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Nina oh Nina

I seen a picture on Nina Mercedez’s MySpace profile today that wasn’t her so naturally I clicked her photos to see what was going on. Never really did figure out what was going on and why that photo was up but something did catch my eye and that was photo, personal ones of Nina Mercedez and her husband at various vacation spots.  On their own it wouldn’t have caught my attention but I noticed how close these two really where and in an industry like this one where it’s full of haters and whores, both men and women, it’s nice to see two people actually in love.  So to you miss Nina Mercedez, I may give you shit about the company you work with on your myspace page, but I give you kudos for finding true love and hapiness in a fucked up world.  Through the grapevine I hear you are one hell of a gal so I wish you and your husband all the love and hapiness in the world.

update: Nina Mercedez says My photo was hijacked this morning but is fixed now.

Monique Alexander in Long Island

Calling all you Monique Alexander fans who just so happen to live in the Long Island area, she is performing tonight.  In fact here is what she has to say about it ……..

Hey ever one I’m featu​re danci​ng tonig​ht thru fri in Long Islan​d,​NY at The Scene​ come check​ me out!​!​!​ There​ will be two shows​ a night​ with givea​ways & games​ so if your in the area come by its going​ to be a good time 🙂  Xoxo,​ Moniq​ue Alexa​nder

SHOW TIMES​!​!​!​!​!

  • WEDS:​ 11:​30 & 1AM
  • THURS​:​ 11:​30 & 1AM
  • FRIDA​Y:​ 12:​30 & 1:​30AM

The Love Twins Go Gold … Goldstar that is.

As I reported last month, The Love Twins’ manager now heads up Goldstar’s New York office and as everyone expected the girls have now officially made the move from LA Direct Models to Goldstar.   That’s right, The Love Twins are now with Goldstar.   They are in good company because just last week Sunny Leone also left LA Direct Models and signed with Goldstar and of course Goldstar also reps another former Vivid girl, Devon, although she hasn’t really been active in making movies since late August (when her AIM test last expired).

This announcement was made the day the girls got home from their last trip to LA.  I tried to reach the girls for common but understandably they were tired and only gave me a short statement which said that they are happy with all that Derek (aka Ben English) has done for them after they left Vivid but they also look forward to the new adventures that they will have while with Goldstar.

The Love Twins official website

Pornstar or Hooker? What is the difference?

I read something rather interesting today over at the Sponsor Chat boards, posted by the guy from over at The Adult News Channel. It’s actually a pretty interesting questions.

Escort or Pornstar?  Here’s a tricky question for you and one that I love to play with pornstars? Whats the difference between the two?

Ask any pornstar and she will immediatly get insulted and tell you she is not a hooker …she is an actress. Come back at her with this and you will see a deer stuck in the headlights look…

“So If I pay a hooker to read a scene from Goodfellas then fuck her is she now a pornstar?”

Facts are facts. I would say 80-90% of pornstars are hookers on the side. If they advertise it on Eros or work for an agency they are making cash on the side as an escort. Trust me on this. I owned an agency at one time and know every girl who works.

The funny thing is that they think somehow in that twisted mind of theirs that the word “hooker” is bad…but “escort” or “companion” is acceptable as if law enforcement is actually reading and hearing everything they say.

The definition is simple. An escort gets paid to escort someone and spend time with them. No sex is involved. A hooker gets paid to have sex. Thats the simple definition…in a simple mind.

Whats so scary about this is that 90% of the time these girls do not have any real security when meeting the guy. There is no real background checks except asking the guy his name, address and call back number. Do you really think Mitzy the receptionist is Einstein and does a full background check? Its a joke and these girls risk their lives on every call for $400+.

At least on set we have some security and a sex test is needed before performing. In real life you think these girls are asking for a test from the guys? No way Jose. They are there to get quick money and leave.

Prostitution should be legalized for one reason. There is no way anyone can stop it so why not control it. Get taxed and make it a real occupation. How nice would it be to fill out a form or what you do for a living and see “Escort” as an option? lol

Lets have Bill Clinton in charge of the Womens Satisfaction Agency. He knows what we want and who better to decide who should be hired. Although out of all the women in the world he could have got blown from he picked a chubby chick with a big mouth. Maybe hes not the best choice.

A girl who shall rename ..well nameless, puts out on her My Space page that she is visiting family in NY every time she hooks here. But yet advertises all over EROS that she is a NY. Does she really think that her fans care? Will they look differently at her? Will they not want to bang her now or buy her movies?

You name any girl in porn and within minutes you can find out if shes able to be bought. You always here guys saying “man I would love to bang her”. I always say the same thing. “You have $500 I can make it happen”.

This is not like you are trying to fuck Tyra Banks ( and why you would want to I have no clue ). They are hookers. They are pornstars. They all fuck for money plain and simple and thats the bottom line. Spend $400 and you could fuck Tyra Banxxx all night like a rabbit. ( Yes thats a real name )

So here is the question….

Do you think there is a difference between Pornstars and Escorts?

Briana Banks is no longer a Vivid Girl

Briana Banks dropped a bombshell on Sunday night via her MySpace page, announcing on her myspace page that after many years of a long and profitable relationship she is leaving the loving arms of Vivid to start her own line of movies of which she will call it “Briana Banks Entertainment”.

