#NEWS: Superstar DERRICK PIERCE Makes An Appearance On Love Language Radio Show July 23rd!

Hot off his XRCO award winner for Best Actor, Derrick Pierce will be a guest on the Love Language Radio Show.

This Saturday make sure you are listening to the Love Language Radio Show as Derrick Pierce will be stopping by to talk about his award-winning performance in Magic Mike XXXL. The star will also discuss the recent controversy of his celebrity sex video with wrestling hall-of-famer Tammy Lynn Sytch. Get the inside scoop from Derrick on what it's like to be one of the most popular male performers in adult entertainment today.

The party starts on July 23rd at 6pm EST! The show can be heard live at www.rippedradionetwork.com.

Interview request for Derrick Pierce can be made to Star Factory PR: info@starfactorypr.com.

Porn stars invited FREE + sex toys to World Premiere of STICKY June 30th

PORN STARS are invited FREE to the


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“Sticky: A (Self) Love Story!”

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Chinese Theater – June 30th. 9pm.


Filmmakers to attend SPECIAL Q&A.


“…offers a cultural history of masturbatory shame – and explains why Pee-wee Herman is an American Hero.” – New York Magazine 

“…an ambitious film that’s sure to spark giggles and flushed cheeks wherever it’s screened…” – Salon.com

“…takes the revolutionary stance that touching yourself is not a cause for moral repulsion…” – Newsweek 

“…why is masturbation so hard to talk about? For a subject that is, as Tana observes, “so hard to talk about,” it is never a dull one.”The Daily Beast



JUNE 30 | TLC Chinese Theater – Los Angeles, CA, 9.00pm ($15 Entry Fee). But FREE if you are on Corpsy’s VIP list. Please respond to this email with the porn stars name(s) and we will add them to our VIP list.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Nicholas Tana (Writer/Producer/Director), Denise Acosta (Co-Producer), Nina Hartley, Chris Gore, comedian ANT, Joe Matt.  FREE TOYS & PRIZES.

TICKETS: http://hollyshortsnew.tunestub.com/event.cfm?cart&id=237872 


“Sticky: A (Self) Love Story” is a film that asks “why is masturbation such a sticky subject?Stylish, insightful, fun, and educational, it features compelling interviews with over 60 celebrities, sexologists, educators, authors, law makers, religious figures and entertainers covering the topic from a range of perspectives, including Hustler Magazine Founder Larry Flynt, Black Flags Keith Morris, actress Janeane Garofalo, adult film star Nina Hartley, and former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who was forced by Bill Clinton to resign after she suggested at an AIDS conference that we teach masturbation in school, as a healthy alternative to safe sex. 

From the history of the vibrator, to the shocking reality that harmless sex toys are banned in Alabama, Sticky: A (Self) Love Story” will teach you everything you didnt know about masturbation in one stimulating documentary. Its a candid portrayal of an activity that is rarely discussed, exploring it from a historical, medical, legal, moral and psychological perspective. Writer/Director Nicholas Tana aims to crush social embarrassment in his quest to understand why masturbation is something that most people do, but few like to admit.

Join us at your nearest screening, or let us know where you would like us to come next!

Contact: Corpsy at info@girlsandcorpses.com

Fun Facts

       Global sales of sex toys were estimated to reach $15 billion in 2014 according to Statistic Brain, and some observers say that figure could rise to $52 billion by 2020.

       Sticky interviewee Sherri Williams has been campaigning for almost 20 years against the 1998 ban on sex toys in Alabama – one of the most lenient states when it comes to the purchase of guns.

       Kellog’s Corn Flakes & Graham Crackers were invented to curb masturbation in boys. Sticky will tell you why.

       The vibrator was invented to help doctors genitally stimulate their female patients in order to treat ‘hysteria.’ Sticky will take you through the history of the vibrator.

       Sticky interviewee, former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, was forced by then president Bill Clinton to resign in 1994, because she condoned the idea of teaching schoolchildren to masturbate as a way of avoiding the spread of the AIDS virus.

