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Hanna Hilton on MySpace

Hanna Hilton has had her MySpace page since long before becoming a porn star.  In fact, Hanna Hilton was discovered on MySpace and became a very popular nude, Internet model for years before making the jump into hardcore.  But recently we noticed her MySpace page was gone and I wondered what happened.  Turns out her page was deleted, and according to her messages on Twitter she isn’t sure exactly why or if she’ll get it back or why it was even deleted in the first place.

Right now she is in the middle of a big move and won’t even be going back to work in LA until September so perhaps once she is settled into her new home she will get back to work on a new MySpace page so for now you can find and keep up with Hanna Hilton at her official website, or via Twitter at

Hanna Hilton

Eva Angelina Gets Spiritual

No no, don’t worry.  Eva Angelina isn’t going Jesus freak on us or anything.  She makes it very clear she loves the cock and plans on taking as many as she can as often as she can but in her personal life she would like to explore different aspects of religion.  Years ago I started down the some road and although I wouldn’t call myself Religious, I would say I am spiritual and well probably better educated about Religion than most die hard church goers.  Now when they spout out bullshit and start talking out their ass, I just smile and nod.   I hope that Eva Angelina finds the peace she is clearly looking for and I encourage her too look into all Religions, not just Christianity.  Heck, even the ancient ones.  It’s all very fascinating stuff.

A snippet of her blog …. So in conclusion, I have decided that I am going to do a little research project. I am going to document my different experiences when relearning the different aspects of religions. Some where in there I will hopefully discover where I feel I best fit in this equation now that I am an adult and have experienced enough in life to know what I already believe in and so on and so on. I am on a quest to find my faith. This might be a very inexpensive version of therapy.

You can read more about Eva Angelina’s new quest for spirituality and sexuality on her personal blog at her official website Her blog is free and are stories she personally writes up and posts.

Eva Angelina

Stoya to appear on MTV

Darrah Ford over at Porn Star Babylon has been keeping up with former Digital Playground contract star, Stoya for us and posted this story about Stoya on her blog. It seems that Marilyn Mansion no longer claims they aren’t so serious but now seems to be “obsessed” with her and even goes as far to say that she has helped him stop doing drugs and drinking so much.

Stoya Swastika

Full story here. Stoya, Marilyn Manson, and hopefully her swastika will be appearing on MTV. He’s slated to star in an upcoming feature by his filmmaking hero, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and just last week his French-director chum Gaspar Noe filmed an MTV segment featuring Manson and his new gal pal, adult-film actress Stoya, a woman he’s come to see as his salvation.

Listen closely to “High,” this notoriously hard partier invites, and you can hear him leaving his carnal phase behind with Stoya, whom he became obsessed with — then admittedly stalked — on the Internet.

“And now I’ve strangely curbed my behavior,” he says. “I’ve met a girl who’s managed to make me lose interest in drugs and alcohol, so now I’m driven by romance, love, by the concept of wanting to live, wanting to be better as a person.”

Such serenity is worth fighting for. He says, “I’ve gotten to a spiritual place, and it’s really centered on the importance of what I love. And I will beat down, kill and destroy anything that messes with that.”

Janine is now free but not really

I was going to put up one of those little countdown clocks to mark the days until Janine Lindemulder was released from the pokey but fuck if I never got around to it and now she is free.  Well really not so much “free” but she is out of prison and on her way to I guess life in a half way house for the next few months. In honor of Janine’s release from prison today I have found a great video clip of her doing a naughty little dance for you.   Maybe soon enough those secret Vivid scenes she did sometime last year before will be released soon.  You know to this day we still don’t know what the big secret is about this.  I mean sure we all guessed it’s her doing Vaniity that tranny chick but Vivid would neither confirm nor deny the rumor.  Hopefully Vivid will release the footage soon so we can finally find out.

Janine Lindemulder

Oh and for the record, the site these videos promote is the *ONLY* official site of Janine Lindemulder.  The other one (real Janine or some shit like that) claims to be her official site but it’s not.  Janine MIGHT have had something to do with it some odd 10 years ago but I assure you, she’s not involved in any way shape or form with it, nor do they give her any money from it.  It was some deal she made with Jenna Jameson years ago and when Jenna Jameson sold Club Jenna to Playboy, Janine and Briana Banks were two, among a handful of girls that got screwed in the process.  Anyway, I don’t know all the details, just that Janine has nothing to do with that site, despite the fact that they have been claiming it as her “official” site for many years.  Janine has only one real OFFICIAL site and that is Free Janine.

Damn Raylene has a twin

Ever noticed how much Jenavive Jolie looks like Raylene? Here is an image of Jenavive Jolie from her movie Latina Heat 5. It’s the cover of the DVD and below that is a shot of Raylene.   It’s not the best Raylene shot but look at the two, don’t they look alike? Jenavive Jolie looks just like Raylene did at that age.

Jenavive Jolie Latina Heat 5

Raylene - Porn Star

Speaking of Raylene, she is back booking work full time now with A List Talent.

