And the Rio Valentine press release finally comes

In a move we’ve all seen coming for a long time now, Digital Playground officially released the news that they signed Rio Valentine as their newest contract girl. She will also be at the FAME awards with Digital Playground so look for her there. In the mean time you can check her out in the Cezar Capone release, Johnny Loves Morgan.



Rio Valentine Is the Newest Digital Playground Contract Girl!

Digital Playground, the studio known for hotter girls and higher quality, is proud to announce the signing of Rio Valentine™ to an exclusive contract. Rio joins Digital Playground’s elite roster of internationally famed contract stars. At 19-years-old, 5’6” tall, and 115 lbs, the all-natural, tanned goddess looks like she stepped off a steamy Brazilian beach. The exotic Rio Valentine is ready to take the entertainment world by storm…a hurricane of sexual energy. As soon as the contract was signed, Digital Playground quickly began filming the gorgeous babe in order to make sure that consumers will be able to witness the beauty in action as soon as possible.

“I first saw Rio at AVN’s 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo,” says Joone, Digital Playground’s founder. “She radiates sexuality and playfulness, but speaking with her reveals a great intelligence for someone so young. Rio Valentine encompasses everything Digital Playground stands for.” Samantha Lewis, Digital Playground’s CEO adds, “As word of Rio Valentine’s signing spreads, we are receiving an incredible demand for her movies. Rio’s debut is coming soon and will contain all the quality, beauty, and sexiness common of every Digital Playground movie.”

Rio Valentine is excited to launch her career with Digital Playground. The new contract girl says, “Signing with Digital Playground is one of the proudest moments of my life and I’m eager to see what the future holds. I can’t wait to make a business out of being a sex symbol!”

Rio Valentine entered into a contract with Digital Playground in June of 2009. Spanish for “river”, Rio is also the title of a famous Duran Duran song about a strong and nurturing girl, creating her own path and fully embodying life. Valentine displays Rio’s romantic side and creates a foundation for an intimacy fans will begin to discover. The name Rio Valentine perfectly captures the essence of her being, and her playful, deviant, and sexy nature.

About Rio Valentine™:
The stunning and exotic Rio Valentine is Digital Playground’s new girl on the block. At 19-years-old, 5’6” tall, and 115 lbs, the all-natural, tanned goddess looks like she stepped off a steamy Brazilian beach, but has the mind and determination of an entrepreneur. Her business is sex and her stock is soaring. Each day Rio Valentine continues to learn more about herself and her relationship to the world around her. To Rio, being a sex symbol is a dream job–one she takes very seriously. It’s more than a chance for fame, it’s a chance to leave a positive impression and change misconceptions about sex and the adult industry one person at a time. In Rio’s immediate future are magazine covers, best selling movies, and stardom, but like all good businesses women, she’s taking her career one step at a time and relishing every moment. For more information on Rio Valentine, visit

Little Lupe Goes to LA

Teravision is proud to announce that its newest contract star, Lupe Fuentes will be appearing at the Erotica LA show June 12-14. She will be greeting fans and signing autographs in the AVN Booth on all three days of Erotica LA.

Lupe Fuentes

“We know that the adult entertainment industry will be converging on Los Angeles this weekend,” says Teravision President Tera Patrick. “So this is the perfect chance to let the fans meet our newest star Lupe Fuentes. I fell in love with her when I first met her and I know everyone else will too.”

Lupe Fuentes will appear in the AVN Booth at Erotica LA at the following times.

  • June 12 – Friday, 6-10 p.m.
  • June 13 – Saturday, 1-5 p.m. and 6-7 p.m.
  • June 14 – Sunday, 2-6 p.m.

Teravision signs Little Lupe aka Lupe Fuentes

It seems Little Lupe is all grown up now and no longer impersonating a pre-pubescent teen in porn and now wants to be a full fledged porn star and with the help of Tera Patrick she may just get her wish. Little Lupe made a HUGE splash on the Internet a few years go when she would act like an under aged girl having sexual relations with older men. In fact, even the Feds investigated this little dynamo because she looked quite the part. Now however she seems to be putting all of that behind her and with a new set of boobs, has signed on to work with Teravision as a full blown porn sensation and with her looks I quite honestly suspect this girl will be huge.

Teravision is thrilled to announce the signing of its newest contract star, Lupe Fuentes. The stunning Spanish siren has made a name for herself as a mainstream model and internet phenomenon. Already an international star in her own right, she is ready to take on the adult industry in a whole new way. Previously known as “Little Lupe,” she made herself a teen model sensation, but is now all grown up and ready to take her career to a whole new level.

