#NEWS: ALEXIS FAWX Returns To KCAA NBC Radio July 8th

 MILF Superstar Alexis Fawx is back on NBC Radio’s Your Music Team show this Sunday Night!

Spend July 8th with naughty hottie Alexis Fawx! The popular performer is headed to KCAA’s Your Music Team show to check in with DJ Axon. Alexis will be on the air to talk about all of her new movies, her new projects, and everything else Alexis.


KCCA is the Inland Empire’s #1 News / Talk radio station. The live broadcast will be aired across 102.3 FM, 106.5 FM, and 1050 AM, as well as live-streamed on kcaaradio.com. The Your Music Team show starts at 9 pm PST.

If you didn’t catch her the last time she was on, you missed a wild show. So don’t miss Alexis this Sunday night!

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#NEWS: TANA LEA Guests On A Wild Episode Of Gross Misconduct Live June 25th!


Hardcore hottie Tana Lea sexes up Gross Misconduct Live this Monday!

We know you can’t get enough of Tana Lea. The sexy redhead with the big booty that loves showing off her body. If you have seen Tana's XXX movies you know she loves sex and if you are following her on social media, you know she’s always on the prowl. But if you need more Tana in your life, this coming Monday, you’ll get it as she guests on Gross Misconduct Live! June 25th, join this Texas native for an exciting broadcast in which just about anything can happen!

Gross Misconduct Live featuring Tana Lea airs live at 5.30pm PST on June 25th on GrossMisconductLive.com which is part of the DemonSeedRadio.com network.

Want the host to ask Tana something? Be sure to Tweet it to them at @GrossMLive.

Have you subscribed to Tana’s Youtube channel? If you haven’t you are missing out on some of her outrageous adventures. You need to get in on this action and you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0GQN5h8xcdEFRLthmDuiSg.

Interview requests for Tana Lea can be made to Star Factory PR info@starfactorypr.com

#NEWS: KELLEY CABBANA Beams Into The Aliens Ate My Broadcast Show June 19th


June 19th webcam model Kelley Cabbana will make an appearance on the Aliens Ate My Broadcast show!

This Tuesday make sure you listen in to the Aliens Ate My Broadcast show as busty blonde exhibitionist Kelley Cabbana will be on to discuss some of her wild adventures. Kelley recently made appearances at the XBIZ Cam Awards and EXXXOTICA Chicago, so she’s got plenty of stories to tell. Don’t miss out when she joins The Unknown Factor & Mistah DKB for some sexy fun.


The show will be broadcast live at 9pm EST on the No Fucks Given Radio network: https://www.nofucksgivenradio.com/aliens-ate-my-broadcast.

Have something you want the hosts to ask Kelley, Tweet them at @nfgradio.

Be sure you check out Kelley’s website as she posts videos and pictures from all the exciting things she gets into - KelleyCabbana.com.

Interview requests for Kelley Cabbana can be made to Star Factory PR: info@starfactorypr.com

#PR: KELLEY CABBANA Spices Up AVN’s Snapchat June 25th!


The popular Cam Model will share sexy pics on the social media platform as she takes over the account for the day.

For Immediate Release: June 18th, 2018

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Sexy streamer Kelley Cabbana (https://kelleycabbana.com) is scheduled to take over the AVN Snapchat account on June 25th. The entire day Kelley will share snaps of the buxom beauty’s sexy adventures. The popular cam model has cultivated a following with her frisky online shows and her exhibitionist lifestyle. Having attained award nominations for her web shows, Kelley continues to provide exciting and enthralling performances. Now, the naughty hottie is inviting AVN Snapchat users to take a look into her adventurous life.

“I’m already planning my day out to make it very exciting for followers of AVN’s Snapchat,” said Kelley. “I’m not going to reveal anything just yet, but I say expect bikinis and lingerie.

The AVN Snapchat can be followed at https://www.snapchat.com/add/AVNMagazine.

Recently Kelley made an appearance on the Slings, Flings and Dingalings podcast. The Florida native was on to discuss the world of webcamming and life as an exhibitionist. Never one to be shy, Kelley candidly commented on her sexy lifestyle to the amusement of the hosts. “We had a lot of fun,” Kelley said. “The hosts were hilarious and were up for anything. It was a blast.” The Slings, Flings and Dingalings podcast featuring Kelley Cabbana can be heard here: https://slingsflings.podbean.com/mf/web/xqr77w/SFD5_25_18.mp3.

Spend the day with Kelley Cabbana! Enjoy all of her erotic activities on June 25th via the AVN Snapchat account! It’s a Kelley Cabbana takeover!

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#NEWS: ALEXIS FAWX Returns To CannaPornia July 17th


MILF Superstar Alexis Fawx is back on CannaPornia this Tuesday!

Alexis Fawx fans, do not miss the new episode of CannaPornia as a popular porn star will be a guest on the show. The last time Alexis was on it was an unforgettable night of naughty fun. This time the sexy star promises to make it even more interesting. In addition to turning up the heat, Alexis will talk about her hard-core career of making sex flix, her love of the green, and everything else she has coming up. This busty beauty has a lot going on and can't wait to share her sexy secrets with you and CannaPornia host Mofo.

The CannaPornia episode featuring Alexis Fawx is set for July 17th at 8pmPST. You can watch it live on http://www.latalkradio.com/content/cannapornia. If you have a question you want Mofo to ask Alexis while she is on CannaPornia, tweet him at @cannapornia.

If you missed Alexis' last CannaPornia appearance, you can watch the video of it below.

