Is Gemma Massey on Celebrity Big Brother?

Porn star Sunny Leone was recently featured on the India version of the show Big Brother, which they call Big Boss.  Apparently Sunny Leone was a huge ratings booster over there and then rumors started to surface that Gemma Massey was seen in in this season of the Celebrity Big Brother (UK edition).

So is it true that exclusive Bluebird Films contract star Gemma Massey is on this season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK?

While Gemma Massey may be a celebrity in her own it, it turns out the answer to that question is no.  The rumor isn’t true in that she is a cast member of this seasons cast of Celebrity Big Brother however there apparently has been quite a bit of Gemma Massey chatter in regards to he show as she has been dating cast member, UK reality TV star Kirk Norcross.  The two have been dating since last August and on last night’s episode apparently he got drunk and started hitting on a Greek model named Georgia Salpa.

Gemma Massey in Passenger 69Gemma Massey in Passenger 69Gemma Massey in Passenger 69

So it turns out the only association Gemma Massey has with Celebrity Big Brother is that her now EX-boyfriend is a cast member this year.  Gemma Massey was unaware of his cheating until it aired and found out about it at the same time as everyone else and was noticeably and of course understandably upset about it while posting on her twitter feed @LadyGemmaMassey about it.

Gemma Massey is a porn star under exclusive contract with Bluebird Films.  Gemma Massey is rumored to be the highest paid contract star in the entire industry (based on contract salary alone).  She was a former Playboy model and Playboy Cyber girl, who still attends Playboy parties from time to time.  She was also recently featured on the BBC show Newsbeat on the segment called “Life as a Porn Star”.  A former popular Page 3 girl for the Sun paper (with 3 times the daily circulation than the New York times), she has also graced the pages  of Maxim magazine, Penthouse as well as more men’s magazines than we could even begin to count.

Gemma Massey is currently up for the FAN’s CHOICE award at the 2012 AVN Awards Show for “BEST BODY”. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR HER.

On an interesting side note, short lived, former Hugh Hefner fake girlfriends and Playboy Playmates Kristina and Karissa Shannon are in the cast.  You may remember them as the Playboy twins that barely made it a single season before being removed from the mansion for being to big of whores. The rumor is, they couldn’t stop partying.  I don’t know how much of that is true, but one story has them getting in the Playboy pool doing it with another guy.  Well one of them one, but not sure which one.  I can’t never keep them straight.  I think it is the one who tried to release the sex tape.


The photos of Gemma Massey in this post come from the movie Passenger 69 which is now available on DVD or you can download the movie to your computer or watch it online at the Glambirds website.

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  2. Since we originally posted this story Adult FYI posted another one about an interview Kirk did about Gemma Massey.

    from – Kirk Norcross is probably best known for breaking hearts on The Only Way Is Essex.

    But after waving farewell to TOWIE at the end of last year, Kirk Norcross is hoping 2012 will be all about him.

    And if the rumours that he’s about to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house are true, Kirk’s wishes could come true.

    “I’d love to do it,” he tells us as he sips a hot chocolate on the leather sofa we’re sharing. “It would be my chance to ‘accidentally’ get it [my willy] out!” Um, OK Kirk!

    The question is, would he be willing to go the whole way and have sex in the house? “I probably would. I like having sex,” he says.

    Despite being a cheeky boy about town with his convertible Ferrari, Kirk is surprisingly insecure when it comes to stripping off for our car wash shoot. This doesn’t stop him from being incredibly flirty, though.

    Here, he gives his verdict on the other celebrities hotly tipped to be entering the house and admits he never really loved his ex, Lauren Pope…

    …Q: We’ve heard you are blessed in the trouser department. Is it true?

    Who said that? [Laughs]. You know what, God gave me a gift, I’ve been blessed. It’s the first time I’ve ever been asked about [the size of my willy].

    Q: Frankie Cocozza from The X Factor is rumoured to be going in, too. Would you like to see him in there?

    Yeah, he’s a laugh. He’d be my bromance. Kirk and Frankie. Team Kinky!

    Q: Do you think you’d end up competing with him over girls?

    I wouldn’t have to compete – I could share.

    Q: He claims to have slept with more than 70 women. How many have you slept with?

    I don’t know. I’ve never had sex and thought, “You’re number eight.” But I was a bit of a boy back in the day.

    Q: Do you think you’ll regret leaving TOWIE?

    No. Any decision in the world, my dad’s always told me to sleep on it and if you wake up in the morning and think, “I’m going to regret that,” I won’t do it.

    Q: Why did you leave?

    I just felt that I’d achieved as much as I could on the show. I’ve used up most of my key stuff – relationships, arguments and family.