Lupe Fuentes aka Little Lupe

“I am still relatively new to the business,” admits Lupe. “And I wanted to be associated with the number one star in the industry Tera Patrick. I want people to see that I am grown up and ready to be a glamour girl. I have been quite successful in my home country and like Tera have had a lot of mainstream success. I am a very sexual girl and I am ready to shine like a star.”

Teravison has big plans for Lupe and will begin shooting her first movie for the company later this month. Her debut for the company will be called “Innocence Lost” and will be directed by award-winning director Eli Cross. His previous movies, “Corruption”, “Upload” and “Icon” have collected 18 AVN Awards and he has high expectations for both Lupe and “Innocence Lost.”

“I’m thrilled to be working with Teravision,” says Cross. “Tera & Evan have put together one of the top companies in the business and I know we can do some really great things together.” He continues with high praise for Teravision’s new contract star. “I am very excited to direct Lupe’s first movie, she is incredibly hot and has amazing sexual charisma. Lupe is so bright and shiny and new, I can’t wait to make her do a lot of really dirty things.”

Tera is more than excited to have Lupe on board. “When I first laid eyes on Lupe she took my breath away,” Tera says of Lupe. “She is the epitome of the petite, exotic sex kitten that men dream of. When I met her she stole my heart. Her mix of elegance and innocence bring something unique to the table. We here at Teravision expect great things from Lupe.”

Dan Davis, Editor of Genesis magazine has his praise for Lupe as well. “Lupe is nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous and like the rest of the world, we can’t wait to see this girl captured by the Teravision cameras in action. We know she’ll fit into their ‘glamcore’ mold perfectly.”

Teravision is currently designing a new web site for her, and is in pre-production for her first three movies, “Innocence Lost”, an interactive title directed by Axel Braun and a third project to be announced later. The first movie will hit stores in September and will coincide with the launch of her totally redesigned website.

For mainstream and print work, Lupe can be contacted through LA Direct Models.

Rio Valentine is with Digital Playground

I know I already told you this about two months ago but some people are a little slow so just to confirm, as I told you previously, Rio Valentine signed with Digital Playground. Rio Valentine is in LA at this time shooting with Digital Playground and for those who need some confirmation of this here is a screen shot of a live web cam show they set up for her. Although interestingly enough I should point out they list her as a “southern girl” when she’s actually from Jersey. Couldn’t get more different than a southern girl and a Jersey girl.


News from Twitterland

And from the world of Twitter, or what we should rename to the Porn Stars at Play site, we have some interesting tidbits of news.

  • Lexie Belle (@OMGitsLexi) says … Oooooooo man my site is up!!!!! Let’s playyyyyy!!!!!! go now!
  • Nautica Thorn (@NauticaThorn) 4 more days till my birthday…remember tonight is “Have a drink with me” day on my website…I will be live on my webcam
  • Alektra Blue (@clubalektrablue) is having a birthday today
  • Lindsay Marie (@LindsayMarie) Has officially Quit smoking! On day 10 with NO Stinkerettes…..My skin looks amazing and I feel like a Million bucks 🙂 So Proud of myself!
  • @MrTeagan says … Make sure u cum see Teagan Presley (@msteagan) & Eva Angelina (@evaangelinaxxx) this weekend @eroticala at the FAME booth.
  • Sunny Leone (@SunnyLeone) new cam show tomorrow! 6/10/2009 Wednesday 1pm, its been a long time!!

Apparently the Sunny Leone webcam is one hell of a show so be sure and check that out, also be sure and vote for Teagan Presley and Eva Angelina at the FAME awards website, where your vote actually decides the winners.

Sunny Leone

Janine Does Vaniity [photos]

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Janine said before going to jail she in a lesbian relationship with a woman who is a actually a man …  a transsexual named Vaniity.  Now we have some photos for you.   Janine said “Wow.  It was like making love with a guy and a girl at the same time except they were both the same person, and it was better!!”  Oh and if that’s enough, we have a video clip of it too!


Sunny Leone Rocks the Hard Rock

Porn Star Sunny Leone Rocks the Hard Rock & Celebrates the XBiz Summer Forum with Her Fans

It’s obvious – International Superstar, Sunny Leone, is one of the most sought after, busiest and popular women in the adult entertainment industry. And, if you were fortunate enough to have been at the XBiz Summer Forum in Las Vegas this week you recognized Sunny’s presence throughout the entire show. After celebrating record-breaking sales figures for SunLust Pictures’ Dark Side of the Sun, Sunny flew into Sin City for business, pleasure and her adoring fans.

Always making time to connect with her ever-growing fan base, the sensual supernova Sunny hosted all three nights of the 2nd Annual Official A.I. Studios XBiz After Party at the legendary Sapphire Club, signing autographs and greeting her guests. Her captivating presence and erotic allure packed the club with dedicated fans eager to get up close and personal with the international sensation.

