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How accurate were my AVN awards predictions?

Previously I made some AVN predictions (see them here), so how well did I do? Let’s find out!

Best Actress

  • I predicted Jessica Drake, would win it.
  • But I thought Brooklyn Lee should have won it.

So didn’t get this one right. Virtual newcomer Remy LaCroix took this one.  She is actually pretty good. Glad to hear she won it!

Female Performer of the Year

  • I predicted Bonnie Rotten would win it and she did.

Mainstream Star of the Year

  • I predicted James Deen would win it and he did.

Male Performer of the Year

  • I predicted Xander Corvus would win it because of his friendships with the right people and I’m happy to say that wasn’t the case..
  • I think James Deen should win it, not only because of his body of work but also because so many female performers name is as the guy they most enjoy working with. Apparently he’s just one really nice guy and really treats the ladies with the utmost respect. He however did not.

Manuel Ferrara won it.

So in the end, my prediction success was only 50%. Goes to show you how much I know. LOL

Keep in mind this was all in good fun – nothing personal for or against anyone. It’s like watching the Miss America contest on TV – we all have our favorites for the show but in the end I truly am happy for all the winners. I really am.


Hunger Games XXX domain name available for sale

Hunger Games is a popular trilogy … the books are a huge hit, and the movies are just a popular.

If you want to promote a Hunger Games XXX parody, what better way to do it then with the domain name

It can be yours for $200.

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This is a great price and well worth what you would get out of it, for just the SEO traffic alone on any hunger games porno parody related project.


The Not So Secret Sex Lives

Today on the Katie show with award winning journalist Katie Couric, there was as her guest Dr. Suzy Spencer.  And the show topic today was Secret Sex Lives which was basically a platform for this chick to discuss some book she has written.  But the interesting part was when she started talking about girls who web cam or as she called it, “like phone sex but over the internet”.

The good Dr. explained that all kinds of girls do it and not just girls, sometimes couples do too.

Katie Couric couldn’t wrap her mind around how couples could do this.  “Do they just get bored?” she asked the Dr. Spencer.  It was so funny, you could seriously see the look of true confusion of her face.  Like doing anything crazy and different just never crossed her mind.

But the best part of this story has yet to come!

So in the end it was revealed that the good doctor during the course of her research who mind you was celibate for the last 10 years.  During the course of her research for this book she attended a swingers party, again for “research” and met a couple who she not only ended up having sex with but also like 12 people were watching.

Anyway what I learned from this show is that really mainstream media truly has no idea what we do and what we are about.  They really don’t.



My 2014 AVN Award Predictions

The 2014 AVN Awards show is coming up and here are some of my predictions.

Best Actress

  • I predict Jessica Drake, for her work in Sexpionage: The Drake Chronicles, Wicked Pictures will win it.
  • But I think Brooklyn Lee, for her work in The New Behind the Green Door, should win it.

Female Performer of the Year

  • I predict Bonnie Rotten will win it.
  • But I think Dani Daniels should win it.

Mainstream Star of the Year

  • Without a doubt Sunny Leone should win it. There is no porn star in our entire industry who has had the mainstream success that she has had over in Bollywood. Her million dollar 3 movie deal aside there is also a mobile phone contract. What porn star can say that?
  • I predict James Deen will probably win it. Being in a C rated movie with Lindsay Lohan and a sex tape with Teen Mom doesn’t compare to what Sunny Leone has accomplished.

Male Performer of the Year

  • I predict Xander Corvus will win it because of his friendships with the right people.
  • I think James Deen should win it, not only because of his body of work but also because so many female performers name is as the guy they most enjoy working with. Apparently he’s just one really nice guy and really treats the ladies with the utmost respect.


UK Glamour Girl Krystal Webb Gets Engaged Too!

It seems something must be in the water over there in the UK because New Year’s Eve not only saw the engagement of UK porn star Gemma Massey but also fellow former Bluebird Films UK girl Krystal Webb.

Krystal Webb was a nude model and Bluebird TV phone sex girl before going on to do some light sex stuff for the film side including a girl on girl scene in the movie Glamgel.

She officially retired just before Bluebird Films took a big fat nosedive and stopped paying all their bills, when she found out she was pregnant by her now fiance Bluebird Films contract photographer Adam Turner. Adam Turned stayed on with Bluebird Films in the UK, going on now to work full time for Paul Chaplin at Loaded Magazine.

