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Holy shit Nikki Benz is a brunette

So I going through some posts over at LA Direct News when I see this one about Nikki Benz appearing at some club here or there last week.  The post itself didn’t catch my attention it was the fact that I was expecting to see a hot little blonde number in the photo associated with the post but BAM!  I see a brunette.  But not just any brunette, it’s Nikki Benz as a brunette and if I’m not mistaken her hair isn’t the only thing that change about her.  I think her tits got bigger too.  Damn she looks smokin hot.  I’ve always been a fan of the blondes and had Nikki Benz out right asked me her thoughts on changing her hair color I probably would have said stay blonde but boy would I have been wrong.  Look how fucking hot she looks.  In reference here is a link to a blonde Nikki Benz from earlier this year.  Hot?  Fuck ya but I am loving the fuck out of her new look.  It’s more exotic looking.

Dr. Z will you come make a house call to me?

I got a press release today that I want to share with you. Not because I really like to share press release but because of who the press release is about. I mean let’s be real, we all know I don’t really publish press releases that often, only on a rare and special occasion but this is one rare and special lady its about. Her name is Victoria Zdrok.  Her personal bio describers her as a hottie and a smartie.  And while that may be true, it’s far from really capturing all that is Victoria Zdrok.

As you might have imagined by the name Victoria Zdrok is originally from Russia.  She came to the U.S. during the times of the cold war in a specially arranged student exchange program.  Victoria Zdrok was brilliant and went on to graduate high school a very young age.

She graduated from Pensacola Junior College in Florida at age 17 and West Chester University in Pennsylvania at age 18 with a B.A.   She speaks like 6 languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, Spanish and German), has a law degree and a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

If all that wasn’t impressive enough she also happens to be hot as fuck and a former Playboy Playmate (October 1994) who years later would go on to be a Penthouse Pet (June 2002) and eventually the Penthouse Pet of the Year (2004), exactly 10 years after she was first named a Playboy Playmate.   Victoria Zdrok once told me that when she first became a Playboy Playmate in 1994 she thought it would change her life and in fact it did but not in the way she had imagined.  She had big dreams of going on to be a movie star and not be hit on and felt up by the likes of Donald Trump.  Her acting career never took off but for many years after she would be a very active Playboy model appearing several more times in Playboy either in International editions or in special editions  of the magazine like the Playmate Review or the Book of Lingerie.

Even more impressive she was an Internet pioneer, starting her official website in like 1998.    And no I don’t mean she had someone do it for her like many models of today. She was very hands on in the entire website creation process and ran her website almost entirely by herself, teaching herself how to upload photos and even did live web chats and posted on her message boards to her fans non stop.  It was during this time she also did some softcore porn with Danni Ashe and Nikki Nova.

Victoria Zdrok took a big yet calculated risk by going on with her own website.  At that time being independent was highly frowned upon by the Playboy machine and it cost Victoria several modeling jobs with them.  But in the end it was clearly the right thing to do because she became far more famous than just some chick who once was in Playboy.  She would go on to be hired as a spokesmodel for countless companies, raking in the cash and eventually she gained some fame from her work with Penthouse.  All of that was great but it was when she decided to be the Dr. Ruth of the Internet Generation that she really got what she secretly had desired all along, fame.  Everyone wants Victoria on their shows now and in their magazines.

Dr. Z Makes ‘House Calls’ On Thursday!

(Hightstown) September 19, 2008 – Get your speed-dial fingers ready! is pleased to announce that the incomparable Dr. Z will be taking calls – live – from our call center this week!

On Thursday, Sept. 25th, the one-and-only Dr. Victoria Zdrok will be answering the phone lines at’s customer service headquarters…dishing out sex advice and sending customers in the right direction with what to buy, what toys to use for the best orgasms, and what DVDs fulfill the wildest of hardcore fantasies!

From 12:00pm to 2:00pm, adult fans can ‘ask Dr. Z’ whatever their heart’s desire by calling 877-702-0857. Check out the Penthouse store at The former Penthouse Pet of the Year (2004) is the hottest Ph.D.-holder in the universe, and her sexology advice is spot-on!

