Stefani Morgan is as skinny as a crack whore

Stefani Morgan left the industry just after making some very strong claims including stating that she was raped by Vivid co-chairman Bill Asher, who she was dating at the time.   Since then nobody has really seen or heard from her.  Turns out, at least according to this story at Erotic Pleasures, she was off in New York being a super model of some sorts, even walking the runway during the infamous New York fashion week.

But that isn’t really the story.  What I found most shocking is not what she is doing for a living but how this one hot as fuck chick who was best known for dating celebrities like Tommy Lee is now Jenna Jameson skinny.  I think they call it crack whore sheik.  I don’t know how anyone could really find that attractive but it seems to be all the rage in Hollywood.  Sorry but I prefer my whores with a little more meat on their bones like Sunny Leone or Bree Olson.

Stefani Morgan

June seems to be Vivid month over at Club Magazine

Gracing the cover of the June 2009 issue of Club Magazine is the hot as fuck blondie with the big ass, all real tits Hanna Hilton. Hanna Hilton became a Vivid Girl in May of 2008 and her popularity has soared to new heights. The June issue of Club Magazine marks the second Club cover for Hanna Hilton who was also on the magazine’s holiday special cover last year. Hanna Hilton is the main attraction of a 10-page feature in the issue of Club, posing with adult actor Chris. The photo layout was shot by Michael Bisco. The same magazine, which goes on sale March 31st, includes an eight-page feature on Hanna’s new Vivid title “Bounce,” directed by Bisco.

Club Magazine June 2009 Hanna Hilton

And if that wasn’t enough for you, Club International also has two Vivid girls for you. Well actually I guess you would call them former Vivid girls, although one is still sort of working with Vivid. This whole thing is really fucking confusing but I’ll do my best to explain it as it was explained to me. Brea Lynn used to be under contract with Vivid. She however opted not to renew her contract with Vivid before the year was even up. She took some time off, came back and now does only girl – girl stuff. One of the first jobs she took when she came back to porn was a scene in the mega hit Pirates II for Digital Playground.  Her most recent work was in the first ever movie released under Sunny Leone’s private label.  This movie is called Dark Side of the Sun.  Which leads us to Sunny Leone.  Basically Sunny Leone who was a Vivid girl for the past few years decided to branch out and form her own line of movies sort of like Jenna Jameson did with Club Jenna and Tera Patrick did with Teravision.  Her label will be called SunLust Pictures and her first movie is Dark Side of the Sun.  This movie is already getting rave reviews from fans and it features Sunny Leone’s first ever internal vaginal cum shot.  All of Sunny Leone’s movies are being distributed through Vivid but she is said to have total control of casting, scripts, budgets, directors, the whole thing.  Vivid is only going to help her by distributing the movies, much like they do for Club Jenna and Teravision.

So in June of 2009 Sunny Leone is featured on the cover of Club International Magazine along side former Vivid girl Brea Lynn, which will be on sale on April 7th. Inside the magazine she’s also the subject of an exciting eight-page feature pictorial shot by Bisco called “Sunny Side Up” that focuses on her new Vivid title, “Undress Me.”

Look at the cover of this magazine.   Sunny Leone is so photoshopped you can’t even really tell it’s her.  It’s really strange.  They totally changed the look of her entire face.  Wonder why they would do that?  If I didn’t tell you that was Sunny Leone on the cover would you have even know it was her?  I will say this though, her body looks hot as fuck and Brea Lynn is no slouch either.   That’s a cute little ass she has on her.

Club International Magazine June 2009 Sunny Leone and Brea Lynn

Cezar Capone Signs Britney Spears Look Alike Britney Pierce

First there was Morgan Dayne and now Cezar Capone does it again by signing the Britney Spears familiar known as Britney Pierce. Prior to signing with Cezar Capone Britney Pierce was known as Kara Novack but did only a few movies under her previous name.


Cezar Capone recently spoke about his new starlet at ADT and this is what he had to say about her ….

Yes, she was formally known as Kara Novak. She came in with one of our guys who met her at the 7-11 while she was with her friends in Miami Beach. I had seen a diamond in the rough. When I asked her to come in and shoot a test with us she said she would love to work for our company. She looked so much like Britney Spears I had to see if she had the guts to be a star. Once I told her we were interested in a contract with her, her eyes lit up like any one of you guys (myself included) walked into a 24 hour brothel in Amsterdam with “All You Can Eat” wrist bands.

After her first scene I knew with a little training and some small modifications we could have a real star on our hands. I promptly signed her and began shooting her first movie.