Not only has Sunny Leone dominated the Adult Circuits in all of its forms of media (including internet, ring tones, dvd sales, etc…), but she continues to increase her rapidly expanding company’s offerings to meet demand. She is now embarking on a music career, motor sports and her own clothing line with A.I. Studios, going international. Fans can look for her music soon to be aired on selected radio stations.

I can’t tell you how happy we are to represent the PR and Management Team of such an enormous star,” stated Dave Phoenixxx, President of A.I. Studios, while celebrating with Sunny Leone at the XBiz After Party. “Just take a look around, there’s no doubt that Sunny Leone is here to stay, and will be THE starlet to follow throughout the future!

Currently Sunny Leone is preparing for her next appearance at Crazy Girls in Hollywood. Interviews, live shot opportunities & bookings still available. Contact A.I. Studios for more information, photos and videos.

Sunny Leone

Did Digital Playground Fire Stoya?

I’m piecing together some things about this Stoya story. It turns out her tattoo is not a tattoo but instead a unique shaving of her pubic hair done by her fuck buddy Marilyn Mansion. Basically he took some blue eye liner, did some artist rendering of it and then shaved her pussy hair into the desired shape which turned out to be a Swastika.

This was all done some time last week, while she was with him on the European leg of his tour, however he assures reporters they are not in a serious relationship and he still considers himself single. Right after he did it, he bragged about it in an interview.

Back in the United States, Stoya is due to report back to work this week in LA for Digital Playground very soon. Depending on the source she is due to be in at least 1 photo shoot and possibly due 1 movie as well this week.  In addition to that soon all the Digital Playground girls are scheduled to make an appearance at the FAME awards, but will Stoya be there this year representing Digital Playground or simply on her own?  That is what is currently in question.  More than a few industry insiders says Stoya is no longer under contract with Digital Playground.

This is where the story takes a deep dive into rumorville.

Stoya Tweets this on June 5th “dont ask dp for information about me. it wont be accurate.”  and right after a fan said via Twitter to @Stoya, “u r with dp in porn business or (I hope) not anymore?” and Stoya responds with “i can’t discuss that right now.”

She was in Germany at the time with Marilyn Manson. A few hours after that message she says she still plans on going back to the US for the FAME awards.

That’s all I really know right now, well that’s not true.  What else I know is that there is a huge backlash to all this shit going on right now in the fan community. We are getting a lot of we hate Stoya, that’s so fucked up that she did that type of emails.

There are several strong rumors going around about Stoya as you can imagine due to this and the big one being that Digital Playground fired Stoya. Is this true? I don’t know. I will tell you that one of the people closely associated with a Digital Playground contract star says it is true, however he won’t go on record to say as much so that tends to mean he talked to a friend of a friend of a friend who says they know something.

Something else I found interesting is that in her movie Stoya : Atomic Tease does she not look exactly like Marilyn Manson’s ex wife Dita Von Tease? Maybe it was this movie that first attracted him to Stoya.


Janine to be set free on July 13th

This just in …. Janine Lindemulder is looking to be set free a tad earlier than previously expected.  At this time her release date is set as July 13, 2009.  The message came across on her Twitter page ( as seen below) less than an hour ago.  Also for those of you waiting to see the videos of Janine and Vaniity, they are now posted exclusively on her Free Janine website.



Sasha Hollander to Present Howard Stern with The Blowguard

Adult Film Star Sasha Hollander to Present Howard Stern with The Blowguard & The Blow-Vibes on Tuesday June 9th

Sasha Hollander

Adult Film Star Sasha Hollander will be live on the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, June 9th, and will present Howard and the entire staff with their very own Blowguards, (, a patent pending and trademarked sex toy from J2 Enterprises LLC.

Sasha Hollander, a Southern California Native, has been a model and adult film star for over 2 years and has starred in 100 plus films, with credits from Club Jenna, Reality Kings, Bang Bros., Penthouse, Hustler, Swank and more. Sasha has been under the apprenticeship of several fetish websites and dommes, as she looks towards becoming more of a fetish model. At 22, this hot Asian is an up and rising star.

“Sasha is the perfect girl to help teach Howard and the Wack Pack what the Blowguard is,” says Dr. Joe, creator of The Blowguard and The Blow-Vibes. “I am excited to get our product to Howard and his loyal listeners, who I know will enjoy what the Blowguard will do for their oral sex lives.”

The Blowguard tm is a new adult novelty device intended for consenting adults to increase pleasure during oral sex. The Blowguard retails for MSRP $27.95, and includes the soft, flexible tray, mini bullet and a 6cc pillow pack of Sex Tarts® strawberry flavored lube.