More on Dr. Z: the Ukrainian-born beauty is considered the world’s greatest ‘sexpert,’ who knows everything about love, sex, and healthy relationships in the 21st century! She’s a hottie who’s also a smartie: Dr. Z has a law degree and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She’s been a commentator on Fox News and has posed nude for several national magazines (including several of her own sex advice-websites). Check out her profile on MySpace!

Baywatch Kid Holds Out for Bigger Bucks

Jeremy Jackson, aka Hobie the Baywatch kid who did a sex video with former Vivid girl Sky Lopez, was on the set of his new reality show in the making (some dumb ass VH1 reality show) and the TMZ cameras ran into them. Basically it was him and a bunch of other teen “stars” or reality show related people who today are a bunch of has beens or never has been but thinks they were something at some time.  In all honesty I couldn’t name one of the 10 “stars” and neither could the TMZ camera guys.

In between takes for this seemingly scripted “reality” show, he talked to the cameras of TMZ to discuss his sex take with Sky Lopez. It was in his chattering that it was revealed he is the one who won’t sign off on the video, so that means Sky Lopez did sign off on the release despite what her people are saying.  So it seems that the peeps over at Vivid just aren’t offering enough cash to get Hobie boy to sign off.  Specifically what Hobie had to say was ….

“It’s 45 minutes of awesomeness.  I’m proud of myself but I’m not a porn star, I’m an actor.”

He then rambles on about how the tape is hot and all but he refuses to sign off on it and so anyone who dares to try and release the tape will be in serious legal shit.  Mind you this story broke the day Sky Lopez gave birth to her child and not one signle mention of who Vivid calls the “star” of the video on TMZ.  Apparently she’s not as much of a star as some people seem to think.

Sky Lopez is in Labor

Someone is reporting via a post on her MySpace page that Sky Lopez in her labor.  The person from her camp doesn’t identify who they are or what their relationship to Sky Lopez is but clearly close enough to have access to her MySpace account to make a post no her behalf. Some sources have said that Sky Lopez turned over the maintaining of her MySpace page to her “religious friends”, if you can call them that. These same people of course are also the ones who said Sky Lopez was not out pimping her sex tape with the Baywatch kid.   LOL

Date:  Sep 21, 2008 11:15 PM
Subject: IN LABOR!!!!!
Please say a little prayer for Sky…. She’s in labor this very moment.
Thanks everyone!

Her MySpace page in regards to the Baywatch sex tape has this to say …

Ok… So there is no question that Sky has some what of a colorful past.  I’m sure the news of her and an old baywatch actor making a sex tape is not shocking in the least.  However, I will make very clear that in terms of distrbuting and publicizing, she has nothing to do with.  She told me this morning “I tried getting the tape back, but it didn’t happen”.

The tape was made in mid 2,000 before her experience with God and she doesn’t want anything to do with it.  She is currently married, pregnant, and working hard on becoming a good wife, mother, and servant for Christ.

However an article from AVN tells us otherwise.  It’s very clear in the fact that Sky Lopez has not only been on talks with Vivid about it, that she wants it out.  I mean how can you vouch for the quality and say it is some of the hottest sex you’ve ever had and still claim you have nothing to do with it?  LOL

Hirsch has not yet seen the video, but he told AVN that Lopez personally vouched for the quality.  “When I spoke to Sky about this last week, she said that this is some of the hottest sex she’s ever had,” Hirsch said. “From what she told me, it’s really over the top.”

Truth in advertising – who gives a fuck anymore

Some things are more obvious than others when it comes to lying. I mean by now we all heard that smiling Bob isn’t going to make your dick any harder or any bigger and he faces 20 years in the big house for lying about it. I mean he had a nice run with his male enhancement product but in the end it didn’t enhance shit and well, I think most of us knew it. But sometimes those lies we all read about or see on TV aren’t so obvious or so harmless.

