Top 50 Most Popular Women Report Flawed

I got a press release today that said Jenna Haze is one of the most popular women in the world and that caught my attention.  Since I make it my business to monitor porn star popularity as part of my full time job, I knew that while it is true Jenna Haze is rather popular, her overall popularity has began to wane in the past year.  She sat perfectly atop the porn star popularity list at Fame Registry for a while, pretty much solid for like 3 years but this year she was replaced by more active performers like Jesse Jane and Sunny Leone.  Of course Sunny Leone’s popularity is in no doubt in large part to her mega popularity in India, which has more than 3 times the population of the United States.

So how is it possible that Jenna Haze makes the the co-ed list (source) as the top 50 most popular women and girls like Sunny Leone and Jesse Jane don’t?

Turns out their website explains just that.  They came up with their own list of 300 people, just any 300 female celebrities they could think of.  Then they ran a “keyword frequency” report for each of the celebs.  Problem is keyword frequency has nothing to do with actual number of searches performed.

Keyword frequency is how often a keyword or keyword phrase (ie:  “Jenna Haze”) appears in a page that is currently in the Google database.   So basically what this means is that at the time the search was performed Google has X pages within their database that includes that keyword.  And even more funny about the magazine’s list for the “year” is that the data they are using isn’t for the year, it’s a number for Google’s database at that exact moment and that number changes greatly from day to day and from month to month.    A celeb can have a keyword frequency of 2 million today, 100 million tomorrow and 150,000 next month.  The Google database really does change that much and that often.  Let me show you what a keyword frequency report looks like.  (see figure below)

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jenna Haze.  I have nothing against her but this list from co-ed magazine is flawed.  While keyword frequency is a valuable SEO metric, it doesn’t exactly give you accurate numbers and it has absolutely nothing to do with the total number of searches done of that performer.  The funny part is, now you have all of these people out there quoting this article on some blog that is absolutely false.

Their report claims that more people Google Lana Del Rey than  Britney Spears and that more people Google Jenna Haze than Shakira.  So how accurate is the report?  Well 673,000 people Google’d Jenna Haze while 11.1 million Googled Shakira.   9,140,000 … that’s 9.1 million people Google’s Sunny Leone while 2.1 million Googled Jesse Jane.

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