Warner Brothers Investigates Bluebird Films

So rumor is that Warner Brothers is looking into a movie Bluebird Films made before Paul Chaplin “retired” from making porn, it was a Harry Potter parody called Harry Pointer which apparently has yet to be released.  In the movie Paul Chaplin plays the Harry Potter character and the hot little blonde witch, holding the magic wand, if you are wondering is Lou Lou.


[source] It’s Dirty Harry as Craig Whyte’s tax aide makes ‘Potter’ porn.  The porn star tax advisor to former Rangers owner Craig Whyte faces a Hollywood legal probe — over a blue movie spoof of Harry Potter.  We told how money man Paul Baxendale-Walker — who counted troubled Whyte among his clients — had a second job bonking in X-rated movies.

Now we can reveal his latest production Harry Pornter could be investigated by Warner Bros lawyers following a tip-off from author JK Rowlings’ team.

Baxendale-Walker takes the lead role in the smutty flick — with Hogwarts-style school uniform, magic wand and specs — as he romps with busty actress CHARLEY GREEN.

The 34H blonde — who shares the name of new Rangers supremo Charles Green — is cast as a witch.

Most of the scenes are too graphic for a family newspaper but feature characters familiar from the boy-wizard books.

In one, a scantily-clad brunette frolics with a man dressed like Potter’s enemy Voldemort — while another sees Charley romp with a fellow ‘witch’. Last night a spokeswoman for Rowling said: “We have passed this on to Warner Bros.”

The film, made by Baxendale-Walker’s firm Bluebird Movies, is thought to be in the late stages of production. His other titles include Ello, Ello: Lust in France and Sugar Daddy.

He earlier told The Scottish Sun: “Of course I appear in the movies. Who wouldn’t want to? What is the point in owning a BMW if you don’t drive it?”

But away from screen his law firm, which also has offices in Glasgow, offers financial advice to “some of the world’s wealthiest families”.

Baxendale-Walker is credited with being the mastermind behind tax avoidance schemes — including the Employee Benefits Trusts which triggered the probe into the Ibrox finances.

He later claimed he advised Whyte on “business matters that are nothing to do with Rangers”. In 2000, he was charged by fraud cops after an inquiry into the pension fund of Glasgow engineering group Balfron. But the trial was called off in 2002.

Five years later he was suspended for three years for conduct unbefitting a solicitor.

Last night a Warner Bros spokeswoman said it had yet to receive information on the movie, adding: “It would be premature to make a comment.”

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