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Fayner Posts: I’m sure you’ve been thinking I died on New Years, that the drugs finally took me down.

Sorry to disappoint you, kiddies. I’ve been clean off coke for over three months now and am feeling healthier than I have in the fifteen years since I first met the white devil.

We’re making some big changes to the site. Totally hush-hush. They haven’t even told me what’s going on.

But I’m looking forward to a new change indeed. Stay tuned!


Fayner Posts: Jenna put this up on MySpace today. It’s a huge bummer for her legions of fans who yearly stand in long long long lines for a chance to meet the star. Not a good move by Playboy, the owner of Jenna’s Club Jenna.

Here is what she wrote:

Regretfully I will not be appearing at AVN this year for my normal signing. Playboy has decided not to have a booth this year, so there will be no appearance by me or any of the CJ girls. I am extremely bummed out, and I know this is going to upset so many of my fans. I wish I was able to be there, this is usually my favorite time of year. I will be at the awards, so I hope to see everyone there…. at least. xoxo,


Fayner Posts: So yesterday I hear things like Metro’s Mike Adam being very upset with me, almost to the point of tears, for putting the late Haley Paige in the Hottest Porn Chick poll.

Today Harry Weiss phoned me up saying what the hell? She’s dead? What’s wrong with you?

Whatever. I know Haley’s dead. I also know she was popular up until her death. I thought, and still think, it was a tribute to her memory adding her to the list.

But what if she won? Who gets the money then? Although I didn’t think that far ahead, it seems I didn’t need to, as Haley lost to Teagan in the first round yesterday.

But if she did win I guess we’d donate the money to a substance abuse program or something like that. Fuck it, maybe we’ll do that anyway for whoever wins.

In the spirit of giving, you know?

But seriously, was it that bad having Haley in the poll? I’m sure if Denzel died today he’d still be up for an Oscar or two for American Gangster. Right?


Some Porn Chick Writes In: I can also tell you a little about Donny Long too He is yes indeed pretending to be a producer but does not pay the sluts He says he’s gonna trade content with you and tells you you’ll have to go buy a external hardrive for him to be able to load it from his 50 year old computer pathetic and He says he is a great fuck but first hand he is nothing I have fucked better his weenis is too long and not thick enough and he doesn’t even perform good his editing is ok not that great and he uses other people equipment because he can’t afford it he used all the money he made in those so called 500 scenes buying cocaine He used to have a good rep but his is a N***** hater but listens to there music stupid there for not alotta people like him either hes a little bitch must be afraid of them….. cus his skinny ass would get wooped… and he thinks he’s an agent and got all these ugly hoes in the buisness but where are they I never seen um all the so called (longs) Be aware of him decieving coniving …Anyway PLEASE DO NOT POST MY NAME YOU CAN POST WHAT I WROTE BUT NOT MY NAME I TELL BUT FUCK PEOPLE KNOWING WHO I AM CUS I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE IN THE DAMN INDUSTRY THERE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS EXCEPT THE ONES THAT ACTUALLY ARE SMART ENOUGH TO MAKE GOOD WITH THERE MONEY…..


Fayner Says: And like always, we’re reminded that porn chicks don’t become porn chicks by winning the spelling bee. They become porn chick by being whores.

And let me just say that Donny Long is slowly becoming my new hero by spending (allegedly) all his money on blow. I like that. I like Donny Long.

I’ll say it again: I like Donny Long.



Happy Holidays Everyone


The bible says:

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is
honorable, whatever, is right, whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute,
if there is any excellence and if anything worthy
of praise, let your mind dwell on these things. “

~Philippians 4:8

And so I shall…



When I was a kid, my mom would always make sure that no matter how broke we were – We never knew it at Christmas time. Our presents would be sprawled out from one side of the room right to the other. We would unwrap presents for hours. I don’t know how she did it, and I know she struggled terribly. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized and could appreciate what she had done for us year after year.


I always thought Christmas was about gifts, how many we received; how expensive they were. Was it what I wanted? Was it something all the other kids would envy? I think sometimes we do our kids an injustice by spoiling them on Christmas because at the end of the day when the toys get old or boring , I still never quite knew or understood the MEANING of it all..


Now, today, I know my mom was the one who got the gift. Our smiles were the reward to someone who worked all year to get us things she couldn’t afford! But she knew what it felt like to GIVE.


This year, as I reflect on my 3 decades of life, and on the year 2007, I realize I lived the majority of my life never knowing what it felt like to really GIVE.



2007 has been a major year for me. It’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs, highs and lows. But I’m proud to say, I’ve learned so much!!


I turned 30. Thirty is a scary thing for a woman anywhere, but even more so for a woman who lives in Hollywood. Hollywood is a very age-oriented, look-oriented city and for most girls here, another year passing means another handful of lost opportunity.


My birthday this year was a major turning point for me because it was a kind of “farewell” to the girl who went to trendy clubs every night, she now opts to hang at home watching movies instead.