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Briana Banks Entertainment
Current mood: horny
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I have such groundbreaking, awesome news to share with alll my loyal friends and fans. I by choice have decided to leave Vivid and start my own company called Briana Banks Entertainment.. The launch of the company will take place in Vegas at AVN 2009… Finally my own boss, what a thrilling ride Im about to embark on.. My first movie will be shot the third week of Novemb

er, and I dont wanna give to much away yet but Brees been in the gym two hours a day and its Briana Banks vision and style all wrapped into one movie with many more exiting titles to follow.. Lets just say the industry will be forever changed in a good way.. Contract girls are in negotiation, they are only the best ofcurse. Well thats all I can tell u for now….. This new chapter in my life will bring a smile to all our faces as well as other places. HeHE xooxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxo Bree

I don’t know why but I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming. I love Briana Banks. Always have. I mean who doesn’t, right? But this is such a huge step and she only recently returned to Vivid after taking an extended leave of absnese.  One can only wonder what caused the split and what the hell is going on over at Vivid or if this is another movie deal like that of Savanna Samson and Sunny Leone.

Nina Mercedez MySpace Fuck Up!

I recently posted about three myspace spammers … you may know them as Tera Patrick, Gina Lynn and Nina Mercedez.  You can click here to read about their antics and how they are pissing off their fans but I wanted to add a little piece to the story.  Today Nina Mercedez posted that she wants you to add her friend, Nina Mercedez.  Oh yes I actually just said what you think I said.  Can anyone says Ooops!  Nina Mercedez could not be reached for comment on this story but rumor has it that the company she hired to manage her myspace page said “I wished they would stop posting untrue stories about us”.  Dude untrue?  Are you really that fucking retarded?  You are the dumb asses spamming up myspace.  Maybe if you stop committing fraud, we’ll stop telling people about it.

The Jenna Jameson mansion, the house that pussy bought

While Jenna Jameson is pregnant with her twins she isn’t sitting around twiddling her thumbs. Nope. Apparently she’s been busy house shopping because TMZ is reporting her and Tito just closed a deal on her new pad.

Tito and Jenna Buy an XXX-Large House. Now that Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson have more in common than just taking shots to the face — she’s preggers with his twins — the soon-to-be foursome have purchased a $3.4 million home in Huntington Beach, Calif. The four bedroom, 3.5 bath waterfront mansion has its own library, walk-in wine cellar, and private boat dock and balcony. We can’t wait to see their home videos.

Katja Kassin reaches out to fan boi

Porn Star Katja Kassin recently reached out to a fan on her MySpace page and gave a very in depth answer to a question that she no doubt gets 100 times a month. The fan boi wanted to know how you can have sex with a porn star. Her answer is quite insightful and in depth.

Katja Kassin blogs : I just got this question for somebody and since people ask me this all the time over and over again, I want to post it here for all to read:

How do I bang a pornstar?

Look, I’m not even talking about you necessarily, I’ve wanted to fuck a pornstar for years, without paying, just through efforts known as “game” (I hate that term)… I’m a good looking dude, I’m clever as all hell, funny as a muthafucka, I’m not asking for a handout. I just want to know where I need to place myself so that I may be in a position to try my own hand, even if its just to get shut down (sometimes half the fun, HA!)… And not a fucking strip club… I don’t even care if she’s a headliner or not…



Hello K.

I want to answer your question in my blog because I really feel like I want to explain this to you. You don’t understand that most adult actresses are total regular people in their personal lives. Yes, they kind of have a weird little job but when they go home after work they want and need the same things a civilian girl would ask for.

Speaking for myself I am never interested in “hooking up”. If I like somebody I will let them know and I need to find somebody interesting in their personality and their character as well. In the end this is totally random and how could you ever explain why two people fall for each other. because they are attracted to each other? because they just click?

Most guys who end up being with a porn star never planned it. It just happens to be that way because they met her somewhere and they liked her enough to give her the benefit of the doubt that even beyond her kind of work they could see all that she has to offer ( and not just talking about the obvious).

you seem to think that just because somebody is a “porn star” all they are about is of a sexual nature. That’s not true. Most girls want some attention, somebody that asks how their day was or gives them a call just to hear their voice. So if you are ever in a position that you want to go out with a “porn star” just try to treat her like you would treat any other girl. Don’t ask her too many questions about her work. If she wants you to know, she will tell you. give her the feeling that you care for her and trust her and also that you would stand up for her, that you will be there for her if she needs a friend.

if you just want a fuck buddy, I don’t know what to tell you. Just go to bars and clubs and keep trying. It seems to me that you only want to get with her simply cuz she’s a porn star. Most girls in my business will not appreciate that. When they go home from work, they take off their stripper heels and fishnets, throw on a sweater, put their hair in a pony tail and hope that somewhere along the way there will be a genuine guy who really, truly likes them for who they are as a person.

and one more thing: we have too much senseless, brainless and meaningless “banging” at work so all we mostly want is somebody that cares. just think about it.

Mika Tan says sorry Iowa

Porn Star Mika Tan is reporting on her MySpace page that her upcoming visit to Davenport, Iowa has been canceled.  The reason she gives for this cancellation?  Money, of course!  She got a better paying gig that doesn’t require her to travel so why not ditch your fans in Iowa?  

Mika Tan says, My agent booked a better paying gig in LA — and it doesn’t require traveling… Sorry, Davenport!