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Fayner Posts: Our buddy Jay Harman owns the brewery in Nantucket which makes beer, wine, gin, rum, whiskey and vodka. Triple Eight Vodka, to be precise. He sent us a case and we drank it all. I wish we had another bottle so I could jam it up one of the Random Whores’ snatches who always seem to be coming by looking for salvation.

Jay has asked me to ask porn chicks who want free vodka to stick a bottle up their pussy and snap a picture of it. I’ll supply the vodka for ya.

Visit Jay’s fabulous booze at Cisco Brewers

Email fayneralmighty@gmail.com if you wanna participate in this. And no dudes wanting to shove the bottle in their ass, okay?


Hilary is sooooo much hotter than nasty Britney Spears DCypher posts: Hillary Scott pretends to be the real diva in Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo, which came out yesterday from X-Play and LFP Video.

The DVD boasts over four hours of pornological goodness, with nine complete sex scenes and well over an hour of extras like behind the scenes and bloopers.

Shot prior to Scott’s exclusive contract with SexZ Pictures, the fourth installment in director Will Ryder’s popular series co-stars Jamie Elle, Daisy, Veronique Vega, Sativa Rose, Kissy Kapri, Serena Marcus and Jessica Sweet. James Bartholet plays a non-sex role as a “zany television reporter” from all initial reports. Zany, in this case, does not mean Zicari related. No reason to start boycotting or marching around in front of the big black towers of LFP’s hive with signs and chanting catchy slogans.

Apparently the plot revolves around the device of aphrodisiac lollipops called Britney Pops that turn sweet and innocent young girls into that one chick we all knew in high school who ANYONE could score on. Oh yeah, you knew her all right. We all did. Good times.

The director Will Ryder told me he wanted to up the ante big time since the real Britney, the not so hot MILF who wishes she looked like Hilary Scott, has been off the rails lately jamming God-knows-how-much man meat into her fatgina on a nightly basis. So Ryder threw in ball scorching threeways and some zesty anal and really cranked the heat up. He said he knew that Hilary knew just how to handle some rough and dirty fucking and that the results were amazing. He said he’d take the Pepsi challenge with those other gonzo companies any day of the week then began cursing at me in Italian slang so obscure, so dialect heavy, that I pissed myself in fear like a little girl and told him I wanted to go home. I vowed that I would pass this message on to you, the loyal readers of this site so that’s what I’m a gonna do, capice?

You see I believe that in this life all you have is your word and your balls, and you really shouldn’t break them for nobody. Please check out his free gallery so I don’t have to go through that again. Thank you for your compassion and understanding.

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Fayner Posts: Lexington Steele is everywhere: in porn movies, on Weeds, in my dreams…

Did anyone happen to catch Lex on last night’s episode of Nip/Tuck?

I did.

In the episode, one of the doctors takes his chick to a swinger’s club, where rich white women get pounded by young black pole. Lex was one of the guys fucking the white chicks. Good for him.

40 acres and a fat white mule…






This one is sure to be exciting folks! We got two of the hottest and sweetest sluts to ever walk in hooker heels straight to our drooling hearts.

I’m excited because I’ve decided that whoever wins this one gets to fuck me. Whatever, I’ll take one for the team, right?

So pick your favorite: the nasty little slut or the sweet innocent girl?

Vote to your right and up (look right and up dumbass) for either Jenna or Charlie until midnight tomorrow Eastern time..



(with 725 votes to Ava Rose’s 659)

Congrats to Mia. She’s now that much closer to the $1,500 prize. And in an attempt to announce the winner during Porn Week in Vegas, the lukeford staff is reshifting things starting next week so that we can run multiple polls at once and speed this damn thing up a bit. K?




Fayner Posts: So, that Dakoda Brookes myspaced my computer into submission and Alaura came in and “defragged” my precious computerized writing gadget, which I guess removes tons and tons of useless garbage that clogs things up, including passwords.

For some reason last night I was horny. I’m guessing it was Dakoda’s ass rubbing against my crotch every five minutes that made me this way. It doesn’t really matter who is to blame for this, just that it happened.

And since my DVD player is broken after crashing to the ground when Dakoda and Bianca had their wall-shaking fingerbanging olympics last week in the next room, I was forced to use the computer for my relief session.

But now I had no saved passwords for the sex sites I was hoping to enter. Damn! What’s a man to do? Go and ask Dez and Alaura for some porn? Use my imagination? Go to sleep without servicing myself?

Fuck that!

Luckily I remembered my password for PornStar.com from years ago, and luckily it still worked!

I watched something titled Teen Fuck Holes and it did the trick.


Thanks PornStar.com, for making all my dreams come true.

[ed note: and anyone who wants to send me a password to their site can do so at fayneralmighty@gmail.com. thanks]


DCypher posts: What is it about striped nylons and leg warmers that seems so very Alt? Hard to put your finger on, isn’t it?

I opened my virtual mailbox this morning and was stunned and delighted to see an ample supply of hot, young, willing girls posing for Met Art once again.

