Mick Blue & BAM Visions Return With a Second ‘Ass Workout’


December 8, 2017

Mick Blue & BAM Visions Return With a Second ‘Ass Workout’

Mick Shines in the Sequel to the Popular Series

VENICE, CA – As Christmas draws ever nearer, BAM Visions has some very special gifts for its fans. One arrives this week, Ass Workout 2 (BAM Visions/Evil Angel), and it just as good as the series debut that precedes it.

For this second delightful edition, Mick has enlisted the work of Brandi Bae, Quinn Wilde, Vanessa Sky and Vienna Black, four outstanding anal enthusiasts who do fantastic jobs of keeping up with Mick and his relentless dick with its madness-inducing pulses of pleasure.

Vanessa is una Cubana, and she lives up to expectations, both with her sass and with her sexy. He puts his “ay” in her “yi yi” and away they go, Mick bangs all her holes and then heads to the toolbox and comes out with a huge dong. He shoves that in her twat and plays away on her ass with his magic flute. She winds up with a heaping helping of Mick’s personal salsa, which she devours like she just hit shore with the Freedom Flotilla and hasn’t had a bite since Havana. Mmmmm.

Brandi is a buxom blonde with a hunger for cum and she’ll do whatever it takes to get some. Mick has plenty of things in mind, beginning with her sucking on his dick. She then offers up her vag, and Mick gives it some of his much-sought attentions, but then it’s on to the ass and this is where everyone really shines. Brandi lies back, spreads wide and Mick pushes them back and hits spots none of her cock-handling has managed to hit before. He’s a magic man.

Quinn hits the pool with her fashionable bikini and clear stripper heels…heels?! This girl will do anything to look 110% hot – and it’s working. Mick delights in Quinn’s 34DD tits, but his cock stays on track: mouth, pussy, ass. Quinn is crazy for cock and Mick has plenty to get wild with. He’s always sure to satisfy one hole before moving on to the next, so when Quinn starts getting in the ass she knows there’s nowhere left to go and she gives in completely to the gapemaster, who satisfies her completely and moves on.

Vienna is another Latina, a trait she received on her mom’s side, which is a sweet mix of Dominican, Brazilian and Jamaican. (Her dad is Scottish and French, for those further interested in her DNA.) Like any good muchacha, she likes it in every slit and Mick is always in the mood to satisfy. She loves saliva and lubes him up good and he puts it to good use, first filling her pussy, then in making things right with her ass. By the time he shares his seed, she’s been on another planet of pure joy since as far back as she can remember.

Watch the trailer, the movie, buy the Ass Workout 2 DVD and more at http://www.evilangelvideo.com/video/5857/ass-workout-2/ and www.BAMvisions.com.


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