Fury over BBC teen show interview with sex worker

Apparently some teen show in the UK, their own version of like Nickelodeon, interviewed a porn star, Bluebird Films exclusive contract star Gemma Massey, who bragged about great it was to be a porn star to teens. [source]  Can anyone say ooops?  This Sun story also referenced our other story on Gemma and her ex boyfriend who is currently starring in the long reality show Celebrity Big Brother.

THE BBC are under fire for running an interview with a PORN STAR on youth network Newsbeat.

Gemma Massey, who is an ex of Celebrity Big Brother housemate Kirk Norcross, boasts in the chat of getting “ridiculous” pay for having sex on film with strangers.

She even advises teens — the Newsbeat website is aimed at those aged from 15 — that it is BETTER to have sex with porn stars than others because they have regular health checks.

Gemma tells how she went into porn because “the money is better than glamour modelling”.

The interview is still on the Newsbeat site but yesterday the BBC added a disclaimer saying: “This video was recorded in April 2011 and appeared online as part of a detailed piece of journalism (a link is given) drawing on NHS research exploring attitudes towards porn and the dangers in its use for people aged 18-24.”

But internet users were shocked by the video.

One wrote: “Are the BBC really advertising a career as a porn star on their website aimed at teenagers?”

Another posted: “WOW. Who thought THIS was good idea?!? ‘Porn’s great’, porn star tells BBC Newsbeat.”

They were responding to quotes from Gemma, including: “I get paid ridiculous amounts. I think I’m the highest-paid porn star in the UK. If I want plastic surgery they pay for that.

 “If I wanted a car they would buy me a car. If I wanted a house they’d probably buy me a house.”

Asked by a viewer, Katie, whether she worries about sexually transmitted infections, she answers: “You’re safer sleeping with someone in the industry than if you go on a night out, pull someone and take them home.

“You don’t know where they’ve been, you don’t know their background while people in our industry, every single month, you know without fail they have been tested and if they are working you know they are clean.”

Kirk — who is currently in the Big Brother house — told Georgia Salpa before she was evicted that he has big plans for Gemma when he leaves.

He said: “I really hope she does (take me back), I’ll propose.

“I better find a ring. I want to spend my life with her.

“I want to be a young dad.

“I’m not sure it is what I want to do, I just don’t want to lose her.”

Is Gemma Massey on Celebrity Big Brother?

Porn star Sunny Leone was recently featured on the India version of the show Big Brother, which they call Big Boss.  Apparently Sunny Leone was a huge ratings booster over there and then rumors started to surface that Gemma Massey was seen in in this season of the Celebrity Big Brother (UK edition).

So is it true that exclusive Bluebird Films contract star Gemma Massey is on this season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK?

While Gemma Massey may be a celebrity in her own it, it turns out the answer to that question is no.  The rumor isn’t true in that she is a cast member of this seasons cast of Celebrity Big Brother however there apparently has been quite a bit of Gemma Massey chatter in regards to he show as she has been dating cast member, UK reality TV star Kirk Norcross.  The two have been dating since last August and on last night’s episode apparently he got drunk and started hitting on a Greek model named Georgia Salpa.

Gemma Massey in Passenger 69Gemma Massey in Passenger 69Gemma Massey in Passenger 69

So it turns out the only association Gemma Massey has with Celebrity Big Brother is that her now EX-boyfriend is a cast member this year.  Gemma Massey was unaware of his cheating until it aired and found out about it at the same time as everyone else and was noticeably and of course understandably upset about it while posting on her twitter feed @LadyGemmaMassey about it.

Gemma Massey is a porn star under exclusive contract with Bluebird Films.  Gemma Massey is rumored to be the highest paid contract star in the entire industry (based on contract salary alone).  She was a former Playboy model and Playboy Cyber girl, who still attends Playboy parties from time to time.  She was also recently featured on the BBC show Newsbeat on the segment called “Life as a Porn Star”.  A former popular Page 3 girl for the Sun paper (with 3 times the daily circulation than the New York times), she has also graced the pages  of Maxim magazine, Penthouse as well as more men’s magazines than we could even begin to count.

Gemma Massey is currently up for the FAN’s CHOICE award at the 2012 AVN Awards Show for “BEST BODY”. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR HER.

On an interesting side note, short lived, former Hugh Hefner fake girlfriends and Playboy Playmates Kristina and Karissa Shannon are in the cast.  You may remember them as the Playboy twins that barely made it a single season before being removed from the mansion for being to big of whores. The rumor is, they couldn’t stop partying.  I don’t know how much of that is true, but one story has them getting in the Playboy pool doing it with another guy.  Well one of them one, but not sure which one.  I can’t never keep them straight.  I think it is the one who tried to release the sex tape.


The photos of Gemma Massey in this post come from the movie Passenger 69 which is now available on DVD or you can download the movie to your computer or watch it online at the Glambirds website.