LA Direct Is Looking For New Talent

With the tens of thousands of people being laid off each week more and more females are turning to porn to make that extra cash and LA Direct Models wanted you to know that if you are super hot they are looking for you.  LA Direct Models currently reps a lot of big names in the business including Monique Alexander, Hanna Hilton, Nikki Jayne, Brea Lynn, Daisy Marie, Eva Angelina, Harmony Rose, Jana Jordan, Kaylani Lei, Mikayla Mendez, Nikki Benz, Tori Black, Tory Lane and many more.

Tory Lane and Harmony Rose

click here for 4 free video clips of Tory Lane and Harmony Rose

Although a few in the industry have a few choice words about the man who runs things over at LA Direct Models the one thing you can’t dispute is the fact that he has a very star studded lineup of girls that he books scenes for.  So if you are in need of some money and think you are as hot as girls like Eva Angelina, Daisy Marie, and Nikki Benz then you may just want to give LA Direct Models a call.

LA Direct Models via their official MySpace page – Looking for hot ladies!!!!!!! Looking for sexy 18 and over ladies that want to get into the adult ent. business!!! If so please email Sara Faye at

He said she said — LA Direct vs Jayme Langford

Here is an interesting story I came across on Adult FYI today.   It’s a classic tale of he said, she said and the nasty in betweens.  If nothing else it’s a very eye opening experience for the young starlet and for the experienced industry, a great reminder why the proposed union of modeling agencies is a bad idea because if one guy with enough power in the union didn’t like some chick … well you can connect the dots.

Jayme Langford

The word going around is that AVN Best New Starlet nominee Jayme Langford’s being sued by LA Direct. At least that’s the word that Langford’s been passing.

If this is true, one might suspect it has to do with the ruckus caused by Langford not making herself available for an Adam & Eve shoot this past November. Information was relayed to director DCypher the day of the shoot that Langford had quit the business. But that fact appeared to be in dispute when Langford put out the word claiming she hadn’t left the business at all.

Instead Langford’s explanation was that she had a falling out with LA Direct [she signed with them in September] and that she had been trying to get out of the agency to join up with A-List whom she quit to join LA Direct to begin with. Langford’s claims were that three weeks prior to the Adam & Eve shoot, she told LA Direct not to book her any more.

Langford said it was her suspicion that DCypher was told by LA Direct that she was out of the business to hurt her career.

Bud Lee, speaking on behalf of LA Direct, corroborated the fact that Langford asked to be released. But it was also LA Direct’s position that Langford accept three of the bookings she had agreed to. It was during that conversation that Langford apparently assured him she wasn’t going back to A-List.

Lee quoted Langford as saying, “I’m tired of this [the business]. I just want to get away from it. I’m just going to walk away.”

According to Lee, the Adam & Eve shoot was one of two shoots that Langford later blew off after she allegedly agreed to accept the jobs.

“She called me on the day that she was supposed to work for Adam & Eve and said I’m not going,” Lee said at the time.

“I said why. She said I just don’t want to do it. I don’t want to take the booking. I just do not want to do the booking. I said I can call and cancel. That’s not a problem. She goes you can charge me all the kill fees you want, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me anymore.”

Lee then advised Langford to think about her reputation and what this incident might do to it.

“We signed her to a year’s contract,” Lee explained. “We don’t really want to end the contract. We thought we were being very successful with her. She came to us from A-List saying she wasn’t getting enough work and they were really nice people over there but they just weren’t getting her the work. I guess we’re not nice people because we were getting her the work.”

Several days after Lee’s comments, Langford put out another statement saying,“I left LA Direct Models on November 3, 2008 and will not continue to book work through them. My time working with LA Direct was very short lived. I realized immediately that they were unable to provide me with the professional representation that I had been used to receiving. I left the agency on good terms, though I am unsure why I still appear on their web site, having quit weeks ago.”

Langford also claimed she sent Derek at LA Direct a text message November 3 saying she was quitting. LA Direct disputes that, noting that in her time with the company, Langford cancelled at least five shoots.

