Porn Star vs Porn Starlet, yes there is a difference

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day how we often don’t appreciate the fine art of being a star, a porn star. We sort of lump everyone that performs in adult movies as a porn STAR but in reality there are vast differences between a porn star and all the rest. We got into this conversation while talking about the whole Michael Ninn situation and how little respect the owner of Ninn Worx_SR, John L. Gray has for porn stars and basically treats them like dime a dozen strippers.

So really what does define a porn star over a common stripper or aspiring porn starlet?  The first thing I would say would be industry recognition so that would be judged best by award nominations.  But that alone is not enough.  A true porn STAR would be someone who’s name can carry an entire movie and by that I mean sell well.

Say what you will but in the end this business, like others is about MONEY and without it there is no porn industry so we would need no porn stars.  So a true porn star would need to be someone who can make that movie they were just in sell.  Let’s look at some examples ….

First we have the look of a common stripper.  Sure she’s cute and has the potential to be a porn star but in this picture we see her as a stripper. This really is a picture of a Devon before she was famous. It was when she was a stripper, hoping to one day be a porn star and boy what a difference the two photos show.


Now here is the photo of that same girl once she has become a porn star!  She became a porn STAR not just based on the fact that she starred in adult films or got some award nominations but because she got name recognition and a decently large fan base.  If you made a movie with Devon in it (back when this photo was taken) this shit would sell.


Next we have Sasha Hollander.  She in fact has been in several pornos including Afro Invasion 6 from Candy Shop.   But she isn’t a porn star.  We will classify her as an aspiring porn star or porn starlet.  Although she has about a year of experience in the industry her name has yet to really draw in the fans.


Next we have someone who has been in the industry quite a few years.  She has a large number of titles under her belt, and some award nominations including a few Urban Spice Award nominations.  She is a feature performer on the dance circuit but in reality she’s never really passed the fame threshold.  In fact, she didn’t even get a nod on the hot 100 who featured porn stars that I personally considered so non existent it wasn’t even funny but that sort of brings me back to my point.  Not everyone can be a STAR and in this case we have an industry veteran, who although hot still is not a porn star.


So next I give you every definition of what a star is.  Some of you may be annoyed by her and others may not find her all that attractive but say what you will, this bitch sells fucking movies that she appears in.  Her name alone makes many fans look twice at the movie simply because she is in the movie.  She is famous both in the industry and in the real world.

Oh wait, you thought I was talking about Tera Patrick didn’t you?  Well no.  Although all that I said may be true about Tera Patrick, I am actually referring to Sunny Leone.  Who besides her large fan base in the porn world also has done quite a bit of mainstream work as well including appearing in the upcoming My Bare Lady 2, a Fox reality show.


Now that I’ve said all of this I want to point out that it’s not a direct insult saying you aren’t a porn star.  It’s just that well the term means more than just some chick who appears in an adult film.  The term porn star means someone who has reached success in the adult film industry and the judge of that includes award nominations and large sales of their DVDs.  You can be the sweetest, most attractive person in the world but it doesn’t make you a STAR … a porn star.  Only the big bucks associated with the sale of your DVDs can do that.

Tera Patrick’s Tattoo

In the WTF was she thinking category we present the one and only Tera Patrick and her huge tattoo that runs up and down her arm. I realize she likes to run on the wild side and play around with naughty boys but is she to stupid to realize that her product is sold to mainstream male audiences that tend to like more bare flesh that ink on a female body?

What am I talking about? Well when I was looking at photos from AVN from the last article I wrote I noticed a few of Tera Patrick as well and couldn’t believe the fucking stupid ass shit she pulled by inking her body. My thought is that she did it on yet another desperate attempt to get on a TV show like Miami Ink or whatever but does she not realize how much this could hurt her business?

Photo Source: AVN

Eva Angelina Pregnant?

I was looking through those photos over at AVN for the FAME awards and something stood out to me and that was that every single porn star was half naked, except for Eva Angelina. Unlike the other girls in short dresses and stomach exposing outfits, Eva Angelina was in jeans and a very baggy shirt. The outfit was cute, don’t get me wrong here, I’m just saying it really stood out as unusual. Well apparently it wasn’t all that unusual after all. At least not when I got my hands on a little email that said these very shocking words ….

Eva Angelina is definitely pregnant. I overheard her telling someone about it at the Erotica LA show.