    Q: Does your mum ever give her opinion on the girls you date?

    The last girl I was seeing was Gemma Massey. I called my mum up and told her I was seeing a girl, and she was like, “Great. What does she do?” and I was like, “She’s a porn star.” And she was like, “No! None of that!” But I told my mum I really liked her, so I took her round to meet her and my mum rung me up afterwards, saying, “Kirk, I’m happy for you.” But that’s over now anyway so…

    Q: Is it over for good?

    Yeah, no going back. Her job was really hard for me.

    Q: Do you think you’d still be together if it wasn’t for her job?

    Yeah. She could have been my wife. I’d have married her.

    Q: But you must have known that she was a porn star when you met her?

    Yeah, but I was just thinking, “I’m going to have sex with a porn star!” You never meet a girl and think, “I’m going to fall in love with you.”

    Q: Did you love her more than Lauren?

    Yeah. I actually thought I was in love with Lauren but I realised after with Gemma that I didn’t love Lauren. The feelings I had for her were nothing compared to what I had for Gemma.

    Q: How long were you and Gemma together?

    I met her a month after I split with Lauren [last July] and we were off and on since then.

    Q: Why couldn’t you properly commit to Gemma?

    I always told her that if it wasn’t for her job then I could have taken things more seriously. She always knew we were just dating and that it wasn’t a relationship. Don’t fall in love with a porn star is all I can say.

    Q: Would you get back with Lauren?

    No, I don’t think I was in love with Lauren at all.

    Q: What made you realise that?

    Breaking up with Gemma. When we broke up it was like, “Whoa!”

    Q: What do you think Lauren and Gemma would make of you going into the CBB house?

    Gemma would be a bit jealous – only because it hasn’t been that long since we’ve split up. But I think Lauren would be bitter.

  3. Are you kidding me? Why was she with him? Could it possibly be because being with a reality star who is still having their 15 minutes of fame might just make her more famous?

  4. Don’t know why everyone thinks those Playboy twins are so hot. They aren’t even a step above average.

  5. Celebrity Big Brother contestant Kirk Norcross may be spending most of his time on the show pursuing his female housemates, but his on-off girlfriend Gemma Massey has joined forces with the TOWIE girls to warn CBB stars like Georgia Salpa off him.

    Kirk’s porn-star lover Gemma may be having to watch her on-off boyfriend try it on with Georgia – who is nominated for eviction alongside Andrew Stone – in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to take his womanising ways lying down.

    Speaking to Star magazine, Massey said: ‘I’ll dump him if he gets it on properly with her (Georgia Salpa). I won’t stand for that.’

    The glamour model and porn star claims that she and Kirk were back together when he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and says she is the last person he spoke to before he went in.

    ‘When he called before going in, he said, “As soon as I get out, I want to see you, babe.” ‘ she said.
    ‘We left it on good terms and before he went into the house we were dating again.”

    Massey also told her Twitter followers about her frustrations as Kirk gets increasingly close to Georgia, complaining that she is getting ‘abuse’ from fans.

    She wrote: ‘I get dumped on tv while my fella is flirting with georgia…and i get abused!!!’ adding: ‘finding true love is not the be all and end all…Im independent and dont need any man in my life to make me feel complete!’

    And Kirk’s former TOWIE co-stars have waded into the argument too, with the friends of his spurned ex-girlfriend Lauren Pope taking to Twitter to call the 23-year-old a ‘user’.

    Maria Fowler, who briefly dated Kirk’

  6. Gemma missed her scheduled show the other day due to a sudden appointment that came up. What the hell kind of emergency “appointment” could come up during the middle of all this scandal? Could she be headed to the Big Brother house? That’s what I think at least.

  7. I don’t know. I think that’s probably a case of how we say different things than they do For example, they call getting drunk getting pissed. So when someone from the UK says I am so pissed they mean like I am so drunk, not like us when we say I am so mad.

    So emergency appointment probably doesn’t mean anything like that at all. 🙂

  8. Another reality TV gossip site picks up the story –

    Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Gemma Massey dumps Kirk Norcross after Georgia Salpa flirting

    Celebrity Big Brother star Kirk Norcross reportedly had a not so secret girlfriend on the outside when he started on the reality TV show.

    Gemma Massey has claimed that the Only Way Is Essex star begged her to stay faithful to him while he competes his stint on the series and claimed that they are very much still a couple.

    In an interview with Star magazine, the porn star seemed barely concerned by the fact that he so called boyfriend has been flirting and suggestively teasing Irish model Georgia Salpa during his time on the show.

    She said:

    “Kirk was calling me to tell me he loved me just minutes before being taken to the secret hideaway and going into the house. He also begged me to be waiting for him when he comes out of the house.”