In a follow-up statement LA Direct also said: “Direct Models believes that Jayme is attempting to leave the agency, that she is under contract to, in an attempt to discharge and avoid the kill fees she has accrued to the producers on whom she has cancelled.”

In her defense, Langford then put out the following:

“Derek Hay is obviously flat out lying. He is trying to intimidate me and make me look bad to other companies and I refuse to continue my relationship with them. When I joined the agency he was aware that I was booking work through Cam Smith and our contract is nonexclusive for that reason.

“I agreed to pay off any money owed to them and have already done so. At this point they actually owe me a small amount of money and I have decided to write it off because the accounting woman is out of the office for 2 weeks anyway. LA Direct insists that all of the model’s checks are mailed to them, so that they can cash them and if there is ever any dispute over money the girl is pretty much screwed.

“If Derek thinks I am such a horrible model, why does he refuse to take my photos off of his web site and try to tell me that I cannot leave the agency?”

Monique Alexander Update

I know it’s still the weekend and the good Ole’ folks at Vivid aren’t in the office yet to answer our questions about miss Monique Alexander and her status as a Vivid girl, but I found a press release issued from Vivid on December 29, 2008 will be present at one of their parties in Las Vegas. So if nothing else we know that as of December 29, 2008 the Vivid PR team was issue press releases stating Monique Alexander is a Vivid girl and will be present in Vegas with them.  So what does this mean?  Well it means really nothing.  It could be that the PR folks just are behind on the news, or that someone over at LA Direct Models just messed up and despite the fact that they updated their website since this story broke and still didn’t fix the tag, they could also just be slow and behind in the news department.  So at this point what we really know for sure is nothing.  But Monday is quickly approaching and we’ll find out then.  I already have a call into my favorite girl at Vivid who will surely give me a shout out the second she comes in.

Monique Alexander LA Direct Models Listing


Six of the World Famous Vivid Girls to be Featured by Leading Adult Studio

LOS ANGELES – (December 29, 2008) – Vivid Entertainment, the leading adult film studio, will host a gala party in Las Vegas during the annual AVN (Adult Video News) Awards and Adult Entertainment Expo events in January to kick-off a yearlong celebration of its 25th anniversary.

The first party takes place Friday January 9 at the Tabu Lounge in the MGM Grand Hotel from 11 pm to 2 am. Guests will get to mingle with the studio’s famous Vivid Girls, — Monique Alexander, Hanna Hilton, Nikki Jayne, Sunny Leone, Meggan Mallone and Savanna Samson — the elite among adult actresses. Nikki Jayne and Meggan Mallone have been nominated for the Best New Starlet honor and Monique Alexander and Savanna Samson have both been nominated for Best Actress. The winners will be announced at the AVN Awards show the next night.

In the mean time here are some free photos of Monique Alexander I thought you might enjoy

Monique Alexander Monique Alexander Monique Alexander

Kagney Linn Karter signs with Vivid? Maybe? Maybe not.

With prices dropping for the girls to do scenes, more of them are looking into the lucrative contracts that just two years ago most were turning their noses up at. The girls under contract tend to half to work half as much, for twice as much money per scene and with the newest rumors of $600 to $900 a scene, that’s more like work half as much for three times as much per scene for those under an exclusive contract with the bigger players like Vivid, Adam and Eve, Wicked and Digital Playground.

So rumor has it that LA Direct Models is currently helping Kagney Linn Karter in negotiations with a “major studio”. This is only a rumor but some think that studio is Vivid, which makes sense, since they rep a lot of the Vivid girls including Nikki Jayne, Hanna Hilton and Monique Alexander.    For those that don’t know who sh is and to be quite honest I didn’t when I heard this story, Kagney Linn Karter is the newest hot little blonde to be making a name for herself.  LA Direct News is reporting she is in the top 20 this week for searches on FreeOnes.   At this point this story is pure speculation and just a rumor but time will tell if this rumor will turn out to be true or not. As cute as she is, I can totally see that chick becoming a Vivid girl.

