Kristen Price Hosts A Wicked Weekend

Nevada residents will want to keep an eye out for industrious Kirsten Price, as she’s hosting a Wicked Weekend this Friday and Saturday at the Palms Casino And Resort. Attendees can expect two days of the kind of excitement only officially sanctioned Wicked events deliver, including a Ditch Friday pool party, a Friday night of fun and frolic at Moon and a posh Saturday night soiree at the infamous Ghostbar.  Hot giveaways of Wicked shirts and hats will round out the fun.


The Palms Casino And Resort is located at 4321 Flamingo Road in Las Vegas. For more information please visit them online at


Welcome to the domesticated life Barrett !!!!!

Fayner Posts: I’ve known Barrett Blade for somewhere around five years. I won’t get into details as they’ve become a bit old, but Barrett and I have done our share of partying together over the years, from the many Vegas conventions to the many Hollywood parties to his wedding back in October of 2004 to the bumpin’ hot Kirsten Price.

Barrett’s never claimed to be an Angel; shit, he’s a former rocker who toured near and far consuming pretty much anything and everything in his path, so it was inevitable that the two of us became friends.

Now, some years later, Barrett is a married man in his early 30s. I’m not. He chose to grow up and be a man. I didn’t.

But everyone must grow up sooner or later, and while I always thought my friends would die off before that day Barrett happened to survive the debauchery and live to tell about it.

Sure, I expected him to halt his partying ways and settle down, but I never thought he’d go so far as to buy a house. I mean, check out the picture below of Barrett and Kirsten’s hotel room following their wedding and tell me they’re  morgage material…

Anyway, I was at their new house yesterday. Outside by the pool as Barrett and I had a smoke I felt a bit strange listening to the once menace to society chatting away about gardening and recycling and the raising of credit limits instead of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

It’s a good thing.

But not for me.

Actually, it means there’s more trouble for me, so who needs him, right?