Interview requests for Alexis Fawx can be made to Star Factory PR: info@starfactorypr.com

#NEWS: TANA LEA Kicks It With The Drinking Dirty In NJ Crew June 22nd!


Popular porn star Tana Lea guest on the Drinking Dirty In NJ show this Friday for a night of naughty fun!

Need a reason to check out the Drinking Dirty In NJ show? How about up and coming porn starlet Tana Lea? The sexy redhead that has fans flocking to her is checking in with the Drinking Dirty In NJ Crew to talk about everything she’s been getting into lately. Want to know about her latest XXX videos or her recent appearance at EXXXOTICA Chicago? Tana will tell all on the live show.

Tana Lea will be on the Drinking Dirty In NJ show Friday, June 22nd. The party starts at 6.30pm PST. You have a question you want the hosts to ask Tana? Tweet them at @DrinkingDirtyNJ. Listen to the live broadcast on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/DrinkingDirtyInJersey. The show will be rebroadcast here: https://shows.pippa.io/5a5e911ba4d96aa520f89214.

In the meantime, make sure you hook up with Tana on her premium SnapChat profile. There you will get to see what sexy adventures this hardcore hottie gets into! You can connect with her here: https://fancentro.com/thetanalea/

Interview requests for Tana Lea can be made to Star Factory PR: info@starfactorypr.com

#NEWS: EVELYN MILANO Guests On The Jiggy Jaguar Show June 10th


Fetish Model Evelyn Milano is scheduled to appear on the Jiggy Jaguar Show on Sunday!

Need more Evelyn Milano in your life? June 10th the popular fetish model and content creator will be on The Jiggy Jaguar Show. Sunday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST. Find out everything you need to know about this exciting woman; what are some of the things men willingly do for her? What’s the most outlandish this a sub has done? Evelyn is a wealth of interesting information and you can hear what she has to say on The Jiggy Jaguar Show!

Listen to the show live on Jiggyjaguar.com. Afterward, the video will be posted on JiggyJagtv.com.

If you have a question for Evelyn you can Tweet it to the show @jiggyjaguar and let them know.

Want to see Evelyn’s work? Head over to her official website http://evelynmilano.com. There you’ll be able to find her BDSM videos, info on how you can worship her and much more. Complete your life by connecting with this Elite Sadistic Humiliatrix. 

Interview requests for Evelyn Milano can be made to Star Factory PR info@starfactorypr.com

#NEWS: STAR FACTORY PR Clients Shut Down Diane Black’s Claim The Porn Causes School Shootings On Daily Beast


Some of our clients Alexis Fawx, Kelley Cabbana and Tana Lea were asked their opinion on Rep. Diane Black comments that about adult entertainment contributes to school shootings.

Aurora Snow of The Daily Beast wrote an article “Porn Industry Fires Back at Rep. Diane Black: Don’t Blame Us for School Shootings” regarding the insane accusations Black made attempting to connect adult entertainment as a reason for school shootings. Three Star Factory PR clients, Alexis Fawx, Kelley Cabbana, and Tana Lea, voiced their opinion on the distasteful and idiotic statement Black made.

This is a must-read for not only those in the industry but fans and supporters as well. It’s a strong retort to clownish and vile attempt to link a serious and evil act to adult entertainment.

Read the article “Porn Industry Fires Back at Rep. Diane Black: Don’t Blame Us for School Shootings” here: https://www.thedailybeast.com/porn-industry-fires-back-at-rep-diane-black-dont-blame-us-for-school-shootings.

Interview requests for Alexis Fawx, Kelley Cabbana, and Tana Lea can be made to Star Factory PR: info@starfactorypr.com

#INTERVIEW: KELLEY CABBANA On ASN Underground With Mike & Sheri


Cam model Kelley Cabbana went on the ASN Underground show to talk about all of her sexy adventures! Want to hear what happened?

Recently the ASN Underground With Mike & Sheri show had sexy streamer Kelley Cabbana on as a guest. Kelley is a well-known webcam model and exhibitionist (don’t believe us? Just follow her on Twitter and see for yourself!), she’s even been nominated for AVN and XBIZ awards for her online activities. Kelley came on the show and discussed her naughty lifestyle as well as some of the wild encounters she has in real life. You are going to want to hear this! Listen below:

If you want to connect with Kelley visit her official website where you can get info on how to webcam with her, and even sext her - KelleyCabbana.com.

Interview requests for Kelley Cabbana can be made to Star Factory PR info@starfactorypr.com

#NEWS: Cammodel KELLEY CABBANA Sexes Up Drinking Dirty in NJ June 8th!

This Friday night check in to the Drinking Dirty in NJ show as sexy streamer Kelley Cabbana will be a guest!

Cammodel extraordinaire Kelley Cabbana is scheduled to make an appearance on the Drinking Dirty in NJ show Friday, June 8th! The blonde bombshell (and well-known exhibitionist) will be on the show to talk about her experiences as a cammodel and all the wild interactions she’s had in her career of doing sexy online shows. What kind of stories will Kelley tell? You’ll have to wait and find out on the live broadcast.

If you have a question you want the Drinking Dirty in NJ crew to ask Kelley, be sure to Tweet them it - @DrinkingDirtyNJ.

The Drinking Dirty in NJ show takes place on June 8th and the starts at 6.30pm PST / 9.30pm PST at https://www.facebook.com/DrinkingDirtyInJersey. Don’t miss out!

Until then, you can check out Kelley Cabbana’s official website to watch exclusive clips of the MILF-tastic beauty and even schedule your own webcam show with her. It’s all going on here: https://kelleycabbana.com.

Interview requests for Kelley Cabbana can be made to Star Factory PR: info@starfactorypr.com