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LA Direct Models Parties this Friday at LAX

LA Direct Models, Fireworks and BJC Events presents Hawaii 5-0 versus Bass Drop Friday at LAX.  The party will be this Friday, August 22, 2008.

Spinning will be DJ IMG, the turn table idol and the special guest hosts of the party with be adult starlets Jayden James, Britney Brighton, and Scarlett Fay.

There will be a fashion show at midnight by Young & Rich apparel.  Bring your friends and come dance your ass off.  Bottle discounts $200 – $375 each depending ont he brand.  $MOET at $150, Express VIP entry.

Sue Diamond is now Diana Doll

It seems that porn star Sue Diamond has changed her name official to Diana Doll.  Diana Doll is repped by none other than LA Direct Models and you can find her booking details here.

Diana Doll says : Hi everybody. It’s time now that i change my name from Sue Diamond to Diana Doll. Because in the last year there where many problems of confusing with girl who was using similar name Suzie Diamond to my name Sue diamond. Everybody knows her she was the Diamond with the black hairs doing anal. I tried to talk to here many times to change the name bec. i am using sue diamond since ages but she didn’t want for which reason ever. here to remember thats me the new Diana Doll

So who is this Diana Doll?  Well she’s a hot fucking blonde of course!  Her Myspace page has this to say about her biography …

Helloo everybody…. My name is Diana Doll. I’m movie star and I do that what mainstream movie stars doesnt want to do :  I’m from Slovakia.As first I need to say sorry for my english because this is not my owen language and I’m not good to use sometimes right words …. But I think u can understand me.  I’m porn star almost 4 years now.  My name was before SUE DIAMOND but I had to changed of one girl in Czech. republic because she used ”I can say the same name ” Susie Diamond.   Sue is just short name of Susie or Suzie. Well …. she didn’t want to change name and she was shorter time in the business and people was confused who is who and they were thinking that i changed hairs on black. Well I took this in my hands and let to know people who I’m with name DIANA DOLL.  I didn’t use completely new name because name DianaDoll i used on Live Video chat with this name. If u wanna see me on live video chat now u can visit me on webcams.com or cams.com.  I’m graphic designer but i’m so busy that I don’t care so much about this job anymore but soon how is possible i want to be back in my old job too.  I’m sorry guys if I will not have time to answer on all message but don’t worry If i will have just little a bit time I will try answer on all message what u wrote. I’m working on my owen official webside… so soon how is possible u can see that too. What else about me??? I do make up for movies and I really like this job .. I like to make girls more beautiful than they are   If u have any questions just ask me and I will answer….Watch my movies and u will know me better and better.  kisses Diana

Interesting Porn Star MYSPACE Facts

A new movie came out recently called TWINS DO SCIENCE. I had planned to interview these twin porn stars about their work on this movie but to be honest our time was cut short and as a result we decided to reschedule our more in depth interview. However before the lovely Lacey and Lyndsey Love got away, I took a few minutes to chat with them about Myspace and the Internet. I asked them a series of questions specific to MySpace and the Internet and here is how that conversation went ……

The Love Twins

Do you run your own Myspace page?

Yes and it is MySpace.com/TheLoveTwins. Until recently I thought everyone ran their own Myspace page. The thought never crossed our minds to have someone else do it for us. When we found out so many of the people we work with did that, we were kind of surprised.

What made you decide to create your own Myspace page?

We were contacted by someone at Vivid who told us that another person was on Myspace saying they were us. We created our page so that we could contact this person. Turns out the person from Vivid who told us that, misspoke. The person who was running a Myspace Love Twins page was a fan page and it said that like 7 different places all over the page and they even had been working with another department at Vivid to help us promote our career. I felt really bad because we were so upset when we first found out about it, thinking they were posing as it but that didn’t turn out to be the case at all. The person who ran that fan page about us later went on to help us do other things. So in the end it all worked out really well.

Do you respond to the messages people send you on Myspace?

