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Is Derek Hay Pimping HIV Exposed Escorts?

A very fucked up story appeared today on Mike South’s website.  You may recall that not to long ago there was a huge HIV scare in the industry.  It turned out the performer who tested HIV positive was a gay for pay performer who also happened to have a very serious girlfriend.

Many people reported that she was traumatized by the whole thing and ran away from the industry, never to be heard from again.

There was a lot of concern because she didn’t get tested as everyone else did during this trying ordeal.  Having had repeated unprotected sexual contact with an HIV positive person, as she was his girlfriend, they were all very concerned she might have been exposed as well.  I mean think about it, she had unprotected sex all the time with her boyfriend at the time, who was found to be HIV positive.  So it only makes sense that she could have contracted HIV as well.

So guess where she has shown up?  Derek Hay (aka Ben English) owns an escort site known as the Luxury Companion and she is listed as one of the escorts.

Speaking of Kacey Brooks
By MikeSouth
April 21st, 2011

Mike South – You remember her, Cameron Reed’s girlfriend…..The one who was exposed, via Cameron, to HIV

Well looky here on Theluxurycompanion.com


Ya that’s her…and who is it pimping her? Who owns theluxurycompanion.com

None other than Derek Hay…..yup Ben English….surprised? I’m not.