Tera Patrick invades your iPhone

I notice Tera Patrick was on Twitter the other day and made mention of something rather interesting and that is that she has just released the Tera Patrick app for your iPhone. I did a quickie search of the app store and the app is called SlideHer Tera Patrick.

Tera Patrick Twitter

The description is really long but here is the long and short of it … SlideHer is a sexy take on the traditional sliding puzzle. Tap or slide the pieces into their correct positions and you’re rewarded with high quality bikini and lingerie photos that you can use as your iphone or iPod touch wallpaper. 30 high quality, exclusive photos in all.

Hi guys!!! Just released in the iPhone store is my new app featuring wallpapers and fun games with me! Check it out.

Evan Stone Shakes His Money Maker

Okay ladies, this one is for you.

The Public Has Spoken – Evan Stone Wins Favorite Male Star For the 2nd Year In A Row at 2009 F.A.M.E. Awards, Just Before He Announces His Feature Dancing Tour.

Evan Stone

(Los Angeles, CA) Actor. Performer, Writer, Musician, Wrestler. Ranch Hand… EMT? There’s no doubt about it, Evan Stone can, and probably has, done it all! With his chiseled good looks and gripping wit Evan Stone took the Entertainment Industry by storm. And, for the second year in a row, the public voted for Evan as Favorite Male Star at the 2009 Fans of Adult Media Entertainment (F.A.M.E.) Awards, which were held during the Erotica LA convention. From the moment he first stepped through the doors at Erotica LA, until well after he accepted his Award, fans followed Evan and crowded all around him trying to get a photo or autograph from their favorite celebrity. Never one to pass up a chance to reach out and give back to his fans, Evan took a quick break from his official duties at the expo to stop by the A.I. Studios exhibit and play a few songs on guitar for his swooning audience.

“My fans are the absolute BEST in the WORLD! They really are SO supportive and giving,” described an appreciative Evan, after hamming it up on the red carpet with other winners who received their trophies at the F.A.M.E. Award Show. “No matter what I’m doing I make sure to have fun doing it. I think that’s what really connects me to the audience – they know that if I’m involved in something it’s going to be a good time! And that’s what people are really craving, especially right now, a way to take a break and just have a good time!”

Ever since Evan Stone was crowned Best New Stud in 1999 by the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) he has starred in over 720 movies in both mainstream and adult. And now, after securing his reign as a top entertainer by winning 15+ major awards throughout his diverse acting career, Evan is going back to the beginning to bring his fans a special treat – The Evan Stone Ladies Night Tour.

“I started out in the entertainment industry as a dancer. I can’t wait to get up on stage with my buddies at different clubs around the country that feature Ladies Night male reviews. It’s been something I’ve been working on for a while now, and after getting so much fan-mail asking about my shows now seems like the perfect time to make it happen,” said Evan.

Evan Stone’s all-male review tour will kick off in July at Crazy Girls, and will be sure to bring many heartthrobs up close and personal with hungry fans who may have never had an opportunity to see their favorite “studs” in person before. And that’s not all Evan has in store for us – for the past year Evan has been hard at work creating a multi-million dollar 9-room Cam House, soon to be packed with fresh new faces (and a few of his personal favorites). With Evan’s 24-hour live Cam-House site launching AND a Ladies NightTour kicking in, you may be wondering – does he even have time now to act in new movies? And of course the ever youthful & energetic superstar will always find a way to make the time. Whether on the road or in the studio Evan Stone is an industry icon who’s talent and innovation constantly surprises and proves to us all that he’s not just another “pretty face”! Be sure to look for news and tour updates on his website at

It’s Burning Hot This 4th of July

Joanna Angel and the BurningAngel Girls to put the HOOT in Hootenanny…Cum See What the Fireworks Will Be All About Saturday, July 4th in Orange County, California.

Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA – Worldwide Queen of Alt Porn, Joanna Angel and founder of BurningAngel (, along with her BurningAngel girls will be putting the HOOT in Hootenanny this weekend where their presence will be known at the BurningAngel Booth. Cum out and meet Joanna and her girls where plenty of BurningAngel merchandise will be on hand.

Burning Angel

Saturday, July 4th
Oak Canyon Ranch
(next to Irvine Lake)
First music stage starts at 12:30pm
For more information go to
To buy tickets- go here!

“Don’t spend 4th of July at a lame BBQ- spend it with MEEEEEE at HOOTENANY in Orange County, CA.

Reverend Horton Heat and the Horrorpops are playing…. along with some other great bands- there will also be some old school cars, really tall pompadours, and of course ME at the BurningAngel booth,” bursts Joanna.

Bree Olson in Long Island

Bree Olson blogs on her MySpace page … I am in Long Island NY!
I am at “The Scene” gentlemens club performing tonight (Friday June 26th) and tomorrow night (Saturday June 27th). Be sure to come out and meet me! I will be performing as well as taking naughty polaroids and giving private dances! Lets have fun together this weekend! xoxo Bree Olson

Times: (Approx) 10-3 Both nights
Address: 70 Motor Parkway Commack Long Island NY 11725
CLUBS Phone Number for Questions: 631-543-4177

Bree Olson MySpace