Although unexpected I’m most sure you will all join me in wishing her the best in the upcoming months and to a quick recovering so that she can get back to work. We have no news at this time who the father may be, nor could Eva Angelina be reached for comment.

Eva Angelina Pregnant

Photo source: AVN

Nikki Jayne is Newest Vivid Girl


Nikki Jayne

Vivid Entertainment has signed Nikki Jayne, a statuesque 22-year-old blonde English lass as the newest Vivid Girl working exclusively with the world’s leading adult film studio.

Born in Manchester, England, Nikki attended high school and college in the historic town of Wigan and there she formed a bubbly, outgoing personality that led her to pursue studies in the performing arts.

While holding down her first job out of school in advertising sales for a local newspaper, the 5’10” blue-eyed beauty also competed in kickboxing matches and was a part time model. But she always felt it was almost inevitable that she would become a performer, and she was drawn to adult entertainment.

“I come from a very open-minded family and they’ve always been supportive of my decisions,” Nikki says. “My aunt was a stripper and she probably inspired me because I always wanted to do something where I showed off my body. I’m probably a classic Gemini with both naughty and nice sides.”

Nikki was modeling evening gowns in the UK when she was discovered by an agent. She performed in just one adult movie when she was introduced to Vivid executives. “The first adult movie I ever saw was Vivid’s ‘Last Girl Standing‘ and I was very impressed by the actresses,” says Nikki Jayne. “I realize what a lucky break it is for me to become a Vivid Girl.”

In addition to her acting career, Nikki’ Jaynes passions include traveling and spiritual pursuits such as astrology, numerology and tarot card reading – which, she says, has confirmed that she has lots of sexual and erotic energy. She has recently visited Brazil, Thailand, Africa and India and looks forward to seeing more of the U.S.

Nikki Jayne says she is attracted to men who have “some sparkle and who are capable of lighting up a room when they walk in.” She’s taller than many of the men she dates, but she says that “really doesn’t matter as we’re both the same height when we’re in bed.”

Production for Nikki Jayne’s first feature movie for Vivid will start at the end of June and will be directed by B. Skow. It is expected to be available for purchase sometime near the end of the year of early 2009.

Nikki Jayne

How Bad Must it Suck to be Tera Patrick right now?

I was reading the Wikipedia entry for Tera Patrick when I seen this ….

In 2003, Tera Patrick became the masthead publisher of Genesis magazine, a popular men’s magazine which subtitles itself, “The Home of Porn’s Hottest Stars.” Since she has signed the contract with Genesis, Patrick has graced the cover of seven issues of the publication.

So how bad must it suck to be pushed aside as #2 to Stormy Daniels in the new Genesis Hot 100 porn stars list when you are the masthead publisher? I don’t know … but it’s got to sting a little considering the fact that Tera Patrick has worked her ass off for the past few years to get the title of Queen of Porn from Jenna Jameson, only to be pushed aside so easily by a magazine she is so closely associated with.

So it got me thinking about the whole situation and actual data. Who REALLY is hot shit right now? I mean we can speculate all we want but what about the cold hard facts? I decided to go with the only real hardcore data that is available to us through the wonderous powers of the all mighty Internet.

I will not dispute the fact that both Tera Patrick and Stormy Daniels are hot as fuck and both have a very large fan base. But what I want to know is exactly who is more popular than the other? I conduct this research using only publicly found data from the Internet. In my report I am also including Briana Banks. I happen to know she’s far, far more popular than the Genesis hot 100 report reflects and I am going to use this data to prove that too!

Alexa Traffic Reports

The first data available to us is traffic ranking reports from Now any expert will tell you that this data isn’t really THAT accurate but it’s really the best tool we have that is publically available for ranking traffic for websites. But again I do want to be completely fair and state that the data found on Alexa isn’t meant to be 100% accurate, just show you a basic idea of the average traffic a website may get.

  • has an Alexa traffic rank of 28.087
  • has an Alexa traffic rank of 101.643
  • has an Alexa traffic rank of 674,758

This means that according to the Alexa ranking system, gets less than 2,000 unique visitors a day where as is getting over 20,000. This data may or may not be real accurate so let us move on.

Domain name experts (or domainers for short) are making a killing in the virtual real estate market. They buy domain names for low prices and resell them for more. It’s a unique combination of the real estate and stock market, all done in a virtual world of the dot com market.