I was watching TV a few months ago when I came across an ad for a product about cutting your dog’s nails. The commercial made the product sound like the answer to my every pet related need and as such I bought the item in question only to find when it finally arrived some 6 weeks later that it was total and complete shit.  It wasn’t that they lied, they just led me to believe something that wasn’t exactly true.  It was deceptive, perhaps – but it wasn’t a flat out lie.

Sort of like saying a man is a disabled vet.   When one says a man is a “disabled veteran” it leads one to believe that he was injured at war.  You know like defending our country or some shit like that.  I mean there is honor in that and that is why that phrase holds special meaning.  However when one finds out that this person was at one time a Marine or may or may not have ever so much as seen any real shit, or ever even left the country for that matter, let alone gotten a single injury while in the service, but in fact was TEMPORARILY disabled by a slip and fall type injury while at work and hasn’t exactly been in the military in years would be yet another example of deceptive practices.

Sure the guy technically is a vet, I mean at one time he was in the Marines but for all we know he could have been dishonorably discharged. And sure the guy was temporarily disabled by obtaining an injury while on the job but he’s not a DISABLED VETERAN in the sense that we have come to attach special and honorable meaning to that phrase.  So implying otherwise would again be unethical.  In fact, some might even say fraudulent.  It’s ironic that while accusing someone of fraud, one would commit fraud themselves.

I’m not pointing any fingers here or even talking about anyone specific, just giving examples of lies, deceptions and well … I’m really getting off topic here. I think you get the point with this one. So let us move on.

So now let’s say you are a porn star. You are in fact a pretty popular porn star. You pay some guy or some company to create you a new website. The first thing I noticed was how much her new website looked like another website, that of porn star Nikki Benz. You can visit the two sites and compare the two for yourselves. Both use identical color schemes, both use the same blue and white swirls. It’s amazing how similar the two sites are.  I don’t know about you but I would be pissed off if I paid some guy to create me a website and launch it only to find it looks almost exactly like another porn star’s website.  Since Nikki Benz has had her website around awhile now we know that hers was the original.

Shyla Stylez’s Website or

Nikki Benz’s Website

Now here is where the shit just gets down right funny, well maybe not as funny as fraudulent but still you get the point.  Shyla Stylez apparently signed a deal with a company called Adult Star Products to manager her website and get traffic through their affiliate program.  It’s not uncommon for a porn star to do something like this.  In theory it makes it easier to handle your website because they are already setup to manager multiple websites like your own so in theory that just makes things easier.   So this is what caught my eye.

Wait? WHAT?  Shyla Stylez is the #1 searched porn star online?  Oh really?  Where did they get this tid bit of information?  I mean who the fuck would have the balls to actually say that out loud let alone post it as official or true?  Without even looking I can tell you a few names that are searched for more than Shyla Stylez and that includes Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Jenna Haze.  So then I actually put in a little effort and found that quite a few others also come up in search engines more than Shyla Stylez, such as Eva Angelina, Jesse Jane, Gianna Michaels and Amy Reid.

Even more insane is that the person who created her site put this little “fact” across every single page of her website. Let’s just forget the fact that it’s not even remotely true and put it up there anyway because it sounds good?  Is this the logic they were going with because it’s the best I can fucking figure out!

As I was laughing about this bullshit with a friend of mine, who has this horrible tendency to try and see the good in people, despite the obvious, pointed out that maybe these searches the Shyla Stylez people referred to was at a site like FreeOnes.  And you know come to think of it, I did seem to recall Shyla Stylez being pretty popular at FreeOnes so ya maybe that’s it.  But turns out that couldn’t be the case since well 5 isn’t 1 and that’s her spot when I checked.  So who the fuck knows what they were thinking.  Guess it’s just yet another example of stretching the truth.  It seems there is a lot of that going on lately.

Kayden Kross The Felon

I was doing some digging on my own on this Kayden Kross story and here is what I was able to find. The case against Kayden Kross was filed on August 6, 2008, although it seems she was only recently arrested for it. Which apparently is why the story is just now breaking.  She is in jail and this is considered a very serious matter.  What makes it even more serious is the overall state of the economy and the mortgage crisis.  The government has just bailed out two major lenders and from what I am hearing, courts are taking any cases of real estate fraud with more severity than they ever have before.  Throw in the fact that the victims in this matter is a disabled vertern during a time of war and well, as you can imagine things are not looking good for this former Vivid girl and current Adam and Eve contract girl.

