The Mansion Has Sold

The mansion has sold … no not the Playboy one, but close, it is the one next door. Last March the LA Times reported the house next door to Hef’s, which he happens to own was up for sale. The asking price at the time was almost $28 million.  Well tonight Hugh Hefner tweeted that the house has sold. Although no price was disclosed in his tweet, no doubt it went for a pretty penny, however I suspect not quite as much as he and his estranged wife Kimberly had wanted.


Here is the listing the agents selling the home had for it. They sold the house in under 6 months and in today’s economy that is really saying something.

Sister Property to the Esteemed Holmby Hills Playboy Mansion — S. Mapleton Drive. Exquisite 2.3 Acre European Holmby Hills Manor. List price: $27,995,000, ADJACENT TO LOS ANGELES COUNTRY CLUB. This magnificent walled estate includes remarkable grounds and privacy. Extensive Original wood paneling, hand carved staircase, leaded glass windows and hand painted walls lend a sense of history to this extraordinary property. Enter the two story entry to the spacious living room with fireplace and beautiful garden vistas. The paneled study with center fireplace is a wonderful retreat. A large family room adjoins the dining room and updated eat-in gourmet kitchen opening to charming outdoor terrace. Beautiful verdant views from the upper level. Wonderful master suite including an exceptional marble bath and a large separate dressing rom. Three additional family bedrooms plus a maids room complete the property. Enormous motor court with three car garage. Rolling lawns, mature trees, country club vistas beyond and wonderful private pool area. All of which affords a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire the finest.

UPDATE : TMZ is reporting the house sold for $18 million.

Gemma Massey is Hot as Fuck

I don’t know why I haven’t ever heard of this chick before but damn this chick Gemma Massey is so fucking hot it’s not even funny. I first learned of her when Twistys sent out the notification that she would be their treat of the month this month. You little perverted fucks can click that link to see more.

As far as Gemma Massey goes, it’s hard to find any real data about her. She seems to come from Britain, first came to some fame with modeling from Playboy and is now slowly transitioning into nude Internet model. That’s about all I could find about her. Anyway, guess all we really need to know is that she is one hot looking chick.

Gemma Massey

Holly Madison minus her hunny bunny

TMZ is reporting that Holly Madison has gone to extreme measures to shed her Bunny past as she has recently removed a Playboy tattoo.

Post-Hefner, a slightly less trampy Holly Madison is emerging — because girl’s getting her Playboy tramp stamp removed! Here’s Holly this past weekend at the Wet Republic at the MGM (left), and the same pink bunny tattoo back in ’05 (right). This is one move we can really get behind.


Playboy up for sale for $300 million?

The NY Post is reporting that Playboy may be up for sale for $300 million. There is a lot of speculation in this article so who knows how much of it is true but here is the story nonetheless.

FULL STORY FROM THE NY POST – PLAYBOY Enterprises, the far-flung empire founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953, is quietly being shopped around for $300 million, sources tell Media Ink.

But so far, well-heeled suitors that have been approached, like Apollo Capital Partners and Providence Equity Partners, haven’t stepped up.

The battered company’s market capitalization is now around $100 million and nobody has been willing to pay the substantial premium that it would take to persuade Hef to sell.

Sources said the sellers are looking for far more than the company’s market capitalization because that would ensure Hef has enough on hand to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

“Everyone says he’ll never let go, that he’ll take it with him to the grave,” said one source.

The empire’s iconic bunny ears are one of the most identifiable trademarks in the world, but the empire has fallen on hard times as the Internet and video-on-demand have eroded its core brand, the magazine.

Hefner, now 83 years old, said recently that one of his biggest regrets was taking Playboy public.

He still controls about 70 percent of the voting stock, and as of March 31, the second-biggest shareholder was Wells Capital, which held a 10 percent stake. Fidelity is third at 7 percent.

Sources said that James Griffiths, a former president of the entertainment group, has been involved in the potential sale process.

Playboy has been under intense pressure and has been furiously cutting costs. In the most recent quarter, the company said it lost $13.7 million, compared with a loss of $4.2 million a year ago. Revenue eroded to $61.6 million in the quarter from $78.5 million a year ago.

Christie Hefner, Hef’s daughter, stepped down as CEO in January and formally left the board at its annual meeting last week, severing her ties.

