Former Miss USA shocked at how creepy some men are

Fox News is running a report about former Miss USA turned Vivid porn star.  It’s a pretty interesting read but the long and short of it is, Kelli McCarty’s family supports her decision to be a porn star and she’s creeped out by how some men think that by being in a porno she’s automatically a slut and will fuck them.  I think they were a little disappointed to find out that she was always a slut and becoming a porn star had nothing to do with making her that way.   But even funnier is that she wouldn’t fuck them then and she still won’t fuck them now and to add further insult to injury she’s going on Fox News and making fun of them about it.  In the story she also revealed she would be appearing in a men’s magazine in the near future. ie: Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler.  My guess is Penthouse but she’s probably trying to hold out for Playboy.  A few years ago they wouldn’t have her but with the arrival of those freaky looking Twins who claim to be Hef’s girlfriend you never know.  Their standards seemed to have dropped.  So we’ll see.


FOX NEWS: She’s gone from pageants to “Passions” to porn and it seems Kelli McCarty has finally found her favorite career. The former Miss USA of 1991 (who also played the role of Beth Wallace on the NBC soap “Passions” for seven years as well as a recurring role in the Disney Channel series “Even Stevens”) has shed her sash sister image by releasing a (very) adult film, “Faithless” with Vivid Entertainment.

I enjoy acting, and I really like sex, so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions,” McCarty told Tarts. “It was a pretty easy transition, I think mainstream television is definitely starting to merge with the adult world anyway – it’s all about sex and nudity, and I’ve been pretending to have love scenes on ‘Passions’ for years anyway.

While the on-screen adjustment wasn’t too much of a sweat for McCarty, she was shocked at how the men in her personal life have suddenly changed their tune.

These are guys that I’ve known for a long time that are a suddenly putting it out there, they think because I have sex on television I must want to do it with them, too. Its really creepy and disturbing, being an adult film star does not automatically put you into the slut category,” McCarty said. “Maybe you’d expect that from people you don’t know, but this is coming from guys I considered friends. Weird.

Despite that small downside, the Kansas native said her family is particularly supportive of her racy new role and exposing so much for the lights and camera has actually been a blessing.

It’s such an accomplishment, I co-wrote the script and had it in my contract that I was to have a lot of power and control in the production which I never had in the mainstream,” McCarty added. “I’m happy that I can be out there talking openly about it, I’m so proud that I could make this happen.

McCarty’s starring role in “Faithless” marks the first time a former Miss USA (let alone a well-known television actress) has made the leap into the adult entertainment arena and according to Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch, her performance as a cheating wife is that of a “natural porn star.”

As it turns out, by any standard, Kelli’s performance in “Faithless” is incredibly erotic. She smolders sex from every pore of her body,” said Hirsch.

The 39-year-old starlet isn’t sure if she’ll make another XXX film as she has a sitcom, reality show and book deal bubbling in the works, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be stripping off again sometime very soon.

The men’s magazines have all been calling. I’m not sure what one I’m going to do yet but I’ll definitely pose, I love that stuff,” she added.

Hef and his trio of new blondes

EOnline just published a new video of Hugh Hefner and his three new hotties.

Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt may be moving on, but Hugh Hefner’s not exactly missing his Girls Next Door…he’s too busy with three new girlfriends.

“The best solution to lost love is new love,” Hef tells E! News in an exclusive interview, joined by Karissa and Kristina Shannon and Crystal Harris.

So how did these three ladies come to join his blondetourage?

Hef reached out to the twins while they were being scouted as Playmates for the magazine’s 55th anniversary issue?they moved in about two weeks after he separated from Holly. As for Crystal, he met her at his annual Halloween party, and after a month together, Hef asked her to move into the Mansion.

“I’m much more reserved than the twins,” says Harris. “They are much more outgoing, and I’m the type of person who likes to stay close to home. Hef has the best of both worlds with us.”

And it doesn’t sound like there are any hard feelings between Hef, his outgoing roomies and the new men in their lives, either. He even met Kendra’s footballer fiance?, Hank Baskett, last week and says he’s a “cool guy.” As for whether they’ll tie the knot at the Mansion this summer, Hef says, “it’s their call.”

Hef also thinks Holly would have been marriage material if he hadn’t already been married twice.

“Those are not the happiest times of my life and I just don’t want to screw up another,” says Hef. “[Holly] had a very good chance because I think she would’ve made a very good wife and will make a good wife to Criss [Angel] or whoever she winds up with.”