These people make it their business to know the value of a domain name based on certain factors. One of these key factors is the value of keywords that make up a domain name such as “Tera Patrick”. This is a name of a porn star to me and you but to these guys it’s a keyword that put together with a .com, becomes on very valuable domain. It’s valuable because these guys know how many times people search for the keywords “Tera Patrick” in any given day, month or year.

Google Term Frequency

There are three based tools used for this. The first is called Google Term Frequency. This basically means how many times the keywords appear in Google.

  • The Google Term Frequency for Stormy Daniels is 80,400
  • The Google Term Frequency for Tera Patrick is 3,460,000
  • The Google Term Frequency for Briana Banks is 4,830,000

So using Google Term Frequency alone, Briana Banks would be more popular than Tera Patrick and there isn’t even any competition with Stormy Daniels …. she’s so low on the chart it’s not even funny. In gamer terms, Stormy Daniels would be a “noob”.

Overture Ratings – OVT

Next we have what is call the OVT or Overture rating. This is a basic judge of how many times per month people search for the keywords. In this case our keywords are Tera Patrick, Stormy Daniels and Briana Banks.

  • Briana Banks has an OVT Rating of 179,713
  • Tera Patrick has an OVT rating of 212,520
  • Stormy Daniels has an OVT rating of 8,488

Using this method Tera Patrick is on top, with Briana Banks in a close second and Stormy Daniels again off in nowhere land. To be honest with you, when I started this report, I expected Stormy Daniels to be really high on the list, not off in an extremely distant third place. I knew Tera Patrick would rank higher but I truly had no idea Stormy Daniels would prove to be quite so unpopular with the Internet folks.


Next we looked at WordTracker. Wordtracker periodically compiles a database of over 330 million search terms which is updated on a weekly basis. All search terms are collected from the major metacrawlers – Dogpile and Metacrawler. In short, it tells us how many times per day someone searches for a specified keyword.

  • Briana Banks 9,222
  • Stormy Daniels 4,310
  • Tera Patrick 14,015

Every week this data is updated. So it’s accurate as of a week ago! So we aren’t talking data that isn’t relevant. This kind of report shows very clearly that as of right now Stormy Daniels may be more popular than Lanny Barby but she’s nowhere near the popularity of stars like Tera Patrick or Briana Banks or even Tory Lane for that matter. In fact, Stormy Daniels isn’t as popular as her fellow contract girl Jesse Jane according to the most updated Wordtracker report.

Estibot Total Website Estimate

But let us keep going. Surely there is something out there that will back up the claims of others that Stormy Daniels is the best. Next I performed an automated valuation of their domain names. The value of their domain names were calcualted used a complicated and confidential method that uses a variety of data to come up with a figure of a round about value of their domain name.

It is a computerized system so it doesn’t realize that Tera Patrick is a popular porn star … it just knows the data that is stored on the keyword phrase Tera Patrick so in reality these domain names would be worth MUCH MUCH MUCH more. But using this system it basically takes how many times the keywords appear in google, how many poeple link to these pages, the page rank of a domain, the alexa rank, how many estimated uniue visitors per day each website gets, if you were to purchase these keywords using pay per click, how much each of those would cost you (per click), your OVT rating and your Wordtracker estimated searches per day. Using this data they get an estimate for each girl.

  • is thought to be worth $500,000
  • is thought to be worth $390,000
  • is thought to be worth $130,000

So there we have it. Stormy Daniels may be super sexy and get some 2 second spots in some real movies but it doesn’t translate into the popularity that others are trying to make it to be. As much as I hate to say it, Tera Patrick has everyone beat when it comes to down right porn star fame.

For fun I ran reports on some of the real top starlets in the industry right now. These girls include Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane, Stormy Daniels, Sunny Leone, Tory Lane, Savanna Samson, Lanny Barby, Eva Angelina and Amy Reid.

