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She writes

I’m so excited! Last night I went and bought a new car! I traded my old car (an Acura TSX) in & put down a bunch of money on a new Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG! I got it in black with black and red leather….Its so freaking hot! I can’t believe it’s mine… 🙂 I’m going to take some pics tomorrow and post them…:-) And now for a nice drive by the beach with the top down…




She blogs..

Well after a rough night of parting I was suposed to go to Kansas City but I was salty about the night before so I got a call from a very good friend of mine saying u need a break from ur crazy life so fly to Vegas mama and we will take care of u. Don’t worry people at least I have enough respect for my company than to just flake I did call the guy throughing the party and siad I was not gonna make it. Well then I called the boy who was sleeping cause he had worked the night before till 10am and said hey u may get an early B-Day present I am coming to Vegas earlier than expected. So I hopped on the plane and proceeded to head to Vegas as I was on a lay over in THE WINDY CITY and called the boy and said did u get my message and he was a bit salty that I would be flying in to see my friends and not him for his B-day as I explained I needed a break from work and I had cancled my appearence in KC. So Pin and Adam picked me up from the airport and let me just say I was a bit tipsy and on a 10. I had in hand my bag and my RED Blankey… I get in the car and I am trying to explain to my friends that I was safe and in thier car and I was not so sure what was gonna happen and that I would call them back. Phone was dying so I had to figure out the plan quickly my girl Sandra D calls and say hold on BOBERT I will call u right back to late phone has died fucking hell!!!! Well this is where my boys say ur coming with us to AZ for PINS B-Day… Now here I am on my way for nice break from reality gonna spend a few days away from my laptop and my phone out of touch from all the DRAMA.. NICE!!! On the morning of Pins B-Day I decide there must me one more girl add in on this shit and I had him text a few friends of mine and fly one out so now the after a few gin and tonics the games begin I belive the rest must be explained by a 3rd party prospective cause I can not be to sure what happend but a 24hr drink off and I lost for sure I def tapped out a few times but not before pissing the bed never been so tossed in my life swear that shit is crazy!!!! I mean everyone has that dream when they are a child that the get up and go to the restroom and they actually lift the tolite set but not twice in 24hrs LOL but anyways after a long recovery we drive back to LV and I am in a good place… Not sure what I am about to do Fly back home and face the music or just stay MIA but not without trying to get a phone charger and get online and deal with everyones yelling!!!! Okay I know I may have scared some people but at least I called and responsibly said I was not showing up in KC but is it absolutly ness. that everyone must know where I am at all fucking time. GOLLY!!!! PEEPS I AM ONLY HUMAN AND NO ONE PERSON CAN SAY THAT THEY HAVE NOT FLAKED ON WORK IF THEY DO THEN THEY ARE FUCKING SAINTS BUT AT LEAST I MADE A PHONE CALL SO ITS NOT EXCATLY LIKE I FLAKED SO OKAY!!!!! Well now I am back home and I have not yet gone to my house to get all my shit sit. and I am leaving my phone off for a hot min I need to get my head clear sober up a bit and spend sometime with family for the weekend!!! I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT WEEKEND AND ROCK OUT WITH UR MF-ING COCKS OUT FOR ME PLEASE I WILL CHECK IN MAYBE MID WEEK!!!!


This has been the week of comebacks…. first ANN MARIE and then today we broke that MCKENZIE LEE was returning…. well here’s another Lukeford scoop, this COMING week another prominent ‘former contract girl’ will be making her comeback as well.

Check back for the name and on-set photos!!!!


That’s right. she’s BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the mosy beautiful, elegant, classy YET very dirty girls of porn is BACK!!!! Mckenzie is freshg out of her Club Jenna contract and ready to start shooting again, girl/girl only.

Mckenzie emails.

Hey you….
Wanted to wish you happy birthday and also to ask you for a favor….
pretty pls would you put a release out on about my return to the industry… im only doing g/g but people can book me through Exotic Star Modeling



Lukas Rossi, lead singer of Rock Star Supernova, tied the knot with former porn star Kendra Jade.