In the meantime, the Playboy magnate says he doesn’t really have time to miss his triple exes. “I’m very busy.” Especially given the gossip he may be scouting for another girl to join him at the Mansion?a rumor he doesn’t exactly shoot down. “We don’t have anyone in particular, but it’s always possible,” he says. “There was one point when I had seven girlfriends.”

Party with Playboy

I swear not to long ago I read that Playboy in an effort to cut expenses wouldn’t be hosting anymore parties.  Well it turns out that either isn’t true or hasn’t started yet. Because at the Playboy mansion on Saturday February 29, 2009 at 9 pm PST they are hosting a Masquerade Ball, a party to benefit the Karma Foundation.  Here is the sheet for the party.

It’s a Party at the Playboy Mansion and You are Invited to Attend


Print Media Confusion starring Meggan Mallone

I confess I’m not much for looking at men’s magazines.  I mean sure I know the big ones like Penthouse, Playboy and Hustler but apparently there are quite a few more.  I caught a glance of a web page featuring Vivid’s newest tartlet, Meggan Mallone.  On this page it said that this year alone Meggan Mallone has either been on the cover or featured in 6 different magazines.   My any standards that’s pretty fucking impressive but that’s not what caught my attention.  What caught my attention is that just two hours earlier I was reading a story about how ad sales are down as much as 23% in traditional print media and that circulation has plummeted.  You hear this kind of thing all the time.  Instead of reading a real magazine people just prefer to go online and see what they can find.  In fact some magazines have gone all digital as a result.

So back to men’s magazine’s.  I had no idea how many of them there really are.  I think this has to contribute to lacking sales figures.  Quite frankly there are just to fucking many of them.  I read in one place there are some 318 different men’s magazines currently in circulation.  THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN?!!! So can we name some of these?  Sure but I promise I can’t name many.  Here are some of the more successful ones.  And out of this short life, I must ask, do we really really need even this many?

Playboy College Girls
Playboy Vixens
Playboy Lingerie
Girls of Penthouse
Hustler Beach Girls
18 Teen Angels
Asian Beauties
Barley Legal
Girls of Barely Legal
Club Confidential
Club International
Bust Out
Just 18
Easy Riders
High Society
Just 18
Legs & Tail
Leg Show
Leg Tease
Perfect 10
Tigh Squeeze

Playboy and Club Jenna to cease producing DVDs

News recently broke that Playboy will be phasing out DVD productions, both XBIZ and AVN ran stories about the Playboy changes including their plans to layoff about 80 employees.  So al of this got me curious how such a thing would effect other Playboy holdings such as Jenna Jameson’s Club Jenna, who obviously is big into DVD sales. And if Playboy does plan on cutting ALL DVD production, including that at their owned asset Club Jenna, what will they do with all those contract girls.  Will they be in the business of making only Internet porn?

I had once heard a rumor that Playboy wasn’t happy with their purchasing of Club Jenna because they weren’t quite a profitable as they thought they would be, so maybe screwing them wouldn’t really matter so much to them.

Our goal is to return the company to solid profitability in 2009,” CEO Christie Hefner wrote in a letter to employees. “When we reported earnings two months ago, we indicated that we expected to reduce expenses by $10 million, with approximately half coming from corporate and other overhead and the other half from the publishing and television businesses. Today we are announcing the specific actions being taken to achieve those goals.

Hefner said that Playboy will continue to increase its focus on Internet content delivery and other digital media platforms while phasing out DVD production over a period of several months.

This news didn’t come as a big surprise to investors because earlier this year she was quoted as having said, “Traditional media are facing a secular shift as a result of changes in consumer behavior and the migration of advertisers to new platforms. This has created a challenging environment for our print and TV businesses, which has been compounded by the current macro-economic climate. However, we believe that the changing media business model also creates a number of opportunities for us, both because of our globally recognized brand and our profitable existing digital businesses.

I made a call to the Playboy offices today to see if I could find out companies like Club Jenna. Club Jenna does have a popular website but it also makes a good portion of their money through DVD sales, so how would this decision effect their business operations?  I had a hard time finding anyone to actually speak with about it that knew the answer to my questions.  To be frank, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to speak with me because to be honest, I found everyone that I spoke with to be extremely friendly and upbeat and keep in mind I spoke with abotu 12 people over at the Playboy offices throughout the course of this investigation.  So when I finally got the right person he said that even he wasn’t sure and wanted to confirm before telling me something that may not be accurate.  He made a few phone calls on his own and the final verdict is that in fact Club Jenna, Spice TV, and Playboy itself will no longer be producing any more DVDs.