About Vision Films

Vision Films is an Independent Worldwide Distributor and VOD Aggregator of over 800 Feature Films, Documentaries and Music Programs from some of the most prolific independent film producers in the world.  Vision Films manages all available rights from Theatrical, DVD, Television and VOD/Digital Media in both the International and Domestic marketplaces. Led by Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/CEO Worldwide Distribution, Visions USA/Canadian DVD/VOD label releases 2-4 films a month, providing a day-and-date Theatrical, DVD and VOD release through all cable and digital platforms.  Shannon Godwin is Visions Director of Domestic Distribution and Sisi Cronin is Visions Publicist Robert Rhine

#VIDEO: The TANYA TATE Update – Fleshlight HQ Edition

Award winning adult actress Tanya Tate post another installment of her weekly series; The Tanya Tate Update.

What’s a day in the life of a pornstar like? Tanya Tate shares not just a day but some of the exciting adventures she has gotten into over the last week with the Tanya Tate Update video!

This week’s episode of the Vlog series features video of Tanya sunbathing in Austin, a visit to the Fleshlight headquarters and some pictures from the AVN House Party.

The newest Tanya Tate Update can be seen here:


To make sure you are kept up to date on the latest Tanya Tate Update vids, subscribe to her Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/TanyaYT

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Tasha Reign Inks Exclusive Contract With Elegant Angel

From http://www.xbiz.com/news/206979

LOS ANGELES — Elegant Angel told XBIZ it has signed Tasha Reign exclusively, effective immediately.

“We’re just thrilled to have her on board,” said Jerry E., CEO of Elegant Angel. “Since we released her first featured Elegant Angel title, which was in February — ‘Hard Reign’ — we’ve been working closely with her. She just does a phenomenal job when it comes to social media supporting the titles she’s in and the content.

“She is what the classic term of a blonde bombshell means, and really the entire package,” he continued. “In ‘Hard Reign’ — which is one of our bestselling releases thus far in 2016 — it featured her first interracial scene, which we called a must-see. She did a DP in that movie as well. And, she most recently starred in an Alexis Texas, Elegant Angel directed movie which was ‘Texas Hoedown.’ We’re just thrilled to have her on board. It just feels like a perfect fit.”

Ever since Reign entered adult in 2010, she has appeared in over 170 films, graduated as a UCLA alumni and has been featured in major publications like Playboy and Penthouse.

Reign said, “I’m so elated and enthusiastic about my new relationship with Elegant Angel, it puts a smile on my face just thinking about. I want my fans to know that I have so much in store for them and I’m giving every single scene my all. I want a new tantalizing type of performance to come out of all my consummations. This new chapter in my adult career is something I’ve been looking forward to for what seems like forever, and a new focus and journey is about to begin!”

This is the second contract star that Elegant Angel has signed, following their announcement earlier this month that Alexis Texas became their first-ever contract star.

Jerry E. added, “News on what will be the first Tasha title as EA’s exclusive contract star is coming soon

Airerose Releases LA Direct Models Themed Title ‘Young Wet Pussy’

Young Wet Pussy

DVDAR53 YoungWetPussy SLEEVE copy
Direct Models is pleased and honored to announce the release of Airerose’s “Young Wet Pussy” which exclusively features performers from LA Direct Models.  We are proud to have been able to collaborate with Airerose to showcase some of LA Direct’s hottest talent including newcomers like Adria Rae, and Sadie Blair, as well as Best New Starlet nominee Megan Rain, and Performer Of The Year nominee (2 years running), Adriana Chechik.  Fans wanting to purchase this movie can do so from the Airerose site here:http://store.airerose.com/videos.html?b=Most+Recent  .   For a preview of the movie, please see the below trailer.

