The most fucked up Bluebird Films story of the month

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, what the hell kinda crack are some people smoking?

Mike South recently posted [source] about another awards show. This one is rather interesting. See it’s put on by a company owned by Bluebird Films and they award themselves, two of the 13 categories. There is the award for the best Bluebird Film of the year. No seriously, Bluebird Films is putting on an award show where they award themselves the best Bluebird Films of the year.

I know right now you are probably laughing, thinking this is some kind of joke. I mean who would do something so outrageously stupid, right?

And beyond that, surely a company who owes all those people thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars surely isn’t pissing away money on producing an awards show, and giving themselves awards in the process, right?

I mean how the hell do they find the time for such things? Between hijacking affiliate traffic (through blatant site leaks), not paying people, not just affiliates either, we mean former employees, legal people, graphics designers, etc.

Then there are the idle threats to people Nicholas Steele doesn’t like (or pay) sending them text messages calling them a fat whore, or saying “Better be careful I can’t control what Paul Chaplin will do to you”, or having his friends send warning messages saying “be careful Nick owns a lot of guns”, or the best threat of all is that the person better be careful because the third owner in the company, the silent partner is secretly involved in some sort of “FAMILY” related business, hint hint. Oh yes, the veiled mafia threat is without a doubt my favorite, considering the gun one holds no real water to me considering I live in Texas and let’s be real … who don’t I know that doesn’t own a gun? I think my neighbors 10 year old got one for his birthday last month. Well the mafia thing is a good one but I forgot about the, best be careful we are monitoring your tweets. LOL Seriously almost pee’d my panties laughing at that one.

Yes somehow between all of this they still find time to put on an awards show?  I guess when you don’t pay the people you owe money to, you can afford such extravagances.

Perhaps if Nicholas Steele would spend less time worrying about what I’m doing and more time doing his own job, then maybe Bluebird Films would make enough money to actually pay their bills. Just a thought.


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