Manwin Now in Control of Digital Playground

Truth be told, we’ve all suspected as such for awhile now but it seems today Adult FYI stumbled upon something rather interesting and that was news that Manwin is in fact in control of Digital Playground’s operations.  [source]

This news was revealed in regards to a lawsuit that Manwin recently filed that leaves some industry insiders sitting there going WTF?

How could a company who made millions and millions by stealing other people’s content be taken serious when they file a lawsuit to prevent another company from potentially infringing on their trademarks?

Don’t get me wrong, I do realize that two wrong don’t make a right and just because Manwin aka Brazzers stole from all of us for years, doesn’t mean anyone should now have the right to steal from them but it does make you stop and think for just a moment what kind of balls these people must have to be able to go into court with a straight face, with lawyers no doubt paid for by the millions they made by stealing from other people and complain about someone stealing from them.



6 thoughts on “Manwin Now in Control of Digital Playground

  1. I don’t know how anyone can do business with them.

    It makes no sense to me.

    I’ll rob you blind until you can’t afford to live any longer, and then save your business with all the money I have saved up from stealing from you.

    I would think that anger and resentment from all the stealing would stop you from signing that deal.

    But I guess money talks and in the end we are all whores.

  2. I don’t understand it either. I know they contacted us to do business with them (at my main job), I was like hmmm ok I’ll consider it and then opened up one of their tube sites and showed them some of the videos they were stealing of ours. Said thanks but no thanks.

    The funny thing is I said before doing that, why would we do business with us and risk you stealing our content and the guy responded by saying because it wouldn’t be financially beneficial for us to steal your content because we want to do this deal. And yet the entire time they had been stealing from us.

  3. Funny thing is, everyone’s source (including CNET) for this story is the WSJ… which doesn’t even claim that Manwin owns DP! It all comes from this sentence:

    “The lawsuit was filed by Luxembourg-based Manwin Licensing International SARL, which owns a network of websites including and manages Playboy Enterprises Inc.’s brand on the Web, along with adult filmmaker Digital Playground Inc.”

    Manwin only filled a lawsuit along with DP.

  4. So how do you explain away the presence of DP on the Brazzers website like that? And the multiple brazers / manwin employees who have now leaked the information saying they are “heavily involved” with Digital Playground? It’s hard to dispute those kind of things.

  5. This would be called a rumor.
    The present article deals with a confirmation coming from CNET and WSJ, not rumors.

    I’m not saying Manwin doesn’t own DP, I’m saying there is no confirmation of this. And the recent news articles are certainly not a confirmation.

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