Sometimes but not all of them. It just depends on what people are asking. Like if they are writing to ask us to go on a date or meet them then we just pretty much ignore those.

How many dates a week would you say you get asked out on?

On Myspace? We get one or two guys a week sending us messages like that. But we get probably 10 or 20 or so event invites a week. Well if you include the club promoters then sometimes we get as many 30 or 40. We just delete them and move on.

So you never attend any of those events?

No way. We are really not into the whole party scene. We are not like most porn stars. We live in Ohio, not LA. We are close to our families. We don’t drink, do drugs or party at all. When we aren’t on the set of one of our movies, we are at home or in our hotel room watching movies. We don’t go out to dinner with “clients” and we don’t really do anything that is typically associated with a porn star. That just isn’t our thing.

What are some of the coolest events you have been invited to?

I don’t really know that any are cool but I guess some of the red carpet events were kind of neat. We get one or two red carpet, movie premiere type events a month. Actually funny story about that. The first time we ever got an invite to a big Hollywood party was not from the Myspace event thing but through a private message. We got a message from this guy. He claimed to be some famous wrestler; like the guys from TV. I don’t even remember his name now but basically he wanted to know if we would like to accompany him as his official escort to this movie premiere. It was some movie he had a bit part in. Like we do with most people that want us for some job or another, we referred him to our booking agent over at LA Direct Models. It sounded like a job to us so we didn’t see anything wrong with that response. He wrote back all offended because he was invited us to this thing that he thought was all a big deal and felt we should have been honored to be invited.

It wasn’t that we weren’t honored any time one of our fans contacts us, we just don’t get into the whole private dating thing. He didn’t seem to think that applied to him as in his mind he was famous and got seriously rude with us, so we just ignored any future requests for dates.

Tell us about some of the funny things people say to you when they write you on Myspace.

For the most part our fans are really nice. They don’t overly offensive or say things that most would deem inappropriate. But sometimes you get guys who will write in and ask this same question over and over and that is if we have ever had sex with each other or do we share the same boyfriend in real life or if we ever secretly switch places to screw with our boyfriends. The answer to all three of those questions is no.

I noticed you have a new image on your myspace page which gives out your website address. I also read somewhere else that you girls run your own website. Is this true and if so how did all of that come about?

Well we have this manager who’s name is Joe from Blue Max Models. He’s really more than a manager to us. He’s been with us since the beginning. He takes really good care of us. Anyway, do you remember the girl I told you about from Myspace? Well we were talking to her about making our own website. She had told us the process and how much companies charge and even suggested a few and got bids for us on creating a fancy website. The price was pretty out there and ranged anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. Obviously we don’t have that kind of money so she made another suggestion and that was to create a small, intimate webpage where we could post our pictures and get messages out to our fans. it wasn’t anything fancy just a small area between us and our fans.

We found a template since we aren’t artists or web designers that cost us like $20 and she helped us put all the pages together. Our manager registered the domain names for us and now we have things like a calendar area which lets our fans know when we are at home and when we are on the set of one of our new movies and things like that. So anyone who wants to know what we are doing can find out by going to LoveTwinsOnline.com. We also have all of our movies and a game where you can look at photos of us and try and figure out if it’s me or Lyndsey.

Do you ever get any job bookings from your website or your myspace page?

Yes. We get requests for bookings several times a month directly through our Myspace page but we just direct them to our website booking page when that happens, as our website has the most detailed and current booking information. It lets you know up front what we will and won’t do and gives exact information on how to book us. However if the booking request seems legit we also respond with a person note saying thank you for your interest in working with us or something like that.

Any interesting booking requests you can tell us about?

Not really. Nothing really to far out there. I mean they are anything from a request for twins to appear on the Tyra Banks show to several reality series including three on Bravo. Sometimes I don’t think they realize we are twin PORN STARS when they send out the booking letters to us. I think they are just rushing to find twins and then later realize we are active in the adult industry.

