Chasey Lain vs Donny Long

Chasey Lain vs Donny Long is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. The Donny Long vs Chasey Lain fight brings HE SAID SHE SAID to a whole new level.   Even more notable is that this fight with Chasey Lain has brought Donny Long more press than he’s probably ever gotten his entire career.

The Porn Whore versus The Dumb Ass

But let me start at the beginning so that you fully understand the story.  First there is Chasey Lain who has been in the business for quite awhile now.  Her first movie was in 1991 and during the last 17 years she’s performed in about 100 movies, directed a handful and even has some writing credit to her name and in 2003 Chasey Lain was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.  Throw in the television shows, mainstream movies and the rock videos she’s appeared in and well you have someone that you might call a seasoned pro on your hands.

Recently however Chasey Lain hasn’t quite been as active as she was in her early days and there have been unconfirmed rumors of her having some problems with drugs.  Whatever the truth may be, we know that by all accounts Chasey Lain did not age gracefully, but that being said it doesn’t make her a “crack whore”.  Here is an image of Chasey Lain from a movie she just did (released in 2008).  You can decide for yourself what you think.  Honestly I think they photoshopped the fuck out of her face so much I couldn’t even tell it was her if it were not for her tits.

Then there is Donny Long.  He started out in the business in 2005 with his performance in the movies Mexicunts 3 and Chica Boom 36.  In late 2007 he decided to start a content production company.  This basically means he shoots photosets and video clips for adult websites.  In his press release for AVN promoting his new company he claims to have been in 500 titles.  Yet IMBD could only come up with 81 titles throughout the entire span of his career and keep in mind some of those may very well be compilation titles.

Long, a performer with a résumé of over 500 titles, now appears exclusively in the scenes he produces, and is catering mainly to internet affiliate-based clients.

The biggest project he seems to have been involved in is a scene in the recently released Vivid feature My Big Fake Wedding with Brea Lynn.  He performed in this scene with Carmel Moore, Jack Venice and Jada Fire.  And this performance is only notable not because of the budget of the flick but because he performed in a scene with Jack Venice who you might have heard recently is dating the newest Vivid girl Hanna Hilton and is up on rape charges.  He’s being accused of breaking into some college girl’s place and raping her.  Which seems odd since he’s a porn star and gets Grade A prime pussy all day long but hey whatever.  I’m not a lawyer so what the fuck do I know?  Back to Donny The Douche Bag Long … his blog brags about their new big project which is midgets. Yes, midgets.

So here we have a guy who’s been in the business about two years, hasn’t really been in any big budget productions, doesn’t really have any writing or directing titles to his credit who started his own company to make his own scenes and take his own photos to sell to others that in the press, fudges a bit on the truth and where was I going with this?  I’m so bored with this douche I fucking forget already.

It seems this isn’t the first time Donny Long has had problems.  There is a cute little up and commer named Roxy Deville.  She isn’t BIG in the industry just yet but her fame is growing.

According to a story I read over at AdultFYI, Donny Long had it out with her as well when she chose not to work with him because of his bad reputation and he tried to get around booking her through her agent to screw him out of money due and probably try to get her for cheaper.  Donny Long’s response?

ok be a stupid tranny lover whore go fuck yoursself you sick fuck. I just saw that your a tranny fucker lover now i get it. you a c3x both can go to hell.

But this story isn’t the only one. There is a story like THIS one which goes on about how he’s a homo and how nobody wants to work with him and how he’s a liability to the industry, blah blah.  I think Donny Long’s reputation speaks for itself.

Now for the Chasey Lain vs Donny Long fight

So one day Donny Long’s new company decides to hire Chasey Lain for two scenes.  According to Donny Long’s blog, one of the scenes was for boy/girl sex and the other was for a gagging blow job.  She was late and this was wrong of her.  But she wasn’t just a little late, she was insanely late.  She was due on the set at 9 am.  She didn’t show.  However at 8 pm that night, some 11 hours later she showed up.  By anyone’s standards being 11 hours late is beyond unacceptable.

So for some reason they spend 3 1/2 hours in makeup.  Donny Long claims it is because Chasey Lain won’t shut up but even then, how fucking hard is it to put on makeup?  Seriously, wtf is wrong with his makeup artist?  Oh I see, he said that he’s paying her double time for this job so that bitch is no doubt milking it for all the overtime she can get.