A Playboy spokeswoman said, “We have not received a proposal for purchase, nor has Mr. Hefner indicated that he will listen to proposals regarding a sale. However, as a public company, we will listen to proposals that could create value for all of our shareholders.”

Worth more

In the wake of the folding of Condé Nast Portfolio and the well-chronicled struggles of business magazines like Fortune and Forbes, now would appear to be an inauspicious time to launch a financial magazine.

Yet Sandow Media has relaunched Worth magazine — complete with a cover price of $18.95.

The new magazine is edited by Richard Bradley, an author and one-time executive editor of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s now-defunct George magazine. Bradley joined in April 2008, just as Sandow Media was taking over the magazine from Bill Curtis’s CurtCo.

Patrick Williams, formerly the manager of national financial advertising at Portfolio, is Worth’s publisher.

At the time that Williams left Portfolio in August 2008 for Worth, many thought he was crazy to leave cushy Condé Nast. Less than a year later, he’s been vindicated.

“It turned out to be an astute move obviously, but I didn’t think they were going to close the magazine down,” Williams said in a recent interview with Media Ink.

Meanwhile, Williams defended Sandow Media’s decision to launch Worth during one of the worst economic periods in a generation.

“All of those magazines are aimed at people who are worried about what they are going to do about their 401(k)s,” said Williams. “We are not going to advise people what to do about that.”

But what about that newsstand price of $18.95?

“If you’re the person who is nervous about paying $18.95 for a magazine, then this magazine is not for you,” said Williams.

The recession may have depressed the local real estate market in the Hamptons and thinned the publishing ranks, but surviving publications are gearing up for a busy, if somewhat more frugal, publishing scene.

Dan’s Papers, now owned by Cincinnati, Ohio-based Brown Publishing Co., pulled the plug on Hampton Style for this year, leaving Editor Kristina Ward out of a job.

Meanwhile, Vox magazine has also disappeared from the scene.

But the survivors are still going.

The Miss California Sex Tape

I just found this story over at AdultFYI. I couldn’t believe it, but then again, why not? She got naked how many times while modeling? So why not make a sex tape too? The way things are going it looks like Miss California may be taking Vivid up on their offer because at this rate she won’t be able to get any other kind of work.  At the very least she could always pose for Playboy for a quick buck or two.


The AdultFYI story – Following Topless Photo, Claims of Carrie Prejean Sex Tape? From Web site–which posted a photo of a topless Carrie Prejean, “Miss California”–has followed up that bombshell with a claim that they have in their possession a “sex tape” featuring Ms. Prejean.

The claim was met with skepticism and a degree of disinterest. Even the reliably verbal participants at the conservative online chat forum–which solicits donations from its users with an ad reading, “Hate ’em? End ’em!”–had little to say as of the afternoon of May 14, with only a handful of postings to the article, most of which had little to offer outside of the boilerplate accusations regarding “hateful” and “vile” liberals, etcetera.

One user offered a glimmer of wit, writing, “I believe I’m the only unhip human being who has never made [a sex tape].”

FreeRepubic drew its story from, which viewed the claim as bogus, and which criticized the site for having in the past made explosive assertions, promising evidence that it never presented.

Others wondered whether a May 1 press release from the National Organization for Marriage, which hastened to star Prejean in an anti-gay commercial, might have been an attempt on the part of NOM to “distance” the anti-gay group from the beauty queen, whose April 19 on-air comments about marriage equality drew both praise and ire.

Prejean, “Miss California” in the Miss USA beauty pageant last month, was asked by openly gay celebrity blogger and pageant judge Perez Hilton about her opinion on marriage equality.

Saying she was from a religious background, Prejean praised the freedom that some states in America offer for gay and lesbian families to wed, but said that her own opinion was that marriage ought to be reserved for heterosexual couples.

Hilton later posted a video blog in which he insulted Prejean for her comments, calling her a “dumb bitch.”

That blog garnered Prejean support from across the political spectrum, with Hilton’s remarks offending people of all political and sexual persuasions. However, the religious right used the comments to bolster claims that Christians are a “persecuted” minority, and to reiterate dubious assertions that all “liberals” and GLBT people seek to muzzle free expression and limit freedom of religion.

