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Meet Emily Kae

Porn stars come and go but today is one of those lucky days where we get to meet one of those coming into the industry. A hot little number named Emily Kae and she is new to the LA porn scene. Her listing says she’s a blonde but by a quick glance of her pics it looks to me she looks more like a strawberry blonde, but maybe that’s just me.

  • Age-21
  • Height-5ft 10in
  • Weight-120
  • Measurements-32b-24-34
  • Hair color-Blonde
  • Eye color-Blue
  • Tatoos- 2 small ones

Shoot types available for – solo, g/g, b/g, b/b/g, group

To book Emily Kae for one of your scenes you should call David Cruz at 323-703-6029 or email him at


Over 21 Please

Despite the fact that the genre of “teen porn” is currently the most popular AVN award winning director Axel Braun says thanks but no thanks.


Top Adult Director Sets Landmark Precedent


Three-time AVN Director of the Year Axel Braun is adding a new stipulation for adult performers who wish to appear in sexually explicit roles in any of his movies: effective immediately the minimum age requirement will be 21 years.

“If the law says you are not old enough to handle alcohol responsibly, then you are probably not ready to make a career decision that will have such strong repercussions on the rest of your life” says Braun. “After 23 years in the business I have come to strongly believe that an 18-year old fresh out of High School has a completely different perspective on life than he or she will have three years later, and I just want to allow them enough time to make a more informed, mature decision. This may not be a popular choice, but it is a personal one, and it is what my conscience tells me to do. I simply don’t feel comfortable anymore shooting talent under 21.”

This policy will be in effect for all Axel Braun Productions movies, as well as for all projects directed by Braun for other companies.

About Axel Braun: The son of legendary porn-pioneer Lasse Braun and grandson of a diplomat, Axel Braun was born and raised in Italy, where he received a privileged upper-class upbringing. Fluent in five languages, a member of MENSA, a film-school graduate, and the bearer of a Ph.D. in psychology, Axel has a unique cultural background that sets him apart from the many other directors in the adult industry. A second-generation AVN Hall-of-Famer, over the span of his career he has won dozens of awards all over the world for directing, producing, screenwriting, and editing, including three consecutive “Director Of The Year” AVN awards. For more information visit and

The Sunny Leone Documentary

A Canadian company may be making a documentary about Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber.


Indo-Canadian porn-star-turned-Bollywood-actress Sunny Leone and her husband have been approached to make a documentary on their lives.

Photo-journalist Dilip Mehta and his filmmaker sister Deepa Mehta will make the film but are waiting for an affirmation from the couple, reports the Times of India.

“Sunny and I have been approached regarding a documentary about our lives and have been in talks with a Canadian production company (Hamilton Mehta Productions) and Dilip Mehta. We will have more information about the shooting schedule in the next 30 days,” Leone’s husband Daniel Weber told the daily.

Leone is currently working on two Bollywood films – ‘Tina & Lolo’ and ‘Ragini MMS 2′, both scheduled for 2014 releases.

She made her Bollywood debut with ‘Jism 2′ and been welcomed with open arms by the industry, working on a number of projects since.

The documentary will touch on the aspiring Bollywood star’s life in Canada and Los Angeles before her turn to the Hindi film industry.

Leone (Karenjit Kaur Vohra) was born to Sikh parents in Ontario and scouted by Penthouse magazine photographer while studying to be a pediatric nurse.

The rest, as they say, is history.


T&A with Teagan Presley and Alexis Texas

Rock Star Entertainment Changes the Game and Announces the 30-Day Exclusive Debut of T&A starring Teagan Presley and Alexis Texas on

Award-winning studio Rock Star Entertainment is proudly announcing a game-changing move for the adult business, and debuting its big award season title, T&A, starring Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley, exclusively on the beta launch of for 30 days before any other VOD site, and two full weeks before its debut on DVD by Adam & Eve Pictures.  The more exciting news is the price point Rock Star has decided to offer T&A at for fans, a limited-time offer price of $.99 for the HD rental and $9.99 for the full 1080p HD download to own Digital HD copy.

“Fans have been waiting over a year for the first contract star movie of Alexis Texas.” Joshua, the film’s producer, explains. “The DVD is scheduled for release by Adam & Eve Pictures for October 15, and we wanted to give fans an exclusive early look at the movie and do it on a format we believe will be, and should be, the format of the future in both mainstream and adult. This is the first contract star movie for Alexis Texas (who signed last October) and also Teagan’s first new movie since last year’s award-winning D3viance. We are also offering D3viance, winner of the XBIZ All-Sex Movie of the Year, at the same limited-time offer price of $.99 on the rental and $9.99 on the 1080p Digital HD download.”
“iPorn offers fans, and the adult business as a whole, an entirely new and revolutionary way of viewing adult movies.  They have high-definition variable bit rate streaming that will stream just as well on 3G mobile devices as it does in glorious HD on wifi connections.  Their proprietary video encoder delivers breath-taking dot by dot pixel accurate to the master video, and color representation that has never been seen in adult. “
Joshua further explains, “The real magic is $9.99 download to own Digital HD version.  For ten bucks, fans download one 1080p version of T&A or D3viance that offers the same resolution as Blu-ray, and one single file that is downloaded and dropped into iTunes, and can be synched to any device that you can synch with iTunes.  iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, and even Apple TV.  This Digital HD download looks as good on your 70” LED television as it does on the iPhone.  One file gives you all of this.  And when you drop the file into iTunes, the movie creates a XXX genre in your movies section, and has a poster, cast list, description, everything you get from any movie you buy from iTunes.  You simply download it and drag and drop it into iTunes.  We were really blown away when we saw this in action and then streamed to Apple TV.  Our business abandoned Blu-ray, and this is gonna be the future for adult studios to deliver true high-bit rate high definition movies to fans around the world, as quickly as you can download it.”