Tera Patrick

  • Estibot Website Value: $500,000
  • Wordtracker : 14,015
  • OVT Rating : 212,520
  • Google Term Frequency 3,460,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 28,087

Briana Banks

  • Estibot Website Value: $390,000
  • Wordtracker : 9,222
  • OVT Rating : 179,713
  • Google Term Frequency 4,830,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 101,643

Jenna Haze

  • Estibot Website Value: $360,000
  • Wordtracker : 13,861
  • OVT Rating : 72,509
  • Google Term Frequency 2,560,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 66,140

Jesse Jane

  • Estibot Website Value: $380,000
  • Wordtracker : 9,393
  • OVT Rating : 54,850
  • Google Term Frequency 920,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 89,415

Stormy Daniels

  • Estibot Website Value: $130,000
  • Wordtracker : 4,310
  • OVT Rating : 8,488
  • Google Term Frequency 80,400
  • Alexa Ranking : 674,758

Sunny Leone

  • Estibot Website Value: $120,000
  • Wordtracker : 3,559
  • OVT Rating : 28,439
  • Google Term Frequency 730,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 22,420

Tory Lane

  • Estibot Website Value: $100,000
  • Wordtracker : 3,709
  • OVT Rating : 23,961
  • Google Term Frequency 305,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 1,527,932

Savanna Samson

  • Estibot Website Value: $200,000
  • Wordtracker : 1,477
  • OVT Rating : 37,083
  • Google Term Frequency 861,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 1,484,162

Lanny Barby

  • Estibot Website Value: $67,000
  • Wordtracker : 1,219
  • OVT Rating : 5,584
  • Google Term Frequency 227,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 393,104

Lanny Barbie

  • Estibot Website Value: $110,000
  • Wordtracker : 2,789
  • OVT Rating : 45,086
  • Google Term Frequency 896,000

Eva Angelina

  • Estibot Website Value: $100,000
  • Wordtracker : 10,867
  • OVT Rating : 27,202
  • Google Term Frequency 297,000
  • Alexa Ranking : 1,345,028

Amy Reid

  • Estibot Website Value: $53,000
  • Wordtracker : 9,405
  • OVT Rating : 28,714
  • Google Term Frequency 47,700
  • Alexa Ranking : 411,007

The Hot 100 Porn Stars

Just as Forbe’s magazine each year ranks CEOs and Celebrities, Genesis Magazine ranks the hottest 100 porn stars. This is the 10th year they’ve produce such a list and this year is no different.

The Top 100 Porn Stars

Looking at the list this year a few things stand out ….. Tera Patrick clearly needs to step it up in the “real world” because despite the fact that her movies sell better and she’s a more popular PORN star, she was picked only as number two in favor of Stormy Daniels who works more in the mainstream including movies like Superbad, Knocked Up and on TV shows like Dirt, The Tonight Show and ABC’s Nightline. Apparently being the best porn star doesn’t have as much to do with being an actual porn star as it does getting your face on Silly Tera Patrick, she should have known that!

With a talent pool as large as there has ever been in the adult industry, Wicked Pictures contract star and director Stormy Daniels was chosen as the top star of the past year. “Stormy’s career in front of the cameras and behind them was simply amazing,” said Dan Davis, Editor-in-Chief of GENESIS. “Operation Desert Stormy was just one of her hits this year, and let’s not forget the other movies she wrote, directed and appeared in, her acclaimed feature dance appearances and her appearances in tv shows, movies and music videos.”

Stormy also directed the all-girl hit The Predator, starred in Black Widow, and has also appeared in in the best-selling DVDs for Superbad and Knocked Up, as well on the TV shows “Dirt,” “The Tonight Show” and ABC’s “Nightline” and in the music video for Maroon 5’s hit, “Wake Up Call.” The Wicked Pictures epic Operation Desert Stormy, which she wrote, directed and starred in, was recently named the “Best Sex Comedy” at the 2008 AVN Awards, and the show also saw Stormy winning the Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year award.

Other interesting things about the list is how low Internet favorites like Briana Banks and Lanny Barby are. I’m not sure what the criteria was to make up the list but top sales and Internet searches clearly wasn’t one of them or someone like Briana Banks wouldn’t have been below starlets like Hillary Scott, Gina Lynn, Carmen Luvana, Rebecca Linares, Anette Schwarz and Gianna Michaels. I’m not saying these girls aren’t pretty or don’t have talent but let’s be real … when it comes to sales figures and dollar signs they don’t quite beat Briana Banks or Lanny Barby.

I will say this though, it was great to see the last name on the list was Jenna Jameson. Jenna Jameson’s appearance on the very end of the list is a big slap in the face. I mean someone needed to say it and I’m glad that Genesis Magazine finally did. Jenna Jameson was huge in her time but her bitch attitude and fuck you to the industry that made her the money she now enjoys is just to much for me. She became rich in this business and now she’s to fucking good for it? I guess that’s a rant for another day.