Well thank you girls for taking the time to speak with me about your website and your myspace page. It’s been very insightful to say the least. I think you girls are great, hot as hell and to be quite honest that Vivid was stupid as fuck to ever let you girls out of their grasp. After a decade in this industry not many girls can turn my head like you two can.

The Anatomy of a GOOD Press Release

As you can imagine, I get countless press releases and marketing reports each and every day. Out of them lot I may post a story about 3 a week (if that). Sometimes I will include the press release as it was given to me (or in part) but mostly I will just use the data from the press release for a related article.

Some of these press releases I get are rather well written. They are informative, without being to pushy in the sales department. That really is after all what a press release should be like. Which brings me to the point of my rant for today. So many press releases I get are such bullshit, I thought I would take a moment to dissect a good one and inform and educate the other guys on how to properly write a press release so that perhaps in the future they will take a fucking hint and clean up their act. As a result, they just mind find their press releases have more weight. So let us begin ………

A good press release starts with a headline. This is much like a newspaper headline. It should be short and sweet. You want to be informative but to the point. Here is an example of a good Press Release headline.

Sunny Lane to Rock out at Sexopolis and Erotica LA

The next part of your press release should be where you go into detail about whatever it is you want to inform others about. Again it’s about providing INFORMATION not making a sales pitch. In the example below we learn that porn star Sunny Lane is going to be at the Eroica LA show and making a special presentation at Sexopolis.

Sunny Lane, the porn girl next door, has a busy weekend set for June 6-8 this year. She’ll be signing and getting wild at Erotica LA’s “Rock Arena”, presented by Sexopolis.

Sunny Lane will be a special guest and DJ at Erotica LA’s “Rock Arena”, presented by Sexopolis. Sunny Lane will also be signing in the RockArena and having fun with the musicians, stars and fans at Erotica LA. This section marks the first time Erotica LA has dedicated a space to the age old crossover between sex and rock n’ roll.

Who the fuck is Sunny Lane? What is Erotica LA? What is Sexopolis? Well this is where a truly great press release stands out from the crowd. A truly great press release will end by doing a few things. First and foremost it will provide you with the name of the person sending it with their contact information (phone, email, etc.) so that you may contact them for more details and then do an ABOUT section for each mentioned item. For those who didn’t know who Sunny Lane is we have the about Sunny Lane part of the press release which says …

About Sunny Lane:
Sunny Lane is one of America’s brightest and sexiest adult stars. Lane was a 2008 AVN award winner and Xfanz top 10 Adult Performer of 2006. She is a winner of multiple awards including Nightmoves Best New Starlet 2006, 2006 FOXE Vixen Award, AEBN’s award for most downloaded newbie, and 2004 Deja Vu Showgirl of the Year. Sunny Lane has been the subject of several mainstream television appearances including FOX’s reality show ‘My Bare Lady’, and ABC ‘Primetime’.

Notice it claims she is “one of America’s brightest and sexiest adult stars” but then it backs up those claims with cold hard facts about her career and awards. The next part informs the readers what Erotica LA is and about Sexopolis . It’s a great press release because it’s informative, factual, and it doesn’t get pushy and obvious with the sales push. Now if other so called PR companies would take a fucking hint and learn how to write their god damn press releases, the world would be a much better place.

About Sexopolis:
Sexopolis was created specifically as a fun erotic, sex-themed dance event that showcases elements of the adult entertainment world and crosses over into the mainstream in the form of a large-scale, quality entertainment event. This marks the fourth Sexopolis’ in three years, bringing the glitz and gleem to the porn dream. Last year’s event featured Ron Jeremy, Seymore Butts and the girls of Lighthouse Talent, Joanna Angel and her Burning Angels, Sunny Lane and Matt Zane as the sinister anti-host of sin.

About Erotica LA:
Erotica LA is the premier consumer adult lifestyle convention. The three-day extravaganza takes place June 6-8, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Erotica LA is world-renowned for introducing new products, services and concepts in the world of romantic, sensual and erotic entertainment. Erotica LA brings together merchants, exhibitors, talent, educators and consumers alike in the most newsworthy and entertaining event of the year.