The National Organization for Marriage, which had supported California’s ballot initiative to rescind marriage equality for gay and lesbian families, was quick to feature Prejean in a new ad decrying family equality, but as Prejean–who reportedly began to neglect her job duties as “Miss California”–continued to make media appearances to talk about her status as a victim of “anti-Christian” sentiment and to speak against marriage equality, the story began to take on other dimensions.

A reported breast enhancement procedure that Miss California USA, Prejean’s employer, paid for hit the headlines, as did news of a topless photo Prejean said she had posed for at age 17.

The NOM’s May 1 press release sought to clarify that Prejean was not an employee or spokesperson for the group.

The group’s president, Maggie Gallgher, stated, “Carrie appeared with NOM as a private citizen; she does not work for the National Organization for Marriage. She is a spokesperson for her own views, as anyone watching her can tell.”

Gallagher’s statement continued, “We are grateful to Carrie Prejean for her willingness to stand up for marriage.

“We would love to work with Carrie in the future if she chooses, and we wish her well in all her future endeavors whatever she chooses.

“We’re proud of her. Americans are proud of her. She is a remarkable young woman. Thank you, Carrie.”

But the release’s tone of praise notwithstanding, some, including GLBT site Towleroad, wondered whether the group might be trying to put some distance between itself and Prejean.

The rumored sex tape was mentioned in online conversations about the statement and its meaning.

Sarah Palin was a relative latecomer to the party, posting a comment at in which Palin, who ran for vice president last year, spoke of a “liberal onslaught of malicious attacks” targeting Prejean and calling the purported wave of anti-Prejean press “despicable.”

Wrote Palin, “Carrie and I spoke soon after the attacks started; I can relate as a liberal target myself.

“What I find so remarkable is that these politically-motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe – marriage is between a man and a woman,” Palin went on.

The reference to President Obama was an echo of Miss USA owner Donald Trump’s May 12 press conference, in which Trump announced that despite the topless photo, Prejean would be allowed to keep the “Miss California” title.

Trump also observed that President Obama, who has said that gay and lesbian individuals and families should be protected equally by the law and not singled out for discriminatory treatment, had said that he believed in reserving marriage as a special right for heterosexual couples.

Such comments, together with a perception that the Obama administration has lost interest in advocating for GLBT equality issues, has brought concern among GLBT leaders into the headlines.

It seems that speaking of Prejean in jest constitutes just such a “malicious attack” in the eyes of the right. Conservative site indicated displeasure at what it seemed to regard as blasphemy against Prejean in the form of a comic remark made by Joan Rivers on The CBS Early Show.

A May 13 article at the site focused on Rivers saying, “God wants you to shut up,” and declared that, “Co-hosts Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, and Julie Chen all laughed in response and shared in mocking Carrie Prejean.”

Rivers expressed exasperation at the Prejean story, calling a Prejean interview “Totally irrelevant,” and adding, “I am against gay marriage. That two men can get married and I can’t get a damn date? I am so pissed off.”

Rivers went on to say of the flap, “It’s all so stupid and she’s taking it so seriously and [Prejean is] so well coached.”

Asked co-host Maggie Rodriguez, “So… your advice to her is just chill out a little bit?”

Answered Rivers, “My advice is oh, relax. God wants you to shut up.”

Rivers’ book “Men Are Stupid… And They Like Big Boobs” was also referenced in the chat, in the context of Prejean’s reported breast enhancement procedure.

Another celebrity unwilling to genuflect to Prejean was former “Miss Nevada” Katie Rees, who, like Prejean, had posed semi-nude before going on to win her title.

Unlike Prejean, however, Rees lost her title when the photo came to light. To Rees, the difference in how she and Prejean were treated constitutes a “huge double standard,” reported a May 12 E! Entertainment story carried at

Rees said that the photo of herself was not taken professionally, as was the semi-nude photo of Prejean; still, because she had signed a contract stipulating that she had never posed for “nude or semi-nude” pictures, Rees lost her crown at Trump’s behest.

Not so Prejean, who was excused by Trump.

The article quoted Rees as saying, “Semi-nude photos are semi-nude photos.”

Added Rees, “I don’t know why I am the only one who was punished for their behavior.

