Shawna Lenee Flakes Again

Penthouse Pet of the year runner up Shawna Lenee is no stranger to controversy and issues with her stability and it seems she has yet another issue.  You would think by people people would have learned about her and stop booking her all together.

It all started today when the website The EMM Report posted a message looking for Shawna Lenee. They did it in a very light hearted way but long story short, Shawna Lenee booked an appointment with them for an interview and then confirmed it just the night before. However Shawna Lenee never showed up.


The EMM Report message – Have you seen this girl? That would really suck; a really HOT Blonde is a terrible thing to waste. Shawna had a confirmed appointment with us last night and no one has seen her since, if you have any information regarding her whereabouts’ please contact us immediately…

On Twitter LukeisBack tipped her off to the post and Shawna Lenee went off about the people.  Keep in mind just the night before it was she who confirmed the appointment.    If she wasn’t going to show up she a) should not have said she would and b) at the very least call and say I’m sorry I wasted your time.  I know I booked this appointment and then confirmed it last night and said I would for sure be there but it turns out something else came up so I can’t make it.  But no, instead she calls the guy out for being a “f’ing retard” and a “perv”.

  • ShawnaLeneeXXX god. ppl r just so f’in retarded sometimes. haha. im supposed to stop making a porno for an interview? i dont get it. plz. im screaming, yep
  • ShawnaLeneeXXX dom @ emmreport: kiss my ass because i didnt go to ur apartment and let u tape me when i was working. have a nice life perv.
  • ShawnaLeneeXXX to emmreport: I WAS WORKING DOING MY JOB. so no interview for u. jesus whats wrong with ppl?!
  • ShawnaLeneeXXX @lukeisback its hard to be at two places at once. 🙂 thx for the heads up hun

Tera Patrick to appear on TLC

No Tera Patrick isn’t going to be teaching you how to fix up your hope or flip that house but she will be on the show Street Customs with her husband Evan Seinfeld where they will pimp out two of their cars.  The episode will air on Thursday May 14th.



TLC’s popular show “Street Customs” will get an infusion of turbo-charged heat when the world’s biggest porn star Tera Patrick stars in the latest episode. Set to air on Thursday May 14th at 9pm ET, “Street Customs” features not one, but two custom conversions for Tera and her husband Evan Seinfeld.

First they bring in their Escalade for a custom limo conversion and then Evan has a special surprise for Tera. As a Valentine’s gift he asks Ryan and his crew to customize Tera’s Smart Car. See what Ryan has in store for these two vehicles and see how Tera reacts to her incredible surprise.

“Getting the limo conversion was something we really wanted,” says Tera. “Doing my car was a total surprise. You’ll have to tune in to see how it turned out, but suffice it to say, I was thrilled and it was a very special Valentine’s Day.”

Watch “Street Customs” on TLC Thursday May 14th at 9PM ET to see Tera Patrick and Evan have their hot cars customized by the best in the world.

Speaking of which, what has Tera Patrick been up to lately? Well according to her people, currently, Tera has three mainstream instructional fitness videos being released, titled Fit for Sex, with the company that brought us Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease. And, she begins hosting her new show, School of Sex on Playboy TV, this fall in which Tera gives sex advice while her teachers’ helpers act-out the advice. She will also star in her new burlesque show, Sex, which debuts in January 2009. Tera and Evan are currently writing their joint autobiography Rockstar/Pornstar: An American Love Story with entertainment journalist Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, author of Cherry Bomb: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Flirt, a Tougher Chick, and a Hotter Girlfriend and to Living Life Like a Rock Star and Eyewitness Nirvana: The Day-by-Day Chronicle.

Harsh fan reaction to Devon

After Devon made her post on MySpace, that I reported on yesterday she has since had some brutal fan reaction.


This one comment from a fan pretty much sums it up.

Either someone has taken over this myspace page again or you – DEVON – really are nuts. You put your fans through some big time crap with those allegations a few months ago. Then you said you would explain it all. Tha never happened. You just disappeared for months and months. Now here you are again with the same crap.

Is someone writing this for you?

Does this page belong to porn star Devon or is some idiot making this stuff and putting it on your page?

Did something really happen to you while on that Shane’s shoot or did you just not the like contract you signed and you decided to be a flake again…which you have done all your career?