I think what bothers me the most in this whole ordeal is her lame ass excuse. “I WAS YOUNG STUPID” isn’t cutting it for me. Anyone past 10 years old can’t claim they didn’t know that stealing was wrong. Fraud is fraud and fraud against a man and women with four children that was already in a fucked up situation is even worse.  This bitch knew right from wrong.   This is no grey line here or I was young and didn’t know that stealing their money was bad.    Any respect I gained for Kayden Kross from her postings I have lost now with this bullshit.

OWN UP TO WHAT YOU DID AND FUCKING DO RIGHT BY THESE PEOPLE! not because you have to but because it’s the right thing to fucking do.

Apparently she was originally charged with three counts of something however the #2 count seems to have been dropped. As of now she has just the two charges remaining.  The first is listed as a Criminal felony charge – PC 487(A) (this is grand theft). The second is also a criminal felony charge – CCC1695.3. This is the charge relating to real estate fraud. This charge stems from the Home Equity Sales Contract Act Section 1695. Specifically the part where “by a deed from a trustee acting under the power of sale contained in a deed of trust or mortgage at a foreclosure sale conducted”.

In addition to Kayden Kross, another man by the name of William Henley was also charged on the same date.  He has two charges pending. The first was the same as Kayden’s which was the criminal felony, grand theft – PC 487(A).

The second charge for Mr. Henley was the criminal felony charge of CCC2945.4(D) . This is a law that is meant t0 safeguard against deceit. In short it is meant to protect the homeowners in foreclosures that are subject to unfair dealings by “foreclosure consultants“.

Both Kayden Kross and William Henley are scheduled to be arraigned in this matter on October 14th at 10:30 am at the downtown Sacramento courthouse.

Although it may not be the same person, but there was a William Scott Henley court case or two with a William Scott Henley also out of Sacramento (same name and location as the defendant in the Kayden Kross case) involved in a company called Liquidation Properties, Inc. One of them shows 11 causes of action again him … 1st for Breach of Contract; the 2nd for Intentional Misrepresentation of Fact/Fraud; the 3rd for Negligent Misrepresentation of Fact; the 4th for Violation of the Federal Truth in Lending Act; the 5th for Predatory Lending in Violation of Financial Code §4970 et seq.; the 6th for Unfair Business Practices in Violation of Cal. Bus. and Prof. Code §17200, the 7th for Fraudulent, Deceptive, and Unfair Dealing by Home Equity Purchasers in Violation of Cal. Civil Code §1695 et seq.; the 8th for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; the 9th for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress; the 10th for Declaratory Relief; and the 11th for Accounting.

This case may be the same as the one Kayden Kross went down for or another one all together.   Either way you can read the full legal filing here.

Interestingly enough Twistys just released a new photo set of Kayden Kross that is pretty fucking hot.  Click here to see it.

The -I was young and stupid- defense

Does “I was young and stupid” really count as a good legal defense? Well apparently we are about to find out as that is the story that the lovely miss Kayden Kross is giving as her excuse for defrauding a disabled vet, his wife and four children out of their home.  Kayden Kross is a former Vivid girl who went on to sign with Adam and Eve.  Kayden Kross was in the news a lot it seems lately with her appearnce on the Opie and Anthony radio show, to being punched in the face, to getting arrested in the airport for stealing her own dog from her ex boyfriend, to being a celebrity blogger for Mike South.

Porn Star Kayden Kross in jail for mortgage fraud and grand theft!

AVN reportst that  Kayden Kross Charged in Mortgage Scam.   This is such a great story.  I couldn’t make up shit this good.

Kayden Kross Charged In Mortgage Scam

Starlet is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 14 in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO – Adult star Kayden Kross has been accused of violations of California’s Penal Code, reportedly involving investments she made in foreclosed homes. The charges include grand theft (Sec. 487(a) of the Penal Code) and violations of the Civil Code involving contracts for purchases of home equity (Sec. 1695.3).