We are going for the Britney S look and feel in the beginning. I don’t think anyone has properly done a true mock-up of Britney S in our industry. I’m not talking about loading someone who really doesn’t look like Britney S into the same clothing, I mean having someone who actually looks like Britney S in the face, body and attitude.

Britney Pierce was a cheerleader since she was 12. For the past 7 years she has been cheering and dancing. The opening of Britney Pierce’s first movie starts with a choreographed dance number with 10 girls. The girls then break off and the scenes begin. There will be 8 scenes in her first movie and it will be very much a straight-to-sex type of movie with some short threads that tie the scenes together. There will be tons of BTS and photos as extras. In the DVD there will be a 3 day free password to the website where you can talk to Britney and Cam with her if you want. Some scenes on the DVD wont be on line and other scenes on line wont be on the DVD so there is something fresh for everyone.


Bree Olson talks on Bubba the Love Sponge Show

Bree Olson decided to give her version of the story regarding the Bubba the Love Sponge Show.  She writes a very long and detailed blog about it on her myspace page.  I have the entire copy of that blog for you below.

Bree Olson

What REALLY Happened on Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

There are many reports and speculations floating around on what happened on March 23rd of 2009 but only I, Bree Olson know the full story. Not one person was with me every moment of what happened on this day, so here I am giving you a full unbiased scoop of everything you want to know.

About two weeks prior to being on the show I was told I was going to be giving a blind, long time listener of Bubba the Love Sponge Show a hand job. They had inquired about a blowjob as well however that was quickly vetoed. They had even informed my publicist that I could wear a glove if I wanted to. From the first time I was told I was going on the show until the day of when I arrived, this is the impression I was under.

Like the tons of other radio shows I’ve been on this one started out no differently. I wait in the green room, sign my model release, they take an array of pictures of me and then I am sent into the room where they are broadcasting. I begin to chat with the guys on the radio show and there are camera men too of course filming all of us as we have our radio talk show. We speak about my career in the adult film industry and Bubba and I talk about Indiana seeing that we both are from there. After about twenty minutes of the interview they decide to bring in the “blind listener” to introduce us to each other. The moment he walks in I look around the room to see everyone’s reactions. I was expecting them to be laughing and for them to say, “Ha-Ha, we got you Bree! He’s not really blind!” But nobody was. This was when I realized that they actually expected me to believe that this man named Pantera (which sounds like a radio personals name to me, not some average Joe off the streets) was blind. As I’m looking at this man he is wearing Ray Ban sunglasses. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t expect a blind person to be rocking a pair of Ray Bans. He also had a “walking stick” which wasn’t a blind person’s walking stick at all. I’m not exactly sure what it was, whether it was a piece of camera equipment or what not but I assure you it was not a walking stick. After noticing all of these things I tell the guys right on the air that this man is not blind. I kept being a good sport about it and I was smiling and laughing as they try to prove to me that he is blind by throwing soccer balls at his head. Shortly after that they went to a commercial break and I was lead back into the green room with the person I now know as Pantera. In the green room I keep asking him more questions like, “What are you watching on TV?” ,thinking I could trick him. I also asked him what exactly did the doctor say that caused his blindness one year ago. He replied, “I was in a motorcycle accident.” I told him I already know that but what was the exact medical term that caused his blindness. He couldn’t come up with anything and said he was not good at medical terminology. I know that no matter if someone is good at medical terms or not they will remember some when they have went through such a traumatic life altering experience. At this point I start to become upset. They have me take pictures with this man and as I’m taking pictures I can barely hold back the tears in my eyes.

I decide to go outside away from everyone because I do not want them to see me crying. I was so torn and confused about what was going on and I had an office full of people that didn’t have my back. I thought that if I went through with this hand job that they would surely throw out the “tricked the dumb porn girl card”. The only thing that made sense to me then and still makes sense to me now of why they would do that to me is this: They “trick me into thinking this man is blind, I give him a hand job and then they make fun of me the last half of the show of what a dumb whore I am. I had been giving all of this detailed information two weeks prior and leading up to this point so there could be no other explanation.

As I am outside crying people come out and try to talk to me. I just kept my head down as the tears stream down my face. Never in the three years that I have been in the adult industry had I ever had a bad experience. This was my first. I felt helpless and nobody was there to help me. I didn’t say a word to anyone. I just kept quiet. I was just trying to figure out what to do and I was weighing my options. This is when the camera guys come up getting close up shots of me crying. At this point I still haven’t said a word and start walking off their property. I figure that once I am off their property they will leave me alone. At this point I am still weighing my options on what to do. I just wanted to have a moment by myself and get the tears out of my system. I wasn’t allowed that alone time though. The cameras kept on following me and watching every painful tear I shed. My sadness quickly turned to anger. In my head I am thinking, “What kind of sick fucks want to watch a 22 year old girl cry. I wasn’t bothering anyone. I wasn’t even talking, I just had tears rolling down my face.

