Eva Angelina v 20.12

EVA ANGELINA IS BACK!  I don’t quite know if I can shout that loud enough.  Obviously I love Eva and this makes me most happy.  Oh and did I mention she’s booking b/g scenes?  HELL YAH BABY!!  Those studios interested in working with the legendary performer can book her through LA Direct Models.  Of course that means you’ll have to stand in line behind me because I assure you the second I head the news I picked up the phone and was like YAH BABY!!!!!!!!

For those of us die hard Eva fans you can follow her on twitter @LifeofEva and know that she also does live weekly cam shows which I am told are not to be missed.  They are nothing short of amazing.  One fan was quoted as saying “Holy Shit!  Eva Angelina you are amazing.  I love you!”  Oh wait, that fan was me!


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  2. Not really a big fan of the new hair do but I do love her performances. Glad 2 C she is back.

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