Is Bluebird Films stealing YOUR affiliate traffic?

Lack of payment rumors aside, many Bluebird Films affiliates today were rather surprised to learn that when they send their traffic to the official Bluebird Films website, Bluebird takes it and sends it away to the Fleshlight site, leaving affiliates without any credit for potential loss of sales by having their traffic hijacked and sent elsewhere.

But don’t just take my word for it, go to the Bluebird Films website yourself and see with your own eyes the big fat banner sending traffic away to the Fleshlight site right on their front page.  Below is a screenshot of the front page of their tour taken just a few moments ago.

When I attempted to call the Bluebird Films offices today for comment, which I did 4 times mind you in a period of an hour or so, all I got was someone picking up the phone and then hanging up.

One thought on “Is Bluebird Films stealing YOUR affiliate traffic?

  1. I’m sure with Paul leaving the company they have their hands full trying to figure out which way is up over there.

    what will the future hold for them?

    Where they sold?

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