Review for My Virtual Twins

Someone I work with was doing some work on a website and one of the movies in the site featured identical twins Misha and Sasha.  Turns out there was hot twins in the business before Vivid signed The Love Twins.  These twins are from Russia and first came to be known by the name The Sin Twins as originally they were signed by Sin City Films.  Then after making only a tiny number of movies with Sin City, maybe 3 or 4 at best, they left and signed with Anarchy Films.  With Anarchy they did about 10 maybe 12 movies, one of which was called My Virtual Twins.

You may be asking yourself why I am reviewing a movie that came out in 2003 but to be honest it really is a great watch still years later.  The twins that star in the movie didn’t get any less hotter just because a few years have passed.

The movie is broken up into three categories for the viewer to choose from, foreplay, sweet and nasty.   After selecting foreplay you are presented with the option of tits, ass, pussy, dildo, and bj.  These videos are more teasers than anything.  The tits menu gets you a video of the girls tits, where the ass menu as you might expect will get you shots of the girls asses.

The sweet menu gets you the option of seeing the twins do doggie, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl or to go directly to the cum shot.

If you chose the nasty menu you get the same options as sweet, only they are a little more hardcore.  The cum scene then offers you two options of cum inside of me or cum on me.

The girls have great, rock hard bodies and they have a lot of energy in their sex scenes.  They aren’t at all shy, and it comes through in their performances.  My favorite part was the reverse cowgirl.  I don’t know which twin it was because I quite honestly can’t tell them apart, but damn one of them can sure ride a cock and look amazing doing it.  Her super flat, well toned stomach, her great tits.  It’s just an all around great scene.

What they did right — They made a movie with two very hot identical twin sisters.  How can that alone not be a plus of any movie?  Add to the fact that the girls have a great, outgoing personality that comes through in the scenes they do and it’s even better.

I love the bonus interview they did with Misha and Sasha at the end of the movie.  It also included a almost 10 minute behind the scenes clip of the Twins in London.  I’m a huge fan of extras when it comes to DVDs, so these were a really nice plus for me.

As far as the movie goes, I really can’t complain.  The girls had a lot of energy in their sex scenes.   The girls are very hot and their accents are beyond adorable.

What they did wrong — Minus the interview and BTS clip they did with Misha and Sasha, which was great mind you, the DVD really lacked on any bonuses or extras.  It has the standard photo slideshow, and a a few movie trailers for some of the other Anarchy titles but that was really it.    Would it have been so hard to throw in a biography of these girls or at least some kind of extras?  Maybe some Misha and Sasha desktop wallpapers, maybe something, I don’t know.  I just feel like they really skimped in terms of DVD extras.

As far as the movie goes, I’m happy there.  My only real complaint in terms of quality of the overall DVD is the annoying repeated audio loop from the DVD menus.   It’s the same 5 second loop repeated over and over and over again.  Who the hell thought that would be a good idea?  A moan or two is nice, but the same 5 second moan repeated over and over and over, not so much.

In conclusion — Despite the fact that this is a movie from 2003, it was still a good watch some 7 years later.  The twins are extremely hot.  The movie left me wanting to get to know more about them and see even more of their work.  Scenes from the movie is available to download just click on the box cover above to go directly to the link.

Review for Meggan Does Malibu

Movie Description: Meggan and her best friend are on their last fling to California from their home town in Ohio. It’s their last chance for fun before settling down in the heartland. They meets an adventurous, romantic Bohemian artist, a California original, and with her comes a … morehost of sexy seaside men…and suddenly all the old rules seem not to apply. Adult’s most awarded director, Paul Thomas, brings together Malibu, Meggan, threeways and facials, in a sand, sun and sex spectacular, Meggan Does Malibu. It’s a tale told as only Paul Thomas can, from the people who do sex and story best…Vivid. Starring Meggan Mallone, Gianna Lynn, Holly West, Jennifer Dark, Rocco Reed, Alan Stafford, Trent Tesoro, and Joey Brass. This movie is available on DVD.

Hello my name is Mandee and well this is officially my first movie review for the Luke Ford website.   I will be posting several movie reviews for you in the future so I hope you find them helpful.

The first scene starts off with Meggan Mallone walking around in jean shorts and a pink polka dot bikini top. She meets up with a friend of hers and they get a stranger to take their photo together as if they were tourists.  Turns out the two are supposed to be from Ohio there in California for a vacation.