When we see the video footage of this 3 1/2 hour makeup session we find that where Donny The Douche Bag Long says Chasey Lain won’t shut up is the part where she is standing up for her rights.  To make a long story short, Chasey Lain has some concerns about her contractual agreements.  She stated that she was hired for two scenes and he insists she do hardcore stills in addition to her scenes and she says they can just screen capture them from the video footage.  He argues with her about this and she says that she’ll agree to it but only if they write in on the contract that he won’t be using these for other things.  Basically Chasey Lain has been around the block long enough to know that once a scumbag like Donny Long gets his hands on some photos of her, he will sell and resell them every chance he gets and she’s not interested in that kind of deal.  Chasey Lain, like many stars like to have more control over their image. If you want to learn more about this concept you can click here to read a great article on it from porn star Kayden Kross over at Xbiz.

Next Chasey Lain goes to find something to wear for the photo-shoot.  What she selects something in black, Donny Long doesn’t like so she has to change.  She spends some time trying to find something while Donny Long continually yells NO NOT THAT, PUT THIS OR THAT ON.  This goes on for about an hour.  No doubt by now any female talent would be flustered and frustrated.

She pulls herself together and begins to position herself on the couch for the first set of still shots.  With her 17 years of experience in doing this I’m pretty sure the bitch knows how to do her job but Donny Long continues to berate her.  She tries to explain that something with this position doesn’t feel right and he insults her some more.  She sucks it up and gets through to the next part where she standing in the same dress, in what appears to be 6 or maybe 8 inch spiked high heels, with one leg on the ground and the other one up, exposing her leg.  it is while attempting this balancing act, she stumbles then gets back up and goes right back to her poses.  What does Donny The Douche Bag Long do? Why he yells at her of course for not standing still. Saying that all this moving around is ruining his shots.

This kind of bullshit goes on for the duration of the movie while Donny Long continues to tell the camera what a crack whore, dumb bitch  Chasey Lain is.  This of course is coming from the mouth of a man who records his “talent” going to the bathroom.  In this particular case Chasey Lain is on her period and tells the camera to please leave her alone while she changes her tampon that she is having an unusually heavy flow.  Does Donny The Douche Bag Long give her privacy to take a piss?  Of course not.

The video footage ends by Donny Long chasing her out of his crack whore looking warehouse which I can only image him and his heroin junkies hang out, to film Chasey Lain get into a car with tinted windows.  He confirms on the video that he can’t see into the car but them tells the cameras that she is in her car (that remember he can’t see into because it’s night and the car has dark tinted windows) that she is in her car smoking a crack pipe.


I’m going to have to go with Chasey Lain on this one.

Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian

A Racquel Darrian fan site was probably one of the first porno sites I ever seen on the Internet and that was more than a decade ago.  Still can’t believe that fucking site is still around.   I can’t tell you what a huge hard on I’ve had for her every since I’ve seen those first photos of her.  So it is on this day, her birthday (July 21, 1968) that we honor the lovely Racquel Darrian for all that she is, all that she was and all that she will ever be.  She is Racquel Darrian and the girl of many of our dreams.  Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian.

Racquel Darrian
4 Racquel Darrian Video Clips

Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian

The Making of a Porn Star

Our good friends over at LIB have been discussing what is a porn STAR and the making of one.  Curiously enough I touched on this very subject last June with my porn star vs porn starlet post.  Anyway, the story over at LIB starts off by displaying a photo of the newest Vivid girl named Meggan Mallone with the headline listed below which sort of leads one to believe that the author of the post might not feel this new girl really all that hot.  This keep in mind however was one of the first ever “official” photos given out of the lovely new starlet.

THIS is Vivid’s new star Meggan Mallone?
or so says LIB

But quickly someone pointed out that not all girls were born stars, that some of them have to be made into something bigger than they are or may have been on their own. Case in point (or so the first case made in the LIB story) is Devon.  Devon first came onto the scene in 1998.  Since then she’s been under exclusive for Vivid, Digital Playground, Jill Kelly Productions and even Shane’s World.  Devon has probably held more contracts than any other starlet and every one seems to end badly.

Devon’s first movie was Country Comfort.  This was back when she was with Vivid.  She went on to star in major hits like Island Fever 2 with Tera Patrick and Stormy Daniels as well as Pirates with mega stars like Janine and Jesse Jane.  Long and short of it is, Devon became a porn star and 10 years later her name and face on a box cover still moves product.  That is after all what really defines a “star”, at least in this business.  But this spunky little blonde wasn’t always a star.  Before she was Devon the Porn Star she was a nobody from New Jersey.  Below is a picture of Devon I got from, before she became a porn star.


Devon’s still cute, not so bad but a far cry from the mega STAR she would become.  The photo below is what Devon looked like after become a porn star.    You can see by the two images that become a STAR isn’t just about throwing some hot girl in a few movies but it’s about giving her a total and complete makeover and throwing a whole hell of a lot of press her way.