To see how the rest of the rankings shaped up, pick up the August 2008 issue of GENESIS with the free bonus edition of “Porn’s Hot 100” on sale at newsstands everywhere. The main issue also features pictorials with Eva Angelina, Audrey Bitoni, Stoya, Roxy Jezel, Nikki Kane, Jayme Langford and many more of porn’s top stars. A complete list of the rankings is also available at www.

  1. Stormy Daniels
  2. Tera Patrick
  3. Jesse Jane
  4. Jenna Haze
  5. Belladonna
  6. Sasha Grey
  7. Hillary Scott
  8. Eva Angelina
  9. Gina Lynn
  10. Bree Olson
  11. Savanna Samson
  12. Carmen Luvana
  13. Sunny Leone
  14. Katsuni
  15. Brianna Love

I may be a porn star but I’m no hooker!!

I may be a porn star but I’m no hooker proudly proclaims Kayden Kross, stars of such titles as Be Here Now and Deeper 9. Over at the Mike South website, Kayden Kross has been blogging up a storm and today her subject is prostitution. She points out how as a stripper, hooking on the side was looked down upon and as a porn star it’s very common place to be propositioned … even by so called industry professionals.

Kayden Kross says “I just couldn’t stand the assumption that I would fuck the fat-walrus-looking man for $300 in the back. Thats all. I don’t personally have a problem with the transaction made between a hooker and a john. I think it should be legal. There is one way to solve the CA budget deficit. Tax hookers. We’ll run Nevada out of business. But when a disgusting dude asks me if he can stick his nubby little penis somewhere in me, he’s only asking because he assumes there is a chance. I don’t like it when its assumed that I’m a hooker.”

Kayden Kross’s take on the concept of porn stars and escorting is quite insightful considering so many of her co-workers do it including girls like Pamela Peaks and our newly interviewed Sasha Hollander. What’s most interesting about her rant is that she has decided to make public any man who solicits her for sex via Myspace or from her private email account and if they send her pictures she’s going to post them too. If nothing else it will be funny to see how this one turns out.

kayden kross

Free Babysitters and Cheerleaders

Do you want to win a free copy of “Babysitters” AND “Cheerleaders” signed by the one and only Jesse Jane? All you have to do is go and vote for us in the 2008 FAME Awards in the following Categories:

  • Best Female Star: Jesse Jane
  • Best Rookie: Stoya
  • Best Body: Jesse Jane
  • Best Anal: Katsuni
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  • Best Feature: Babysitters
  • Best Gonzo: Jack’s Teen America 17
  • Best Company: Digital Playground

All you need to vote is to go to

After you have voted all you will have to do is email me at: and let me know that you voted and leave me your contact info. The contest entries will be accepted until June 6th! I will respond to let you know that I received your email and that you have been entered in the contest. Thanks For Your Support and GOOD LUCK! Jordan, Digital Playground

Jesse Jane in Cheerleaders

Part Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, Part Kobe Tai

You know between all the Madelyn Knight and Gene Simmons, we’ve had a lot of talk about hookers lately. So I thought what better time than now to sit down and actually have a talk with one. I would like to take a moment to introduce you all to a young lady by the name of Sasha Hollander of

Just off the set of her newest movie (another installment of Afro Invasion from Candy Shop I think). Much to my surprise she’s very sweet and I had a very nice talk with her. She was sober, answered all my questions no matter how nosey or off the wall and overall I must say it was a truly enjoyable experience. For those of you who don’t know Sasha Hollander is, by trade a nude model and porn star. She’s rather new to the adult industry but says she’s done layouts for magazine’s such as Hustler and Penthouse and she’s appeared in quite a few movies including:


To give you a little biographical background, Sasha Hollander was born on December 31st in Torrance, CA. Her ethnic heritage is Phillipino. Sasha Hollander began her career in the adult industry in November 2, 2007. Sasha Hollander tells me that she can remember the exact day. More than most people can say.

Measurements 34C
Height 5 feet, 1 inches
Weight 114 lbs

So when I asked Miss Hollander what made her decide to get into the business of being a porn star she began to tell me a story. One that was quite insightful and very analytical. It wasn’t quite the answer I was expecting from a girl who just finished giving three guys a blow job and having a dildo rammed up her crotch. She told me how she began researching the world’s most famous porn stars and then specifically the Asian stars. She came across names like Kobe Tai and Asia Carrera but knew they were no longer in the business. She also found names like Katsumi and Tera Patrick but for the most part realized that the big stars are mostly blonde bombshells and how there is really a open niche for the right asian girl. She wanted to be more than just another Kobe Tai and Asia Carrera though. Sasha Hollander has her sights on being the first Asian porn star to reach the heights of Jenna Jameson.