While the exact nature of the charges in the criminal complaint are not yet known, knowledgeable sources have told AVN that the charges involve Kross and other defendants having purchased at least two homes that were in foreclosure but still occupied, in an arrangement where Kross would assume ownership and collect rent on the properties until the occupants were in a position to buy back the properties. However, none of that information is currently verified.

“We’re really at the initial stages of the case, so a lot of the details are unknown,” said Kross’s attorney Jon-Paul Valcarenghi of the Sacramento firm of Rothschild Wishek & Sands. “What I can tell you is that Miss Kross was 20 years old and financially inexperienced when she became the victim of two mortgage professionals that she naively trusted. At least one other young woman was similarly victimized, and we intend to investigate these allegations and vigorously defend Miss Kross.”

When asked to define the term “mortgage professionals” and to describe what form the victimization took, Valcarenghi said he was unable to be more forthcoming.

“Here’s why,” he said. “Only because of my limit on my ability to comment because of professional rules, but also because Miss Kross has not been arraigned in court. There has not even been a court appearance yet. I have not even seen the charging document from the court file, so I’m sorry that I can’t provide more details.”

Kross is scheduled to be arraigned in California District Court in Sacramento on Oct. 14, and it is expected that she will move at that time to sever her case from those of other defendants similarly charged in the complaint.

Kross, 23, is an exclusive contract performer for Adam & Eve Pictures. As more details become available, they will be reported here.

Adult FYI has additional coverage of the Kayden Kross story and it seems they spoke to the ex boyfriend who apparently was with her at this time.

Final: “Young and Pretty” Kayden Kross’ Ex Dishes the Dirt; Grand Theft Realto

I spoke Wednesday afternoon to Kayden Kross’ ex. I will refer to him as OBF- old boy friend.

OBF gave me some dirt on what’s going on with Kross, Adam & Eve’s contract girl who’s been indicted by the Feds. OBF has also been approached by federal investigators in the real estate fraud case centered in Gold River, California in which Kross is apparently facing four criminal charges. Gold River is a suburb of Sacramento. There are several properties involved in this case.

“I was also contacted by the private investigators for the bank,” says OBF.

OBF and Kross were together from the time she was 18 until she was 21. They basically split when she got into porn, he tells me.

“Same old story,” he says.

They had met in a strip club three years earlier. I have to laugh.

“I know- as ten years her senior I should have known better,” OBF concedes. He was three years out of the army at the time. I asked OBF if he had the rank of Captain Save-a-Ho while in the Armed Forces.

“At the time we met and began dating it was somewhat of a casual relationship,” he says. “Then four or five months into it we moved in together. We moved into my residence.”

At the time they met at the strip club, OBF bought a couple of lap dances.

“She gave me her number,” recalls OBF. “I called her. We went out on a date and pretty much that first date we began seeing one another every day.”

OBF says he’s always had an entrepreneur’s streak. He began his own company which became quite successful in a very short time. He deals with hedge funds and private trusts.

“I facilitate the purchase and acquisitions of various private equity investments,” he goes on to say. “So this market right now is great for me.”

According to OBF one of the charges for which Kross gets arraigned on in October is grand theft.

“The others are for real estate fraud,” OBF clarifies. “I imagine there’s going to be a bank fraud and tax fraud as well.”

OBF said he was witness to a lot of this.

“I told her at the time there were going to be ramifications for you doing this. They’re not just going to let you walk because you’re blond and you’re young. Her attitude was they will because I’m young, blond and pretty.”

I mention to OBF that Kross’ comments to Scott Fayner, who broke the story, suggest that she was a naïf and a tool of darker forces.

“If she was a tool of darker forces why did she receive all the money?” wonders OBF. OBF surmises that Kross made between $75,000 to $105,000 on this deal.

“The way this was established is that it was a foreclosure bailout for a family,” OBF explains.

