Beware of known theives bearing gifts

Mike South recently posted an article about the APHSS and this so called special refund that Manwin is offering.  He warns of what this refund could really cost you and possibly even your family.

Just remember that nothing is free in this world and this so called refund you get for testing could really turn out to be a huge nightmare for you, your neighbors and your family.

Why You Don’t Want To Be In APHSS

I know what I am talking about here, remember pornwikileaks?  I’m sure that most of you do remember it.  The problem is you may not remember it correctly, allow me to refresh your memory.  Did pornwikileaks have your medical data from AIM in it?  In case you forgot, it didn’t.

It did have data from AIM that was compromised but the damaging data they got from that database was your real name, nothing else was as damaging.  With that they found you on facebook, or myspace or twitter they found your family, your friends they got a lot of it wrong and they made up even more but the one thing you all wanted removed, was your real name.

Now Diane Duke will tell you that the APHSS Database will contain nothing but your name and your availability to work.  The FSC will not know how you tested. If that is true then how will they know what to do in the event of a positive or God forbid an outbreak?  The database serves no real purpose.  In a recent meeting Diane pointed out how important it is that you actually check your partners test, that you shouldn’t rely on the database or anyone else to do that for you.

OK so the APHSS database contains your real name and your availability to work.  It can’t be depended on to insure that your test is current and it can’t help in the event of an outbreak of anything.  What IS it for?

Why would you risk putting your real name out there for essentially nothing?  Why would you entrust that information to, of all people, the FSC?  Honestly if that information got into the hands of another Donny Long how long do you think it would take to find your porn name with your real name and start that nightmare over again?

From what I hear most of you trust talent Testing and you like them.  that’s a good thing, you should stick with them like they have stuck with you, but tell them you do not want your information in APHSS.  View the tests yourself and don’t spread your personal information around, particularly to people who have no need for it.

APHSS is a bad mistake waiting to happen and the people who took down pornwikileaks wont be there to do it again.

Exercise your right to say NO…..It isn’t worth the 50 bucks a month you may or may not get back from the FSC.

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