Freedom-Loving Shay Evans Now Booking Scenes Herself

Puerto Rican Princess Is Ready for a Wide – Very Wide – Variety of Scenes

VENICE, CA – Free at last, free at last, Shay Evans is free at last!

After spending way too much time under contract with a modeling agency and getting less work than she wanted, Shay has taken matters into her own hands and is now booking all of her scenes personally. No more middle man for her, the young beauty is now set to get all the fabulous work she can handle.

The 100-pound Puerto Rican Princess with 32DD titties is ready for girl/girl, boy/girl, group, interracial, anal, double penetration “and more” scenes. She is five-foot-nada and weighs 100 pounds. Her measurements are 32-22-32.

“I am so excited to be booking my own scenes!” Shay said. “I feel like there are a lot of opportunities out there that, for one reason or another, didn’t come my way. I feel liberated and am very excited about my prospects as the year winds up and we head into 2019. I am ready and willing and think things are going to be much better from here on out.”

While she hasn’t performed in as many scenes this year than she had hoped, reviewers have taken note of her raw beauty and incredible sexual appetite.

For example, Roger T. Pipe wrote in his review of Pint Sized Cock Pocket (NSFW) that “Shay Evans is very lovely and for a petite girl is sporting some really huge boobs and an even bigger sexual appetite.” He also makes mention of her tight pussy, which she has said has a most impressive elasticity.

The former swinger and sexual adventurist (just listen to the Trickykid podcast or read any of her books of erotica) this year starred in such movies as My Latin Lover (, Lubed Up Latina (, Latina Snack (, Career Sluts 2 (Brazzers), Art of Romance 6 (Mile High) and Bodyguard (

“I’m really proud of the scenes I’ve done,” she said. “I want everyone to know that there is a lot more where that comes from – get ready for a lot more dirtiness from the Puerto Rican Princess!”

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Shay was on the sixty-ninth episode of the Trickykid podcast, which went up last week. Host Roy Turner got some absolutely mind-blowing stories out of the starlet that will interest anyone who loves crazy stories from sexy women. Sit down before listening.

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