Warning PAXUM Users

This post went up at GFY and since Paxum use is becoming more popular I wanted to make sure to help get the word out.

Both me and a friend did some withdrawals in the last few days from an atm machine in the Netherlands. Different atm machines, same bank.  All attempts did not work out: no money came out of the atm and the message appeared : Connection failed.   But to our surprise the money was withdrawn from our accounts.

After sending support tickets to paxum, we get the following reply:  Since the funds were not reversed to your Paxum MasterCard we can start an chargeback procedure, procedure that has a $40 fee and takes around 45 days to be completed.

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  1. Hi Luke,

    As far as we can tell, this issue pertains to the ABN AMRO ATM Machines in the Netherlands.

    Usually when a situation like this occurs, the ATM owner returns the funds to the credit card holder, however sometimes that does not happen. In those cases, the bank must initiate a chargeback claim, and the bank charges a $40 fee for that service. Paxum does not charge a fee itself at all.

    We are happy to assist any clients with any issues they have to the best of our ability. If anyone is experiencing any issues please make sure to open a Support Ticket in the Message Center and one of our trained support specialists will respond.

    Thanks for sharing this information Luke, we appreciate you getting the word out for our Netherlands customers to be aware of the potential of this current issue.

    Any Paxum client, or prospective client can contact me directly if they desire:

    ICQ #233-854-608
    AIM/YM/SKYPE – PaxumRuth


    Ruth Blair 🙂

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