“She engaged in a year long contract with the option to extend it depending on market prices. The contract was established so that there was upfront money combined with money that was going to be held to make up the difference between a mortgage payment and the rent that the family was paying in the lease option.”

“She allowed the family to make one rent payment then decided she no longer wanted to participate in the contract and without sending notice of cancellation or giving the family the option to attempt to repurchase the property, she sold off the titles to a third party for $10,000 apiece. Basically she kept the family’s money and both their rent and their equity-the money she was able to access out of the front end of the deal was exclusively from the equity of the house.”

I asked OBF if there were other people involved in this scheme of things.

“At the point that she sold off the titles she was involved with a third party that facilitated the purchase of the titles, OBF replies. “They went ahead and leveraged out the titles to 125 percent on top of the 125 percent that was previously leveraged out. Then you had a property that’s been encumbered to 250% of its value. It’s speculated that she received a kickback on that as well.”

According to OBF, Kross was 21 when she was doing all this sophisticated handiwork. Doesn’t sound like someone who was young, innocent and naïve.

“The assertion that she is highly intelligent is definitely right on,” says OBF who mentions a fraud charge Kross also incurred as a minor. OBF says Kross’ father told him about it because he was the one allegedly defrauded.

“She was living with her father who had been estranged from her father.”

OBF isn’t exactly sure on the details but knows it involved either checks or credit cards belonging to her stepmother on which Kross allegedly ran up some bills. Supposedly Kross told OBF all about it after which her father also confirmed the story to him.

“But that fraud case was consequently expunged,” adds OBF who describes Kross as “manipulative” and “calculating”.

OBF says Kross’ mother went nuts when she found out that Kayden was getting into porn.

“She contacted me on a nightly basis in tears. She wanted her to get her head back on straight,” says OBF.

Kross in the year 2005 was approached by Matrix Models to do solo girl magazine layouts. OBF who had dated similar girls in similar situations knew what the program was, that sooner or later he and Kross would have a confrontation about her future plans.

“I knew what the program was- it’s a desensitization process,” says OBF. “I knew what was going to happen.”

OBF and Kross had issues when she signed her Hustler contract. They
broke up for a period of three months then ended up reconciling.

“But she reneged on that contract,” says OBF.

His understanding was that she was going to drop porn and go to school and finish her education.

According to OBF, Hustler had paid Kross $2500 to that point but she reimbursed them the money. However Kross never got out of modeling.

“And it re-escalated into hey I’m doing porn,” says OBF.

OBF says his concerns are for the family that lost its ass as well as their house.

“You have a man who was disabled in Vietnam with a back injury,” points out OBF.

The family filed the complaint which began the investigation into Kross’ activities.

When the family became aware of what happened, the mortgage broker, William Scott Henley, according to OBF, stepped in and tried to help.

“He’s been absolutely vital in assisting the family,” states OBF.

“So much to the point that when they did lose their house, he put them up in one of his own properties. He subsequently ended up losing that. He put them up for better than a year without any rent, paying all of their utility bills and transporting the man back and forth to his doctor appointments when necessary. Even at some point he brought them food as the wife was working two past time jobs. They were supporting four kids.”

“Now the Sacramento DA is pressing charges against him as a third party even though he had nothing to do with a breach of contract.”

I’m alive and so is Meggan Mallone

My post won’t be as long and in depth as I would like it to be but simply put, I’m on borrowed time. I’m making these updates with an unstable power source and at any time the power could go out again. But more on that in a minute.

First is the important news and that is that the lovely Meggan Mallone is very much alive, doing well and still very much making movies. While the storm kept me away from my computer, I heard not only from Meggan Mallone but also from one of my sources inside Vivid. So what is the fucking deal with Meggan Mallone? Well she lost her Myspace page because apparently she showed some nipple on accidentally and some stupid fuck reported her. Myspace deleted her page without notice. Meggan assures me it was an accident that she didn’t mean to violate their TOS and will be more careful this time around. Meggan Mallone does have a new MySpace page up already as well.

