DCypher posts: EA Games has bitched out on a fantastic PR gimmick they were using for their newest racing game, Need For Speed: Pro Street…PORN.

That’s right. Those hot chicks were part of a promotional porn shoot they did to promote their video game, then punked out when a few whiny parents got upset. What is this world coming to I ask? A Polish gaming site rehosted the pix but seems to have removed them as well.

Here is twat they have to say for themselves. Personally I cunt here them. I have an ear infucktion I am trying to finger out.

“We regret that these images slipped through the proper EA approval process. They were not appropriate for our brand. The original site has been taken down this morning.”

Sounds pretty gay to me. Real men don’t apologize for anything ever. They especially don’t apologize for liking hot naked chicks.