“I was only 19 when those photos were taken of me, and it was me in my personal life, far before I was crowned Miss Nevada,” continued Rees.

“Carrie actually posed for these professional semi-nude photos. I think that’s worse.”

Nor has Rees, like Prejean, been elevated to the status of culture war saint. Rather, she indicated that her reputation had suffered.

“I have been scrutinized in the press and have tried to move on with my life, but it’s hard,” the article quoted Rees as saying.

“Everywhere you go, people judge you on these photos and already think they know the type of person you are.”

Rees compared her conduct in the midst of controversy to Prejean’s, saying, “At least when those pictures of me came out, I admitted I was wrong and told young women in America how big of a mistake it was and to be careful because everything can affect your future.

“That’s more than Carrie has done. She has lied about her age when she took the photos, lied about how many there were and hasn’t acknowledged that she was wrong by breaking the contract.

“I don’t think that is a good role model and I hope young women recognize that,” Rees added.

Hugh Hefner Turns 83 and Holly Madison was there!

Hugh Hefner celebrated his 83rd birthday at the Palms Place pool on April 4 surrounded by girlfriends past and present including Holly Madison.  So despite the rumors of there being ill will between the two, that is proving to be untrue.  Hugh Hefner not only helped her get on Dancing with the Stars but now she shows up at his 83rd birthday party in Las Vegas.   Oh and guess what, there will be another season of The Girls Next Door, only this time it will feature his new trio of blondes.

Click here to read the full story about Hef’s 83rd Birthday  from the Las Vegas Weekly.


Dressed in a colorful Playboy shirt, white pants, a black sport coat and his signature captain’s hat, Hugh Hefner kicked off a day-long birthday party today at the Palms.

The Playboy magnate will turn 83 years old on Thursday.

The festivities got underway today at 2:30 p.m. as the original playboy made his way to the Palms Place pool where a cheerful Hef partied flanked by girlfriends Crystal Harris, 22, and 19-year-old twin sisters Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

Press and camera crews for The Girls Next Door greeted the birthday boy’s entourage as the group settled into seats on the patio near the pool.

Moments later, the original Girls Next Door, Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson and Hef’s former No. 1 squeeze, Holly Madison, came by to say hello.

“I’ve good company. Young people keep me young,” Hefner said. “I get older, but they stay the same.”

Marquardt, Wilkinson and Madison lived with the Playboy icon in his iconic estate, the Playboy Mansion, for over five years before going their separate ways last year.

Now 35, 23 and 29, respectively, the trio has since been replaced by a younger trifecta of blondes.

Marquardt and Wilkinson admitted it was all pretty surreal.

“That used to be us!” Wilkinson remarked, motioning toward Hefner’s three new lady friends.

“You see it from the outside and it’s like, oh my God,” she laughed.

Marquardt agreed. “It’s such a unique situation,” she said.

Yet there was no animosity in the afternoon air as girlfriends past and present joined Hefner to pose for photographers.

Madison, who finished a month-long stint on Dancing With the Stars this week, said photographers are an essential part of any Playboy birthday celebration.

She had her fair share of party planning experience during her tenure as Hef’s No. 1. She said that three things are required for any Hef-related celebration: “Press, Jack and Coke and beautiful women.”

There was no shortage of any of those today at the Palms.

Hefner sipped glasses of Jack Daniels and Coke throughout the afternoon, as he fielded questions from a seemingly endless stream of media.

Meanwhile, a smattering of stunning ladies lingered and mingled nearby.

Former Playboy models Jennifer Pershing, Deanna Brooks, Tiffany Fallon, Hiromi Oshima, Kelly Carrington, Janine Habeck, Alison Waite, Ida Ljundqvist, Stacy Fuson and Patrice Hollis were among those seen enjoying the afternoon sun.

Wilkinson and Marquardt’s significant others, Hank Baskett and Nicholas Carpenter, also attended the party.

“We’re all great friends,” Wilkinson said. Her fiancé agreed and said it’s not awkward at all.

“It’s been very nice getting to know Hef. He’s just down to earth, family-oriented kind of guy,” the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver said.

Baskett said he and Hefner have been friends since the minute they realized they shared not just a woman, but a favorite comic, too.

“It was one of those male bonding moments,” Baskett said. “We‘re both big Flash Gordon fans. … It was like a match made in heaven.”