Workers Union in Porn?

Just as Mike South is reporting the faults of the Free Speech Coalition, Ben English / Derek Hay from LA Direct Models is rambling on about creating a porn union. Of course first he was talking about teaming up all the major modeling agencies to edge out the small guys and make them comply with THEIR rules, THEIR prices and THEIR standards. Not sure if that ever got off the ground but now he wants to unionize the entire adult industry? Is he to retarded to know that a Union would hurt his bottom line even more? That performers would suddenly demand and get higher wages?

Imagine how high production costs would go when companies had to have clean sets, new, unopened dildos in their original packages, eatable food, better costumes and makeup artists and pay the girls AND GUYS more money?  They would also eventually start demanding other things like health insurance, paid AIM tests, and so on.  Or does he simply mean organize porn companies and fuck the workers so that he now has a say in how you run your porno business and if he and his buddies don’t like you they can fuck you up and get you out of the industry.   Think of it as organized crime porn.  Don Derek? Here is his actual post ……

2 Cents worth?

Now that we are fast approaching 2009, the adult entertainment industry is starting to show possible signs of faultier. We already know that the industry in general is shrinking and consumers are tightening the purse strings around their little money bags. Reports that various agencies have been slow maybe some what over exaggerated. Yes it is slower but no slower that it normally is this time of year.

The problem the industry is facing is a decline in production. Costs have gone up forcing many newer companies to shoot less. Of course many other factors are involved with the ever increasing number of girls into the business and other issues such as cancellations (which incidentally cost production companies money) or fees increasing to above $1000.

But the truth is, has the golden age of porn ended? Since the departure of Jenna Jamerson, many do not realize that she kept the industry in the lime light. But now with her back to the industry and the negativity felt towards the business in general, the public simply are not longer interested. You may sit and think that how can one person impact the industry and what has it got to do with anything? Well, look back at when she became the biggest thing in porn 2-3 years ago when every company was booming away.

The key now to success largely draws down to quality. No longer can random Joe and or Joesphine (have to be PC) just build a porno site and expect millions. We now have to work for our money. As history shows in any genre, the weak perish will the strong survive. Evident only in today’s stock market alone.

We need to start getting picky with what we are doing and who we are trying to impress. Remember, it’s not raving reviews or a popularity contest in the porn biz that makes you money. It’s the public’s perception that chooses what works and what doesn’t work. Just cause someone says it is the greatest movie ever made does not make it the best selling.

The adult industry needs to pull together to survive this. The industry, at its current point, is too disorganized and separated into too many pieces with everyone fighting for the same piece of pie. Mainstream films have never done so well this year celebrating some of the biggest box office takings world wide. Are they affected by the shrinkage or the economical down turn? The box office would certainly disagree. A lesson to some extent to be learnt here is that movie business is unified in some way. Could their ever be a Porn Union of some description one day? It’s not impossible.

So as we move into 2009, don’t just sit there are wait for the next big thing and ride off that wave. It may never come unless WE do something.

Morgan Dayne signs with LA Direct Models

The lucious and lovely Morgan Dayne has recently signed on to be repped by LA Direct Models. Morgan Dayne is still a CeZar Capone contract girl (their first) but is available for bookings through LA Direct Models for things like softcore video shoots that are for broadcast only, solo stills and girl / girl stills.

Problems in Paradise? LA Direct Models is being called out for bad business practices

I smell some problems in paradise.  LA Direct Models has quickly grown to be the biggest agency in our business right now.  No matter what you can say about them, you can’t take away from the fact that they currently rep a shit ton of famous chicks and their client roster is top notch.

That being said, we’ve begun to notice some cracks lately such as their public letter about their breakup with Sunny Leone.  Sunny Leone leaving them to go with Goldstar.  The Love Twins going with Goldstar.  That you can say you would probably expect since their manager is now with the agency but prior to this month, the girls still stayed with LA Direct.  You hear random stories about them not booking girls, that one chick was claiming that they only booked her once in the previous month.  That chick with the mom in the business, whatever the fuck her name was.    One booking for an entire fucking month?  Damn!