The 30-year-old rocker married Jade, also 30, at a Las Vegas chapel on May 14. Both the bride and groom wore black.

“It was beautiful and no, Elvis didn’t marry us,” Rossi told ET Canada. “It was just me and her. I wanted it to be just intimate, you know.”

In April, Rossi brought Jade home to Toronto to meet his once-estranged father.

Rossi shot to fame last September when he won the reality series Rock Star: Supernova and joined the band featuring veterans Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted. He is scheduled to perform a solo concert on June 6 in Hollywood.

Jade, who was born in Massachusetts, made a string of X-rated videos with titles like Tricked by an Angel and The Sopornos after pictures of her in a tryst with Jerry Springer were published in 1998.


An American policeman has been suspended after a porn star claimed that she pleasured him to avoid getting a driving ticket.

Barbie Cummings says that state trooper James Randy Moss pulled her over for speeding.

He then asked her if she had any drugs in the car, to which she told him that she was carrying a number of ‘happy pills’.

This should have resulted in a strict punishment for Cummings, real name Justis Richart, but instead the 21-year-old was allegedly propositioned by Moss.

The star of Freaky First Timers wrote on her blog: “‘Then he asks me, what does it cost for someone like me to get anything like you?”

Cummings, 21, then describes how shoe gave Moss oral sex outside his car in a secluded area.

She even posted photographs on her blog, allegedly showing her performing the act, although the pictures are just of her face and do not show Moss.

Cummings has now been questioned by police and Moss has been suspended pending further enquiries.


Katie Holmes - Bodog Beat

Katie Holmes vs. porn star Katee Holmes? Who will prevail? (Courtesy Paramount Pictures)


An irate Katie Holmes is threatening legal action against an actress who changed her name to Katee Holmes and plans to lose her virginity in a porn movie. Hoo Raah.

“Katee Holmes”, the 18-year-old porn-star-virgin, a living, breathing oxymoron is represented by Shy Love, an experienced figure in the porn industry. Love told the press, “She’s using the name as a tribute to Katie, who has always portrayed innocence in whatever she has done.”

In an interview with the New York Post, Katee said, “I know it’s pretty extreme to lose my virginity on camera, but I like the fulfillment and excitement I get from watching porn, so I figured a movie was the best place for me to lose it. How many people wished they could relive their first experience, if not to remember it but to learn from it right?”

Reports say that Tom Cruise will stand behind his wife if she decides to take legal action against porn star Katee.


COURTNEY CUMMZ Sexifies Club Alex’s May 17th-19th!

For Immediate Release: May 16th, 2007

(Hollywood, CA)
Director/Performer Courtney Cummz brings her sultry body and dirty mind to Club Alex’s this weekend to stripteasingly headline the gig!

No rest for this wicked XXX girl as the Zero Tolerance contract superstar, Courtney Cummz continues her conquest of gentlemen’s clubs across the states. This week, Cummz lays down her set of strip shows in Stoughton, Massachusetts!

After a solid set of performances in Van Nuys last week, Courtney is coming to Club Alex’s to keep doing what she does best…electrify the crowd with sexual intensity! The Hardcore Hottie has several shows lined up at Club Alex’s and is intent on making her mark in Massachusetts!

“I have been traveling and performing so much lately you’d think I would be exhausted, but it’s really the opposite. I can’t wait to get there and shake my ass.”
Courtney noted. “When the crowd gets going…it’s a feeling that’s hard to describe, but knowing they are there to see me naked is pretty hot!”

nakedness can also be seen in her latest DVD release, Whack Jobs from Zero Tolerance . Courtney not only performs in the movie but the cover girl also directed it as well! Expect a lot of nastiness from the mind of Cummz !

Club Alex’s gets Cummz all over as the reigning Hottest Girl in Porn Courtney Cummz headlines the weekend as the Featured Dancer!

May 17th – 19th, 2007
Courtney Cummz @ Club Alex’s
584 Washington st Rt 138
Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072

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