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Lauren Phillips Takes Over the ManyVids Loft

Lauren Phillips Takes Over the ManyVids Loft

A Week of Content Production Will Be a Treasure Trove for Fans

VENICE, CA – Lauren Phillips put her red hair into braided pigtails on Monday and off she went: stuffed into a Boeing aircraft, sent high over the flyover states on her way to Montreal for the very first time ever.

A busty redhead in Canada?! Yes, the busty redhead is in Canada!

She’s off to the ManyVids Loft, where wet dreams come true. In this comfy environ, MV models like Lauren can kick back and let the crew help with the tech end so she can concentrate on the sizzle end of the content. In a program that started last year, each week four models have the run of the place to use as their personal studio. Perks include a limo ride to/from the airport, a bottle of champagne, security, production assistance and they keep the rights to what they shoot.

The week also includes a spot on the MV Podcast MV Pop, the company’s social media and more.

“I am so excited to be in Montreal!” she said. “This is my first time and it feels so right. I have big plans for the ManyVids loft this week – I will be using this valuable time very wisely – as everyone will soon see! I’m really thankful for this opportunity and we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

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Coffee Isn’t the Only Hot Thing in New Inna Innaki Scene

Coffee Isn’t the Only Hot Thing in New Inna Innaki Scene

Caffeine, Gossip, Lingerie and Lesbianism – the Greek Goddess Way

VENICE, CA – Inna Innaki doesn’t need caffeine to keep her energy up, but it doesn’t hurt.

In her new scene for SugarBabesTV, Inna meets her friend Anastasia Vega for a cup of joe in the morning. They get to gossiping and soon Inna is telling her pal that she is going to meet a guy and wants to show Anastasia the new lingerie she purchased. Well, it doesn’t take Richard Feynman to figure out that this situation is going to make both of the girls horny and they will soon be giving in to the demands of their pussies’ wetness. Great things like this happen when you’re a young, beautiful and lusty Greek Goddess.

So, yes, Anastasia’s desire for Inna overtakes her and Inna is not about to say no. The Greek Goddess lets her friend kiss and touch her and soon the vibrator comes out and the games continue. The lick, diddle, kiss and cum.

“I think it is the reason girls are always dressing up for each other, because we are all a little curious about the pussy,” Inna said. “It is not only men who are constantly thinking about sex and checking women out. We dress up for each other, caress each other, and sometimes we express ourselves by licking each other’s pussies and playing with vibrators. It is all very good and Anastasia is quite excellent when she lets her Sapphic tendencies express themselves.”

“Espresso Lesbian Coffee” is available now at

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Avi Love Glows on the Cover of Hustler’s New ‘Barely Legal 157: My First Anal’

Avi Love Glows on the Cover of Hustler’s New ‘Barely Legal 157: My First Anal’

Young Lust at Its Finest as Avi Gets Her Ass Rimmed, Reemed & Rocked

VENICE, CA – This week Hustler’s Barely Legal series releases its 157th volume and, while few on earth have seen every single scene, it’s an easy bet that the latest is one of the best. Avi Love saw to that.

Barely Legal 157: My First Anal features Avi on the cover and she’s definitely the highlight of the DVD. Seeing that sweet ass get pounded is always a delight and the idea of seeing her first anal, that right there is enough to make most men need a change of manties.

Decked out in thigh-high stockings of the white and pink striped variety, she’s as luscious as ever. Her famously-furry bush, wet pussy and willing ass are truly the things dreams are made of.

“It was an honor to get my ass fucked for Barely Legal and being on the cover is a total dream come true,” Avi said. “Everyone knows Barely Legal and it was very exciting to shoot and incredible to see the cover. It’s something I’ll cherish forever and I’m just thrilled to be on it!”

Anton Slayer directed this edition of Barely Legal, which also features Chloe Cherry, Kat Monroe and Maya Kendrick. It streets Feb. 7. Get more information at—my-first-anal.

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YNOT:’s Founder on ‘The State of Adult VR’

YNOT:’s Founder on ‘The State of Adult VR’

The Future Is So Bright We Can Look Forward to VR Shades!