In the end the newest flock of Vivid girls, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne will be no different than Devon was 10 years prior.  They take a hot girl and make her a star. That’s their job and by the looks of the photos above, some companies do a pretty damn good job at it.

Devon is not the only example of this porn star makeover.  Jenna Jameson is arguably the world’s most famous porn star and well she too had her humble beginnings.  Years ago there was a young, aspiring starlet who wanted to make it big.  She couldn’t wait to be a star and that little blonde was none other than Jenna Jameson.  Sure we all know what she looks like now but how about 10 years ago?

First we had Jenna Jameson Before She Was a Star

Jenna Jameson before she was a famous porn star

Then we had Jenna Jameson The Porn Star

Porn Star Jenna Jameson

And now today we have Jenna Jameson The Hollywood Celebrity

Porn Star Jenna Jameson

Lovely Questions

Since my sister and I started blogging here at some questions have started to come in to Ryan and he sent them to us in hopes that we might answer a few of them.   I wil post a few of them along with an answer for each.  They are in no particular order really and some of them have been asked more than a few times.

Are you really identical twins and can your family tell you apart?

Yes, had you read the FAQ page on our official website you would have seen that it is the first thing we answer.  We are in fact identical twin porn stars.  Here is a photo that might help you tell us apart.  Lyndsey is to the left and I am to the right.  In the photo you see that although we do look very similar there are small differences between us.  Our close friends and family can tell us apart.

Lyndsey Love (left) Lacey Love (right)
Lyndsey Love (shown left) and Lacey Love (pictured right)

Do you have sex together?

Well kind of.  We don’t have sex with each other if that is what you mean but often in our movies you will find we both have sex with the same guy at the same time.   As far as having sex with each other goes, that is illegal.  It’s called incest and it’s not something we would do.

How big are your boobs and are they real?

We see a lot of different measurements posted about us in various places on the Internet.   I’m not really sure where all the confusion comes in but my sister and I both have natural 36B breasts.  Neither of us have ever had plastic surgery, so yes our boobs are real.

What color are your eyes?

Our eyes are brown.

Do you share boyfriends?

No sorry, we don’t do this either.  Honestly I think it’s just a matter of that prior to entering porn we didn’t really have a lot of them.  Each of us had only been with two men before becoming porn stars.

Happy Birthday Evan Stone

It was on this day in 1964 that Evan Stone was born in Dallas, Texas.  Since beginning a career as a porn stud in 1998, he has appeared in almost 700 movies.  He has worked with some of the biggest starlets and production companies around including Vivid, Digital Playground and Wicked Pictures.  With his romance novel type looks it is no surprise to anyone that Evan Stone has won quite a few industry awards.

  • 2001 AVN award for Best Actor (Film) – Adrenaline
  • 2004 AVN award for Best Actor (Video) – Space Nuts
  • 2006 AVN award for Best Actor (Video) – Pirates
  • 2007 AVN award for Best Actor (Video) – Sex Pix
  • 2008 AVN Award – Male Performer of the Year
  • 2008 AVN Award – Best Group Sex Scene, Film – Debbie Does Dallas… Again
  • 2008 F.A.M.E. Awards – Favorite Male Star

Happy Birthday Evan Stone


16 Photos of Evan Stone with Jessica Drake

Evan Stone

16 Photos of Evan Stone with two chicks

Kayden Kross is one busy little bee

Porn Star Kayden Kross may very well be the Ryan Seacrest of the porn business, in that she has more jobs than you can shake a stick at … to say she has been one busy little bee is an understatement.  First we have the release of her new movie from Vivid called Busting The Babysitter.  (click the title of that movie to get to the link for the movie trailer)  It looks to be a quirky little sex comedy, that was directed by Chuck Lords.

We all know that Kayden Kross blogs over at Mike South but did you know that she also blogs on her Myspace page, and now for Adult Stars Magazine too?!  She’s also busy working on her official website ( and promises that she personally will be involved in it.  Interestingly enough, apparently she also blogs over at xCritic as well, along with Penny Flame, Shay Jordan and Eva Angelina.

And somehow she found time to fly to Vegas for the Xbiz summer 2008 show last week and win the iporn hot body contest as well as taking 3rd in the MIss XBIZ pageant.

Porn Star Kayden Kross

Nikki Benz Heads off to Canada


Porn Star Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz makes a long overdue trip way up north to Alberta, Canada, this weekend to meet her fans and sign autographs when she appears at the grand opening of the Hush adult store in Edmonton on Saturday, July 12.

“Even though I’m myself from Canada, the only places I’ve been are my home town of Toronto and Vancouver. I’ve done way more traveling throughout the U.S. due to my feature dance appearances. This will be a great chance for me to meet more of my Canadian fans. I’m really excited about this appearance!”