All those issues aside, I would like to wish Krystal Webb and her fiance Adam Turner good luck on their recent engagement and a most wonderful and fabulous new year.


Krystal Webb Engagement RingKrystal Webb UK Glamour GirlKrystal Webb on the cover in September 2013Krystal Webb with fiance Adam Turner


So apparently everything isn’t bigger in Texas

Which State Is the Biggest? And by biggest yes we mean in terms of penis size., which claims to be America’s first online condom store (who knew!), has decided to conduct its own very important, highly scientific study*. According to a press release, the website compiled condom sales data by state to find out which states bought a higher-than-average amount of larger-sized condoms.

The result? A list of all 50 states, “ordered by penis size”–and some surprising news for the Dakotas.

  1. North Dakota
  2. Rhode Island
  3. South Dakota
  4. District of Columbia
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Ohio
  7. Arizona
  8. Alabama
  9. New York
  10. South Carolina
  11. Colorado
  12. Maryland
  13. Wisconsin
  14. New Jersey
  15. California
  16. Florida
  17. Connecticut
  18. Virginia
  19. Oregon
  20. Pennsylvania
  21. Washington
  22. Tennessee
  23. New Mexico
  24. Iowa
  25. Illinois
  26. Louisiana
  27. Vermont
  28. Utah
  29. Maine
  30. Nebraska
  31. Idaho
  32. Kansas
  33. Delaware
  34. Michigan
  35. Nevada
  36. New Hampshire
  37. Oklahoma
  38. Montana
  39. Minnesota
  40. Kentucky
  41. Texas
  42. Indiana
  43. West Virginia
  44. Missouri
  45. Alaska
  46. North Carolina
  47. Wyoming
  48. Arkansas
  49. Hawaii
  50. Mississippi

Of course, since the Condomania data is based on what size condoms people are purchasing, the states at the top of the list may just have an impressive lack of self-awareness.

Also, this list is missing Georgia, leading us to conclude that there must be no penises in the state of Georgia. We’ve reached out to Condomania to confirm.

*Not actually scientific or important.

Source: The Newsfeed at

Thinking of using Paxum? Think twice about that!

Thinking of using Paxum you might want to think about about that for one very simple reason … they will absolutely nickle and dime you to death so it just doesn’t make it a financially feasible option.

The amazing part is they advertise themselves as having “low fees”. LOW? SERIOUSLY?! They call this bullshit low?!

  • $1 charge every time you use your Mastercard at any store.
  • $2 charge every time you use your Mastercard at the ATM machine.
  • $44.95 per year just to get the card in the first place.
  • $2 fee from most affiliate programs – so that means just to get paid money that is owed you, it will cost you $2!
  • $.50 to transfer money from your Paxum wallet to your Mastercard – that is in addition to the fees you already paid to get your money in the first place
  • $8.95 to withdraw money from your Paxum account and have it deposited into your own checking account.
  • $1 just to verify your checking account in the first place
  • $1 to change your pin #
  • $.50 if your transaction is declined.
  • $.50 if you use the ATM to find out what your balance is
  • $.25 to $1 to send money to send money to another Paxum user
  • $50 to add money to your own Paxum account via wire
  • $5 to $25 to load money on your Paxum account via certified check or money order
  • $40 for a charbeback


So if an affiliate program pays you via Paxum you are charged $2. Now you have the money in your Paxum wallet you can pay $8.95 to withdraw it to your checking account.  That is after they charged you the $1 to verify your account in the first place. Or you can pay $.50 to have it transferred to your Paxum Mastercard. Then from there you must pay $2 to withdraw it via ATM (limited on how much per day you can withdraw). Alternatively you can just use as a credit card and shop with it. Of course that will mean you must pay $1 every time you use it at any store. That of course doesn’t includ the $44.95 per year fee to have the card int he first place.

But the best part of all is that if someone screws you and you need to chargeback a transaction you never authorized in the first place, that will cost you $40!



Amia Miley shakes it for Scores

Amia Miley has been a busy girl lately. She not only is still dating Johnny The Unit of Jersey Shore fame but she’s also busy running her fashion empire FashKilla, appearing in the Britney Spears video for her new song Work Bitch and now Amia Miley is staring in a commercial for Scores Atlantic City.

 Amia Miley Scores Atlantic City


From IG: Commercial for Scores. Behind the scenes cell phone clips. Red light district themed. You can see the completed videos of me on the walls of Scores Atlantic City. Have fun!