You know the part in Godfather 1 where they are at the wedding and they take the guys camera, smash it on the ground and throw him some money? That’s exactly what I wanted to do. But I didn’t. I grabbed the camera and held on to it insisting to have the tape that has ten minutes of footage of me crying on it. I didn’t touch the camera man, I just took hold of the camera and said to give me the tape.

C’mon guys…. I’ve been in the business three years. You would have all known long ago if I was some monster woman. Everyone has feelings and everyone has a point where someone has pushed them too far. As I said before in three years I never had anyone treat me the way these people did, and that’s exactly why you seen the reaction they got from me.

They don’t show you the great interview. They don’t show you me crying for ten minutes. All they show you is when I had enough and finally gave them the reaction they were hoping for all along.

Am I proud of what I did? No. I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself. What would I have done differently? Instead of going outside, crying and thinking about coming back in, I should have ran. Ran, before they even had a chance to see which way I went and then I would have called a taxi. Honestly, there was no other way I could have avoided them other to take an extreme measure as that.

For all my fans and for everyone that supports me, thank you very much. I love you guys.

Xoxo Bree Olson

Who Is The Most Popular Vivid Girl?

Right now Vivid really only has three girls under contract since Briana Banks recently left, as did Monique Alexander and Sunny Leone and Savanna Samson make movies under the umbrella of their own company names, ie: Sunny Leone’s company SunLust Pictures.

So that leaves Vivid with really only the three new girls under contract which is Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne.  Despite claims from places like Adult FYI that “juggernauts such as Vivid have no plans to film new content until well into 2010“, Vivid in fact is continuing their production schedule and even most recently discussed their work on a part two of the Hanna Hilton movie called Bounce.  Vivid is paying three girls to be under contract so no way they are going to sit around on their ass and do nothing with those girls for another year.  Why keep them under contract then if they aren’t going to film them doing anything?  Meggan Mallone recently said at a panel in Austin that she is under contract to make at least 10 movies this year, nearly 1 every month.


But even then, things aren’t the same at Vivid as they were before.  Had Vivid ever had so few girls under contract?  But is that really a bad thing?  I don’t think ever in their history have they ever had a batch of contract girls that got along so well.  We all seen or at least heard about the cat fights between Kira Kener and Briana Banks and on the Showtime reality series Debbie Does Dallas we seen the ill will between Stefani Morgan and Monique Alexander play out.  But not this time.  For what I would venture to guess, the first time in the companies history their contract girls all not only really get along but are best friends.  They love and support each other and can’t wait to get together and help each other out.  How shocking is that?

But I’m really getting off track here.  The point of this story is, who is the most famous Vivid girl right now?  We have Meggan Mallone who was signed first but prior to that was a virtual unknown.  She however seems to be getting the most mainstream media attention from the Vivid PR crew.  Then there is Hanna Hilton who prior to coming to Vivid had a decent sized fan based as a popular Internet model and even a former Penthouse Pet.  Then there is Nikki Jayne was is sort of the Indy girl of them all.  She had just gotten started making movies when she signed with Vivid but already her reputation with the fan boys on the message boards and websites went on and on about how totally fucking hot her performances were.  She was getting a swelling fan base just based off of word of mouth, much like indy bands do.

But is that enough to make her top dog over at Vivid?  according to the recent Fame Registry numbers the number one Vivid girl right now is by far Hanna Hilton.  Hanna Hilton comes in at #92 this month while Nikki Jayne and Meggan Mallone don’t quite make the hot 100.   I think what helps Hanna Hilton is that she has an established popular website, whereas the other two don’t.  Nikki Jayne just started hers and Meggan Mallone says hers is in the works. Perhaps when their official websites get more established it will bring them higher up in the numbers.

  • 92 – Hanna Hilton (Last Month # 95)
  • 138 – Nikki Jayne (Last Month # 133)
  • 142 – Meggan Mallone (Last Month # 142)

Nikki Benz to appear at Southland Spearmint Rhinos


Adult superstar Nikki Benz will be appearing in the greater Los Angeles area this weekend and next when she appears at two separate Spearmint Rhinos. Nikki will be dancing at the downtown Los Angeles location March 26th to the 28th, and the following weekend, April 2nd to the 4th, at the Rialto Spearmint Rhino in the Inland Empire. As usual, she’ll be available to meet her fans one on one and will be distributing lots of souvenirs. “I’ll be selling my DVDs, taking Polaroids and signing 8×10 pictures. Of course, there will be lots of great giveaways during my stage show as well.