Speaking of Sunny Lane. Is this her I found in the video clips getting it up the ass in Anal Fever 5? If so, damn she’s hot as fuck. Either way enjoy the ass fucking video clips. Even if it’s not Sunny Lane it’s worth the watch.

Anal Fever

In an effort to show you that any subject in the world can make up a great press release, I’m going to make up one of my own taking information found on various websites. Let’s go with the LA Direct Models website and the Love Twins. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT A REAL PRESS RELEASE. IT IS ALL MADE UP BULLSHIT MEANT TO SERVE AS AN EXAMPLE. Although some data is real as I got it from various websites, the real point is just to show you what you can do with a press release.

For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 29, 2008
Contact: LA Direct Models (323) 850-5888, www.LADirectModels.com


Los Angeles, California – Lacey and Lyndsey Love, also known as The Love Twins will be coming to Los Angeles, from June 24th to the 29th for work on their next feature film. Their short, 5 day stay in LA will include work on several key movies due out later this year as well as two Internet based photo shoots.

“I”m so excited about being on the set of our new movie. We took all of last month off to move into our new apartment but it’s great to finally be getting back to work” said Lacey Love. While her sister Lyndsey Love had told us “This next movie is going to be great. It will feature three scenes with my sister and I in it but also you get to see us in 2 scenes on our own. It’s really the first time we’ve worked so much apart”.

Those interested in booking the Love Twins for additional scenes while they are in LA should contact <SOME FAKE PERSON> at LA Direct Models for bookings. The girls will also be posting photos from their time in LA on their official website at www.LoveTwinsOnline.com.

The Love Twins

About LA Direct Models
La Direct Models is San Fernando Valley’s busiest modeling agency. For more information about L.A. Direct Models, Please visit www.LADirectModels.com & Myspace.com/LADirectModels.

About The Love Twins

Lacey and Lyndsey Love are identical twins porn stars who began their career in 2005 when they signed on as Vivid Girls and with the release of their first movie TWO HOT. Which would go on to be nominated the next year for AVN’s Best Sex Comedy Award. In 2006 The Love Twins were also nominated as the Favorite Rookie Starlet of the Year from the Fans of Adult Media and Entertainment (FAME) Awards. Although the Love Twins are no longer with Vivid, their movies have gotten several award nominations and continue to top the sales charts. The Love Twins run their own official website at www.LoveTwinsOnline.com and all of their movies are available at www.LoveTwinsMovies.com.

Where are my boots?

The bullshit that people spew out of their mouth never ceases to amaze me. What cell phone company doesn’t claim to be #1? What car hasn’t claimed to win the <whatever> award to imply they are the best? And the adult industry is no better. I had a fairly new movie store website, who for their own sake I won’t mention their name to embarrass them but they proudly proclaimed to be the biggest and the best. I went to their website and apparently they are just to stupid to look at the number of titles and products their top 3 competitors offer, or assume that the consumers are to stupid. Either way it’s yet another example of people spewing shit out of their mouth that isn’t remotely true.

Well today is no different my friends. Today I was reading LA Direct News and how some whore is one of the top female stars.  Specifically they said ….

August is one of the top female stars in the adult industry today.

Porn Star August Night

Wait WHAT? Who the fuck is August? And when did she become one of the top female stars in the adult industry? Where the fuck have I been that I missed this? I went digging and sure the fuck enough there is a porn star named August that has in fact done quite a few movies but they’ve all been the low budget trash we’ve come to expect from companies like Sex Line Sinema and Vertigo. In fact, can you claim to have ever even heard of these film studios? Chances are you are like most guys and those names mean nothing to you. Apparently she has been around a while and at one time had brown hair and looked more Hispanic and used to perform under the name August Night. Had it not been for her tatoos I might not have even realized these two were the same girl. Now she’s all blonde and just goes by the name August. Which is really to bad because as far as stage names go, I think August Night is one of the better ones.