VENICE, CA – Daniel Peterson, the founder and CEO of was clearly an early adapter to the technology and it’s paid off now that the masses are beginning to make the move to virtual reality content.

The site is the most-trafficked VR site in the world and the numbers are exploding as more discover the technology and companies offer a wider range of content. Gene Zorkin at sat down with the young visionary to get an idea what’s next for the industry.

“VR is still so young and with such low adoption rates that the popularity of VR porn is almost guaranteed to increase 10-100 times from here,” Peterson told YNOT. “The growth we’ve seen over the past year is really just the beginning. The cost has come down dramatically in the past couple years, but high-end VR equipment is still expensive and difficult to use. VR will continue to get exponentially better, cheaper, and easier. As it does, VR adoption will continue to increase.”

Peterson expect that resolutions will improve, graphics processing will be faster and better ergonomics will help attract new users.

“Long term, we will get to a point where VR looks like a cool pair of sunglasses that is affordable and as easy to use as a smartphone,” he said.

While manufacturers are unlikely to adapt applications for the adult industry, Porn Valley has a way of staying ahead of mainstream when it comes to new technologies.

“VR can do anything that can be done with standard video, plus anything else you can imagine,” he said. “At the moment, POV is the most popular because it’s easy to produce and it’s effective. But as 3D video recording improves there will certainly be more options for movement.”

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Anikka Albrite Stars in Girlsway’s New ‘Deep Delivery’

Anikka Albrite Stars in Girlsway’s New ‘Deep Delivery’

Blonde on Blonde Scene With Brett Rossi Is a Hit

VENICE, CA – Transcendent mattress actress Anikka Albrite brings another moment of magic to her storied career with her role in Girlsway’s new DVD Deep Delivery.

Paired with fellow blonde Brett Rossi, the two visit a psychic and are given some surprising information. Their toying with the dark arts leads them down the path of first-time girl/girl action and they discover that there may be something to this whole psychic thing after all – whatever it takes to get these two beauties in the same bed.

“Working with Brett is a dream, she’s so pretty and such a great performer,” Anikka said. “We had fun trying out luck with the psychic and it turned out pretty dang well! I don’t know if I believe in crystal balls or psychics or witches, but I do believe in great sex and doing whatever it takes to get it!”

Anikka is the “A” in BAM Visions and the company has a new DVD this week: Anal Players 4. The DVD stars Audrey Noir, Kendra Spade, Liv Aguilera and Vicki Chase with Anikka’s husband Mick Blue.

It’s an intense move of anal ramming and a whole lot of gape. Mick also incorporates toys when he can, most notably for a dick-and-dildo DP with Noir that will have civilian ladies shaking their heads with awe and telling their boyfriends, “Don’t even try it!” Always follow Anikka’s advice: Go gently into that good hole and soon enough you’ll go pro. We all have to start somewhere!

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Lauren Phillips Speaks Up About Cyberbullying in Daily Beast Article

Lauren Phillips Speaks Up About Cyberbullying in Daily Beast Article

The Pressure Is on for a Solution to Attacks on Porn Valley’s Performers

VENICE, CA – Several tragic deaths that have rocked Porn Valley recently and XXX legend-turned-journalist Aurora Snow has been writing some important articles addressing the issues behind these sad situations.

This weekend the Daily Beast published Snow’s latest piece, “Why Are So Many Female Porn Stars Turning Up Dead?,” and Aurora’s primary go-to for quotes was an interview she conducted with Lauren Phillips.

Late last year the redheaded superstar Tweeted an ill-timed joked that resulted in a barrage of attacks from accounts anonymous and not that slammed her relentlessly – to the point where she nearly left the industry entirely.

Others have met worse fates: most famously, August Ames committed suicide in December after she was, many contend, literally cyberbullied to death. She was attacked after tweeting that she was cancelling a scene because the performer she was scheduled to work with had also worked in gay porn movies, a move not uncommon due largely to concerns about STIs. She was attacked relentlessly, both anonymously and by others well known in the adult community.

