Manwin Rumor Alert

What I’m about to post probably won’t come as a surprise to most.  I’ve been doing some digging and talking with some Manwin employees who work at the various websites and companies bought out by the company.  Not surprisingly all were eager to chat but begged to keep their identities a secret.

“When we got bought out, I wasn’t happy.  Nobody really was.  It’s embarrassing now to tell people you work for Manwin.  You know you are working for the devil, but what can you do?  Times are tough and I need to support my family.”

“Working for Manwin is like being in a lion’s den.  Everyone puts on a fake smile but you know the second you turn your back you’ll get the sting of a sharp tooth in your back.”

“We are given things to say when people say things about our involvement in the tubes like pornhub but we all know it’s bullshit and it just eats at you after awhile.  You know you are lying out your ass, but what the fuck can you do?”

“They will tell you whatever you want to hear when they first buy you out to keep you in line and make the transition go smoothly, while behind closed doors they are plotting to fire your fucking ass.  You don’t matter to them.  No matter how great you think you are and may be, you aren’t shit to Manwin.  You are nothing to them and never will be.”

“I never felt dirty being in porn before I started working for Manwin.”



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