I’m not saying this August bitch isn’t hot or anything like that or that she doesn’t have some potential but when the fuck did she become one of the top female stars in the industry today? She is so not famous that she doesn’t even have one feature of her own even by trash movie companies, let alone more than some bit parts in big budget movies from studios like Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground or Vivid.

I’m really not trying to trash this girl. The point I want to make and the person I want to trash is the jack ass that decided to proclaim her one of the top starlets in the industry. Why in the fuck do people in marketing feel the overwhelming need to just fling so much bullshit? It’s an obvious and blatant lie and I want to just fucking punch people like this in the face. Why not just say she’s a hot porn star, why must you be a little punk ass bitch and lie by saying she’s one of the biggest names when clearly she fucking is not you stupid little pecker. I just hate people like that. I really, really fucking do.


Four Blazing Brunettes Burn Down The House
Rouge Gentlemen’s Club Scene of Four Way Fire Storm(Studio City, CA) There was a chill in the air, but inside Rouge Gentlemen’s Club things were heating up as house dancers warmed the audience for LA Direct Models “Brunettes” “Up and Comers Night”.

Setting the night on fire, Kylee King, Jezebelle Bond, Taryn Thomas and Jenna Presley each performed a smoking solo dancer performance incorporating pole tricks, floor work and audience interaction along with some very hot dance moves.

Raising temperatures even further all four girls came together on stage, the four alarm inferno passed out swag to eager audience members then danced with each other to close out the night.

Fans, media, and adult industry notables including Shy Love, Johnny Nox, Tiffany Taylor, Dakota Cameron, Hannah Harper, Courtney Simpson, Carmella Bing, and Cassie Young all agreed that “Brunettes” have more fun!

Don’t miss the next “Up and Comers Night” featuring “Contract Stars and Award Winners” Zero Tolerance contract star Courtney Cummz, Shy Love  star Nadia Styles, and 2006 AVN award winners Penny Flame and Tyla Wynn, Tuesday, March 28th.  The first girl appears on stage at 9:00pm so be sure to arrive early to ensure your seat at the stage.

Rouge Gentlemen’s Club is located at 14626 Raymer Street in Van Nuys, CA. 91343.  Please call 818-786-1822 or visit


http://www.rougegentlemensclub.com/ for more information.To book any LA Direct Model or for more information about LA Direct Models please visit


http://www.ladirectmodels.com/ or call 818-752-5080.

Jenna Presley

Jezzebelle Bond

Kylie King

Taryn Thomas


Fayner Posts: Oh boy howdy have the loose lips been flapping away as of late concerning one Lexie Marie and the recently erroneous song and dance that’s been brewing over her sudden departure from Vivid and an alleged hankering for drugs that’s got her knee-deep in the narcotic game with no end in sight.

And I’m impelled to embark on this journey through words to help correct this industry buzz going around which holds little truth but nonetheless is damaging to Lexie’s career as a popular porno actress whether it is true or not.



Porn star Lexie Marie (who’s repped by LA Direct) has a serious drug problem.

Though Derek denies this, I’ve been told that he demanded that Lisa move Lexie into her new house and keep an eye on her. Lisa said no. “My house is my sanctuary. I don’t want a crackhead in my house. I don’t want work affiliated with my home.”

I believe these problems are in the past.

I called her ex-roommate Cassie Pishone, who tells me Friday, Jan 27: “I have not lived with the girl for four months. I’ve been clean for two months. I’ve been drug-tested. I haven’t seen her. She moved out in October. From October until AVN [show in Las Vegas Jan 5-8], I have not seen her. The first time I saw her was at AVN and she has not been over to my house since. I don’t really talk to her on the phone.”

Lexie is back living with her boyfriend. She’s no longer in Los Angeles and no longer parties hard.

I cannot protest to being good friends with Lexie. We met at Jesse Jane and Rick’s wedding where I informed her that she should stand clear of me if she wished to not be labeled a druggie. She thanked me for warning her. And during that night of pills and powder and pot I only saw Lexie sucking on a fat joint that Tyler rolled. Not to say she didn’t partake in more drugs that night, ‘cause I don’t know, but if she did she did so behind closed doors.