I started to point out the technically someone down the blood line Tera Patrick has some Asian heritage but then realized that the girl may just have a point, not many really consider Tera Patrick in the Asian niche anyway.

So as Sasha Hollander continues to explain her plan to be the Asian Jenna Jameson of the porn world, I began to wonder exactly how many “famous” Asian porn stars there really are right now. And just to be clear, by famous I don’t mean some chick who’s done a couple movies. By FAMOUS I mean like top 25 porn stars in the business right now like Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Lanny Barby, Jesse Jane famous. There is Tera Patrick, Katsumi (who now seems to go by the name Katsuni), but off the top of my head I can’t really think of any more.

Roxy Jezel won that Jenna Jameson thing so that puts her in the top then there is Lucy Lee but isn’t she still in jail? As my mind finishes wondering I come to realize that Sasha Hollander is ready for her next question, so I quickly rambled out the first thought from my head. It was something about who she was dating or was she married.

It was then Sasha told me that she wasn’t married but that she was engaged to the man of her dreams and they are planning for a Christmas wedding. Turns out she met her future husband on the set of a Pink Visual movie. He is in the industry and she will only say he is “male talent” and at this time doesn’t wish to tell us his name.

I asked what her future husband thought of her plans to take over the porn world as the Asian Jenna Jameson and she assured me that he was completely supportive of her plans or she wouldn’t be with him. She told him when they got together that she is very head strong and nothing is going to get in her way and stop her from achieving her plans of becoming rich, very rich.

Sasha Hollander tells me that her first movie really changed her life. She was really nervous and her first scene was with T. J. Cummings. She didn’t know what to do and she wasn’t given much direction. It was just assumed she knew what she was supposed to do but in reality she tells us she didn’t have a clue. She didn’t know if she was supposed to fake an orgasm or try and really have one. In the end she loved it. She really liked working with T.J. Cummings and joked that he was so great she never fucked another Asian guy again.

Next I wanted to know about people she admired in the industry. I expected your typical “Jenna Jameson” or “Asia Carrera” kind of answer. But surprisingly that isn’t what I got. Sasha told me that she would be happy to take the place of Paulina James any day of the week and the three people she looks forward to working with the most in the near future is Nikki Zane, Rocco Reed and Johnny Castle.

Our talk then turned to politics. I asked if who she preferred, Hilary or Obama and shew as quick to respond with Obama, saying she likes how he is more philosophical than she imagines Hilary Clinton being. I asked her about her views on the recent lift of the ban on gay marriages in California and she tells me that she is a card carrying republican but she doesn’t support the ban on gay marriages nor any attempt to legislate morality. If gay people want to marry, LET THEM! “People need to be happy and it may even change your economy” Sasha Hollander proudly proclaims.

In closing I asked Sasha Hollander about her website.  I noticed that she has listed on there an entry for escorting.  I reminded her that when this interview was published thousands of people would potentially see this and she might not want to be so blatant about her illegal activities.   Clearly that didn’t seem to phase her since her offer to escort still sits on her site a month later.   But either way, she was nice enough and not so bad looking.  Check her out.  You may just become a fan like me.

Interesting Porn Star MYSPACE Facts

A new movie came out recently called TWINS DO SCIENCE. I had planned to interview these twin porn stars about their work on this movie but to be honest our time was cut short and as a result we decided to reschedule our more in depth interview. However before the lovely Lacey and Lyndsey Love got away, I took a few minutes to chat with them about Myspace and the Internet. I asked them a series of questions specific to MySpace and the Internet and here is how that conversation went ……

The Love Twins

Do you run your own Myspace page?

Yes and it is Until recently I thought everyone ran their own Myspace page. The thought never crossed our minds to have someone else do it for us. When we found out so many of the people we work with did that, we were kind of surprised.

What made you decide to create your own Myspace page?

We were contacted by someone at Vivid who told us that another person was on Myspace saying they were us. We created our page so that we could contact this person. Turns out the person from Vivid who told us that, misspoke. The person who was running a Myspace Love Twins page was a fan page and it said that like 7 different places all over the page and they even had been working with another department at Vivid to help us promote our career. I felt really bad because we were so upset when we first found out about it, thinking they were posing as it but that didn’t turn out to be the case at all. The person who ran that fan page about us later went on to help us do other things. So in the end it all worked out really well.