Well Devon, are you ever going to really set things straight? Just come out and do it. Tell us if this is your page. Tell us this isn’t your page. Tell us the truth if there is a real story out there.

Because im tired of this and its hard being your fan with all this crap.

You know the sad truth is, there seems to be some strong sources out there to back up Devon’s story and like the lack of support she got from Shane’s world, she is now also getting no support from her own fans. Is this sort of a side effect of being a porn star? Are these girls just supposed to accept sexual abuse as well? I feel bad for Devon. I don’t know if any part of any story is true or not. Did Jack Vencie rape Devon? Fuck if I know. But what I do know is, Devon may be a famous porn star but she’s a human being too and she clearly needs someone in her corner and obviously that isn’t what she has. That’s kind of fucked up if you ask me.

Did Jack Venice Rape Devon?

You won’t believe this story. Well maybe you will. It wasn’t to long ago that we learned Shane’s World has control of Devon’s official website, won’t release it back to her and recently turned in into a tranny links list, presumably out of revenge. This was also about the same time that Casey Parker left Shane’s World and the other rumors about the company having serious problems were coming out. Since then nobody has really heard a word. That is, until now.



Devon blogs on her official myspace page — Wednesday, May 06, 2009 – YES, IT IS TRUE… Category: Life

For everyone who has asked over the last 2 years, YES, it is indeed TRUE, the rumors of what occored during the shooting of Devon does Baja, was by far the WORST experience imaginable….(take a look @ the track records of some of the performers they continue 2 promote…such as, convicted, imprisoned, sex offenders.)

The rumors were that i was raped, by jack venice, who is now serving life in prison 4 raping a collage girl, in i think, sandiego, n also that there was very severe physical, n verball abouse, all of wich is indeed true. even the owners of the company shanes world, new about it, yet did nothing….that would b y i never did another movie 4 shanes world. if u get a chance, check out their site, they r still promting jack venice, who has been convicted of rape, n is now serving a life sentance. will not be up 4 paroll 4 at least 10 years….so karma really is a bitch, cuz it came back around n got that piece of shit! xoxo, Devon.

You can find out more news about what is going on with Devon’s career at

Eva Angelina and Teagan Presley Cover Opposite Coasts

skinworXXX stars Eva Angelina and Teagan Presley Cover Opposite Coasts with Feature Dancing
Beginning Tuesday, May 12, skinworXXX mega star Teagan Presley begins her southern California feature dance tour of Deja Vu and Hustler Clubs, and on Thursday, Eva Angelina begins her three night feature appearance at Perfection in Woodside, New York. This marks the summer kick off for both stars, who will also begin appearing together as the duo Deviance later this summer.

“I’m originally a southern California girl, and I absolutely love San Diego. I am so excited to make my first feature dance appearance in San Diego as I have fans who have been waiting!” Presley’s first club is the Deja Vu at 2720 Midway Drive in San Diego with shows at 9 and 11PM.

Eva adds, “I made a brief appearance last week at the Pink Pony as a favor to fill in for a star who couldn’t appear, but I wasn’t mentally prepared. I am so stoked about blowing my fans away at Perfection. Buckle your seat belts as I am back!”

Presley appears at five clubs in southern California over five days, beginning with San Diego Deja Vu. For more information, visit For more information on Eva Angelina’s appearance at Perfection, call 718-728-8080.


Vivid signs AJ Bailey

And filed under the worst kept secret in the world category is AJ Bailey with signed by Vivid Entertainment. This is quite an unusual move by Vivid considering the fact that she is almost 30. Vivid typically likes their girls young and sweet, unless they already have something going for them like Janine Lindemulder, Christy Canyon, Racquel Darrian … all of these girls were older when they worked for Vivid but they also have a very large fan base at the time. AJ Bailey is really an unknown. Even Savanna Samson who is quite a bit older than all the other current Vivid girls had going for her that she was a really well known stripper at Scores and had tons of airtime on Howard Stern who went on and on about her all the time on his show so that gave her some sort of fame in her own right. But AJ Baily? Apparently her big thing is that she has an Advanced Degree in Anthropology and Museum Studies. Seriously? Okay I guess I’ll shut up about it now. Maybe she’ll prove me wrong and fuck the shit out of some guy and make me eat my every word. Here is the press release from Vivid.



With Advanced Degree in Anthropology and Museum Studies, AJ Says Having Sex is a Primal Instinct So “We Might as Well Do It In Style.”

