the site taken down that they had my content and that they would just create a new stolen site. Scum like this validates my hatred for the people that run the business. Us performers are supposed to be family and that’s why all that racist shit hurt me. Scum like Les was told that I had a terminal cancer and he still dragged my work through the mud refusing to pay the royalties owed. I wasn’t asking for charity and NEVER will. I just wanted what was earned through my name and my likeness!

Les Rich decided not to pay me and I don’t have the money to battle this in court. I had to leave my dream home in Los Angeles. Things are getting more and more desperate every day. He could have went into the back end and figured out what he owed me. He should’ve taken care of around 9 months of royalties. That would’ve maybe took them for $1000 to $2000 dollars. Instead my old webmaster -bless his soul- reached into his pocket and helped with medical bills and cut me a check. You can tell the soul of Metro just by the heartless acts of a corporate scumbag. Where’s all the liberals against corporate pornographers? Scumbags like Les are taking advantage of their position and many other girls will have their lives robbed by him in the future. For all the financial hardship I’ve endured I won’t ponder a feature dance tour or a comeback to the business. Understanding that the bridges were burned in the business I’ve chose to share my life’s work with whatever fans i have left. (There’s like two drunk, blind, and deaf guys raising their hands right no

(Note: It has come to our attention that ALL the sites in question are potentially being run illegally becuase they are displaying illegally used content. You see Metro "bought" most of the sites and the content on the sites. HOWEVER, it turns out that Les Rich has a knack for writing contracts/employment agreements that ensure the person on the other end gets screwed. This is a known fact because he proudly bragged about it to the Executive Assistant to the head of the company, "I wrote this contract so good that the guy will never see a dime of commission". PROBLEM IS THIS… SINCE THEY DID NOT FULFILL THEIR CONTRACTED OBLIGATION TO PAY FOR THE WEBSITES AND CONTENT… THEY ARE BASICALLY DISPLAYING STOLEN CONTENT AND ALL MONIES EARNED ARE SUBJECT TO FORFEITURE PLUS SUBSTANTIAL FINES AND PENALTIES. And with this new insight from Jessica Darlin, the New Jersey based party that was screwed out of the monies has contacted the necessary parties to begin a major action. Displaying illegal content is a big No No these days. So the first step is to contact the Content Providers and make them aware that the content is being displayed illegally because Metro never paid for it – ie: stolen content. Word is the amount is $150K plus 10% gross of certain sites – WOW)


Yesterday i showed up to school but it was the wrong day!!! ha!ha!ha! only taylor rain would show up the day before her real class started. i was so disappiontted because i was so excited, nervous, and dumb about going to school and i was thinking i have to do the same thing tomorrow? and i did!

today i wanted to get pulled over for having a truck on airbags, or have a tire blow. i really wanted a good accuse for not going but i didnt. i really didnt want to disappiont myself and others.

i was pretty nervous to pull in to the student parking lot. oh by the way its at a high school in the valley. kids are getting out of school and im going to school. weird! all the photography classes at pierce college were full. so i said fuck it i will go back to high school! (no smoking on campus

pull in next to the gym where kids are out doing stuff! im bumpin pennywise and hittin switches. TMFR  STYLE! get out of my truck and smoke is pouring out and i smell like fuckin skunk.  thats right i went to school HIGH! WHAT?

so i roll into class 10 minutes late and he is already into a lecture. i took a seat and some guy gave me his notes and said your book is under your desk. thanks i said. start copying notes and trying to write notes that the teacher is saying "this will on your final!" i caught up and 5 pages later class was practically over. went to the lab where we will be delevolping our film.

my first day at school was awesome! im down to take a few hours out of week to learn some shit about photography! more updates about school next week! HOLLA!