Happy Birthday Misty Mendez

It is on this day we celebrate the birth of the one and only Misty Mendez. Born May 28, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA, Misty Mendez began her adult career in 1999 when she did a handful of adult movies including three titles for Vivid. Becoming a popular Latina performer, Misty Mendez would also go on to perform in titles such as Best of North Pole 2 with Peter North and Latin Extreme which was one of the first movies the now famous Alexis Amore performed in. Misty Mendez seems to have retired in 1996, but she’s still one hot bitch so we decided to take today, her birthday to celebrate and appreciate her sexiness.

Porn Star Misty Mendez

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Fayner Posts: I’m shocked AVN or XBIZ hasn’t picked up on this one yet. Guess I am, and always will be, the greatest porno journalist of all time.

I’m blushing.

Peter North has quit working in the porno business. It’s 100% fact.

The funny thing is that Peter has pretty much disappeared off the planet. Unitl Now.

Peter now runs a crab boat called FarEast Leader and is using the name Capt. Greg Moncrief. He is part of the fleet that appears on the show, The Deadliest Catch.

A spokesman for North Star, Peter’s porno company, had only this to say: “We cannot confirm or deny this information. All we can say is that Peter has gone fishing.”