Gemma Massey at the Park and in the News

Man it’s a day of UK porn in the news today apparently. LOL

UK Porn Star Gemma Massey @LadyGemmaMassey was hanging out at an amusement park (Alton Towers – UK’s largest theme park) yesterday with her friend Maria Fowler of reality show fame and the story got covered in the Daily Mail.  I was going to say it must have been a slow day for news … I mean really … a reality star and a porn star hang out at a theme park and this is news?   But then I seen the pics of Gemma and her friend’s big ass tits on the roller coaster and I totally got why they covered this story. 🙂  [source]


Let’s hope the wind doesn’t change! Maria Fowler pulls a series of faces as she shows off her assets during theme park day out

Her life has pretty much been a rollercoaster since she emerged in front of the public eye on TOWIE.  And yesterday reality TV star Maria Fowler put herself through an even more exhilarating time as she enjoyed a day out at Alton Towers theme park.  The glamour model put her assets on display in a low cut T-shirt as she took to the fairground rides with her best pal, porn star Gemma Massey.

Scared? Maria Fowler pulls a series of funny faces as she enjoys theme park day out at Alton Towers, having a go on a number of rollercoasters

The pair both lapped up the sunny weather by baring their skin in hot pants with low-cut tops.  Maria, 25, wore a vest emblazoned with the words: ‘I love trouble.’  And she was certainly in a playful mood as she threw herself into the day out and took her turn on several rides.

All smiles… for now: The former TOWIE star was joined by her porn star pal Gemma Massey as they sat on another ride, Air, with their assets on show
Life is a rollercoaster… Maria Fowler made the most of the sunny weather in denim hot pants and a I heart trouble pink vest top, while Gemma also wore a tiny ensemble

While she normally takes care of her appearance, ensuring every hair and bit of make-up is in place, Maria showed off a slightly more carefree side as she pulled faces on the rides.  As the star and Gemma took to ‘Oblivion’ Maria looked scared as her coiffed eyebrows raised up and she screamed loudly.  Massey also screamed as they were thrown into the air on the vertical rollercoaster.

Come on then! The girls then took to ‘The Dual’ where they went barefoot and acted like Gladiators as they tried to push each other off the beam

And they looked equally as sceptical as they took their seats on Alton Towers’ ‘Air’ ride.  Although they both had large grins on their faces throughout the day as they tried out the different rides.  Fowler was later seen acting as if she were a Gladiator as she put on her face mask and played on The Dual.

Competitive: The girls threw themselves into the day out as they tried out numerous rides in the sun

Game over! Maria took to Twitter to keep her fans updated about her day out at the theme park

She stood on a beam as she went barefoot and tried to push Gemma off the aparatus with their foam weapons.  And she obviously enjoyed the challenge as she finally jumped off with a big smile across her face. The former TOWIE star even took to Twitter to keep her fans up to date on her day out.  She wrote: ‘So nemesis, air, th13teen done…. Tome (sic) for some wine.. Oblivion, Rita, and the rest to go…. I love @altontowers.’

Taking a break: Maria and Gemma indulged in some ice-cream in between rides and shared some pictures on Twitter

She then joked: ‘Hahah @LadyGemmaMassey gets ID’d and has none.. Me: “she is a porn star… Look @ her tits of course she’s over 18 google her!” hahahahahaha.’  Fowler then shared her own photos online for her fans, as she’s seen on one ride cheekily flipping her middle finger up.  And in another the girls lick some ice lollies for the camera as they take a refreshing break from the sun and excitement.


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