Our source over at Playboy said it’s not something that will happen over night but in time, Club Jenna will like all Playboy owned entities be ceasing their DVD productions.  DVDs are a thing of the passed.   The Playboy rep confirmed, It’s all about digital distribution now.

As far as the Club Jenna girls go, as of right no there are no plans to phase them out.  Club Jenna will continue production of movies only the distribution model will change.

From Playmate to Porn Star. Oh yah! A Bunny Goes Hardcore.

When you see the pretty girls that grace the pages of Playboy magazine,  you can’t help but wonder if she can suck a mean cock. However for the most part we never really will know simply because Playboy Playmates tend to stay softcore.  That is until now.  Miss April 2002 has taken the XXX rated plunge!  At the very bottom is an interview with Heather Carolin provided to us by her agent.

It’s not everyday does one of Hef’s 12 centerfolds take the leap into the adult industry. Heather Carolin, Playboy Playmate Miss April 2002 is now exclusively booking hard-core g/g and solos through AListTalent.

Being one of Playboy’s few all natural redhead centerfolds Heather is very well known in the soft-core industry. But what made her take the leap? “I have always had girl crushes and I never really acted on them. Once I discovered how much I love having sex with women I knew I had to share it with my fans. I am a true exhibitionist at heart. I get off on the fact that people get off watching me!” Heather explains with a big smile.

Heather was discovered by Playboy and immediately chosen to be a Playboy Playmate at the age of 18. She had a successful soft-core career, even shooting her style for leading adult sites.  “Playmate Heather Carolin is on fire, and was a “dream to shoot,” saysSuze, ” she moves like a real pro.” –Suze Randall, owner/photographer  Heather is known for her tight, fit body, natural red pubic hair and pink nipples among other attributes.  This curvy 32C-22-32 is all natural and about to the set the industry on fire with her true lust for women and incredible ooze of sex appeal. We can’t wait to see more from this busty, freckled California beauty!

Interview with Heather Carolin:

MSD> So the question everyone wants to ask is, why did you decide to do hard-core porn?

HeatherCarolin> “I have always had girl crushes and I never really acted on them. Once I discovered how much I love having sex with women I knew I had to share it with my fans. I am a true exhibitionist at heart. I get off on the fact that people get off watching me!”

MSD> So you really like women?

HeatherCarolin> “I definitely do! Women are so soft and sensual. Just touching a woman gets me really hot and wet.”

MSD> Did you have your first kiss with a woman onscreen?

HeatherCarolin> “No, it was actually with another Playboy Playmate after a promotional event. We both went to a nightclub at spring break and we were dancing together on stage when she kissed me. The crowd cheered, of course, and I loved it!”

MSD> What’s your favorite part of a woman?

HeatherCarolin> “I love tits! I can’t help it. They are so much fun to play with. I never understood a man’s fascination with them until I started playing with them. I can’t think of anything I would rather squeeze!!”

MSD> How did you get your start in the soft-core industry?

HeatherCarolin> “Luckily I got my start with Playboy. They weren’t just my first nude shoot. They were my first real photoshoot, paying modeling job ever!! I was 18 and they flew me down to Los Angeles from my parent’s house in Northern California. I tested for Playmate right off the bat and I got it. I found my natural ability to pose right away so I never really struggled with it.”

MSD> Do you do fetish work now as well as hard-core?

HeatherCarolin> “I enjoy stockings and hosiery, smoking and light foot fetish work. I love sucking on pretty toes but I haven’t created such a niche for myself there. I think everything I enjoy will come out on film when I get into my scenes!”

MSD> What kind of girl are you? Hip hop, rocker chick or pop queen?

HeatherCarolin> “Rocker chick all the way!!” I love Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, Alice in Chains, etc. I love rock concerts and bars! I was raised on rock and I love it.”

MSD> Are you still a California girl?

HeatherCarolin> “Born and raised! I am living back in Los Angeles now. I have moved from Northern California to LA and back a couple of times but Los Angeles is a place to thrive. I have a few businesses that I want to get off the ground and there is no better place to be.”

MSD> Can you share your business plans with us?

HeatherCarolin> “Maybe one or two!! The rest are not porn related and will be different ventures for me. I have always been really creative so I keep my plate full. I love taking photographs and shooting video so I will be getting behind the camera soon to work on a new multi model niche site. My websites ( and are my main focus at the moment. I really enjoy producing great content for my members and I hope to produce other model’s solo sites in the future as well.”

MSD> Wow, it seems that you really want to be in every aspect of the business! Any other skills besides modeling and producing?