A Warning To Models And Fellow Agents: Modern Apple Entertainment/Jorge Sanchez aka ‘Jay Stern’

222664_1054489216233_8255842_n 1919095_10207025731475485_6367163860726508205_n

Direct Models would like to this opportunity to put out a warning to all agencies, and talent alike regarding the company Modern Apple Entertainment (also operating under the name ‘Ruined Panties’ and ‘Gamerette Gazette Quarterly’), owned by Jorge Oliverio Sanchez, also known by the alias “Jay Stern”.  For approximately two years, Modern Apple was a good client of Direct Models.  In November of 2015, Modern Apple booked and shot  approximately ten (10) of our models (both male and female) during a short period of time.  He asked that we allow him to pay for all of the shoots at once, on a “payroll” basis, after the shoots were completed.  We extended Mr. Sanchez this courtesy, as he had previously been a trusted client, – under the condition that no model be paid later than 14 days from the date of their shoot, per Direct Models policy that it can never take more than 14 days for a model to receive payment for any shoot.  After much nonsense it has now become clear that Mr. Sanchez does not intend to remit payment for these shoots, the amount of which is significant.  Direct Models will be assisting our model clients to file complaints against Mr. Sanchez with the Department Of Labor, and we intend to pursue the issue to the fullest extent the law provides us.

Direct Models provides protections to our model clients for these types of circumstances, and we will provide payment to our model clients that are affected by Mr. Sanchez’s dishonesty.

We wish to provide this information to all who may benefit to know it and strongly urge all agents and models to decline bookings from Jorge Sanchez aka Jay Stern, and any of his companies (Modern Apple Entertainment/Ruined Panties/Gamerette Gazette Quarterly).

He has revealed himself, through recent events, to be mentally unstable, and dishonest.

At this time we are not aware if Mr. Sanchez booked models from other agencies, or independent sources during this time.

We encourage any others who might have been affected to file complaints with the Department Of Labor immediately.

Behind the Scenes of Tori Black’s Virtual Reality Porn Debut

From http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/behind-the-scenes-of-tori-blacks-virtual-reality-porn-debut

Tori Black lies naked on a cushioned ottoman, flat on her back. Her legs are spread wide. She’s enclosed in what looks like a makeshift dressing room, ensconced by white curtains, with 44 cameras pointed straight at her vulva.

“Do you want me to pose my vagina in any type of way?” she asks.

“Hold on,” someone shouts from offstage. “Can you spread your legs a little wider?”

“These vagina lips! They are unruly!” Black hollers back from behind the curtain. A small team of men sit behind a series of monitors on the other side of the curtain, scanning the results of Black’s work.

We’re in a rundown industrial area on the outskirts of Toronto in what looks from the outside to be a derelict building. It was once home to the local Knights of Columbus chapter, and then it was a church. Now—and probably much to the initial inhabitants’ chagrin—the building is home to Holodexxx, a company that makes virtual reality pornography.

Black is here to create her virtual avatar. The final product will perform in an adult videogame, where players can “live out their sexual fantasies.” Though Black doesn’t perform anymore, she’s still one of the most well-known names in the industry. So she’s freezing her 27-year-old self in time.

Black’s nose is so stuffed up she can barely breathe. And yet, surrounded by the Holodexxx team and a VICE camera crew, she is totally nonplussed at being both the target of so many cameras and the only naked person in the room. Some of us try hard not to stare at her exposed labia, but I get the strong sense that she really doesn’t care.

“People are always asking me, ‘How are you so comfortable being naked?” she says, as though reading my ever-awkward thoughts.

“Well,” she says, looking at a nonexistent watch on her naked wrist, “I’ve been naked for about a decade now. That’s how.”

She goes through every pose one might reasonably desire a sex partner to strike. She squats low. She sticks her butt out and throws a sassy glare over her shoulder, one finger in her mouth. She kneels on all fours, tooching her booty.

Black is not the first porn star to be reborn into the virtual world. People are already usingVR machines for sexual purposes. VICE made a doc exploring that in 2014. But the advent of VR, as with any major new technology, raises a number of questions: What about consent? How will real-world boundaries be respected in a virtual realm? What are the implications here for human-to-human physical intimacy? What happens to an avatar if the system is hacked? And does it matter?

But first, here’s how the game works. One puts on a virtual headset like Avegant Glyph or the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift (which, for the record, does not condone the use of adult content on its system, but won’t block it either). Right now, the game is designed such that the player has two controllers which they use as hands to do what they will to the performers in the game. In time, teledildonics will be part of the equation, too.

People are scanned by standing in the custom-made VR rig, which is just 112 Canon Rebels mounted on various poles in a shape vaguely resembling a square. The cameras grasp their victim subject from every angle, and through a relatively quick editing process, they are turned into a 3D version of themselves.