She Performs Her First Sex Scene with a Man in B. Skow Directed Movie.

LOS ANGELES – (May 11, 2009) – AJ Bailey, a blue-eyed blonde with a master’s degree, has been signed by Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film studio, as its newest Vivid Girl.

The well-traveled, well-educated and glamorous AJ says the recession has made it more practical and attractive for her to take a great job as an exclusive actress with the world’s top adult movie producer than to pursue her chosen fields of anthropology and museum studies.

“I’m ready to go to work now, but just not in anthropology,” says AJ. “I’m young, I’m hot and I’m awesome. I’ll use my degree one day, but with the bad economy, now seems the perfect time to pursue stardom in the adult industry.”

Until recently AJ has been busy traveling the world and getting her master’s degree from the prestigious St. Andrews University in Scotland.

“I don’t think people realize how vital the adult business really is as a cultural phenomenon,” says AJ. “When you think about it, the main function of humans as a species is to reproduce through sex, so we might as well do the sex part in style and for the most pleasure. Sex is a primal function and is how we all get here, so I believe it’s healthy to embrace one’s sexuality.”

AJ is a 28-year-old beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5’8″ tall and measures a natural 34C-25-33. Her debut movie for Vivid is with B. Skow directing, it will mark the first time she has performed in a sex scene with a man.

AJ was born and raised in St. Louis. “I was always very outgoing as a child and I loved the attention I got from performing. Some of my best memories are of putting on plays and dancing for friends and family,” she recalls.

Growing up in the “Bible Belt” AJ was always puzzled by the fact that many of her neighbors had no desire to learn about the world outside the Midwest. “Many people around me didn’t even want to leave the state, but I couldn’t wait to travel. So I dropped out of high school in my junior year and went to live in Australia for two years,” AJ recalls.

She returned to America at age 19, got her GED (high school equivalency diploma) and enrolled in a community college. She then transferred to the University of Missouri, from which she earned her bachelor’s degree. While studying for her master’s degree at St. Andrews University, the same school attended by Prince William only a year earlier, she would finance her studies abroad by earning money as an adult model on a sexually explicit website. She also made a few adult movies, but only playing opposite other women.

Following her graduate studies AJ settled in Los Angeles, where she enjoys hanging out with friends and cooking. “I had lived with Chinese and Indian people in Scotland and learned a lot about their cuisines. I love cooking and have even dated a few chefs,” she says. “In general I like guys who know what they want, who are respectful and have something good going for them.”

Hang out with Jenna Haze this weekend

If you are in Miami this weekend you can hang out with Jenna Haze! There is a show called Exxxotica Miami and it is something you won’t want to miss because besides the luscious Miss Jenna Haze there will be a ton of other stars there as well.   Some of the ones I know of that will be going include Jesse Jane, Stoya, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Grey, teagan Presley, Bree Olson, Savanna Samson, Kayden Kross, Gina Lynn, Eva Angelina, Alexis Texas, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Nikki Jayne, Sunny Leone and even the new Brittney Spears porn star lookalike Britney Pierce.

Here is what Jenna Haze recently said to her fans “Miss Jenna Haze – Come see me @ Miami Exxxotica this weekend @ the Miami Convention Center!

jenna-haze-in-control-8Photo of Jenna Haze from her movie Control 8

Party with Eva Angelina tonight at the Pink Pony

skinworXXX star Eva Angelina Makes a Surprise Feature Appearance for Cinco de Mayo at Pink Pony North in Atlanta

One of the very biggest adult stars today is making her first Atlanta appearance tonight, May 4, and tomorrow May 5th alongside Renee Perez and Alexis Amore. Originally scheduled was adult star Rebecca Linares, who had to cancel for medical reasons.

“I was in Atlanta taking a much-needed break staying with Teagan Presley and Joshua (who live in Atlanta), and I got the call asking if I would stand-in for Rebecca at Pink Pony. I love my fans, so any chance I get to entertain them, I’m always up for it.” Angelina will perform one show Monday and Tuesday by herself, and then at 12:30AM, a big free-for-all on stage with Alexis and Renee.

Eva Angelina has been on leave for the past year, and the appearance at Pink Pony marks her return to the adult business. Pink Pony is located at 1837 Corporate Blvd in Atlanta. For more information or showtimes, call 404-634-6396 or visit on the web.

Eva Angelina at

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