Such attacks are not uncommon. Female performers especially are attacked over their decisions to not perform anal scenes, shoot interracial or if other Twitter users don’t like their makeup or think they’ve gained or lost too much weight, among countless other criticisms.

“What hurt me the most: people I consider friends, people that know me, that have worked with me, they turned against me and no one but my fans stuck up for me. I felt like the industry hated me,” Lauren told the Daily Beast. “I told my agent and PR team, they said don’t worry we can handle this, they were so strong, they were by my side and I fought through it. If it wasn’t for my team, I probably wouldn’t even be here. I’d be done.”

By the end of 2017, Lauren’s dreadful experience was largely behind her, though it left scars. Still, she had an otherwise stellar year, garnered several nominations for her work and no doubt learned to be more cautious with social media. She does not ever want to go through the horrible pain she endured last fall again.

“Whether it was a day on set, a party or an autograph signing, Phillips shoved those feelings of despair as deep as they’d go, suffocating on the inside and smiling on the outside,” Snow wrote. “Neither fans nor her peers saw the turmoil within, for Phillips knew the show must go on. ‘No one knows how much pain I was in. This is my job. When you come to work, you leave your shit at the door, and that’s what I did,’ says Phillips.”

During last month’s Adult Entertainment Expo, Lauren worked at the Chaturbate booth and donated 10% of her camming revenue from the week to End To Cyber Bullying, an organization helping to combat cyber-bullying. Learn more about ETCB at

Read “Why Are So Many Female Porn Stars Turning Up Dead?”

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Jessy Jones Stars in New Brazzers Scene With Jillian Janson

Jessy Jones Stars in New Brazzers Scene With Jillian Janson

‘A-Mature Magic’ Has the Cocksman Pulling Off His Greatest Trick Yet

VENICE, CA – Canadian cocksman and Evil Angel director Jessy Jones stars in a hot new Brazzers scene out this week that is must-see material.

Jessy is teamed up with gorgeous Jillian Janson and the two JJ’s are a spectacular team. In this one they play stepsiblings and Jessy wants to show sis some magic tricks he’s learned. Her opinion that he’s just a big dork isn’t about to change just because he can pick a card or make a pencil disappear – especially when he fails at both.

Feeling the pressure, Jessy goes for his biggest trick yet: making Jillian’s close disappear and making her cum out of thin air. While Jillian makes her eyeballs disappear with a sigh and a roll, can Jessy really pull it off?

“Jillian is absolutely stunning,” Jessy said. “Working with her is a dream and maybe my greatest magic trick of all! I’m glad I didn’t have to go hands- and cock-free to make her cum in that scene, that would have been absolute torture!”

Last week, Brazzers also dropped “This Guy Works Wonders,” which has Jessy in a dirty threeway with Tia Cyrus and Karma Rx. Jessy plays the masseuse whose client, Karma, brings along her friend to show off her new body worker. Both girls get way more than they came in for.

Jessy is the newest director to be signed to the legendary Evil Angel roster. He and his fiancé Jaclyn Taylor were recently the subject of a recent Men’s Health feature on couples in the adult industry titled “3 Porn Star Couples Reveal How They Make It Work.”

Read “3 Porn Star Couples Reveal How They Make It Work”

Watch “A-Mature Magic” at “This Guy Works Wonders” is at

Read the recent Fleshbot interview with Jessy at

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Brandi Love Named Girlsway Girl of the Month

Brandi Love Named Girlsway Girl of the Month

The MILF of the Year Talks About Taking on the Mommy Role

VENICE, CA – MILF of the Year Brandi Love has been named the February 2018 Girlsway Girl of the Month.

She has shot 11 scenes for the company, going back to 2014. Her first shoot was with Carter Cruise, released in November of that year under the title “Past Your Curfew.” They duo reunited for Brandi’s latest Girlsway scene, which released last month, “My Daughter the Babysitter.” Now the company has bestowed their highest honor upon her, the Girlsway GOTM.