    “Before he went in, I said to him, ‘Whatever you’ve got to do in that house, it’s work, so I understand.’”

    However she won’t be standing for any funny business and as much as Gemma can stomach Kirk’s flirting, she won’t stand by him if he ends up getting down and dirty with any of his female housemates. The blonde beauty added:

    “I’ll dump him if he gets it on properly with her (Georgia). I won’t stand for that.”

    Gemma seems to have changed her tune today though and after admitting on Twitter that she and Kirk have been seeing each other since August, when questioned about his behaviour on the Channel 5 show she tweeted:

    By the looks of it im not with him anymore anyway after his actions in that house x

    Somehow we don’t think Kirk will be crying into his cereal over the snub!

  9. TOWIE’s Kirk Norcross: I want to get hitched in 2012
    Kirk is ready to find Ms Right this year

    Just like some of his other TOWIE pals, Kirk Norcross is looking to settle down.

    The Essex hunk, 23, who previously dated Lauren Pope, recently split from porn star Gemma Massey, 27.

    The pair seemed loved-up when they visited London’s Winter Wonderland in November, but after Kirk was tipped to join Channel 5’s The Bachelor, the romance hit the skids.

    Now he’s hoping he’ll finally find Ms Right: ‘I know I’m young, but I want to find a wife in 2012.’

  10. Found another one!

    “It’s not as if I was a fling, we were together and he had said in a magazine interview that he wanted marriage and babies with me”

    THE porn star girlfriend of Kirk Norcross is furious that she’s been dumped live on Big Brother.

    Gemma Massey, 26, has dated the TOWIE star for the past six months – and thought they were together forever.

    Heartbroken Gemma said: “Before he went into the house we had spent Christmas and New Year together, it was so romantic.

    “It’s not as if I was a fling, we were together and he had said in a magazine interview that he wanted marriage and babies with me.

    “I actually thought it was serious with him. Before he went into the Big Brother house we talked and I told him I understand it’s a job.

    “He said to me, ‘It’s a game, babe’ but, as I understood it, he didn’t have a serious game plan in mind. He was just going to go in there and be himself!

    “He puts up with my job working as a porn actress and I understand that he has to work. But he’s coming on to the women in the house and it’s horrible for me to watch.

    “In fact, I haven’t been able to watch since last Saturday night. That first night Big Brother was on I cried my eyes out.

    “Then, when he later said ‘I used to date a porn star’, I knew that was a direct reference to me and it was said in the past tense.

    “Now I don’t know whether that is a game plan but I would imagine we’re not together now!

    “I won’t be contacting him when he comes out, that’s for certain.

    “When he said that Georgia Salpa was his perfect girl, I felt sick. I feel he’s fed me a load of lies. I feel let down.

    “When you spend Christmas Eve making gingerbread men with someone special, it’s romantic.

    “But he’s demeaned that by now saying he wants to bake a cake with Georgia.

    “We spent New Year at the Mayfair hotel in London, we stood on the balcony, had loads of cuddles and kisses, it was so romantic watching fireworks.

    “He told me that he wanted to take me to Disneyland Paris when he gets out of the house.

    “But he has said the same thing in the diary room, that he would love to take Georgia on holiday when the show finishes.

    “It just goes to prove that you think you know someone – when you don’t!”

  11. I seen a click of this dumb shit showing another guy his cock and really getting into showing him the marks and scars on it. Why the hell do hot chicks always go for these dumb fucks?

  12. Gemma Massey is one of the prettiest porn stars of all time. I wouldn’t give Kirk Norcross a second glance if I passed him on the street. I can’t imagine what she sees in him. “The Essex hunk”? Really? According to who?


    PORN star Gemma Massey has told Celebrity Big Brother bosses: “Get me in the house!”

    The sexy brunette is devastated after being dumped by TOWIE hunk Kirk Norcross while he has been locked up in the telly house.

    She has been heartbroken watching her lover of six months make a move on Irish babe Georgia Salpa.

    Kirk, 23, said he would marry Gemma, but cannot keep his hands off Georgia, 26.

    Now Gemma wants a showdown with Kirk inside the house.

    A show insider said: “We’ve been contacted by some of her people who say she wants to go in the house. I think she would like to put Kirk in his place.

    “She didn’t think they had split until she heard him speaking about her in the past tense on the show. It’s been painful to watch.”

    Gemma, the UK’s top paid porn star, right, Tweeted: “He has been putting it on girls in the house so I’m guessing he has forgot about me. “So hard when ur in love with someone, feel so crap.”

  14. She seems to be home from Dubai. Hope the trip helped to get her mind off of that douche bag.

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