Location details and phone numbers are below.

If you want to stay informed of Nikki and her busy schedule, click on to her popular and official profile. It was even featured in an article called “Celebrities Love Twitter! Even Pornstars!” on at

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? That’s exactly what Nikki is doing, keeping her fans and friends in the know. “I love that my fans follow me on Twitter and they know what I’m up to with my naughty self.

And don’t forget to check out Nikki’s website for more information concerning Nikki and her life and career. is the place to find out about her upcoming club appearances and news updates, and also includes photo and video galleries featuring original content ranging from boy/girl to girl/girl, threesomes, solo masturbation and glamour, a forum, webcams, and behind the scenes material which gives fans a glimpse into her life off the set through her personal diaries and daily journal.


Nikki Benz’s official website is and her affiliate program is

Downtown LA Spearmint Rhino
2020 East Olympic Avenue
Los Angeles , CA 90021

312 South Riverside Avenue
Rialto , CA 92376

Hillary Scott Cancels Philly Trip

That hot little blonde number we call Hillary Scott won’t be shaking her ass for the fine folks in Philadelphia this weekend after all. It turns out there was some problems with the management at the club she was booked to appear in. The management over at the Oasis Gentleman’s Club in Philly wouldn’t provide the agreed to amenities that was outlined in her contract and was being a dick about it, so Hillary Scott had no choice but to cancel to gig all together. She posted a tiny blog about it on her myspace page for her fans as well. This is what she had to say ….


Hillary Scott’s MySpace blog – canceling Philadelphia gig this week- club manager is a turd. So.. the club I was booked at (oasis gentleman’s club) could not provide everything for me that was detailed in my contract. Therefore, I will be canceling my dance gig this week. This club is a dump and the manager is the biggest shit head I’ve had to deal with in the whole feature dancing thing. If you live or ever plan to visit Philadelphia, please PLEASE FOR ME, avoid this club. It sucks MAJOR balls. Hope to dance again for you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update :  Sunday March 22, 2009 – Hillary Scott makes a new post about the ordeal, explaining a little further about her problem with the club including lack of payment and breaking the contract.

I advise any feature dancers planning on doing shows here to seriously reconsider that notion. The manager of the club decided to break my contract by not providing me with a secure area for my merchandise and personal belongings. EVERY other club in the country provides a private room for their feature dancer guests. It is required in all feature dancing contracts. The club wanted me to leave my suitcase with all of my expensive outfits, merchandise and personal belongings in the same area as the house girls are which was completely unsupervised. When I demanded that they comply with our contractual agreement, they asked me to leave and refused payment for the one show I performed as well my travel costs which they also are obligated to take care of. Just an FYI.

Janine’s Stomach Tat

Was looking at some new photos of Janine and was curious what the hell her stomach tat meant.  Apparently it means – she flies with her own wings.   The photo below showing her tattoo which reads alis volat propriis is from her new official website,  And to be clear, any other website about Janine, even if it says “official” is not.  Janine has nothing whatsoever to do with the other so called official website, nor does she seem to make any money from it, or so I’m told.  The only website Janine herself officially endorses is

Janine Lindemulder

Jenna Jameson Has Twin Boys

It’s a boy! No, it’s another boy! Oh my, Jenna Jameson has twin boys!!  Won’t she soon have her hands full? If you don’t know what I’m going on about, Jenna Jameson gave birth today to her twins.  The report didn’t say if they were identical twin boys or not but I do know that identical twin boys are the most rare kind of twins of all.  Actually I think identical twin boys are even more rare than triplets in general.  There is no word yet what Jenna Jameson plans on naming her little bundles of joy.


The Club Jenna Girls myspace page also posted a bulletin about the birth of the twins today.  The message isn’t signed so it’s not clear who posted it but we can safely say it wasn’t Jenna Jameson, as I’m sure right about now she is recovering from giving birth just a few hours prior.

Date: Mar 16, 2009 3:43 PM

Subject: The twins have arrived!!!

Body: The twins have arrived. Search google for clubjenna and check out my blog for details…

The full story from e Online : We’re only a couple of days into this week and we’ve already had two sets of twin boys.   (Charlie Sheen had his twin boys on Saturday)

Retired porn star Jenna Jameson gave birth to two little boys Monday morning. These are the first children for 43-year-old Jameson and her boyfriend of two years, UFC fighter Tito Ortiz, 33, and they are said to be in “very good health.”

“It has been my dream to have children for a…long time, and I truly feel like finally…the time is right and god has blessed me,” Jenna blogged back in September. “I have never felt more like a woman, or more alive.”