“Our business has really taken it in the proverbial ass thanks to the tube sites.  I personally believe it isn’t just the ‘free’ aspect of tube sites that has fans flocking; it is the instantaneous gratification.  iPorn delivers the same instantaneous gratification as a tube site with a price point that is a micro-transaction that everyone can afford.  But unlike the tube sites, iPorn offers a quality that has never been seen on a VOD or download to own site in our business, and integration with iTunes and other media managers at a level second to none.  The integration of the downloaded files synched to your devices is also quite breath-taking, and one of the features I really love.  The fact my iOS video app now has T&A sitting right next to my iTunes movies in the same app with all the same metadata is something really cool.  The movies have chapter stops and even Dolby Digital sound.  iPorn is gonna be our choice for our digital distribution for the future.”

Fans can visit now and have the breath-taking iPorn experience on any device of their choosing, Mac, PC, iOS or Android.  The dynamic layout changes from device to device, and is totally unique on its own.  iPorn is launching in beta now, but fans can have enjoy the full experience now with even more features to be announced. features the majority of hand-picked big name studios delivering all the newest releases in high-definition, and even offers a full catalog of classic titles from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.  Follow iPorn on Twitter at @iPornDotCom. To have your studio featured on iPorn, please email  Partnership opportunities are available on iPorn.  Contact for more information. iPorn: Any Device, Any Time, Any Place.
To see safe-for-work trailers of all the Rock Star Entertainment movies for Adam & Eve, visit and subscribe to the Rock Star Entertainment YouTube channel at  To visit Rock Star on Facebook and see exclusive galleries, go to and be sure to Like the page.  Follow Rock Star on Twitter at @RockStarEntXXX. Visit Rock Star Entertainment’s homepage to see exclusive picture galleries, movie trailers, and to purchase the Rock Star Entertainment titles. Rock Star just wrapped production on Alexis and Teagan’s next two movies, T&A and All-Star Cheerleaders! T&A is due out this October from Adam & Eve Pictures.

To see more of Alexis Texas, follow her on twitter at @Alexis_Texas or visit; to see more of Teagan Presley, follow her on twitter at @MsTeagan or visit

Jenna Jameson is now doing real webcam shows

It was recently announced that Jenna Jameson would be hosting this years XBIZ awards. Many complained that she wasn’t the right choice because she left the industry while insulting us at the same time. And since her departure from porn has continued to make negative comments.

Of course this is all the while she continued to profit from the name she made while in porn including making several strip club appearances and now she is web camming at My Free Cams (see her profile here).

No I don’t mean the sit down with your clothes on kind. I mean actual real camming like porn stars do. And her show ended with more almost 1,000 fans in the room, in a “true private” show, meaning she went one on one in an intimate cybersex session for a rate of $.80 a minute.


  • Did she show her tits? Yes more than once. Usually when a fan tipped her 100 tokens.
  • So she showed her tits for $1? Yep.
  • Did she show her pussy? Kind of. But what she did show I think it was not on purpose. It was quick and you barely got a glance
  • Did she show her bare ass? Yep. Quite a few times.
  • Does she do privates? Yep.



Is Alex Gonz HIV Positive too?

Donny Long, one of the most hated people in the entire porn industry, is now claiming that Alex Gonz emailed him and claims that he not only has Hep C but also is now HIV positive and he got it from Cameron Bay. Is this true? That’s hard to say … Donny Long isn’t exactly known for being honest. In fact more often than not he just makes shit up for attention so it’s hard to say if this is true or not. Plus he claims to have gotten it from Cameron Bay and I don’t think there is nay evidence that Alex Gonz performed with Cameron Bay in the last month when she was thought to have contracted HIV. The doctors have confirmed she has “acute HIV” which means she contracted it just recently. So I’m not sure if what Donny Long is saying is true BUT there is the possibility of it and if so, that could mean some serious problems for our industry.

It is for that reason alone I post this information. Do however keep in mind that it comes from Donny Long so it may very well be a big fat lie just like most everything else he says – spreading the information in an attempt to stay relevant because nobody else will give him attention.