Do you respond to the messages people send you on Myspace?

Sometimes but not all of them. It just depends on what people are asking. Like if they are writing to ask us to go on a date or meet them then we just pretty much ignore those.

How many dates a week would you say you get asked out on?

On Myspace? We get one or two guys a week sending us messages like that. But we get probably 10 or 20 or so event invites a week. Well if you include the club promoters then sometimes we get as many 30 or 40. We just delete them and move on.

So you never attend any of those events?

No way. We are really not into the whole party scene. We are not like most porn stars. We live in Ohio, not LA. We are close to our families. We don’t drink, do drugs or party at all. When we aren’t on the set of one of our movies, we are at home or in our hotel room watching movies. We don’t go out to dinner with “clients” and we don’t really do anything that is typically associated with a porn star. That just isn’t our thing.

What are some of the coolest events you have been invited to?

I don’t really know that any are cool but I guess some of the red carpet events were kind of neat. We get one or two red carpet, movie premiere type events a month. Actually funny story about that. The first time we ever got an invite to a big Hollywood party was not from the Myspace event thing but through a private message. We got a message from this guy. He claimed to be some famous wrestler; like the guys from TV. I don’t even remember his name now but basically he wanted to know if we would like to accompany him as his official escort to this movie premiere. It was some movie he had a bit part in. Like we do with most people that want us for some job or another, we referred him to our booking agent over at LA Direct Models. It sounded like a job to us so we didn’t see anything wrong with that response. He wrote back all offended because he was invited us to this thing that he thought was all a big deal and felt we should have been honored to be invited.

It wasn’t that we weren’t honored any time one of our fans contacts us, we just don’t get into the whole private dating thing. He didn’t seem to think that applied to him as in his mind he was famous and got seriously rude with us, so we just ignored any future requests for dates.

Tell us about some of the funny things people say to you when they write you on Myspace.

For the most part our fans are really nice. They don’t overly offensive or say things that most would deem inappropriate. But sometimes you get guys who will write in and ask this same question over and over and that is if we have ever had sex with each other or do we share the same boyfriend in real life or if we ever secretly switch places to screw with our boyfriends. The answer to all three of those questions is no.

I noticed you have a new image on your myspace page which gives out your website address. I also read somewhere else that you girls run your own website. Is this true and if so how did all of that come about?

Well we have this manager who’s name is Joe from Blue Max Models. He’s really more than a manager to us. He’s been with us since the beginning. He takes really good care of us. Anyway, do you remember the girl I told you about from Myspace? Well we were talking to her about making our own website. She had told us the process and how much companies charge and even suggested a few and got bids for us on creating a fancy website. The price was pretty out there and ranged anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. Obviously we don’t have that kind of money so she made another suggestion and that was to create a small, intimate webpage where we could post our pictures and get messages out to our fans. it wasn’t anything fancy just a small area between us and our fans.

We found a template since we aren’t artists or web designers that cost us like $20 and she helped us put all the pages together. Our manager registered the domain names for us and now we have things like a calendar area which lets our fans know when we are at home and when we are on the set of one of our new movies and things like that. So anyone who wants to know what we are doing can find out by going to We also have all of our movies and a game where you can look at photos of us and try and figure out if it’s me or Lyndsey.

Do you ever get any job bookings from your website or your myspace page?

Yes. We get requests for bookings several times a month directly through our Myspace page but we just direct them to our website booking page when that happens, as our website has the most detailed and current booking information. It lets you know up front what we will and won’t do and gives exact information on how to book us. However if the booking request seems legit we also respond with a person note saying thank you for your interest in working with us or something like that.

Any interesting booking requests you can tell us about?

Not really. Nothing really to far out there. I mean they are anything from a request for twins to appear on the Tyra Banks show to several reality series including three on Bravo. Sometimes I don’t think they realize we are twin PORN STARS when they send out the booking letters to us. I think they are just rushing to find twins and then later realize we are active in the adult industry.

Well thank you girls for taking the time to speak with me about your website and your myspace page. It’s been very insightful to say the least. I think you girls are great, hot as hell and to be quite honest that Vivid was stupid as fuck to ever let you girls out of their grasp. After a decade in this industry not many girls can turn my head like you two can.