Eventually they make their way to the beach and again run into the guy who took their picture earlier. He helps them in their pursuit of finding some celebrities. They find their way onto his boat and as her friend goes to take a phone call Meggan and the stranger, played by Rocco Reed to start to make out. Making out leads to fucking in just about every part of his boat house.   These two are great together.  It’s a very good scene in terms of sexual energy and passion.

In the next scene we see Gianna Lynn playing with her breasts, then heads to the couch to see her fiance.  She misses him and she can’t wait to have sex with him.  As he starts to eat her pussy you notice right away she didn’t shave that day. With a day or so worth of growth on her pussy it gives it a very unusually dark look. It’s hard to explain how it looks other than to say it looks weird. I felt sorry for the dude trying to eat her pussy. You know that fucking stubble didn’t feel good.

Next Gianna Lynn got face fucked then they made their way to the bed and she rode his cock. This scene was strangely not Paul Thomas like. The energy just wasn’t there at all. Normally he gets more out of her performers but this time it just looked so strangely forced. She was trying to hard and the guy was just phoning it in. Trent Tesoro didn’t have much chemistry with Gianna Lynn at all.  While they were fucking thy got interrupted. It seems the maid came in to clean the room. As she said she would come back later he told her that was okay. Instead he threw her on the couch and started fucking her. Her seemed far more into Holly West than he did the last girl.  Soon Gianna Lynn joined the two and it made for a great threesome. The scene got much better when Holly West joined the mix.  The scene ended rather strangely. While her man was still fucking the maid, she quickly jumped out of bed, put on her clothes, grabbed her suitcase and took off. The other two didn’t seem to notice or case or care that the chick took off.

In the next scene she hooks up with not one, but two men, neither of which were her fiance. The two men she hooks up with this time are Alan Stafford and Joey Brass. There seems to be very little reason as to why she decided to go off and fuck two other guys when her fiance was in town, other than “some unfinished business” but this is a porno so really do you need a reason to fuck?  Gianna Lynn is more sexually aggressive than most females so pairing her with the right men is important. You can really see the difference from the last scene and the sex just comes off much hotter. Again the only real problem I have with her is that the bitch really needs to shave her fucking pussy. That shot looks so fucking nasty because, all black and seriously, someone buy the bitch a fucking razor already.

At the end of the scene both the men unload on her nice, big titties.  That was pretty hot.

In the next scene it’s time for everyone to go back to Ohio or Idaho, wherever they are from.  Meggan Mallone reveals she is going to stay in California and move in with the guy she fucked the other day. In this part of the movie Meggan and Gianna Lynn’s fiance have a heated exchange of words where basically he calls her a slut for just hooking up and moving in with some random guy.  What is interesting about this scene is that in real life Meggan Mallone was in a relationship with Trent.  But by the way those two went at each other, you wouldn’t have guessed it.  Guess it’s true what they said about Paul Thomas and his ability to bring out the best in any porn actress.

Meggan Mallone heads over to her new place and it is there she meets his crazy ex-girlfriend played by Jennifer Dark.  The three seem to get along rather well and that of course leads to a great threeway that ends in him unloading on their faces and in their mouths.

In all the movie was about an hour and 34 minutes long but still unusual to have only 4 scenes. Most movies today have 5 sex scenes in that same time period, but this was had some rather long sex so in all the movie only included the 4 scenes.

The movie ends and Meggan going on her way. thinking about her time in Malibu and moving into her own apartment which interestingly enough just so happens to have been the same location that they shot Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel.
At the very end you get a shot of Paul Thomas on the Pier in a cameo.

On a strange note, the movie credits say it was written and directed by Chuck Lords, yet most sources of information say it was directed by Paul Thomas. Since Paul Thomas made the non-sex cameo at the end of the movie that would make sense. So I did some digging and it turns out Chuck Lords is just another name Paul Thomas uses to attach his name to projects he isn’t particularly proud of.
Overall I would say if you are a fan of Meggan Mallone then this movie is a must have. She looks hot, fucks great and has two sex scenes in the movie.

This movie is available on DVD

X-Play and Digital Sin can tell the future!

So I was reading the press release for the new Charlie’s Angels parody and I gotta say these people have balls! If you were to only skim the article you would really think this was the movie to put all other movies to shame! But how do we know, the movie hasn’t even been release yet! Normally a movie is made, then released, and they if it is really good it will get nominated for all sorts of awards and sales will be phenomenal. If it is really great movie, you will still hear about it long after it’s release; maybe even considered a legend. Take DEEP THROAT for instance. But to make such audacious claims when a movie hasn’t even been release is just plain ballsy or just really stupid (I haven’t decided yet). So let’s break down this press release, shall we?