It meant caring less about designer clothes and purses, and caring more about buying groceries and paying the gardener. My priorities changed, and oddly enough I didn’t even mind!




I lost a handful of friends this year; I suppose this happens anytime a person has any kind of major change. Some through my own fault, and some of it was just the natural progression of life.

For instance, I stopped partying; all my “party” friends were gone. Sometimes it’s better to walk away regardless of how much you truly love a person because sometimes love cannot cure the disease of an unhealthy friendship or relationship – no matter how badly you want it to. You can still love people from afar, and I do. I hate no one, and I wish no one ill-will.


I think it’s important to say that I forgive everyone, and I also accept blame for the wrongs I have committed against others- even if they were unintentional. Anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred – these are all things that poison us. I choose to discard it.



I suffered some major betrayals this year. People I knew and loved did unthinkable things.Just a few weeks ago, someone stole nearly 100,000 worth of designer clothing, purses, shoes and jewelry from my closet while I was out on tour, leaving me with only 3 pairs of jeans and a couple of old shirts.


These are things that I worked my entire life for, only to have them taken – and by someone I trusted. Maybe it’s just God’s way of telling me that stuff is not what it’s about. He’s telling me to let go of the things that hold me down.



Material possessions, my friend. The stuff you own should not own YOU. People who are focused too much on what they own should reassess on what they’re giving back.You becaome a slave to greed and desire. If someone needed that stuff so badly they had to steal it, then I guess they need it a lot more than I do.



I have been intrigued this year by the mind of people who seek what they don’t work for. It seems to be a growing epidemic. People are always looking for the easy way. Want money? Sue someone. I wrote about this a bit an earlier blog about lawsuits. I just don’t get it .Is anything ever enough? We are such a greedy, selfish race. Focused much too much on ourselves. On what we own. On what we can get from people. And on how we can get it without working for it.



I can’t say that I am proud of many of the things I have done, but that being said: I never hurt anyone to benefit my own needs. I never stole from anyone. I worked hard to attain what I had, even to a point that was self-sacrificing and self destructive. But I EARNED it. There’s such accomplishment in knowing that you have worked hard for something. I’m frustrated with this society of people don’t work, don’t try, don’t give back. They abuse our welfare systems, they suck the life out of the people around them, they sue Mcdonald’s because they burned themselves with coffee, they have children so they can sit on their asses and collect child support. Mother’s, please instill in your children the value of being a hard-worker.



This year, I focused on what I could GIVE , and in turn, without expectation, I received!!


I have learned that what you put out there to the universe is, in most cases, what you get back.



I struggled with my weight and self esteem a lot this year. I started the year out at 161 lbs. and I ended the year at my current 107 lbs. It’s funny because when I was bigger, I was perfectly comfortable with myself. It was only when people started criticizing me that I got insecure.


Don’t you think it’s odd that others criticize someone’s appearance? Don’t you think it’s sad that we create the Nicole Richie’s and Mary-Kate Olsen’s of this world? We CREATE that. We DO THAT to people.


We don’t focus on the ugliness that resides inside of people. We just let them keep the ugly inside and stuff their faces full of collagen and botox…Some of the most beautiful people I know are big women, and they should be proud to be that if that’s how THEY feel comfortable. But it is NOT our right to impose our own insecurities onto other people.


This year I have focused on accepting all people for exactly what they are and that is not always an easy task. But it’s an important one.


I also met a man last October (2006) whom I married in May of 2007. From the day we met, I knew this would be the man I would marry. He is my absolute soul mate… It was only when I stopped LOOKING, that it knocked right on my door. I know it sounds cliché but its true, ladies. STOP LOOKING. Just focus on yourself and get yourself right, and when you do, there will be someone out there who is waiting for YOU.


The amazing thing about my husband is that he knows everything about me, and loves me not only despite it but BECAUSE of it. He knows all my skeletons, he knows all my fears, my hopes, my goals, my flaws and imperfections…and he LOVES me.


Some of the most trying times of my life I have experienced with him. We, in our short time, have endured more than most couples do in a lifetime.


From the basic concept of learning to love ourselves, respect our bodies and each other , infidelity, addiction, touring , adopting pets, finding a home, loss, pain, love, laughter, – we have it all. And every day we grow, and our bond is deeper.


My husband has endured much this year too, reconnecting with his family, recording an album, touring the world in arenas, and then small clubs in an SUV, getting a record deal, and then starting over. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it. It’s been the best of times and the worst of times. It’s been a year I will never forget.


I toured the US and Canada in an SUV with 3 other people. This forces you to learn a lot about yourself and about others. I learned that I am small but capable of great things. I accomplished a lot- and without the help of others I would not have succeeded. I am only one soldier in this army but it’s getting stronger every day! I made great new friendships and forged new paths, past fear and pain and into beauty and love… I met many people who also GAVE.