The Holodexxx team ambitiously claims that, soon, virtual reality will be even more ubiquitous than the cell phone. As far as when they expect that to happen, the answer is unclear. One team member says 10 years, another says 20.

Who is this game for?

The men who run this company are Morgan Young, Craig Alguire, and Chris Abell. They’ve been working on Holodexxx for the past eight months or so. Young and Alguire come from the gamer world, and Abell has a background in film. They started their current operation with 12 cameras total, until Abell, their creative director, came on board and bought an additional 60 cameras. They were set up in Young’s bedroom until the rig got too big for that arrangement to be practical. Then, they all quit their jobs to make VR porn full time (they also use the rig to scan people for non-porn commercial work).

They’ve caught on quick. They give clear directives: “Alright, pouting in 3 ,2,1!” is the kind of directive Abell often shouts from behind the monitor.

Abell is responsible for writing the 200-or-so lines of script. They include a lot of instructions women use when they want their partner to climax, like “harder” and “faster” and “fuck me.”

The lines lead me to wonder who this game is really for. Thus far, all but one of the performers scanned have been straight-sized women. They come from a variety of racial backgrounds, but all have the classic porn performer shape. Right now, the avatars can be edited to have bigger breasts or butts, but can’t be made thicker across the board without damaging the realistic quality of the imaging. One man has been scanned, but I ask the team whether there will be more focus put on entertaining women, and whether fat and queer and trans people will be scanned.

Young, one of the company’s co-founders, says representing all bodies, genders, and orientations is important as the game develops.

“We have an opportunity right now to potentially reset how the industry moves forward,” he says. “We’re three young dudes. We don’t want to come across as chauvinist. We’re making a very concerted effort to make sure that everyone’s represented equally.”

Young says this is a good opportunity for people to gain more agency over their identity.

“I think there’s going to be almost like a renaissance. People are going to be able to explore their sexuality in a way that they’ve never been able to before.”

“It’s crazy too, because people may not choose to represent themselves the way that they are in the real world in a VR space,” he says. “You know, I might talk to you and you like lizards, and you’re a big lizard. And I’m an ice cream cone. But if that’s how I choose to represent myself as an avatar, then so be it. And we can still step into a space and have an exciting, interactive and intimate connection with each other.

“[You can] assume the body you like, assume the gender you like, the race you like, and be yourself and explore sexuality. It’s amazing; it’s what we’re on this planet to do.”

Abell adds that those who might be experiencing sexual blocks can break them down in the relative safety of the virtual landscape. If someone wants to experiment with group sex but is too scared, for example, or if they’re older and haven’t had sex, they can try it in the game first.

While the game can play a major role in helping an individual validate themselves, it can also make an existing relationship between two people that much more powerful. Games like this can, for example, bring a new dimension to long distance relationships. Through the use of teledildonics, people can get each other off from afar.

A look into the ethics of this metaverse

While VR porn has its upsides—”safe” exploration of unchartered sexual desires, the ability to fuck a long distance partner using teledildonics, and even just a more interactive way to watch porn—there are ethical questions that come into play, too. How to ensure a porn performer’s boundaries are not crossed in the virtual world? To what degree does this matter? What happens if someone hacks the game and gains control over someone’s avatar? What about virtual rape?

Holodexxx says the hacking question is a risk everyone involved will have to take. Music and films get hacked, and this game is as susceptible as anything else.

“It’s something that we can’t do too much about,” Young says. “There’s really not too much a small start-up can do to prevent that.” He says they’ll put in reasonable measures to protect themselves (and the avatars), but in the long run, it’s a gamble for everyone.

While the company can’t ensure the safety of its avatars forever, Young explains that any boundaries the performers want respected within the game will be observed (though they do try to hire people based on their openness to being put in a variety of sexual scenarios).

“We’re dealing with someone’s likeness, and it’s no longer just an approximation of what this person looks like. It really is them. It’s photo real…there’s a human being behind that avatar.” As a result, he wants to make sure everyone feels comfortable. This means that if a performer doesn’t do a specific act in real life, the game will restrict that action in virtual life, too.