Blockbuster Charlie’s Angels XXX Parody Could Provide Big Boost for Retail Sales
Not Charlie’s Angels XXX is showing every indication of becoming a major blockbuster that could provide a big boost for retail DVD sales nationwide this fall.

Notice the word COULD. Technically any movie that is released Could provide a big boost for retail sales. So really anyone releasing a new movie can make this claim. They are not stating a fact, needing actual proof, this is just an assumption, and a mighty presumptuous one at that. Vivid’s new Batman XXX is making this claim but it has already been released, so you have to assume they are looking at sales figures and not just making a claim out of their assholes! And what indications are they talking about? Pre-sales? But what else? It says EVERY indication, like there is more than one factor to consider. Again, a purely arrogant claim pulled from their ass.

What makes Not Charlie’s Angels XXX even more unique is that it comes from the same comedy team that has brought many of the best-selling adult parodies to fans worldwide including spoofs of The Brady Bunch, Married with Children, M*A*S*H, Bewitched, Monday Night Football, Airplane, Three’s Company and Britney Spears.

This whole paragraph did not make any sense. The movie is MORE UNIQUE…? What? I think they used the wrong word here. To be MORE unique you had to have been Unique in the first place. What made them unique? Gorgeous women (umm, don’t most porno’s have this)? But it never says, it just goes straight to the MORE unique claim.

“This is also the first action-adventure feature movie that I have directed and I loved every minute of it,” proclaimed Will Ryder, the 2010 AVN, XRCO, XCritic, CAVR and NightMoves director of the year.

Now see this is how it is done. They can claim what a great direct Will Ryder is, because they have “awards” to back it up. They didn’t just pull this claim out of thin air like people tend to do when promoting a pornstar.

Destined for numerous award nominations; Not Charlie’s Angels XXX is a fun, wild ride packed with twists, turns, great music and loads of fun.  The 2-disc Collectors Set is packed with extras, bonus sex scenes from Madison Scott, Zeina Heart and Nicole Ray, extensive behind the scenes footage, cast commentary, director/producer travelogue and much more.

Okay, this paragraph just really cracks me up. ‘Destined for numerous awards‘…Feeling conceited much? How they hell do they know, except that it makes the movie sound better when advertising it. The rest of the paragraph is great, but I just can’t stop laughing every time I see the word “Destined

This could be the most entertaining porn movie of the year.  Check out the trailer here Charlies Angel XXX.html

Okay, now I think they are starting to realize that maybe they aren’t fortune tellers after all. So instead of just blatantly claiming the DVD is the most entertaining of the year, they simply say it COULD be! Well, you could be a dumb mother fucker, too, couldn’t you? Not that I am saying you are, but you COULD be! So only time will tell if any or all  of their claims in this highly inflated press release come true.

A whole new kind of celebrity sex tape

Who the heck is this old creepy guy fucking the hell out of all these hot, young girls on the latest Amateur District movie?

Well, his name is Uncle Jesse and you’ve probably seen him in Hollywood movies or TV shows like Ghost Busters or the 6 Million Dollar man. Actually maybe you didn’t. He was always a more behind the scenes kind of guy. He was after all a real life Hollywood stuntman for years.  He worked on many of the biggest Hollywood movies during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In fact there is an UNCONFIRMED rumor that he even had a tryst on the set of one of his mainstream movies with a now very famous blonde actress – this blonde female star in question in today’s terms is still a very, very popular actress and if this rumor is true, there exists something like a 15 minute tape of her giving him a blow job in his trailer on the set of one of his movies.

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So after retiring from being a Hollywood stuntman who didn’t quite know what to do with his life. So what better to do in your free time than porn? That’s exactly what this dirty old man did.

Apparently Amateur District got their hands on 4 or 5 of these Uncle Jesse movies, which are all expected to be released over the next 18 months or so. The first one entitled Uncle Jesse is a Dirty Old Man was just recently released and is now available on DVD from many adult retailers including Adult DVD.

[flv: 480 350]

Movie Trailer for I Love Renee Perez

My husband and I are having a debate on the merits of the I Love Renee Perez movie trailer.  He thinks it is far to girly.  I of course love it.  I think it’s cute and the song goes so well with it, don’t you think?

[flv: 480 350]

I Love Renee Perez is now available on DVD

The Love Twins are back with a vengence

I seen something on Adult DVD Talk the other day that caught my attention.  Of course anytime a female posts something and makes reference to cock, that tends to grab my eye.