So why wasn’t Meggan Mallone at the coming out party for the new Vivid girls?  From what I am being told is that this party was designed to celebrate the two newest Vivid girls.  Meggan Mallone signed with Vivid before Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne did and her introduction promotion was with Briana Banks as well as some spots on TV’s “The Insider”.

Secret Vivid Source reveals … “Although Meggan Mallone is an important member of the Vivid family, we like to try and give each of our girls equal attention.  Meggan Mallone signed on before the other two girls and this party was set up to promote them and their career.  Although she would have been welcome to come as a guest, had she been in town as the time, as with any of our girls.”

So basically what they are saying, cause ya the bullshit was long on this one, I just cut out the important pieces so basically, what they are saying is that although the three girls signed around the same time, Meggan Mallone signed first, did her big welcome promotions already and now it’s time to highlight the two new blonde babes, Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne.  Both Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne are both with LA Direct Models, Meggan Mallone is not (at least not at this time) and I’m told that LA Direct Models, played a big part in helping to plan this part and a few other upcoming promotional events for Nikki Jayne and Hanna Hilton.

Meggan Mallone’s first movie she did for Vivid is about to be released.  It is called 20 questions.  You can see on the box cover that she still has her little boobies.  I wanted to share with you the movie trailer for Meggan’s new movie but to be honest I’m not in a position to be able to upload the needed files to the server at this time so I had to have a friend try and do it for me.  If it doesn’t work I apologize in advance.  i will fix the links when I am able to but at this time I can’t even check the movie file.  Let’s just hope the shit works and if it doesn’t, I’ll fix the fucker when I can. I’m sure you all understand.

Meggan Mallone in 20 Questions

click here to view the movie trailer for 20 questions

click here for the DVD of the movie

As far as my own status, for those keeping track or those who are remotely interested, I am still here in Houston. I am alive and that’s saying a lot because seriously this hurricane was fucking insane. The devastation is pretty bad.

Milliions are still without power. Just to be clear here, MILLIONS of people that live an hour to two hours away from the coast are still without power. How fucking crazy is that bullshit? The winds from the storm did heavy damage to a lot of really nice houses.

The most fucked up thing is just how many trees went down. You just stand around and look at all the shit everywhere. The picture doesn’t show all that well but this is from a nearby backyard. The storm winds picked up massive sized trees by their fucking roots!.

The hurricane was bad, but the hell afterwards is almost just as bad. There is no gas unless you wait in line for 2 hours in hopes that you get some but who the fuck has the gas to wait in line for 2 hours to buy fucking gas?

There is no cell service. We have power now but for how long? We have it for 20 minutes, lose it for 6 hours. We get power for another 35 minutes, lose it for 2 more hours. But then again, having power for 20, 30 or even 40 minutes at a time better than not having any at all like most folks around here.

Thanks for all the letters people have sent. I have them downloaded now but I just haven’t been able to respond. The power here is unstable. We have had power for about an hour now and that is the longest we’ve had it for days. I will respond to each of you when I am able. The limited time I have at a computer with power and Internet, I’m rushing to get caught up.

I got a letter in my email from “not luke” of Luke is Back. It was a nice note from Cindi with some advice, that I didn’t get until after the fact unfortunately. I mention this letter above all the others because of something she said. She made mention of trees hitting and to avoid the windows. Ironically, this advice would have turned out to be the most beneficial. A tree crashed down and cut my arm when I peered outside for a few minutes. Thats what you get for being a stupid ass, I guess.

Here is a picture of the local store shelves. This is what you get to find when you walk into the Kroger down the street from Kelli’s house, one of the only stores that was opened today. Sure it was only opened about 4 hours and they had almost nothing to sell, but they were open nonetheless.

In the end, I’m fine. We have power but it comes and goes. They expect things to begin to get back to normal within a week. I am going to try and stay here at least for the next few days and help them with the cleanup process. The President has declared this a disaster area. So reserves are being released “soon” and that means within a day or two I will be able to get enough gas to get the fuck out of here but will stay anyway at least to help out.