This girl is named Avril, yeah, just like the rock star. Just like her punky American doppelganger she too loves to stay up late, break the rules, drink vodka straight out of the bottle, and party all the time, party all the time! Yay!

That one was for my boy Vic.

Avril never dreamed that anyone would ever ask her to model. She used to cry a lot when she was in her tweens because boys didn’t like her and she spent most of her early teens without anyone to share Valentine’s Day with. Ever since she started posing naked it seems she’s got more boyfriends than she knows what to do with.

Lucky for you she’s always got room for one more…

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Fayner Posts: Travis stopped by the house last night to say hello and look through the ashtrays for roaches. Somehow the conversation turned to black chicks.

“Holy shit!” Travis barked. “You should have seen the office today!”

“What happened?” I asked.

“Three fat black chicks came in to the office to see about getting into a Black Ice movie. They were huge, atleast 350 pounds each!”

“That sucks” I replied.

“No, what really sucks is that my office was too small to fit all of them so I had to bring them to a bigger office to fill out the paper work.”

“Did you get any of their phone numbers?”

Travis insisted that he didn’t get a phone number from the fat chicks, but we all agreed after he left that he totally got one of their numbers and is planning on calling this weekend for a booty call.

Good luck, Travis!


DCypher posts: Everyone knows that it’s just poor taste to speak ill of the dead. Awarding recently deceased Norman Mailer the Bad Sex Award seems to fall into that category IMHO. I’m sure, however, that this is how the prolific author would want to be remembered.



*** *** ***

LONDON — The conception of Adolf Hitler was never going to make for easy reading. But the late Norman Mailer’s explicit rendition of the incestuous encounter between the genocidal German dictator’s parents has won the writer one of the world’s most dubious literary prizes.

Mailer, who died of renal failure last month at 84, was one of several candidates for the annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award, which aims to highlight crude and tasteless descriptions of sex in modern novels.

In a ceremony at the In & Out Club in central London, the judges paid homage to a “great American man of letters,” adding: “We are sure that he would have taken the prize in good humor.”

The excerpt is taken from one of Mailer’s last works, “The Castle in the Forest,” a fictionalized exploration of Hitler’s family, narrated by a demon. In the passage, the demon describes the moment Adolf is conceived, as Klara embraces Alois, a man the novel says was her uncle, “with an avidity that could come only from the Evil One.”

That passage, and others like it, were chosen by the Literary Review magazine, which has been embarrassing authors with its award for the past 15 years.

Others shortlisted for the prize include Christopher Rush, whose book “Will” offers a firsthand account of a sex between William Shakespeare and his wife, Anne Hathaway. The bard praises his wife’s anatomy in excruciating detail.

Jeannette Winterson was picked for her awkward love scene in “The Stone Gods,” involving a woman and a robot. Richard Milward’s “Apples” was chosen for its description of a sex scene between an adolescent boy and a woman the teen said “smelt a bit like an armpit.”

Actor David Thewlis, who appears in the Harry Potter movies as Harry’s teacher Remus Lupin, was selected for a sex scene in his novel “The Late Hector Kipling,” where a man has his nipple drenched in lighter fluid, set on fire and then doused in beer.

Earlier this year Thewlis was nominated for a “Razzie” — a prize handed out for awfulness in movies — for worst supporting actor in both “The Omen” and “Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction.”


LOS ANGELES, CA – (NOVEMBER 27, 2007 DMPR) – Los Angeles based animal rights activists had additional reasons to give thanks this past holiday week, as Wicked Pictures contract superstars jessica drake, Brad Armstrong, and Kaylani Lei staked their claim on the red carpet to support the first annual Cuties For Canines (www.cutiesforcanines.org) charity benefit. Designed to raise awareness and funds for dogs scheduled to be euthanized in Los Angeles shelters, the evening was hosted by Cuties For Canines founder and Maxim model Bobbi Sue Luther and held at the beautiful and exclusive 5th & Sunset Studios in West Los Angeles.

Jessica, Brad, and Kaylani were joined on the press line by such Hollywood notables as Playboy‘s Kari Whitman, Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory‘s Deep Roy, Terminator 3‘s Alana Curry and many more.

Inside, the innovative event featured entertainment from special guest dance DJs, martini and tequila bars sponsored by SoBe, a charity silent auction, and gift bags sponsored by Wicked Pictures. The silent auction saw both jessica and Brad bidding on – and winning – some of the evening’s pricier items as they supported the evening‘s cause. The evening concluded with the team spending some quality time with Fox News personality (and fellow dog lover) Mark Thompson, who’s since recounted his brush with Wicked greatness on Fox Television‘s That’s So Hollywood.

In addition to the Fox coverage, Kaylani, jessica, and Brad‘s attendance at the event was covered by such mainstream media outlets as Wire Image, 97.1 Free Los Angeles, and Contact Music. With their high profile releases like The Craving, Coming Home, Delilah, Candelabra, and Kaylani Unleashed having made strong showings in the recently announced 2008 AVN Nominations, this successful evening proved that whether they’re focusing on winning critical acclaim or supporting a worthy cause, the contract superstars of Wicked Pictures always deliver!