I have been struggling wwether I should or should not speak on this matter… yet, since it seems to be the "in" thing to do (horrible joke, I know) to go to rehab… Anyway, Lindsay is there, Paris in jail, and so I’m doing the same type of program as Nicole Richie.. out~patient..

And though I may talk only briefly about this right now, let me just tell you that it has been truly painful, shameful and also very humbling…

Thank you to all that still wrote me and sent me beautiful cards while I was away…

I’m not done yet and will have to work on myself as a human being for the rest of my life ~ as we all must…

I believe in a "higher power" and I trust that I shall attain happiness within my soul 😉

God bless you and hope you’ll keep in touch in spite of my struggles…




Nikki Benz has decided to pull out of the celebrity poker tournament to be held tonight… why?

Because Nikki chose to take the high road, while ‘Jenna Jameson’ wannabe and self proclaimed porn goddess Tera Patrick and her no talent husband Evan Seinfeld refused to show up to the tournament if Nikki did.

Tera and Evan whined and complained profusely, threatening not to show…. so the tournament people spoke to Nikki and Nikki being the classier of the two, chose to not show up and give the assholes their own way.

Anyone notice how much Tera Patrick looks like Vaniity?? And how much Evan looks like a janitor from School #9 in Queens.


She blogs:

this weekend…. help fuckers!!!!

ive got 3 choices for this weekend im deciding between…… la erotica in la, sign, meet the fans, make some money and hang out with hot chicks all weeknd….2nd, 5 days in maui, chill on the beach with my man, get massages, chilllax and hang out with hot hawaiian chicks all weekend……3rd, go to vegas, catch the season finale of the ultimate fightenr, get a tan, fuck a stranger (kidding dam, i’ll introduce myself and hang out with hot chicks all weekend…… so no matter what im covered in the hot chick department cuz all 3 places will have beautiful women…. but any what should i do???? help please!!!!!

btw… i hope after hearing my options u guys forgive me if i dont make it to la erotica this weekend……

btw again…. i added new pix today for in the mean time till my new page is ready!!!!!

last thing….yes i still run my own page, thats why im so far behind, but im trying to keep it personal so yes this is me fuckers!!!!!!

xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo thanks for the help in advance xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo






I’m really sick of people posting shit about me in my wikipedia article. Some things that are said there are simply not true. For example I am not bisexual. I do film scenes with girls but I consider myself 100% hetrosexual. I don’t know where that comes from because I have never said anywhere I was bi…

On the other hand if I try to update the article with correct and true facts about myself they always delete it.

wikipedia sucks! please don’t take that article on me for real. If you want to know something about me this myspace place it where you have to go. Ask me directly and don’t believe crap that other folks write about me. 


She blogs

Just shot my second episode of Weeds yesterday and it was hilarious! Got to have 3 scenes..each a different character. A bev. hills house wife, a sexy girl in a hotel and of course, a porn star. I have never worked with such an amazing,funny and talented crew! Keep your eyes peeled. It is set to air in sept. on showtime! Still haven’t seen the show but i heard it’s fuckn’ hysterical! Have an awesome weekend!