… it is unlike what we have come to know of the girls from their previous movies. There is no glitz and glam. There are no attempts at trying to act. It’s just raw passion. I’ve not seen the girls have such an appetite for a cock before.

I checked out the trailer for the movie and it looks like this may be true.  The Love Twins in most of their Vivid movies always lacked that insatiable appetite for sex.  That passion, that vigor that makes you go DAMN THEY REALLY WANT THAT COCK.  I’ve always liked their three way scenes when they are giving head.  They have that shit down to an art-form but now I must admit, I really can’t wait to check out this movie.

It will be nice to see the twins in a less directed, more free, FUCK ME NOW kind of way.  I’m not the biggest fan of amateur home movies but the one thing I can say for them is that you get a raw energy in them that you don’t tend to get from the scripted scenes.

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies” is now available on DVD

click here to view the trailer

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Identical twin porn stars, The Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey Love mark their return to hardcore with the release of The Love Twins XXX Home Movies. This movie is the first in a new line that Amateur District is producing which features the real amateur footage of famous stars.

This new series is quite a departure from what Amateur District is known for. Typically Amateur District releases titles featuring real amateurs girls they find on the streets, at golf courses and shopping malls. But the XXX Home Movies series marks the first time that Amateur District will purposely feature movies with famous porn stars.

Kelli Roberts, marketing coordinator for Amateur District says “When I first started doing marketing for Amateur District I had this project in mind. I knew that a lot of famous girls were out there shooting their own amateur type footage for their websites so I made contact with several of them and suggested they let us have some of the footage they shoot to release on DVD. It’s a win / win for everyone because their fans get to see some unique footage of the girls, shot at home by the porn stars themselves on DVD while at the same time the press for the release of the movies helps market their own websites. So in the end everybody is happy. Fans of the Amateur District line want to see the real footage, the stuff that isn’t all edited up and faked. They want to see the real deal and that is exactly what this series gives them.”

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies features all scenes that the girls shot themselves. The literally went out bought a camera and filmed themselves having sex and gave it to Amateur District who then turned it into a movie for them.

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies will be released on August 2, 2010. The Love Twins XXX Home Movies as with all Amateur District titles are distributed exclusively through Pulse Distribution. For wholesale inquiries please contact Howard Levine at Pulse Distribution at or by calling (818) 435-1607.

The Love Twins first came on to the scene when they were signed by Vivid in 2005 and shortly after released their first movie Two Hot which would go on to be nominated that year for best sex comedy. Their follow up movie True Hollywood Twins would go on to recieve the same nomination the very next year.

When The Love Twins contract with Vivid Expired in 2007 they would go on to work with several other companies making movies for everyone including Digital Playground, Jules Jordan, Adam and Eve, Smash Pictures and more. The Love Twins would also go on to grace the covers of several men’s magazines including Swank, Club and Genesis. The girls would also go on to launch their own official website, which they run themselves. It is a free website where their fans can go to keep up with what they are doing, preview their movies and just chat with the girls. You can also follow them on Twitter at

Amateur District movies provide genuine Amateur content and is considered a one of the premier amateur lines. The Amateur District line of movies was originally launched in October of 2006 with the release of their first movie, Absolute Asses and within a year had their first of what would turn out to be many award nominations. Amateur District produces quality amateur movies and their official website is located at You can also follow Amateur District on Twitter by going to

Is your ex girlfriend a dumb little whore?

You ever had an ex who after you breakup with the chick you think to yourself, “man she was one dumb whore”?  Well apparently you are not alone in that though.  All For You Entertainment releases their first title this month called none other than MY EX-GIRLFRIEND IS A DUMB WHORE.

All For You Entertainment is a new line of movies and this is their first title released.

I fucking love the title and would be it for that alone but throw in the fact that it includes footage of Renee Perez, and I love the fuck out of it even more.   This is a gonzo movie.  There isn’t really any plot or story line.  It’s just 10 scenes of chicks being hot little whores.  Can’t really complain about that.

A few different places are offering this DVD including Adult DVD Empire, GamelinkCD Universe and TLA Raw.

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Amateur District Releaes Hand Job Honeys 2

Amateur District will be releasing the second volume of their movie Hand Job Honeys next week.  In this second volume of Hand Job Honeys, you get twice the honeys and two times the fun with an amazing 20 sexy scenes for you to enjoy, that comes in a special 2 disc set.

