Brandi Love Makes Flying Fun in Dorcel’s New ‘Military Misconduct’

XRCO MILF of the Year Nominee Seduces on New Box Cover

VENICE, CA – Brandi Love is a big supporter of our military and in a new movie from Marc Dorcel she has the chance to give back in this military-themed feature Military Misconduct directed by Liselle Bailey.

In an isolated bunker, the army plans an experiment of a new kind. In order to test the resistance of their troops, they’re going to soldiers to live totally cut off from the rest of the world for 90 days. Aware of the difficulties that such a situation may create, they decide to appoint Colonel Brandi as head of the project.

In spite of her sexy look, she perfectly knows how to hide her sensitivity and repress her desires under the rank imposed by her uniform. She soon proves she’s the perfect person to push the soldiers into their final entrenchments by confronting them with their frustration. Quickly aware of the sexual tension in the building, she plays with the sexual impulses of the participants of this experiment in order to obtain the expected results.

“This was one of the biggest movies I have ever worked on and Liselle did an amazing job,” Brandi said. “It was a blast doing so much acting but especially so much fucking! Truly one of my finest movies ever to be put out on DVD.”

The reigning XBIZ MIL of the Year is up for the same title at the upcoming 2018 XRCO Awards.

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