Wilkinson said she views the collection of former and current boyfriends and girlfriends as “friends and family.”

In fact, Wilkinson and Baskett will tie the knot at the Playboy Mansion on June 27 and Hefner has agreed to walk Wilkinson down the aisle.

She said Saturday’s festivities were “kind of like a birthday party-slash-anniversary” for her and Hefner.

The two met at Hefner’s 78th birthday party five years ago, and Wilkinson said she knew exactly how to mark the occasion: with a card.

“That’s all he likes,” she said. “He likes cards with nice things written in them, and he likes pictures in frames, and he likes candy.”

She said her card carried a simple but heartfelt message.

“I wrote for both of us,” Wilkinson said as she and Baskett linked arms. “I said, ‘Thanks for being such a good friend to Hank and I, we love you so much and, P.S., I miss you’.”

This afternoon’s pool party was just the beginning of Hefner’s birthday extravaganza.

After catching some midday sun, he and his guests retreated indoors to prepare for the night ahead. Before they left, however, the birthday boy shared his plans.

“Once we finish the pool party we’ll be having dinner at N9NE, the restaurant,” he said. After that, the iconic playboy said the crew will move the party upstairs, where they will “spend some time at the Playboy Club and Moon.”

And how does Hugh Hefner end his night of birthday celebrations in Las Vegas?

Hefner said he plans to do it with “a little private gathering in my suite.”

Playboy Beauty Kicked off of Dancing With The Stars

It was just a few weeks ago that we learned Hugh Hefner helped his ex girlfriend get a coveted spot on the popular prime time TV show Dancing with the Stars but despite the support of her famous ex boyfriend, she couldn’t make it through to the end as tonight Holly Madison was eliminated from the competition.  But you know what, that’s okay because if you ask me, she was the hottest fucking chick that show has ever seen.


Here is the full story from Vegas Deluxe.

In the end, it wasn’t the men with the lowest scores who faced the Dancing With the Stars elimination.

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman were cruel last night and put Steve-O and Steve Wozniak on the firing line with the lowest scores of the show. But viewers rallied to the two injured men and saved them from elimination this evening after President Barack Obama’s press conference!

Despite their injuries, both will be back next week for the Argentine tango or the lindy hop. Also safe were Julianne Hough and country singer boyfriend Chuck Wicks and The Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft and pro partner Tony Dovolani.

Instead, in a shocking vote, viewers decided that Denise Richards and her Le Reve partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy should be one of the two duos to face the axe. And for Holly Madison, it became the moment she had dreaded.

In the story, Holly said, “Last week, I escaped the crucial first exit. It was scary because it wasn’t until the last minute they told us we were safe. I was really scared. Every week now, the bottom two will compete in the dance-off. No pressure there! My heart was pounding. That elimination is brutal. I never want to do the dance-offs!”

All day today, Holly and Dmitry rehearsed in case of the inevitable, and the judges noted the improvement and gave them 18 points out of 30. In the nail-biting final seconds, it was left to Denise and Maks — and, amazingly there was such a dramatic improvement, they scored 20 out of 30.

Vegas DeLuxe will have the full report from the dance floor tomorrow morning with a larger explanation of the competition, the voting and the final result — but for The Girls Next Door star and Playboy cover beauty Holly, it was, shockingly, the end of the line!

Updated —

I was told that despite Vegas DeLuxe reporting it being the “end of the line” for Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door, it was in fact Denise Richards removed from the show last night. The official show website says “Denise Richards has been booted from the ballroom! Eleven stars remain to try the Argentine Tango or the Lindy Hop.

Live next door to Hef and the girls

The LA Times is reporting that Playboy sex empire founder Hugh Hefner has put his family home for sale. Hugh Hefner and wife Kimberley Conrad have listed their Holmby Hills home at $27,995,000.   The two-story, 7,300-square-foot English Manor-style home was built in 1929 and bought by the Hugh Hefner in 1998 for his estranged wife Kimberly Conrad.


