Bluebird Films Launches Bluebird Bucks

Bluebird Films Proudly Introduces Bluebird Bucks
Revolutionary Affiliate Program Offers Additional Revenue Streams

Bluebird Films is proud to announce the launch of their new webmaster program “Bluebird Bucks” this week.  The revolutionary affiliate system boasts the capacity to help participants add additional revenue streams by promoting not only all the movies that come out of the award winning Bluebird Films studios but Glambirds and live Bluebird TV plus Bluebird Cams as well.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity,” explains Bluebird’s Director of Online Media Relations Danny S. “Not only will you be able to push these content filled high quality websites but you will also have the ability to make profits from each and every single movie title that we release!”

So what makes Bluebird’s content different than other studios?

Since it’s inception Bluebird Films has focused on creating content with extremely high production value. In addition to having the hottest stars in all of adult turn in unforgettable hardcore scenes they also incorporate a mainstream element to their shooting, using state of the art lighting equipment and high tech cameras along with handcrafted costumes and custom built sets. After all the hard work is done the results speak for themselves. Bluebird’s content is unrivaled in the industry!

“We don’t take shortcuts or follow trends,” Danny continues. “Our content reflects our unique passion and creativity.”

The Bluebird Bucks Affiliate program includes real television channels, live cams, and mobile text messaging services. There is no risk involved since affiliates need only post banner and links to pre-sell. Bluebird will sell and retain what affiliates bring in. In addition Bluebird Bucks is run on NATS so affiliates will receive detailed traffic stats along with revenues generated and all that NATS has to offer. Cookie life is 30 days so affiliates have more time to sell and the sites convert anywhere between 1:70 to 1:230. Bluebird Bucks offers various payout methods including Paypal, Paxum, and International Wire and boasts a support system that is both responsive and helpful.

“Bluebird Bucks consists of professionals in design, programming, promotions and consultation,” Danny concludes.. “Whether you’re looking for a special banner, video teaser, setup, or general affiliate advice, we are more than capable and willing to put forth the extra effort to deliver what you need.”
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If You’ve Seen It Before You’re Not Watching Bluebird.

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