“It feels awesome, what an honor,” Brandi said. “I’ve watched the months as other girls have won, as they should, and thought someday it would be so amazing – and here we are!”

In a promotional interview for Girlsway she discussed the role she often takes on, that of the mother figure in her XXX scenes including “Mommy Games,” “Getting Caught: Almost Freaky” and “Picture Perfection for the company:

“Being that I have a few years under my belt, a nurturing side is very natural, so playing somebody’s mother is just an aspect of who I am,” she said. “I’ve been very fortunate to have great ‘stepdaughters’ and we play off each other very well. … The core fantasy of the mommy/daughter scenario I think is the intimacy that one would expect or imagine or fantasized about. They’re very close in real life and it’s obviously very taboo to play out that scenario.”

Look for Brandi’s Girlsway scenes at

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Cam Life Magazine Publishes Second Issue

Cam Life Magazine Publishes Second Issue

Featuring Little Red Bunny, Livia Choice & More!

VENICE, CA – And as the cam industry continues to expand at a meteoric rate, so does the coverage. Last October Bender Cain and Craig Palethorpe quietly introduced a new lifestyle and business magazine for the live web cam community called Cam Life.

After a wildly successful first issue print run, Cam Life has returned with a second issue highlighting the best of the adult webcam community. The new issue features Little Red Bunny, Livia Choice, Daphny Meyer, Scarlett Zaine, Jason Crush, Molly Joly, Ethan Joy, Megan Kroft, and more!

“Once considered a niche community, webcam performers have grown leaps and bounds in the last few years,” explains Bender Cain, the magazine’s co-creator. “Whether because of internet piracy, or simply because they can work literally anywhere, more and more performers are turning their talents to webcamming, connecting directly with fans worldwide and rapidly growing their brand.”

Cam Life publishes weekly content online as well as a quarterly hard copy in print of the magazine. Issue one, which featured Natalie Star, Aubrey Nova, and Devious Angel, shattered sales expectations with over 11,000 copies sold, pushing the new publication to go even bigger for the second issue.

“We here at Cam Life magazine would like to thank all of our supporters around the world,” says Cain. “We especially want to thank Mugur Frunzetti and Andra Chirnogeanu of Studio 20. Without their support there would be no Cam Life Magazine. We hope to inspire you as you have inspired us.”

Get your copy of Cam Life Magazine now!

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Anna Bell Peaks Announces 2018 Winter-Spring Cross-Country Tour

Anna Bell Peaks Announces 2018 Winter-Spring Cross-Country Tour

Nominated for 5 Grossy Awards – Get Out and Vote!

VENICE, CA – Anna Bell Peaks had a wildly successful 2018 Adult Entertainment Expo and she is back to work and ready to announce her next feature dancing tour.

Anna’s 2018 Winter-Spring Cross-Country Tour will kick off February 23 in Milwaukee and wraps up April 21 in Long Island, NY. In between she will be performing in Fresno, California, and Fargo, North Dakota.

“Featuring was definitely one of my highlights of 2017 and I’m hoping to go even bigger this year,” Anna said. “I wanted to kick things off right and these are some really great clubs and I know they will do everything to help make sure these shows are great experiences for everyone involved. This is just the beginning and what a great way to start!”

The 2nd annual Gross Misconduct Live Grossy Awards nominees have been announced and Anna has five nominations including the fan-voted Fan Favorite Award. She is also nominated for Favorite Guest, Sexist Guest, Most Popular Guest and Favorite Adult Performer.

“I’m a big fan of GML and thrilled with these nominations,” Anna said. “I love going on the show and hope to go back on soon. In the meantime, let’s rock the vote!”

Winners will be announced on GML on Monday, Feb. 19. Vote for Anna at

Anna Bell Peaks 2018 Winter-Spring Cross-Country Tour

Feb 23-24: Heartbreakers & Show Palace, Milwaukee, WI

Mar 16-17: Golddiggers, Fresno, CA

Mar 23-24: Northern Gents Club, Fargo, ND

Apr 20-21: Gossip, Long Island, NY

Check out the recent ADT interview that Captain Jack did with Anna at

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