Now there is this story over at Adult FYI, which is basically claiming that Derek is doing some bad business deal and making some very unhappy clients because a chick flaked out on a shoot and instead of honoring their standard “kill fee” for the girl flaking, they opted to piss the client off even more by not honoring the kill fee payment.

If a client cancels prior to the shoot they are expected to cough up cold hard cash in the form of a cancellation fee, so it’s not unreasonable to ask LA Direct to do the same if the talent they send out does the same.

With business practices like this, one can only wonder how long it will be before someone else takes over at the top dog of bookings?  Girls talk, let’s not pretend they don’t and if LA Direct isn’t able to get them bookings, I’m sure they won’t hang around for long.

Adult FYI : Dust of lethal Hardcore posts on Jazel Tay leaves set and La Direct Models does not give kill fee!!

Jazel followed me to the location we were suposed to shoot at. We get there and she decides she doesn’t want to do the shoot. She never even got out of the car. Aparently the driver was her boyfriend, and even though I got the feeling from him that he wanted her to do the shoot, she got upset and said she didn’t feel well and that they were leaving.

We have an agreement with LA Direct that if we cancel a girl right before a shoot that we give them a kill fee, and they are supposed to do the same if the girl cancels. When I asked Derek about this for this situation he claimed that he didn’t have any of the girls $ so he couldn’t pay us even if he wanted to. Stoney then emailed him and he gave another excuse saying that it was my fault because I allowed the boyfriend to drive her. I’m sorry, but this is rediculous.

Sunny Leone Goes Gold

As news broke about Sunny Leone leaving LA Direct Models, which happened about October 15th, or as LA Direct Models put it, Contrary to the press report issued by Ms Leone in the last few days, it would not be truthful to say that Ms Leone has departed the agency.    Rather, the agency has found it increasingly difficult to work with the new manager of Ms Leone and had reached the conclusion that things had reached a point at which it might be better for her to seek an alternate agency.

Sunny Leone apparently went over to Goldstar Modeling.   Just today I found this listing featuring Sunny Leone on the Goldstar website.  This is where the story gets interesting and quite twisted.  Goldstar Modeling reps Devon, former Vivid girl, who at this point is their only really BIG client, so adding Sunny Leone to their lineup is a huge bonus.  Goldstar recently bought up Blue Max models and named the former owner as the new head of Goldstar New York.  Why this is interesting is this this guy is the one manager of The Love Twins, also former Vivid girls, who mind you has LA Direct Models act as their booking agent, at least for their LA gigs.  Of course if you look at their profile page you will see that they can’t even bother to spell one of the twins name right — it’s Lyndsey.  But that’s not really the point so more on that later.

Trouble in British porn paradise?

I don’t know what it means but I’ll leave all that speculation up to you.  In August Vivid Girl Nikki Jayne was said to marry porn star Ben Enlgish / aka Derek Hay, the owner of LA Direct Models.  As soon as we all heard about the wedding, it was “temporarily postponed”.  While some people gossiped about a possible breakup, they were still seen together as several key events including Derek Hays birthday party.   However a few months later and still no word of the wedding taking place and now this appears on Nikki Jayne’s myspace profile “What i wouldn’t give to find a soulmate, someone else to catch this drift“.  Do I smell a breakup between the British born duo?

Claudia Rossi joins the LA Direct Roster

Claudia Rossi, who not to long ago was the porn star of the week, was also a 2007 AVN Award nominee for Female Foreign Performer of the Year.   She actually began her career as a porn star in 2003 an din that time has appeared in over 200 films and counting.   According to an article at AVN, In 2006 she was signed to an exclusive contract for the European production company, Moiré Candy.

Today however she joins the roster of LA Direct Models with seemingly no production restrictions which would imply she is no longer under contract with another adult studio and is currently available to do solo / blow jobs, girl / girl or boy / girl scenes.