I spoke to Lexi the other night at Charlie Laine’s birthday party about how she’s being blasted on some web sites about being a drug addict. This has got to end, people. Every single chick that has come into the business has at one time had a substance problem. It’s a way to cope with being fucked by slimeballs and then fucked over by the people paying for your work.

Lexi told me that she has no idea who Luke Ford is, that she’s never met him.

“How can he write that about me? It’s not fucking true! isn’t he supposed to talk to me about it?”

“In a perfect world, yes. But then there would be no story, would there?”

“Is there anything I can do about it?”

“Not really unless you wanna kick his ass!”

At the little party I kept an eye on Lexi, and not because she has an awesome set of airbags. She nursed a drink, not once did she go to the bathroom with a bunch of chicks and come back sniffing and wiping her runny nose. Instead she talked about her newfound love. I saw no indication of her being on drugs, and if she does in fact have a “serious drug problem” as Luke wrote she’d be fucked up 24/7 just like honest to goodness addicts such as myself are.

And if she is immersed in the drug crowd and doing coke and speed like people are saying, the girl must have some secret to staying at a respectable weight. People hooked on drugs don’t take  care of themselves and it always shows. Lexi looked  smoking hot and healthy.

Most porno people dabble in narcotics…pills, weed, booze, a little coke perhaps, but to single out one girl without any proof for what you hear she does is just plain bogus journalism.

Leave Lexi alone.


Dick Bandit Writes:

Too many people are bashing Derek Hay these days. So, here’s my 3 cents.

I’m sure he is a worthless prick, I’ve seen him in this house on set and yes he’s a little arrogant fucker who sticks his chest out like a tough guy around 105 pound chicks but hides behind doors or under desks when confronted by pitbulls or guys. Make fun of him, call him arrogant, call him gay, call his Astin a pathetic attempt at manhood. BUT, call him a good Talent Agent.

His girls show up to set 90% of the time. He always has the newest and freshest talent. He keeps people informed of new talent with professional email blasts and he goes as far as to keep you up to date on talent that’s been in his stable for some time by sending out “reminders”. He has a great staff of people like Richard, Kelly, Fran and Lisa that will bust their ass to get a director what he or she needs to make a shoot. If someone flakes on a set guess who 99% of the directors call for a last minute girl…. DIRECT. Bottom line, Derek and his agency are reliable!!!!!

Derek steers the girls into directions that enhance their careers, mainstream gigs, dancing, cable shows, contracts. Or he steers them to the money if that’s their route, escorting. BUT the key point there is he steers them, but ultimately the talent has the final say.

Basically Derek is a middle man for the talent and the studios. He may not be the brightest of them all, spend five minutes having a conversation with him and you’ll realize he has less intelligence than Kurt Lockwoods asshole, but it’s not his job to be smart, it’s his job to deliver talent to sets and to deliver good paying jobs to the girls. So, regardless of his attitude or shitty personality, call it like it is. He’s a good middleman and provides a service to this industry that makes it better for all involved.


As is reported on Lukeisback.com…. Former 90’s Super Contract Star Lisa Ann has been released from LA Direct Models by Derek Hay.

Lisa refused to take in a well known current “contract star” who is close to being booted by her “high profile” company for drug related issues. To keep the girls contract in-tact Derek promised to keep a close eye on the girl, thus having Lisa Ann babysit. Lisa’s refusal to take the troubled starlet in showed Derek that Lisa was not part of the team and it was best that she left.

We wish Lisa the best… and she is a beautiful woman, a legend… and we hope she still plans to come back and do scenes!!

ONCE AGAIN….. AS REPORTED ON WWW.LUKEISBACK.COM Lisa Ann and LA Direct chief Derek Hay have patched things up and Lisa is back. That’s great news, because Lisa Ann is a GREAT person to work with and be around!!! SO, good move on both parts.