HeatherCarolin> “I have many jobs!! I do almost everything for my sites. I am very hands on. I don’t do the actual website design or troubleshooting. I am lucky to have an amazing in house design team. I do the resizing and formatting of my images so that my members get 15X20 Inch high res images on my site. I do all of my own video editing so that I can make sure my members get to see everything I shot for them. That also allows me to make lots of great video samples for my affiliates. I do location scouting and booking. I have a huge wardrobe collection and I style models and sets for my productions. I also do model scouting and find hot girls to shoot with! I have gotten pretty good at hair and makeup too, though I think I want to take a class or two and learn more.”

MSD> That’s quite a list. You’re a very busy girl!! Anything you’d like to add before we let you go?

HeatherCarolin> “I am always on the look out for hot models to shoot or shoot with around Los Angeles. If any models want to contact me they can do so via my booking inquires page on my site! I don’t bite unless you want me to!!”

Who needs Holly – Hef has twins!

Hef has spoke about about the breakup with Holly and according to a recent story on Yahoo news, Hefner was surprised to hear Madison discussing their breakup, but acknowledged he knew a split was imminent after he told Madison that they would never wed or have children.

But seriously don’t feel bad for Hef, he now has TWINS!!

Hefner said 19-year-old Playmate twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon are living in the mansion, but they’re aren’t his girlfriends — yet.

Fucking twins!! Geez the man doesn’t miss a beat.  Good for him though.  I mean why should he shed a tear about his breakup when he could be busy hanging out with twin bunnies instead?

The story also says that Hefner’s relationship with his remaining two girlfriends — Marquardt, 35, and Wilkinson, 23 — may also be in flux. Hefner said Marquardt is in Europe filming the new Travel Channel series “Bridget’s Beaches,” and Wilkinson may soon move out of the mansion and get her own apartment. Hefner said E! is interested in spin-offs with all three women.

The Playboy mogul expects to maintain a business relationship and friendship with Madison, who — along with Marquardt — originally was one of seven girlfriends living with Hefner in 2001 after his separation from Kimberley Conrad.  Wilkinson was later asked to move into the Playboy Mansion in 2004.  Hefner said he may again seek out seven — or more — girlfriends.

“It’s a big house,” he said. “And I’m not going to live alone. I’m definitely not going to live alone.”

Dr. Z will you come make a house call to me?

I got a press release today that I want to share with you. Not because I really like to share press release but because of who the press release is about. I mean let’s be real, we all know I don’t really publish press releases that often, only on a rare and special occasion but this is one rare and special lady its about. Her name is Victoria Zdrok.  Her personal bio describers her as a hottie and a smartie.  And while that may be true, it’s far from really capturing all that is Victoria Zdrok.

As you might have imagined by the name Victoria Zdrok is originally from Russia.  She came to the U.S. during the times of the cold war in a specially arranged student exchange program.  Victoria Zdrok was brilliant and went on to graduate high school a very young age.

She graduated from Pensacola Junior College in Florida at age 17 and West Chester University in Pennsylvania at age 18 with a B.A.   She speaks like 6 languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, Spanish and German), has a law degree and a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

If all that wasn’t impressive enough she also happens to be hot as fuck and a former Playboy Playmate (October 1994) who years later would go on to be a Penthouse Pet (June 2002) and eventually the Penthouse Pet of the Year (2004), exactly 10 years after she was first named a Playboy Playmate.   Victoria Zdrok once told me that when she first became a Playboy Playmate in 1994 she thought it would change her life and in fact it did but not in the way she had imagined.  She had big dreams of going on to be a movie star and not be hit on and felt up by the likes of Donald Trump.  Her acting career never took off but for many years after she would be a very active Playboy model appearing several more times in Playboy either in International editions or in special editions  of the magazine like the Playmate Review or the Book of Lingerie.

Even more impressive she was an Internet pioneer, starting her official website in like 1998.    And no I don’t mean she had someone do it for her like many models of today. She was very hands on in the entire website creation process and ran her website almost entirely by herself, teaching herself how to upload photos and even did live web chats and posted on her message boards to her fans non stop.  It was during this time she also did some softcore porn with Danni Ashe and Nikki Nova.

Victoria Zdrok took a big yet calculated risk by going on with her own website.  At that time being independent was highly frowned upon by the Playboy machine and it cost Victoria several modeling jobs with them.  But in the end it was clearly the right thing to do because she became far more famous than just some chick who once was in Playboy.  She would go on to be hired as a spokesmodel for countless companies, raking in the cash and eventually she gained some fame from her work with Penthouse.  All of that was great but it was when she decided to be the Dr. Ruth of the Internet Generation that she really got what she secretly had desired all along, fame.  Everyone wants Victoria on their shows now and in their magazines.