So far, the company hasn’t come up against any obstacles in this regard.

In a similar vein, one can’t help but wonder about the life cycle of these avatars. After their exclusivity contract with Holodexxx is up, what happens to the them? Do they become zombies? Is there a wasteland of unemployed avatars out there in another world? Are they being tied up and blindfolded or enslaved? Young says he doesn’t have an answer.

“I don’t know where the technology will be in five years—it’s hard to say.” He says the best the company can do is make the effort to protect its performers in the long run.

I ask Black what she thinks, whether she needs her real world boundaries to apply in virtualland.

“I don’t care what my avatar does,” she says, “because my avatar isn’t who I am. So yeah, all the things that you want me to do that I decline, go ahead and have my avatar do them and be like, ‘Hey, look! She finally did it!’ I’ll be like yeah, great. It didn’t cross any of my boundaries because it’s all in the computer… I’m completely disconnected.”

She says the virtual porn landscape is a place for exploration, and those who are uncomfortable with the idea of lack of consent just shouldn’t get involved with it. But if VR is the future of porn, I ask, what are people to do? Her answer? Find a new career.

It’s a harsh response, but Black may be right that that is pretty much the only option to ensure complete control.

I’m still worried about the ethics here, though. So I get in touch with Sonya Barnett, a sex educator and feminist activist who also makes porn, to see if she’ll share her thoughts on some of the potential ethical fallout here. She says she’s not sure there’s a way to ensure real-world boundaries are observed in the virtual realm.

“As much as I want to say that having someone create an avatar of you/a porn star/a celebrity/a neighbour—or abuse one that already exists—is something that needs to be policed,” she tells me, “people do that kind of thing already with virtual beings: they fantasize about others all the time, whether they watch a porn scene on continued repeat, or jack off to print magazines, or photos, or dolls.

“Is it not an extension of a pornstar-branded Fleshlight or specially modeled dildo?”

While some virtual communities self-police unethical behaviour by flagging, that can be impossible in a private-use VR world. Ideally, Barnett explains, algorithms could be used to prevent the abuse—or creation—of other people’s avatars. But she’s not convinced that’s possible, or that it would eradicate unethical use.

“Also problematic is that the onus is put on the person who wants to prohibit use of their image, who has to then create restrictions for those algorithms to work. It’s like creating a ‘publication ban’ on your image.”

What’s left, then, is questions. Barnett lists hers off:

“[If] a person is using or abusing an avatar in private, just how much danger is the real live version of that person in? Could a virtual realm be a safe space for people to play out their worst fantasies? A similar question arises in regards to pedophiles using animated or illustrated content vs the photographing of actual children, or even those who engage in rape fantasy play. Is there harm in any of these cases if no actual person is on the receiving end?”

Thus far, the answers remain unclear to everyone involved.

Nervous semi-luddites like myself have been heard expressing consternation about the potential fallout when it comes to real human intimacy. If people can enter a game and “fuck” famous porn stars with bodies deemed “perfect” by Western beauty standards, will they bother to seek out connections with others? As we chat, Young makes me think about this question in a new way. He uses Skype as an example—right now, we can see and hear the people we Skype, but VR will allow us to step right into their space.

At this point, Barnett is not concerned that VR activity will replace the need for real physical intimacy. But, for people who, for whatever reason, don’t have access to a flesh and blood partner, she says “a virtual partner for many is better than no partner at all.”

Young claims the game will enhance, not detract from, intimacy between people. People made the same argument, he says, with the birth of the cell phone and the internet. He sees VR as an extension of social media.

“I don’t see [VR experimentation] being a blockade, like a one-off thing you do by yourself in the seclusion of your home. I think this is going to be a persistent online, multi-player experience. You’ll log into the metaverse and this is where people will spend their time.”

In other words, why not have a virtual orgy with the people of your choice rather than watching a passive 2-D version?

What next?

Despite people’s fears, Young says VR is already “too big to fail.”

He thinks that average household use will be quite common by about 2018. People will use the headsets, he predicts, not just for entertainment at home, but “outside, on public transit, as the headsets become more slimmer and ergonomic and refined and powerful. It’ll be like putting on a pair of sunglasses. You’ll step out in the world and you might be in a virtual world. Yup.”