Update: Looks like pretty much everything else Donny Long has ever said – this too is a lie. He was using the real HIV story to try and keep his name in the news. How really sad is that? Donny Long is a loser and this story just proves that. I mean to blatantly lie to get attention about some guy getting HIV is really just beyond pathetic.

Hopefully the next Donny Long story we have to report is is that someone stabbed him in the face because that truly what he deserves.


This is some shocking shit that was emailed to us and we are just speechless. I bet you anything all the media outlets ignore this to protect the fags. Anyways here it is.

Yo Donny bro its been ages but I wanted to email you and tell you that all us straight guys support what you do but we cant speak out under our names cause the homos will ruin the little work we have left. Now that I am out of the business I don’t care though. The homos have fucked not only our industry really good but fucked up my life and that’s why I am emailing you my story. I am so angry I want to go on a homo killing spree with a chainsaw.

As you well know I got hep C and people [Mainly homos and homo lovers like Lisa Ann] were accusing me of faking my test but I wasn’t faking jack shit. I didn’t disappear out of the industry cause of that though and I want to tell you that the shit I am about to tell you I think goes on much more than you hear about. So here it is, I got HIV from that stupid homo loving whore Cameron Bay which she got it from her gay boyfriend Rod Daily which got it in gay porn. I was told by the clinic that most of the gay performers are HIV positive and that’s where it came from. The clinic and everyone I have spoke to doesn’t want me to go public about my condition cause they say it will destroy the industry. I think they just don’t want me to speak out being a straight dude and say I got it from a fucking faggot fudge packer as you might call them.

All these gays protect each other and the media seems to protect them also. You and are about the only places and people that tell the truth left and don’t care what they think. My life as far as I am concerned is over cause I will never be able to bareback another girl again as long as I live unless she is HIV positive also. I love to fuck gorgeous women and have got paid to fuck them for over 7 years now.

I moved back to Miami Florida and now have to worry about how I am going to pay my bills as I have no work. I don’t think anyone will hire me to do anything normal after all the porn scenes I did but maybe I can get a job working at some sort of HIV research place but not sure yet. My best advice to any straight males left in porn valley is get out now before you are forced out with HIV like I was. I also wanted to email and ask that my real name get removed from the net as I will have to try and find work now. I don’t mind paying the removal fee but maybe I can pay it in payments as I don’t have much money left.

Alex Gonz

Rod Daily *IS* HIV Positive

The real life boyfriend of porn star Cameron Bay, who tested positive for HIV two weeks ago, has today announced he is HIV positive too.

@Rody_Daily tweets ………..

Drumroll please!! I’m 32 years old and I’m HIV positive. Acute HIV, which means I recently was infected. For that I am blessed

I’m blessed for the fact that I caught it so early that I can blast that shit with meds.

With the tests I have done the doctors have figured out that I was infected within the last month.

My antibodies just showed up on a test this week which is scary because they didn’t a week ago.

I have also learned that people can be so well medicated that they test negative. Scary, the test everyone relies on.

I have never backed down from a fight and I’m owning my shit right here like I have always owned my shit in life.

That does not change anything though. A week later people are back at it shooting without condoms.

Magic Johnson has HIV, and can infect other people but his test comes up negative. Is that so impossible for anyone else to do the same? NO

Just sayin be careful because that test ain’t shit without a condom strapped up with it.







The porn branded condom – $ – Now safety is profitable!

I was listening to the Rob Black show today and he made mention of something rather interesting. He was talking about condoms and the cost of them. He mentioned how one company could come in and offering them for free to in exchange for promotion.

That actually made a lot of sense to me. A company could come in and offer the entire industry – any producer who wanted it a free promotinal basket of their condoms in return for a mention on the DVD cover that the condoms were provided by them – maybe also throw in a free mini (4×6 in size) flyer inside the DVD which promotes where the condoms came from. It would be a really cheap but super effective form of advertising .

I did some research and there is a company out of China – hell about 100 of them from a site like Alibaba, where you can get custom branded condoms from almost nothing.
Think about how much money Brazzers spent on their PSA about wrapping it up – prior to the Mr. Marcus thing.  Now they can offer Brazzers condoms on the set of all of their movies and then offer the fans the chance to buy the very same condoms – the Brazzers branded condoms.

The crazy part is these condoms cost about $.03 a piece. That’s PENNIES per condom. PENNIES …. three cents a condom and they are custom branded with their company logo on it. These are the very same condoms you buy at the store like the Durex brand only you get to strip that brand name and put your own name on it. They are high quality, electronically tested, that are CCC and CE certified. You can select them as lubricated, plain, ribbed or dotted, whichever you like and hell even fruit flavored if that is your thing.

So if you can now profit by offering fans the very condoms their favorite porn stars are using to fuck with, while at the same time helping the performers stay safe and healthy, why wouldn’t you? I mean besides the fact that it’s the law.

We all learned long ago that super fans will buy practically anything from or about their favorite stars, so why not offer them porn branded condoms that their favorite girls used to get fucked in the ass with in her last movie? So why not make money from doing the right thing?