Devon Meet The Love Twins

What do Devon and the Love Twins have in common? Well they are all former Vivid girls and as of today, they are also all part of the Gold Star Modeling network.  In short it was revealed today on AVN that the Gold Star Modeling network acquired Blue Max Models who up until today handled the Love Twins.

A representative from The Gold Star Modeling network was contacted for a comment but basically had nothing new to say only that things were very new still and they aren’t even sure what is going on, who the new girls are, and how they are going to integrate them all together but they seem to look forward to the challenge.   The people at Blue Max Models couldn’t be reached for comment at this time, nor could The Love Twins.

As of this posting the link to the Gold Star New York website was not functioning, which is the new home of Blue Max Models.

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More on this story as it develops.

The Love Twins

The AVN story is as follows ….

GoldStar Modeling Goes National

Joel Lawrence’s agency opens offices in Miami, N.Y.

LOS ANGELES – GoldStar Modeling on Wednesday announced it has opened offices in New York and Miami as the agency expands its reach on a national level.  GoldStar owner Joel Lawrence told AVN that Blue Max Models in New York and Alternative Modeling in Miami have become part of GoldStar Modeling. The new GoldStar branches will each have their own Websites – and – launched by Monday. Both sites will also be accessible from the main Web portal.

Lawrence, who founded GoldStar in June of 2005, said the deals came together quickly during the month of August after productive negotiations with Blue Max Models’ Joe Max and Alternative Modeling’s Eli Thomas.

“We absorbed Blue Max Models and Joe Max is now exclusively handling the business in the tri-state area,” Lawrence said. “That will be his sphere of influence and to that aim there will be talent based out of New York, male and female.

“The idea is more girls coming to New York, probably two a week, and ideally more talent coming out of New York, both male and female which could be going to any of the branches.

“In addition, more LA producers would be able to shoot out of New York. There will be a lot of cross-pollination going on.”

Thomas will oversee all operations for the new GoldStar branch in the Florida market.

“That same basic paradigm also exists, except Eli’s sphere of influence will be just Florida,” Lawrence continued. “We will offer housing, transportation and other support services and our talent will be available to any of the branches. So if an LA girl wants to go to Florida, we’ll have housing and transportation for her, and the same with New York. It’s likely that well make it a little bit of a triangle.”

Lawrence said that both the New York and Miami offices would also offer locations, access to equipment, and other production support services.  Thomas, who started Alternative in 2003, told AVN the new venture has been well-received.

“There is a lot of positive feedback that we are getting from producers in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale,” Thomas told AVN. “I’m excited because now we have a solid foundation with the talent in LA. It’s a win-win for everybody. The girls are excited and the producers are excited. I’m excited too because my goal has always been to be a national agency.”

Thomas said he would be working closely with Lawrence’s LA hub to build the Miami presence, including incorporating the same computer booking systems.

“And I’ll be hiring my own support staff as far as photographers and drivers to help us,” Thomas added. “The Florida market is constantly growing, I find I get at least one to two new producers contacting me per week.”

Gold Star’s New York arm will be based out of Long Island, where Max has operated Blue Max Models since 2003.

“I think it’s going to be phenomenal. We are the first nationwide agency,” Max said. “I think it’s going to change the industry. It’s going to be a lot easier for producers to book and easier for talent to find work. This was something we’ve been discussing for a while and it fell into place real quick.”

Max, who is stationed about 25 minutes from New York City, said he has watched the New York market grow during the past two years.

“By leaps and bounds. It’s amazing, more and more people are coming into New York to shoot now. … They are tired of the same old places.”

Max told AVN his territory would also include Pennsylvania.

“I’m about two hours away from every producer we work with,” said Max, who used to make frequent trips to Florida with his New York girls before he met Thomas.

Lawrence said he has about 105 LA-based girls and 10 guys on his roster. But when the transition is complete in a few weeks, he’ll have at least 135 girls and 25 guys. He said his bookings have already increased by over 20 percent.

“Everyone believes in the vision of being a national company because at the end of the day that will ultimately be what provides the greatest service for the producers and the talent,” Lawrence said. “I am firmly committed to this, and it’s reaped instant results in a lot of ways.”