I want to say thank you to those of you who gave freely this past year. Your time, energy and efforts make you who you are and you are all beautiful in so many ways.



There’s Team Rossi – who helped create and maintain one of the best artist/fan friendly sites around. Day after day, they spend hours

doing things both behind the scenes and in the forefront.


And then there are the many of you that post on different fan forums, or email us regularly – some of you who do neither. There are people who volunteered to help sell merch at shows, lugged equipment and in some cases, took care of us when we were sick , or helped run errands, people who donated to charities on our behalves. The outpouring of love we receive from all of you is unbelievable!


I don’t know if many of you know, but Lukas participates in luncheon auctions, where he has lunch with someone before one of his shows (or in some cases dinner) and part of the proceeds benefit many wonderful charities. This is the equivalent of someone taking part of their weekly paycheck and giving it away. More people should try it. There is nothing better than receiving the thank-you’s we receive regularly from these charities. It doesn’t take much to give where you can, when you can, what you can, the smile of another is the reward…and it’s worth it!!



Then, there’s all of my close friends I talk to daily , and some of the friends I speak to much less than I’d like.I just wanted to take the time to say how much I value and appreciate you all.



I got a lot closer with god this year. That, too, is like a marriage. It’s a learning process and a better way of living. I’ve not always been the best person I could have, and it is because I fell away from HIM, but the best part of having a relationship with him is that anyone can share in this relationship, regardless of where you have been – and he will always take you back with loving arms.. Seek and ye shall find…




I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up. Don’t know if I’ll ever figure it out…but I am certainly content with what I am and with what I have, where I am going and what I continue to become…



You see, every action is a seed. We can grow flowers or we can grow weeds. (NOT THAT WEED).


Plant your gardens, people. Start today.



My resolution this year is to find a healthy balance. Balance is important because I am the center of everything, and so are you…


I use my blog as a way not only to help others by speaking from experience, but also to help myself. I urge you all you all find your hearts, your voices and a way to GIVE this holiday season.


Your only reward will be a smile and the peace in your heart…but it’s soooo worth it.




Love to you all.



Fayner Posts: I finally got around to watching the first episode in Season Two of Whorecraft (actually, it is now called WhoreLore but I like the way Whorecraft sounds when it rolls off my tongue) called BIRTH OF DESTRUCTION and let me tell you, the scene is mighty good.

And sure, you’re probably saying, YOU have to say you love it because Dez and Staci are your roomies and they are behind Whorecraft! Staci would fuss you to death if you ever wrote a bad thing about their project! Pussy!

What’s up with that, huh?

Well, Dez and Staci are right now in Washington State with their dog, Limping Lazy Lou-Hippo in the middle of nowhere with no phones and no reception and no television and no electricity and no internet. Dez is up there following his first true passion: fishing, while Staci is out to prove that Asian women CAN drive by learning to kick ass on ATV or 4-wheelers or whatever them outdoorsy-types call those things you ride on and go “Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!”

In other words, they’ll never know if I hate the fucking thing.

But I don’t.

It’s really cool. Especially the special effects, which were done by the amazing Simon. Now I understand why they put up with him being Asian AND British. I mean, c’mon, pick one will you??!!!!!

Dakoda Brookes does a fab job in one of her very first scenes ever. Bianca Dagger is, of course, Bianca Dagger, which is a very good thing. And Barrett Blade’s superb acting makes this seem more like an actual movie than just a porn flick.

All in all, I got a boner, and that is saying a lot considering the three sex actors in the scenes are all good friends of mine. Ewwww!





Fayner Posts: Being a Jew on Christmas means I have a lot of free time. Sure, I have tons to begin with but on Christmas I’m not expected to work. Unfortunately my brain hasn’t slowed down to the current crawl of the rest of my body since I quit doing coke some months back, so I was sitting at the computer yesterday just clicking away for things to amuse me.

Somehow I ended up at Donny Long’s web site. Don’t ask how or why because I don’t know, but I did. And I found a few things which made me laugh.

Now I’m not even sure if I know Donny Long. I know I’ve heard about him; things like him being pretty much a John who pays industry chicks porn prices to fuck him on tape. It is actually an awesome idea I must say, pretending to be a producer so you don’t have to pay them the outrageous prices they charge as hookers.

But here is a quote from Donny’s site that got me chuckling outloud:

Donny Long has appeared in over 500 scenes since 2005 making him a talent that is both well liked and one that delivers a hot scene.

Is Donny joking here? Does he really think that doing 500 scenes in two years makes him well-liked and means he does a hot scene? Really? ‘Cause I can name 20 guys who have done well over 1000 scenes in 10 years who are hated and who do some of the worst scenes ever to appear in adult films. I ain’t gonna name any ’cause I don’t wanna, but let me tell you that just because you’ve been in the business for two years does not mean you’re any good: it’s that other people are worse.

It’s not something to be proud of, okay?