I tell him it wigs me out to imagine everyone wandering around with their freak goggles on living in a world where they’re on virtual acid. What will we be seeing if we’re not occupying the physical world? How will we not get run over or something? Will we be undoing the knack we’ve evolved for recognizing danger?

I ask how he’s so serene in the face of all this. He says it’ll just be “another method to leverage human connectivity.”

This calms me down. But at the end of the 12-hour shoot day, just when I’ve started to ease into the idea of this technology not being utterly terrifying, he adds under his breath:

“Say goodbye to reality as you know it.”

Saint & Sinners Party Added to the AEE 2016 Party Lineup



CHATSWORTH, Calif./ January 6, 2016 –AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE)’s party schedule just got hotter with the addition of the Saints & Sinners Party at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Body English Nightclub Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 11:00 PM.

The gala, hosted by Adriana Chechik, Hope Howell, Heather Vahn, Nikki Delano, Stacy Carr and Anna Bell Peaks, promises a rousing night of good times and bad girls, heavenly bodies and a hell of a great night of debauchery.

AEE’s Saints & Sinners Party is sponsored by LAX Models, The VIP Connect, and LA Direct.
Industry may attend the Saints & Sinners Party with the All Access badge and Fans get in with VIP tickets.

One of the largest adult trade shows in the world, the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo provides a unique experience for everyone within the adult entertainment industry, as well as for those who desire to learn more and meet the biggest names in adult entertainment. The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo gives industry insiders and fans the opportunity to see the latest trends, new additions, and hottest men and women in the world under one roof at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

The AVN Expo boasts more than 500 adult stars who will be in attendance, more than 150 exhibitors showcasing their products and services, 15 exciting parties, numerous networking events for industry to have quality face time together, and a plethora of educational programs designed to teach industry newcomers what it takes to grow and succeed.

The show dates are as follows:

AVN Novelty Expo: January 20-22

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo: January 20-23

AVN Awards Show: January 23

Called “the CES of sex toys” by Wired magazine, the AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) will once again take over the Paradise Tower, and will be restricted to trade attendees. ANE’s continued growth and success gives opportunities to businesses to expand their relationships, learn new trends, and meet all of the important people and companies in the industry. Exhibitors will feature new products, and there will be workshops, seminars and industry events for everyone in the novelty sector.

All industry personnel may book hotel rooms in the Paradise Tower (rates start as low as $129 per night). To reserve click here.

Adult stars, webcam girls and adult models have the unique opportunity to network and do business with clients as well as meet and take photos with the fans and sign at this one-of-a-kind show, which incorporates the AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) and the AVN Awards Show into the four-day event.

Of the stars who have appeared at AEE, some of the top names include Jessica Drake, Asa Akira, Joanna Angel, Bonnie Rotten, Skin Diamond, James Deen, Jessie Andrews, Anikka Albrite, Dana DeArmond, Veruca James, Maddy O’Reilly, Marica Hase, Joslyn James, Dakota Skye, Samantha Saint, Lisa Daniels, Tori Black, Layla Price, Alana Luv, London Keyes, Dana Vespoli, Alexis Texas, Aiden Starr, Penny Pax, Chanel Preston, Kimberly Kane, Dani Daniels and many, many more.

The four-day 2016 trade seminar schedule will address a spectrum of relevant subjects, each with a panel of speakers hand-picked because of their expertise or passion for the topic at hand. AVN Media Network will once again hold its fan seminar program, which will touch on a variety of topics, including interviews with Best New Starlet nominees for the 2016 AVN Awards, a Q&A session with top male talent and more.

The 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo sets the stage for the 33rd annual AVN Awards Show, which will be held Saturday, January 23, 2016, at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. The annual AVN Awards Show is a gala event recognizing adult content, individuals, and companies that exemplify excellence in the industry.
Please note that a separate ticket is required for admission to the AVN Awards Show.

To secure exhibit space or for sales info, contact AVN at (818) 718-5788 or aeesales@avn.com.

All information about the largest adult entertainment expo in the world can be found at AVNShow.com.