OK, no more proverbial pressing your nose up against the gates hoping to catch a glimpse of what goes on at the Playboy mansion. Now, you can live right next door and spy much more effectively from the comforts of your own home. Hugh Hefner and wife Kimberley have listed their personal residence, located next door to the Playboy mansion, for sale at $27,995,000. It’s a mini-me to the party palace next door, a sister house if you will. The two-story, 7,300-square-foot English Manor-style home was built in 1929 and bought by the Hefners in 1998. It sits behind private gates on 2.3 acres and has some of the original wood paneling, leaded-glass windows and hand-carved staircase. There are hand-painted walls, a newly remodeled kitchen with a morning room and butler’s pantry, two staff rooms, formal living and dining rooms, a library and family room. It has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The grounds back up to the Los Angeles Country Club and include a pool. There is room for a tennis court, which would provide the new owner with plenty of excuses to visit next door when a ball errantly finds its way over the wall. The home was designed by Arthur R. Kelly for the sister of Arthur Letts Jr., the original owner of the Playboy mansion. The Hefners are selling the home because their two sons will soon head to college.

Hugh Hefner, 82, is the founder of Playboy Enterprises. Kimberley Hefner was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in January 1988 and was Playmate of the Year in 1989.  Joyce Rey and Stacy Gottula of Coldwell Banker Previews International, Beverly Hills, share the listing to sale the home.



Holly Madison Leaves Las Vegas for Hollywood

Speaking of blonde Playboy tartlets, eOnline is now reporting that Hugh Hefner’s former #1 has just signed on to replace Jewel on this season’s dancing with the stars and get this …. Hugh Hefner himself is said to have negotiated the deal.  All of this news of course comes just after the big news that Holly Madison and Criss Angel are no longer together and that she is leaving Las Vegas to move back to LA for her career.  Could this be the career move she dumped Criss Angel for?  Or is all of this yet another publicity stunt to help sagging Playboy profits?


Full Story from eOnline : The question is no longer who will win Dancing With the Stars, but who will survive it?   In a DWTS first, not one but two contestants have been sidelined with injuries before the new season has even aired.  ABC has just confirmed that Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell and singer Jewel will not be a part of the new season due to leg injuries.  O’Dell suffered a twist to her right knee during rehearsals and has been diagnosed with a torn meniscus. Jewel has suffered fractured tibiae in both legs. Ouch, right?

So who will replace the two ladies? We have exclusive confirmation… As our Marc Malkin reported yesterday, inside sources confirm that Holly Madison of E!’s reality series Girls Next Door will be coming on the dance floor this season.  And now, Hugh Hefner himself confirms today to Malkin that his ex-girlfriend Holly has been cast, saying he “made the arrangements” for Madison to replace Jewel on the show.  “It’s a show she’s wanted to be on for a long time,” Hefner tells Malkin. “I’m delighted. It’s all good stuff.”

The other newbie will be announced on the Dancing With the Stars season premiere on Monday night. And according to ABC, Jewel and O’Dell will appear to talk about their injuries.  Sex and the City hunk Gilles Marini also has been diagnosed with tendinitis in his shoulder and groin.  So far, he’s hanging in there.

Where is the OTHER blonde?

Those keeping up with the Playboy chicks better known as the Girls next door may have heard rumblings about the other girl, you know the quiet one Bridget getting her own show.  Well it turns out there was some truth to that and the show she hosts on the travel channel is scheduled to start airing on March 12th.  With all the noise going on about the other two Playboy blondes, you don’t really hear much about Bridget so I thought I would pass along this information I found about her.

Bridget Marquardt

Full story : Who’s that girl?   It’s Bridget Marquardt, the host of “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches” on the Travel Channel.   Bridget Marquardt is on a quest to discover the most beautiful beaches in the world. In each episode, Bridget explores five tantalizing beaches and immerses herself in everything from early-morning sport fishing to late-night luaus.

Cliff diving?  Check.   Bikini shopping?  Check.    Hanging out with beautiful locals? Absolutely.

No food is off limits, no experience too intimidating. Bridget is “all in,” armed with an infectious personality and uncontainable curiosity. From Australia to Ibiza or Thailand to Turks and Caicos, one thing’s for sure … Bridget has caught the travel bug and will be looking for the cure on “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches.”

Episodes/destinations to watch for:

  • Southern California
  • Spain
  • Croatia
  • Jamaica
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Australia
  • Barbados
  • Thailand
  • Hawaii
  • Florida