LA Direct Models Hired Illegal Workers

As news broke today that some rich bitch in New York is going down for what they are saying as “encouraged and induced an illegal immigrant to work and reside in the country” it hit me that Derek Hay of LA Direct Models is doing exactly the same thing when he encourages girls from the UK to come stay at his model house and work in the US, without legal papers to do so.

The girls from the UK probably don’t even realize they are breaking the law, but Derek Hay knows.  Derek Hay of LA Direct Models has been thumbing his nose at the law for years.  Will this violation of the law finally be the thing that gets him busted?  I mean if the hooking thing didn’t then maybe hiring illegal aliens will.

If you are not a US citizen then you must obtain a work permit to work in the United States and knowingly securing work for someone without a valid work permit is illegal.

As an agent, LA Direct Models has been doing just that for awhile now but more specifically last month by securing work for UK performers Emily B and Lou Lou who my sources say recently came to the US to work on a tourist visa for two weeks in January during the time of the AVN show in Las Vegas and from February 10 – 22nd.

But even more interesting is not only did he secure work for these two girls who were not authorized to work in the US, he hired them himself to work on his website, Direct Models Live in association with their collection of websites run through Premium Cash.

While I don’t know all of the jobs he booked the UK girls on, we know for sure they did work for both Hustler and Brazzers.  And even more interesting there are rumors (via some ominous tweets) that at least one of the girls are now struggling to get paid by some of the jobs LA Direct Models booked for them.




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  1. For Emily B, she did a scene for Brazzers web Big Tits at Work posted on February 23rd, 2012.

    For Lou Lou, she did a scene also for Brazzers web Babe Gog Boobs posted on February 8th, 2012.

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