The movie includes hand job scenes that feature Missy Monroe, Capri, Holly Day, Noname Jane (as Violet Blue), Hennesie, Nichole Parks, Mya Ocean, Nikki Adams, Sindy Lange, Sandy Rose, Bliss Bitch, Erika Lane, Lara Cox, Tawny Bryant, Armani Knight, Zenova Braeden, Alesha Bizart, Kelsey Monroe and Lexi Mathews.

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Hand Job Honeys 2 from Amateur District should be in stores some time around May 24th.


About Amateur District : Amateur District movies provide genuine Amateur content and is considered a one of the premier amateur lines. The Amateur District line of movies was originally launched in October of 2006 with the release of their first movie, Absolute Asses and within a year had their first of what would turn out to be many award nominations. Amateur District produces quality amateur movies and their official website is located at You can also follow Amateur District on Twitter by going to All wholesale inquiries should be directed to

Do White Girls Make Not the Cosbys XXX 2 Sequel Better?

It takes a monumental effort in the movie business for a sequel to be better than the original movie but apparently that’s the case with X-Play’s porn comedy Not the Cosbys XXX 2 which has been garnering impressive critical reviews and early sales than have topped the 2010 AVN Award winner Not the Cosbys XXX which went on to win a slew of trophies including best parody in Las Vegas.

Some sequels aren’t worth making and even less worth watching. That couldn’t be more untrue of this movie,” wrote Roger Pipe for in his review of Not the Cosbys XXX 2.

“Any time you get sex this good in features it is a bonus. To get it on top of a great script, a dead on parody and a funny movie it’s the recipe for a huge hit. As they have done with the Bradys, Will Ryder and X-Play have made the Cosbys into a porn franchise that I can’t recommend strongly enough.”

“Not The Cosbys XXX 2 by director Will Ryder was an even more polished up effort than the original release from last year,” wrote Don Houston of in his recent movie review.

“The sex flowed better and the writing upgraded so I felt that it earned the status of an Xcritic Pick that a great many people are going to want to see. In short, Not The Cosbys XXX 2 was a winner from beginning to end, providing superior fuck for the buck, technical quality, casting, and all the other factors that enhance a porno, the hard work behind the scenes certainly making it all happen. Great job!”

Strong praise indeed for a movie and a porn franchise that many say has become the greatest interracial sex comedy series of all time but Will Ryder suspects one of the other reasons the sequel is flying off store shelves is the addition of some extra white meat sprinkled around the movie like salt at a pepper party.

“What many don’t realize is that we had white girls in the first movie and even a cute Asian but most still think of it as a black movie and not even an interracial movie but that is not true,” Ryder remarked.

“Black is beautiful baby but we love women of all colors so we tossed in some more white ladies and a cute girl from Miami into this sequel and as you can see by the box cover Cliff is loving it,” Ryder joked.

Check out the PG rated movie trailer on YouTube

Fans seem to agree as porn customers and fans of the original 1980s NBC Television series are picking up both volumes of Not the Cosbys XXX making this one of the most wholesome adult families ever rivaling Not the Bradys XXX.

We have that option to continue the series just like Not the Bradys XXX but really if you want an entertaining movie to introduce your wife or your girlfriend to the wonderful world of porn, Not the Cosbys XXX is a great entrée but it is also fun to watch when you are home alone.

2010 AVN Female Performer of the Year Tori Black, Jenny Hendrix, Kelly Skyline and cutie Emy Reyes are all in the sequel along with the entire Huxtable family that returns intact including Monica Foster, Cassidy Clay, Melody Nakai, Nina Devon, Tyler Knight, Tee Reel and the 2010 AVN Award winning Thomas Ward as Heathcliff Huxtable.

“We wanted to create something special and so far fans and critics love both volumes of Not Cosbys XXX,” remarked X-Play co-producer Scott David. “We are really proud of this series and if you put it on your store shelves customers pick it up.”

“I really think that Hollywood should take some lessons from Will Ryder because he is consistently able to create a sequel that more than lives up to the original,” stated Georga of Adult Movies “If you loved the original Not the Cosby’s you are sure to love part two.”

Not Mash XXX will be in stores later this spring and X-Play’s next movie to hit stores is the highly anticipated sequel Not Married with Children XXX 2 March 23rd from X-Play/LFP Video.

NBC Television, Carsey Werner Productions and/or Bill Cosby do not endorse or sponsor Not the Cosbys XXX or the sequel.

Check out all the funny X-Play movies at