From Playmate to Porn Star. Oh yah! A Bunny Goes Hardcore.

When you see the pretty girls that grace the pages of Playboy magazine,  you can’t help but wonder if she can suck a mean cock. However for the most part we never really will know simply because Playboy Playmates tend to stay softcore.  That is until now.  Miss April 2002 has taken the XXX rated plunge!  At the very bottom is an interview with Heather Carolin provided to us by her agent.

It’s not everyday does one of Hef’s 12 centerfolds take the leap into the adult industry. Heather Carolin, Playboy Playmate Miss April 2002 is now exclusively booking hard-core g/g and solos through AListTalent.

Being one of Playboy’s few all natural redhead centerfolds Heather is very well known in the soft-core industry. But what made her take the leap? “I have always had girl crushes and I never really acted on them. Once I discovered how much I love having sex with women I knew I had to share it with my fans. I am a true exhibitionist at heart. I get off on the fact that people get off watching me!” Heather explains with a big smile.

Heather was discovered by Playboy and immediately chosen to be a Playboy Playmate at the age of 18. She had a successful soft-core career, even shooting her style for leading adult sites.  “Playmate Heather Carolin is on fire, and was a “dream to shoot,” saysSuze, ” she moves like a real pro.” –Suze Randall, owner/photographer  Heather is known for her tight, fit body, natural red pubic hair and pink nipples among other attributes.  This curvy 32C-22-32 is all natural and about to the set the industry on fire with her true lust for women and incredible ooze of sex appeal. We can’t wait to see more from this busty, freckled California beauty!

Interview with Heather Carolin:

MSD> So the question everyone wants to ask is, why did you decide to do hard-core porn?

HeatherCarolin> “I have always had girl crushes and I never really acted on them. Once I discovered how much I love having sex with women I knew I had to share it with my fans. I am a true exhibitionist at heart. I get off on the fact that people get off watching me!”

MSD> So you really like women?

HeatherCarolin> “I definitely do! Women are so soft and sensual. Just touching a woman gets me really hot and wet.”

MSD> Did you have your first kiss with a woman onscreen?

HeatherCarolin> “No, it was actually with another Playboy Playmate after a promotional event. We both went to a nightclub at spring break and we were dancing together on stage when she kissed me. The crowd cheered, of course, and I loved it!”

MSD> What’s your favorite part of a woman?

HeatherCarolin> “I love tits! I can’t help it. They are so much fun to play with. I never understood a man’s fascination with them until I started playing with them. I can’t think of anything I would rather squeeze!!”

MSD> How did you get your start in the soft-core industry?

HeatherCarolin> “Luckily I got my start with Playboy. They weren’t just my first nude shoot. They were my first real photoshoot, paying modeling job ever!! I was 18 and they flew me down to Los Angeles from my parent’s house in Northern California. I tested for Playmate right off the bat and I got it. I found my natural ability to pose right away so I never really struggled with it.”

MSD> Do you do fetish work now as well as hard-core?

HeatherCarolin> “I enjoy stockings and hosiery, smoking and light foot fetish work. I love sucking on pretty toes but I haven’t created such a niche for myself there. I think everything I enjoy will come out on film when I get into my scenes!”

MSD> What kind of girl are you? Hip hop, rocker chick or pop queen?

HeatherCarolin> “Rocker chick all the way!!” I love Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, Alice in Chains, etc. I love rock concerts and bars! I was raised on rock and I love it.”

MSD> Are you still a California girl?

HeatherCarolin> “Born and raised! I am living back in Los Angeles now. I have moved from Northern California to LA and back a couple of times but Los Angeles is a place to thrive. I have a few businesses that I want to get off the ground and there is no better place to be.”

MSD> Can you share your business plans with us?

HeatherCarolin> “Maybe one or two!! The rest are not porn related and will be different ventures for me. I have always been really creative so I keep my plate full. I love taking photographs and shooting video so I will be getting behind the camera soon to work on a new multi model niche site. My websites ( and are my main focus at the moment. I really enjoy producing great content for my members and I hope to produce other model’s solo sites in the future as well.”

MSD> Wow, it seems that you really want to be in every aspect of the business! Any other skills besides modeling and producing?

HeatherCarolin> “I have many jobs!! I do almost everything for my sites. I am very hands on. I don’t do the actual website design or troubleshooting. I am lucky to have an amazing in house design team. I do the resizing and formatting of my images so that my members get 15X20 Inch high res images on my site. I do all of my own video editing so that I can make sure my members get to see everything I shot for them. That also allows me to make lots of great video samples for my affiliates. I do location scouting and booking. I have a huge wardrobe collection and I style models and sets for my productions. I also do model scouting and find hot girls to shoot with! I have gotten pretty good at hair and makeup too, though I think I want to take a class or two and learn more.”

MSD> That’s quite a list. You’re a very busy girl!! Anything you’d like to add before we let you go?

HeatherCarolin> “I am always on the look out for hot models to shoot or shoot with around Los Angeles. If any models want to contact me they can do so via my booking inquires page on my site! I don’t bite unless you want me to!!”