Nikki will appear in the flesh from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. She’ll hand out posters and 8×10 pictures, and fans will be able to have a Polaroid taken with the blonde superstar. She’ll personalize any DVD starring her purchased by her fans and store patrons during her appearance. The store location and phone number is below.

Hush Adult Megastore
9876 63 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

For those who can’t make it to Alberta, check out Nikki’s new, updated website,, where you can find out more about Nikki’s club dates and news updates. The vastly improved site also includes photo and video galleries featuring original content ranging from boy / girl to girl / girl, threesomes, solo masturbation and glamor, a forum, webcams, and behind the scenes material which gives fans a glimpse into her life off the set through her personal diaries and daily journal.

Nikki Jayne is the new Miss XBIZ Summer 2008

Right now there is a small adult gathering going on in Las Vegas for industry professionals and as part of that event they held the Miss XBIZ Summer 2008 event.  Competing for the title were a total of 10 girls including Vivid’s new starlet Nikki Jayne, Alyssah Simone and former Vivid girl, now Adam & Eve contract star Kayden Kross as well as Penny Flame, Sunny Lane, Joanna Angel, Renae Perez, Tricia Uptown, Puma Swede and Moxie Maddron.

Porn Star Nikki Jayne

First place was awarded to Nikki Jayne, the second place winner was Alyssah Simone and third place went to Kayden Kross.  You can read all about the event at XBIZ.  Contest judges included XBIZ owner Alec Helmy, Vivid contract performer Sunny Leone, CC Bill’s Ron Cadwell, Steve Lightspeed, Albert from SilverCash and Jenni Dahling.

In the end, Nikki Jayne won with a touch of British charm, telling the judges that she deserved to win because she was the “freshest face in porn.” A confident stripper strut in her white crocheted bikini and a dance performance outfitted as a sexy cowgirl was what ultimately got her the winner’s tiara.

Congrats to Nikki Jayne on her win


Twins and Tory Lane!

After being in the business for so long not much really entertains me.  I guess you can say that I’m pretty jaded when it comes to hot chicks and big boobs.  But there are a few exceptions to that rule and TWINS is one of them, throw in a little Tory Lane on the side and you just can’t fucking go wrong.

The Love Twins Fuck Tory Lane

I’m speaking of course of the new Vivid feature Virtual Vivid Girls : The Love Twins which is now available on DVD, or will be rather soon and I just happened to get my hands on the movie trailer, thanks to a sweet little thang over at Vivid.

Virtual Vivid Girls The Love Twins

click the box cover to view the movie trailer

Jesse Jane Dances in Virginia

Porn Star Jesse Jane will be heading out to Springfield, Virginia to dance at the all new Paper Moon Gentlemen’s Club on Friday, June 27 and Saturday, June 28. Jesse Jane will perform two shows each night.

Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane appeared at both of the Paper Moon’s Richmond locations less than two months ago. The clubs were packed tighter than the costumes Jesse wears, and the lines poured out the doors. As word of her draw spread, the Springfield location knew it had to have Jesse Jane perform during its inaugural month.  The gigantic crowds from Jesse’s recent appearance at the Richmond locations, has Frazier, the owner of the Paper Moon in Springfield enthused to feature her. People from all the surrounding states are expected to come to see her. Frazier says, “We have a lot of people excited to see her starting Friday night at 9:00pm. It’ll be packed. She is just a super sweet girl and the hottest draw right now…She drives everyone wild.”

For more information about Jesse Jane’s performance at the Paper Moon Gentlemen’s Club in Springfield, VA, call (703) 866-4160, or visit

Jesse Jane is known as the most fan-friendly adult performer in the business. She always tries to find time to pose for pictures and sign autographs. In Virginia, Jesse Jane draws bigger crowds than the Civil War reenactments (don’t underestimate the drawing power of a century and a half old grudge). Watching this Texas honey dance is enough to make the South rise again…or at least get a rise in every guy’s Southern region.

Jesse adamantly exclaims, “I love what I do! Making movies is great ’cause I know somebody will be watching it, totally turned on…or maybe a couple of somebodies together…or a couple of couples. And that’s when I expect an invite to the party! Now, being on stage is even more of a high. It’s live and real time, and I can see the anticipation in each person’s eyes. Watching them get worked up and turned on gets me all hot and bothered. So bring it!”  Jesse adds, “I am honored that the Paper Moon asked me to come back to Virginia for their new club’s opening. They set up their clubs in a way that lets me get so totally up close and personal with all the customers. I love dancing for them and it’s a privilege to represent their clubs.”

For now you can enjoy Jesse Jane online at www.JesseJane.comor from one of her great movies that are now available on DVD.