Dr. Z Makes ‘House Calls’ On Thursday!

(Hightstown) September 19, 2008 – Get your speed-dial fingers ready! is pleased to announce that the incomparable Dr. Z will be taking calls – live – from our call center this week!

On Thursday, Sept. 25th, the one-and-only Dr. Victoria Zdrok will be answering the phone lines at’s customer service headquarters…dishing out sex advice and sending customers in the right direction with what to buy, what toys to use for the best orgasms, and what DVDs fulfill the wildest of hardcore fantasies!

From 12:00pm to 2:00pm, adult fans can ‘ask Dr. Z’ whatever their heart’s desire by calling 877-702-0857. Check out the Penthouse store at The former Penthouse Pet of the Year (2004) is the hottest Ph.D.-holder in the universe, and her sexology advice is spot-on!

More on Dr. Z: the Ukrainian-born beauty is considered the world’s greatest ‘sexpert,’ who knows everything about love, sex, and healthy relationships in the 21st century! She’s a hottie who’s also a smartie: Dr. Z has a law degree and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She’s been a commentator on Fox News and has posed nude for several national magazines (including several of her own sex advice-websites). Check out her profile on MySpace!

Tera Patrick returns to Playboy TV with her new series: SCHOOL OF SEX!

Ever wonder what Tera Patrick’s been up to since leaving Playboy TV’s Night Calls 411? How about winning tons of AVN Awards, launching her own multi-million dollar production company, and starring in the adult world’s most popular naked blockbusters. Yes, it’s safe to say she’s MORE than qualified to teach our viewers how to achieve maximum satisfaction in the bedroom. And starting this September 19, Ms. Patrick is sharing her secrets with you on her brand new Playboy TV series, SCHOOL OF SEX. Threesomes, role-playing, erogenous pleasure zones, and more! She’s getting her hot sex school demonstrators to show off every naked fantasy in the book, so take notes, pay attention, and get educated on the explicit in’s and out’s of great sex!  Don’t miss the series premiere of SCHOOL OF SEX, September 19, 9:30PM Eastern & Pacific immediately following the all-new FOURSOME!

Introducing Morgan Dayne

Morgan Dayne was born in Vineland NJ, but moved to Florida when she was 7 years old. She also spent two years living on a USMC base in Jacksonville NC. Morgan is half Puerto Rican and Half German – her father is Puerto Rican and her mother is German.  Interestingly enough, she is one of 18 children.  That’s right, Morgan Dayne has SEVENTEEN SIBLINGS.  Morgan Dayne says it is due to her father’s “Puerto Rican Passion”.

She likes to hang out with family and friends and enjoys shopping, scuba diving, and working on her Trans Am.   Morgan Dayne says she is very close with her family and she speaks to her mother some times as much as 4 times a day and that her mother is her biggest supporter.

She is very outgoing and says she not afraid to try anything at least once.   She likes performing in the adult entertainment industry and is currently in a contract with Cezar Capone.   She was in the September 2008 issue of Penthouse (the one where Kayden Kross was on the cover), she will be in Hustler in October and  was also in an issue of Barely Legal that same month.

Morgan Dayne is on both YouTube with her own custom channel and Myspace and says she has plans to one day develop her own website,

Porn Star Morgan Dayne

Cezar Capone who started with Bang Bros, then produced the wildly successful Filthy Films for Club Jenna has spread his wings, Cezar Capone Films signed Morgan Dayne, his first contract star to feature in Deviant, the first film for Cezar Capone Films.   Cezar Capone just received 5 star reviews for High Definition from Club Jenna.   A double disc extravaganza with seven sex scenes features Morgan going from a newcomer to a seasoned pro.  Also signed up under Cezar Capone is Dirty Sanchez, who’s irreverent style of shooting has made him an Internet star.  Cezar Capone, aka Bill Fisher has taken his new line to the worlds largest distributor of adult dvds, Pulse Distribution.  These are the guys behind the distribution of all Vivid movies as well as Club Jenna and Tera Patrick’s line of movies.

Morgan Dayne got her start in the industry by going to an open casting call for a Playboy TV reality series to be called The Sex Life (season 1).  It is basically a reality show that pits 3 porn stars against 3 models to see who can win.  The three porn stars were Morgan Dayne, Brooke Banner and Britney Blue.  Little else is known about the series, other than it will air on Playboy TV sometime in the near future.

The Sex Life reality show